Rough Stuff (A Free Short)

This short is another prequel to Royal Lust. Although it's a prequel, it won't have as much impact or make as much sense if you haven't read that story. Also, it takes place after A New Experience.

Basically, Lena discovers that she might be really into a specific kind of sex, and asks Ellie if she'll indulge her.

Lena had been acting weird all night.

Otherwise, Ellie had been having a good time. She'd just gotten back from another journey into the countryside. She'd been poking through a cache of old maps she'd found in one of the storage rooms in the basement of the castle and one of them had a big X on it over a system of caves about five miles from the township of Lennox. Curiosity had gotten the better of her and she'd gathered up her adventure pack, argued with her father for half an hour, and then had made the trek. Ultimately, it had been a bust.

She'd run into a few highwaymen taking shelter in the caves, more than likely using it as a temporary base camp. Of course, they'd picked a fight with her and she'd had to kill them. After pilfering their belongings, (apparently they weren't very good at what they did, since they didn't have much on them,) she'd explored the cave system and ultimately came upon a hole in the ground with an open chest in it.

Judging by the shape of the chest and the hole itself, it was obvious that it had been awhile, possibly years, since it had been dug up. So it was a bust, but it was fun. She'd made it back to the castle by nightfall and, after enjoying a long soak in the tub, had gone to sleep for the night. The next morning, Lena had shown up, wanting to hang out, looking absolutely stunning, her crimson hair radiant in the sunlight, her face done up in makeup. She was wearing a low cut dress that showed off a lot of her curvy body.

She'd wanted to go to the marketplace and tease boys. Something that Ellie indulged in from time to time. Honestly she just ended up sexually frustrated, cause there weren't any guys dumb enough to sleep with the local lord's daughter, surprisingly. No, she had to leave the township for that. She'd said as much to Lena, who agreed, for the most part. Not that Lena had a problem getting laid, or at least, not as much of a problem. Her parents were merely rich, not actual lords, so apparently the risk of fucking Lena was lowered enough to warrant actually doing it. Ever since they'd started sleeping together a few years ago, Ellie had begun to suspect that Lena only asked her to tease boys with her because she knew it sexually frustrated Ellie.

And that meant that Ellie would then be a lot more passionate with the sex that she and Lena would have later that night.

So maybe it wasn't all that bad.

That's what they'd spent the day doing. Well, not the whole day. They'd stopped at food stalls for breakfast, lunch, and finally dinner. In between, they walked around the marketplace and then the town and then briefly into some fields outside of the township, catching each other up on events, though really Ellie had done most of the talking. Throughout all of it, she noticed that Lena seemed distracted. She also seemed a lot more...touchy-feely. Not that Ellie minded, but they had to keep up appearances. Unfortunately, it simply wouldn't do in their bullshit society for the two of them to be lovers. It was...'unseemly'.

Now, they were heading to Lena's house for the night. They'd swung by the castle to let her father know that they were spending the night there, since Ellie wanted to get away from the castle for a night. It was an excuse she'd told her father that was at least partially true. Honestly, she just wanted to be alone with Lena and to fuck her brains out. Neither had mentioned that Lena's parents were going to be gone for the night, so they could do whatever they wanted. And they were for sure going to do it right in her parent's bed, because Lena's just wasn't big enough for Ellie's six foot six frame. Right now, they were headed to her home.

“So, Lena, you seem like you've got something on your mind,” Ellie said as they turned onto another cobblestone road, now very close to her house.

“What?” she replied, seemingly startled out of a deep bout of thought.

“You're distracted,” Ellie said, grinning.

“I guess I am.”

“So what's up? What's on your mind? Cute boy asking after your hand in marriage again?” she asked.

“No, nothing like that. I just...well, let's talk about it when we get inside.”


They continued walking down the block. They'd come to the most upper-class neighborhood in Lennox. Kings of industry or rich idiots from minor houses lived here. It was positioned in the shadow of the castle, and Ellie imagined that was very intentional, to keep them from getting ideas above their station. They might have a lot of gold to throw down, but they would forever live in the lord's shadow. Ellie thought it was a lot of posturing and bullshit and didn't want anything to do with politics. She just wanted to live a free, happy life.

At some point, she knew her father was going to start seriously pressing the issue of her own marriage, but that was probably at least a few years off, maybe longer, so she did what she always did in response to it: she didn't think about it. She and Lena passed through the gate that led to her parent's house's front yard. It was a beautifully tended garden of blossoming roses and lilies and several other types of flowers.

The house, a two-story sprawl that loomed over them, was dark. Good, no one should be inside. Leaving Ellie and Lena to do whatever their hearts desired. They came in through the front door and locked it firmly behind them. Ellie raised her hand and released a candle-lighting spell. A small fireball flew from her palm, hesitated briefly in the center of the entry hall and then broke into a half a dozen smaller fireballs, each one seeking out a candle.

“I wish I could do that,” Lena murmured. “But I've always sucked at magic.”

“You might be able to with enough practice,” Ellie replied.

