Alien Harem Re-Released!


Alien Harem is back up!

Sorry it took me so long to publish anything. It’s been a busy and kind of hectic month. I’m hoping to have more content out soon, but it’s looking a little iffy. I’m hard at work on Demoness IV right now, though, and am planning on getting more re-releases out soon.

So, originally I was planning on rewriting Alien Harem, but I finally decided that it’s best to leave the past well enough alone and pay attention to the future. So instead I’m just doing a simple clean-up and re-release.

You can read it through the Kindle Unlimited or purchase it as a Kindle eBook for 2.99$ HERE!

You can also grab it as a paperback for 9.99$ HERE!

Also, if you're a 5$/month patron over at my Patreon, you can see a completely nude version of that hot alien on the cover right HERE!

If you’ve ever read Alien Harem in its original form, i.e., twelve short stories and some collections with bonus content, then you’re probably wondering what’s different between that and this re-release. The short answer is: nothing beyond some updated formatting, a few minor edits, and new cover art. In fact, this particular novel is actually missing about 1,500 words. I took out the bonus short story from Collection One because while in the process of preparing the novel, I realized that I actually did a real bad job on that particular scene. Besides it being kind of redundant, it actually didn’t fit chronologically. It was just a brief sex scene between James and Elora, so honestly you aren’t missing anything. But to be specific, this contains episodes one through six, and the bonus short stories from Collection Two and The Complete First Season. Hopefully this helps you decide whether or not you wish to purchase it!

Here is the official synopsis:

A science fiction harem erotica featuring a lot of hot, alien ladies!

In a distant future where humans and aliens live in relative peace alongside each other, James somehow manages to still live the mundane life of a failing romance novelist. The most interesting thing about him is the fact that he happens to be friends with Aria, a beautiful alien woman who also happens to be a failing writer. She lives with three other alien women, all of whom are creative types of varying success.

His boring life suddenly gets far more interesting when Aria comes to him one day with a deeply desirable proposition: she wants James to move in with her and her roommates, and help them film hot human-on-alien sex to sell online. Given his inexperience, he's reluctant to get naked and perform in front of a camera, but ultimately he throws caution to the wind and decides to dive into a new life of hot interracial sex...

ALIEN HAREM contains one young, inexperienced human, a group of extremely hot, lewd alien women, and a great deal of filthy, interracial sex. You have been warned.