A New Experience (A Free Short)

This short takes place long before Royal Lust. It chronicles the first time Ellie and Lena share a sexual experience together. It's pretty simple and straightforward. Originally, it was included as a bonus short story with The Complete Trilogy of Royal Lust back when it was first written and released as a trilogy of novellas called Royal Love. I hope you enjoy!

It had been a good night.

A good day, too, once Lena had showed up. Ellie had the run of the castle because her parents and her sister were gone for today and tomorrow. Something had come up, some royal ball or something a few towns over. Dignity and social protocol required her parents both go and her bitchy little sister had begged and begged to join them. Given that Ellie was, (technically), the more responsible of the two, her father had decided to leave her in charge of the castle while he was gone, though it was an empty gesture.

It wasn't like anything happened around here.

So really it was kind of like a vacation for Ellie. Recently twenty, she had been wanting to be out of her parent's shadow more than ever. And, for a few days at least, she was free. There were just a handful of servants and guards still around, and they had picked up on the fact that Ellie wanted to be alone, especially when her best friend Lena had shown up. As soon as she'd realized the situation, she had tasked one of the servants with running into town and requesting Lena's presence, which her parents had no doubt been thrilled at.

Lena's parents were total snobs, stuck up their own asses and obsessed with high society and all the irritatingly intricate social protocols that went along with that. And, in their eyes, a trip to the local lord's castle was a Good Thing. Which was good, at least. Ellie wouldn't have to fight to have her childhood best friend come spend the night. And they were both adults now, both of age, since Lena had turned eighteen last month.

So, as soon as Lena had showed up, looking pretty in her trim red dress that looked great on her and her short red hair and her dazzling blue eyes, they'd gone straight to her parent's private dining hall and had had a long conversation over a big meal. They'd talked about this and that, cute guys they might be able to get away with sneaking around with, Ellie's latest adventure, whatever came up. From there they'd gone to the archery range and had practiced for an hour or so. Ellie was a natural and Lena wanted to learn.

Someday, Lena wanted to go on an adventure with her, though Ellie doubted that. She more thought that Lena wanted to want to go. She thought that her friend was really more content to stay here and goof around with the other rich kids in town. But, on the other hand, she liked the idea of Lena being more prepared for whatever life might throw her way, and she did like the idea of maybe someday going on adventures with her best friend in the whole world, so she took time out of her day to help Lena train whenever she asked for it.

She was actually really good with a bow and arrow.

From the archery range, they'd taken a long walk through the fields. It wasn't something they normally did, but Ellie didn't really feel like going anywhere with people. Partially because she was mandated to stay near or in the castle while her parents were away but also because it was just one of those days. It was just that feeling, a sort of lazy weekend feeling, that ended up driving her back to the castle before the sun was yet down.

She and Lena retreated to her bedroom, where they'd spent many a night before, reading or talking or planning something, eventually falling asleep in Ellie's huge four-post bed. Sharing a bed with Lena had never really been odd or strange to Ellie. They'd shared that bed and others since they were both very young, having grown up together.

Only now, as they retreated to her bedroom like they had a thousand times before and started in on a bottle of wine, like they'd done perhaps a couple of dozen times before, Ellie felt something settle over her. She didn't like being drunk, and neither did Lena. They both enjoyed being buzzed, relaxed, but nothing more than that. And now they were pleasantly buzzed. What was unusual was that Ellie was noticing just how good Lena looked.

She had always thought her friend was beautiful. Definitely more beautiful than she was. Lena was regular height and perfectly proportioned, skinny but curvy. And Lena didn't have a problem being topless around her. For as long as she could remember, Ellie had been a highly sexual person. Puberty had hit her like a bag of bricks. She'd lost her virginity at fourteen and hadn't ever really looked back. She'd had two dozen sexual partners by now, almost all of them one night stands on the road when she could get away from the castle, and one extended secret relationship. Guys really got her going. But...mixed throughout that, she'd realized something else.

There were some girls that got her going, too.