Lena once again seemed lost in thought, slowly making her way into the house. Ellie studied her as she trailed along behind her. She wasn't sure what it was, but Lena was looking particularly good today. Maybe it was just how messy she looked. Her pale cheeks were now flushed, her hair had been pulled into a rough ponytail and some of it had gotten loose. Her makeup was a little smeared from sweating and she had dirt on her arms and legs. Plus, that fucking dress she was wearing...she was pretty much hanging out of it.

They made their way along the hall and up the stairs, checking each of the rooms to make sure they were truly alone, and ended up in Lena's parent's room. There was a part of Ellie that felt guilty for fucking Lena in her parent's bed...then there was another part that loved the irony of it. Her parents were very conservative and would never accept that Lena was bisexual. The great irony of the situation was that they did not at all suspect that Lena was fucking Ellie. Quite the opposite, they loved having Ellie around.

She was sure they saw her as a way to get ahead in the world for Lena, and themselves.

So she didn't really mind banging their daughter in their own bed.

“So, what's on your mind?” Ellie asked.

Lena looked at her for a long moment, clearly trying to weigh her words. Ellie sighed softly. “You can just tell me, Lena. I'm not going to judge you or freak out or anything.”

“Yeah, I know. I'm just...nervous. I've got something I want to try in bed tonight and it's...we've never done it before.”

“What is it? I mean, there's some stuff I'm not into and I won't try, but I won't judge you for asking. And there's some stuff I'd probably be willing to give a shot.”

“Okay...well,” she hesitated, then sighed. “How about we wait til we're, you know, doing it?”

Ellie considered it. Clearly Lena was still nervous about it. She supposed asking for it in the heat of the moment had its drawbacks, but, well, whatever, she was willing to do a lot for Lena. She smiled. “Okay, we'll do it like that.”

“Thank you, Ellie.”

They began getting undressed. They were filthy and sweaty from the day of walking around in the hot sun, but that didn't deter them. The first sex of the night was always fast and frantic and passionate, a real hardcore fuck session, and then they would break out the wine and soak together in her parent's tub and then maybe start fooling around again and get to calmer lovemaking. Ellie took off her bra with a lot of relief, then pulled down her panties. It was always great to just get naked at the end of the day.

Lena was staring at her again. Ellie grinned, apparently everyone did that when she got her tits out. It was nice to be able to do that. Sometimes they were annoying, generally when she was trying to do physical stuff or fit through a tight opening, but other times they were great. Both guys and girls loved huge breasts.

“You ready?” Ellie asked, letting her voice turn sultry.

“Uh...y-yeah,” Lena replied.

Ellie laughed and climbed into bed with her. “Don't forget the toy,” she said.

“Oh shit! Yeah, I'll be right back.”

Ellie found her eyes drawn to Lena's thick, curvy, pale ass as she darted out of the room, now as naked as she was. Ellie flopped back onto her parent's huge bed. It was almost as comfortable as her own bed back in the castle. She laid there, wondering about what Lena wanted to try, until the lady herself returned holding the strap-on. They'd managed to get their hands on two of them. One had been smuggled into the castle and was tucked away, hidden in Ellie's room, the other had been slipped into Lena's own place of residence and was hidden under her bed. As soon as she got in, she made sure the windows were locked, the curtains were drawn, and then climbed into bed with Ellie. As soon as she was close enough, they began kissing.

Ellie always loved the way Lena felt and tasted.

She loved the fullness of her lips, the way she was so skilled at using her tongue, the feel of her soft, curvy body. Ellie ran her hands over Lena's voluptuous frame as they made out, twining tongues together, tasting each other. She took her large, firm breasts in hand and gave them a good grope, then reached back, down and around to her big ass. There was nothing not to love about Lena. Abruptly, Lena pulled away, her face flushed, her breath heavy.

“Okay,” she said, grabbing the strap-on and getting into it. “Let's get started.”

“Fine by me,” Ellie replied, spreading her legs. She loved getting fucked by Lena, she could really pound pussy.

As soon as Lena got the strap-on fitted over her thick thighs, she quickly crawled in between Ellie's long legs and laid down on top of her. Ellie let out a low, long moan as Lena penetrated her with the fake cock. An intense warmth began to spread from her pussy as the pleasure started. Lena began driving it into her, going slowly at first, then working up the speed and power. Ellie began panting and moaning.

“On, Lena! Lena, yes!” she cried.

Lena reached out and began groping Ellie's tits as she pounded her, filling her with sexual bliss. Then, she leaned down and began sucking on one of her tits.

“Oh fuck!” Ellie moaned as a fresh jolt of pleasure hit her.

She realized that all of the sexual tension she'd been feeling over the course of the day had really added up. What made her aware of this was the fact that hardly two minutes after Lena started fucking her, an orgasm began to explode out of her. She cried out as she was lit aflame from within and pure sexual bliss began to shoot through her body like lightning as she began to come. She tried not to be too loud as she came, feeling a spray of sex juices escaping her pussy around the fake dick that was still fucking it.

