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Alien Harem is a two part story about a young, inexperienced failing writer named James. When he gets propositioned by his best friend Aria, a beautiful alien woman who also happens to be a failing author and lives with three other attractive alien women, who are themselves creative types enjoying (and lamenting) varying degrees of success, to move in with them and start shooting human-on-alien pornography to sell online, his life changes forever.

SERIES STATUS: I have tentative plans to rewrite this.

In a distant future where humans and aliens live in relative peace alongside each other, James somehow manages to still live the mundane life of a failing romance novelist. The most interesting thing about him is the fact that he happens to be friends with Aria, a beautiful alien woman who also happens to be a failing writer. She lives with three other alien women, all of whom are creative types of varying success.

His boring life suddenly gets far more interesting when Aria comes to him one day with a deeply desirable proposition: she wants James to move in with her and her roommates, and help them film hot human-on-alien sex to sell online. Given his inexperience, he's reluctant to get naked and perform in front of a camera, but ultimately he throws caution to the wind and decides to dive into a new life of hot interracial sex...

James is living a dream, a pure fantasy. He now lives with his best friend, who is now his girlfriend, and films hot human-on-alien porn with her and her three extremely sexy roommates. And they are making some serious bank off of their independent website.

After three months of rapid success, the group decides that it's time to bring their project to the next level. They're moving from the space station they currently live on down to an island community on the planet below. They're upgrading their equipment and looking for new ideas. And, most importantly, they've decided that the time has come to perhaps start hunting around for other hot, highly sexual, alien women to help them make more content...