And maybe it was something different about today or maybe she was just admitting it to herself, but her best friend was one of the girls that really seemed to get her going. Arousal had been a really bad problem today. She kept finding her eyes wandering to Lena's trim yet curvy figure. The dress she was wearing...it really showed off a lot. Her large, pale breasts were brought up and pressed together, showing off a great amount of cleavage. And a lot of pale thigh was showing. She looked so good today...

Now, they were laying in bed together, half a bottle of wine finished off between them. Enough to get a nice buzz going, and that was already fading.

“You really look good today, Lena,” Ellie heard herself saying, her eyes roving along Lena's beautiful body. The way she was laying, her skirt had gotten hiked up a bit, showing off even more of her legs and thighs and hips...

Lena smiled shyly. “Thank you,” she replied, a bit awkwardly. Lena never did know how to take a compliment, though she was better at handling them when they came from guys.

“I mean, really. Your hair looks great and your eyes really seem to pop today. I don't know what it is,” Ellie said. There was something happening in her. Some kind of reaction. It was almost like she wasn't in control of what she was saying anymore, but she knew it wasn't that she was drunk, because she wasn't.

It wasn't bad, though. She liked it.

And she was getting really horny.

Lena opened her mouth to say something but Ellie was already moving. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against Lena's. She seemed surprised, frozen for a long moment, before Ellie finally pulled back.

“You kissed me,” Lena said, stunned.

“I did...was it a mistake?” Ellie replied, feeling excitement shifting through her.

“...no,” Lena murmured softly. “No, do it again,” she said.

Ellie smiled, leaned in and kissed her once more. She placed her hand on Lena's bare thigh and slid it smoothly up her dress. Her skin was soft and smooth and warm. Ellie got her hand back and around, slipping it into Lena's underclothes, getting a nice handful of her bare ass. Lena moaned softly, her eyes closed, her lips soft and wet. Ellie couldn't believe she was doing this, but she had absolutely no intention of stopping now that Lena was getting into it. She did back off for a minute though, breaking the kiss.

Lena opened her eyes and a look of annoyance and need flashed across her face.

“Take off your dress,” Ellie said.

Lena smiled demurely and nodded, reaching down for the hem of her skirt. “Okay...if you take off your clothes,” she replied.

Ellie laughed and pulled her shirt up and off. She'd been topless around Lena before, too. But now they were going for full naked. This was happening. They were doing this. Lena got her dress up and off, tossing it aside, as Ellie took her shirt off. They were already free of shoes and socks, and Ellie had already taken off her pants for the sake of comfort. Now both women freed their breasts of their bras, also tossing them aside.

They stopped their undressing for a moment, or, rather, Lena did, as she reached out and began groping one of Lena's huge breasts.

“I've wanted to touch these for a long time now,” she said, clearly distracted as she reached out with her other hand.

“Oh?” Ellie replied.

“Yes. They're so...fucking...big. I mean, really, just huge.”

“Have you ever done anything like this before?”

She shook her head. “No, but I've thought about it. I've been attracted to you for about a year now,” she replied.

“Wow. Why'd you never tell me?”

“I dunno, I thought...you wouldn't be interested or it would get weird or something.”

Ellie laughed. “Lena, I love you. You're my best friend ever. It won't get weird...now come here,” she said.

They began kissing again. Ellie started groping Lena's beautiful, large breasts, feeling herself become even more aroused. Lena slipped her tongue slowly, almost cautiously, into Ellie's mouth, and she responded immediately and passionately, twisting their tongues together. This was everything she'd thought it would be and more. Lena felt good, tasted good. She could feel the raw passion coming from her, the desire, the need.

Ellie slipped a hand down, sliding it down her smooth stomach and into her panties. Lena let out a soft gasp as Ellie slipped a finger in between the lips of her pussy. “Ellie, what-” she began, but Ellie kissed her more deeply and found her clit.

Lena moaned as she started to rub it.

“Take your panties off, now,” she whispered.

“Okay,” Lena murmured.

It took a bit of maneuvering, especially because Ellie didn't stop touching her down there, but Lena got them off. Fully naked now, she laid back and opened her legs for Ellie, who just smiled and kept pleasuring her.

