Sex & Survival Re-Released!


Sex & Survival is out!

You can read it through the Kindle Unlimited or purchase it as a Kindle eBook for 2.99$ HERE!

You can also grab it as a paperback for 9.99$ HERE!

Also, if you're a 5$/month patron over at my Patreon, you can see a completely nude version of that hot, eight-foot badass woman on the cover right HERE!

If you’ve ever read Sex & Survival in its original form, i.e., eighteen short stories and some collections with bonus content, then you’re probably wondering what’s different between that and this re-release. The short answer is: nothing beyond some updated formatting, a few minor edits, and new cover art. But to be specific, this contains episodes one through six, and the bonus short stories from Collections One & Two, and The Complete First Season. Hopefully this helps you decide whether or not you wish to purchase it!

Here is the official synopsis:

A post-apocalyptic erotica featuring badass, inhuman ladies and zombie-killing action!

Welcome to a future where half of all humanity has been wiped out by a virus once meant to be a scientific revolution. Instead of making the world a better place, it destroyed civilization and created zombies. To make matters more complicated, half of all the survivors began to mutate into inhumans, adapting to the world around them. Some can fly. Some can live underwater. Some have fur, and some have scales.

Enter Mike Walker, a survivor who has grown up in this chaotic new world. He lives his life on the road, wandering the ravaged countryside, looking for lost supply caches and good times. And given that he greatly enjoys the company of women not of his own species, Mike is happy to learn that there are many inhuman women interested in sleeping with him...

SEX & SURVIVAL features several scenes of hot human-on-inhuman sex, as well as several scenes of violence. You have been warned.