Hellcats 2 Released!


Hellcats 2 is out right now!

You can purchase it as an eBook for 2.99$ right HERE.

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ right HERE.

WHAT'S DIFFERENT?: Hellcats 2 is a re-release of previously released content. If you have not read my original Hellcats series, (which is no longer available), then you can safely ignore this section. However, if you are a fan from older times, then here's what Hellcats 2 covers and what's new: Episodes seven through nine and the bonus shorts from Collection Three and The Complete First Season. It also incorporates a short story originally featured in Quickies: Hellcats, Vacation Sex. Finally, I wrote about 14,500 words of new content. So a lot more has been added in this time around.

Here is the official synopsis:

A Sci-Fi Harem Erotica featuring beautiful, badass mercenary ladies!

Ryan and the Hellcats have spent some time together, run a few simple missions, and gotten to know each other...on a very intimate, personal level. Although he still feels like he's a man in a dream almost all of the time, he's beginning to settle into his amazing new life as a mercenary.

After a pair of new women show up, another beautiful brunette Amazonian and silver-skinned sexbot-turned-mercenary, the crew decides that it's high time they indulged in a vacation. Something they haven't enjoyed in quite awhile. They are especially looking forward to it when they learn that this will be Ryan's first real vacation.

They take him to a relaxing paradise of a planet and land on the White Sand Islands, then promptly proceed to rent out the entire top floor a lavish hotel and get right to all sorts of sultry, naughty things. Namely by seeing how far they can take things with their new boytoy without breaking him...

HELLCATS 2 is a novel of casual sex between a human and a host of alien or otherwise inhuman ladies, and definitely features a lot of passionate sex scenes. You have been warned.