Lust & Adventure III Re-Released!


Lust & Adventure III is out!

You can read it through the Kindle Unlimited or purchase it as a Kindle eBook for 2.99$ HERE!

You can also grab it as a paperback for 9.99$ HERE!

Also, if you're a 5$/month patron over at my Patreon, you can see a completely nude version of that beautiful adventuress on the cover right HERE!

If you’ve ever read Lust & Adventure in its original form, i.e., eighteen short stories and some collections with bonus content, then you’re probably wondering what’s different between that and this re-release. The short answer is: nothing beyond some updated formatting, a few minor edits, and new cover art. But to be specific, this contains episodes thirteen through eighteen, and the bonus short story from Collection Seven. Hopefully this helps you decide whether or not you wish to purchase it!

Here is the official synopsis:

A story of fantasy, adventure, and hot encounters between a human and several beautiful, badass ladies!

As another brutal winter prepares to settle in, Alan and Layla decide that they want to go somewhere warm and fun. They hop on a boat and head south, across the sea, to the carefree island nation of Tomontica. And not long after they arrive, they meet Carmen, a seductive and beautiful local who wants to hook up for adventuring of the traditional variety, and of the sexual variety.

But when the trio embark on what was supposed to be a relatively simple and fun journey to recover a lost artifact, everything changes when they learn that the artifact they seek is tied to a curse that may cause untold destruction if not properly dealt with...

LUST & ADVENTURE III features a lot of sex between an inexperienced young man and a sexy cat woman, a beautiful adventuress, and a shy, exotically gorgeous ocean nymph, and has several scenes of violence. You have been warned.