She panted and moaned her way through the climax until it had run out and she was simply left gasping for breath as her vision regained its focus.

“Holy shit,” she breathed. “That was one for the books.”

“Mmm...yeah, it was really nice,” Lena replied, grinning down at her. “My turn?”

“Your turn,” Ellie replied.

They quickly switched positions. Lena got out of the strap-on and passed it to Ellie, who readjusted it for her much bigger thighs and broader hips, then pulled it on. She had to temper herself when fucking Lena, at least a little bit. There was a bit over a foot in difference between the women, and Ellie was a lot stronger than Lena was, so she had to keep from going too hard on her best friend. Which was sometimes tough.

Once she got the strap-on situated, she got on top of Lena, who was on her back with her legs spread now, smiling up at her, eager for the fucking. Ellie began to slide the fake dick into her friend's very wet pussy. It slipped right in. Lena let out a loud moan as Ellie did this. Resting on her palms, she started out slow, sliding firmly in and out of Lena's pussy, watching intently as the looks of pleasure drifted across her wonderful, pale face. After a little bit, she started going harder, pushing Lena down into the mattress and banging the headboard against the wall.

“Oh, Ellie! Oh...oh-fuck yes!” she cried. “Oh it feels so fucking good in my pussy...fuck me Ellie, fuck me!” she moaned.

Ellie grinned, continuing to give her the fake dick over and over again.

Suddenly, after another couple of minutes of this, Lena looked directly up at Ellie and asked, “Will you slap me?”

All at once, everything clicked into place. This is what she had been mulling over nervously all night. Ellie felt some relief. She thought it might be something really weird. She was willing to go pretty far for Lena, she loved her, but there were just some things she wouldn't do, and didn't want to have to tell her no.

This was easy, Ellie had encounter girls and guys before who liked being hit during sex. It was actually kind of common.

Or maybe she just brought that out in people.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes, I'm sure.”

“All right.”

Ellie raised her hand and slapped Lena across the face. Not too hard, but definitely hard enough to make a noise and cause her to gasp.

“Again?” Ellie asked.

“Oh yes, again...” Lena moaned.

So she liked it. She really liked it.

Ellie raised her hand and slapped again, even harder this time and got a cry of pleasure out of her. Grinning, she slapped her three more times, going harder each time, until Lena's cheeks were red. Then, suddenly, she wrapped one hand around Lena's throat.

“Let me know if it's too much,” she said.

Lena nodded and Ellie could read a desperate need, a hunger, in her gaze. Ellie strengthened her grip around Lena's thin white neck. She didn't go too hard, because she didn't know exactly how much Lena would want, but as the seconds ticked by she began applying more pressure, squeezing off her airway while continuing to fuck her brains out. Ellie could read her body: Lena was on the verge of a world class orgasm.

Grinning, while continuing to choke and fuck her, Ellie raised her other hand and slapped her hard across the face twice.

That did it.

Ellie let go of her as Lena sucked in a huge lungful of air. Ellie barely managed to clap one hand over her mouth as she began shrieking in absolute, pure sexual abandon. She didn't want the neighbors to come rushing over, thinking she was getting murdered. As it was, she was still loud against Ellie's hand.

Lena was totally lost in her orgasm now, her eyes wholly unfocused, her whole body trembling and jerking violently as she came. Ellie watched her intently through the whole thing. It took about four times the length of her normal orgasms before she finally started coming back to herself. As she did, Ellie removed her hand and pulled out of her.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Uhgn,” Lena replied incoherently, gasping for breath.

Ellie laughed. “Take a moment to gather your thoughts.”

As Lena lay there getting her wind back, Ellie took off the strap-on and looked at the huge, dark stain around Lena's pussy. Yeah, she was definitely going to have to use a lot of magic to clean the bed. Though part of her was kind of tempted to just leave it.

“That was...oh wow...I can't even...” Lena said.

“Best orgasm ever?” Ellie asked.

“Holy fuck yes,” Lena replied with conviction.

“What made you ask for that?”

“ know I sometimes read my mom's dirty romance novels. I found a new one last week and it had slapping and choking in it, and it just really turned me on. Like...a lot. I couldn't stop thinking about it. And I didn't know who else to ask, who else to trust to do this, but I was worried you might think it was really weird.”

“It's actually pretty common,” Ellie replied. “I'd say one out of every three people I fuck either wants to hit me or be hit by me.”

“Wow...that's so awesome. Oh man, that's a big mess,” she said, looking down.

“Yep. Don't worry, I can clean it up like the other times. You ready for a bath?”

“Yeah, definitely. And, uh...can we maybe do that again?”

“Of course, Lena,” Ellie replied, laughing and giving her a kiss. “You know I love getting you off, and you clearly get off like crazy for this stuff.”

“Yeah. I'm so excited to start exploring this...I wonder if I'll ever find a guy I can trust enough to do that with.”

“I'm sure you will. Come on.”

They got out of bed and headed for the bathtub.