Sex & Survival 2 Re-Released!


Sex & Survival 2 is out!

You can read it through the Kindle Unlimited or purchase it as a Kindle eBook for 2.99$ HERE!

You can also grab it as a paperback for 9.99$ HERE!

Also, if you're a 5$/month patron over at my Patreon, you can see a completely nude version of that hot cat woman on the cover right HERE!

If you’ve ever read Sex & Survival in its original form, i.e., eighteen short stories and some collections with bonus content, then you’re probably wondering what’s different between that and this re-release. The short answer is: nothing beyond some updated formatting, a few minor edits, and new cover art. But to be specific, this contains episodes seven through twelve, and the bonus short stories from Collections Four & Five, and The Complete Second Season. Hopefully this helps you decide whether or not you wish to purchase it!

Here is the official synopsis:

A post-apocalyptic erotica featuring badass, inhuman ladies and zombie-killing action!

A little while after his successful haul hunting down the old cache of supplies, things have taken a turn for the worst for adventurer Mike Walker. After waking up in a forest, stripped of all his supplies and with zombies closing in, he manages to make it to a nearby village. There, he meets a beautiful redheaded wraith, one of the unfortunate souls who is caught halfway between human and zombie, named Leah.

She takes an immediate liking to him, and the two hook up. As he starts running jobs to buy back his stolen supplies, he learns that he was the victim of a local gang who has been terrorizing the region. Mike and Leah then decide that they're going to do whatever it takes to bring this gang down...

SEX & SURVIVAL 2 features several scenes of hot human-on-inhuman sex, as well as several scenes of violence. You have been warned.