Wanderlust IV Released!


Wanderlust IV is out now!

You can purchase it as an eBook for 2.99$ right HERE.

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ right HERE.

Also, if you're a 5$/month patron over at my Patreon, you can see a completely nude version of that sexy Goddess on the cover right HERE.

If you've already read Wanderlust, original released as twenty one episodic shorts and several collections, then you might be asking what's different? The answer is: some, actually! This novel includes episodes eighteen through twenty one of the original Wanderlust series, the bonus short story from Wanderlust: The Complete Third Season, and the short story "A Romp in the Forest" from Quickies: Wanderlust. It also contains roughly 6,500 words worth of brand new content. Hopefully this helps in your decision.

Here is the official synopsis: 

A Fantasy Erotica Adventure novel featuring sexy ladies!

Owyn has come full circle, returning to his home village for some spiritual healing. After putting himself back together over the course of winter, he begins investigating something that has been on his mind for a little while now.

Bliss, the Goddess of Love and Sex. As winter lifts and Owyn returns to his adventures, he goes on the hunt for a shrine to Bliss, and when he finds one, everything changes forever as the Goddess herself takes a personal interest in him...

WANDERLUST IV is a novel about the healing powers of sex and companionship, and features a lot of explicit sex scenes. You have been warned.