Desire - The Complete Series Released!


Desire - The Complete Series has been released!

You can purchase it as a Kindle eBook for 9.99$ HERE!

You can also grab it as a paperback for 17.99$ HERE!

A little bit about this collection. First of all, it collects Desire 1, 2, 3, & 4, and there are absolutely no differences between the two versions. However, I’m not simply repackaging and selling the exact same thing. There are two bonus short stories exclusive to this collection. They both take place after the end of the series. For reference’s sake, like it says on the first few pages of the book, these two stories were originally written as bonus shorts for Collection Eight and The Complete Third Season when I first wrote Desire.

Official Synopsis:

Welcome to the complete series of Desire, a science fiction erotica story that has a lot of human on very beautiful alien lady sex!

In the far future where humanity has colonized the galaxy and now lives in relative peace among half a dozen other alien races, there exists a massive space station called Desire. This city-sized station is one of the largest ever constructed and home to nearly every deviant desire and sexual urge in the galaxy. On Desire, only those who are open-minded, sexually liberated, and respectful are allowed to enter the station and enjoy all that it has to offer. When young, aimless technician Derek Parker receives an all-expenses-paid vacation offer, he decides to check it out, and the experience changes the course of his life forever...

This collection contains DESIRE, DESIRE 2, DESIRE 3, & DESIRE 4, as well as two bonus short stories that take place after the end of the series.

ALIEN PORN STARS, in which Derek gets hooked up with a pair of extremely attractive alien beauties.

MARRIED WOMEN, in which Derek does Holly a favor in the form of two very beautiful, mature, married ladies that are looking for a great time.

DESIRE: THE COMPLETE SERIES is all about a young, inexperienced human man having a great deal of highly sexual, and detailed, encounters with a wide array of beautiful alien women. You have been warned.