“Oh, Ellie,” she whispered, her voice coming out soft and breathy. “Oh, it feels so good,” she moaned. “I never-oh!-I never thought we'd do this...”

“Glad we are?” Ellie asked, kissing her neck.


“Good. Then you'll love this next part.”

Lena opened her eyes and looked at her, confused as Ellie stopped touching her. She shifted, moving down to get in between her legs. Ellie wanted to pleasure her friend, to bring her to sexual ecstasy. She'd never eaten pussy before, but enough guys had gone down on her that she'd figured out the basics of it.

“Ellie, you don't have to-” Lena began, but Ellie silenced her by touching her tongue to Lena's clit. She let out a loud moan and then clapped her hands over her mouth. “What if-someone-hears us?” she gasped as Ellie began eating her out.

Ellie's only response was to keep giving her oral pleasure. Lena moaned, both hands clapped over her mouth now, muffling the sound. Ellie kept licking, not just her clit but all the sensitive skin down there. The taste was a bit strange, very organic, but not actually bad. It was familiar, actually, since a few of the guys she'd messed around with had practically begged her to go pussy-to-mouth and she'd relented a few times, especially after she realized it wasn't all that bad and the guy pretty much fell in love with you if you did it.

And then was more than happy to buy you breakfast the next day.

Suddenly, Lena let out a startled sound and then she was coming. Ellie leaned back, watching a spray of sex juices escapes her friend's spasming vagina. She felt a sense of accomplishment, and a kind of pride, mixed in with a lot of joy, at bringing Lena to climax. Plus, it was just really hot to watch her writhe around like that in sexual bliss. Eventually, the orgasm ran its course and Lena was left sweaty, panting, and naked.

“That was...wow, was that the first time you've done that?” she asked, sitting up.


“That's amazing. You were really good.”

“Thanks...my turn?” Ellie asked.

“Yeah, fair's fair,” Lean replied. “I mean, I've never done it before either, so I don't know how good I'll be at it.”

“You'll do fine,” Ellie said, getting on her back and spreading her long legs. Lena just nodded and then got down into position.

Ellie felt a tinge of excitement begin stirring within her again. Watching her beautiful, pale, voluptuous best friend get down there between her thick, powerful thighs sent waves of sexual tension writhing through her. Especially when Lena leaned down and she could feel her breath whispering across her sensitive parts. Then, it happened. Lena's hot, wet tongue touched her clit. A sizzling lightning bolt of pure pleasure shot through her nether regions and Ellie felt a low moan escape her throat.

Like Lena before her, she clapped a hand over her mouth. What if someone was walking by outside and overheard? Ellie didn't care if people knew she was experimenting sexually with her same-gendered friend, but it would get back to her father and he would be embarrassed and they just couldn't have that, now could they?

But all those thoughts left her head as Lena began licking her, lapping at her vagina. Her hot little tongue sent more waves of absolute sexual bliss riding through her, setting her aflame from within. Ellie normally didn't come too easily, it took a bit of work but right now she was so fucking turned on that she could already feel that crest building.

“Oh Lena,” she moaned softly, reaching down and running her fingers through Lena's sexy red hair. She looked up at her with those dazzling blue eyes, the rest of her face hidden, buried in Ellie's pussy, and the sight set her off.

She closed her mouth tightly and moaned loudly as the orgasm came, rising powerfully through her and expelling a torrent of heated sex juices just like Lena had. She moaned again, hands resting at her sides, fingers bunching up the blankets beneath her as the pleasure hit her like a drug, bursting out from her pussy.

When it was over, she sucked in a breath with a gasp, then let it out slowly. Lena crawled up beside her, then rested her head on Ellie's breasts.

“Does this have to be a one-time thing?” she asked.

“No, it doesn't have to be a one-time thing at all if you don't want it to be,” Ellie replied. “Because I sure don't want it to be.”

“Good.” Lena kissed one of her breasts. “I'm glad.”

Ellie smiled and began running her fingers through Lena's hair.

They stayed like that until they fell asleep.