Pregnant Is Hot (A Free Short)

This short is another one that takes place after the Hellcats Trilogy. It was originally part of Quickies: Hellcats.

In this one, Ryan has started going to a nearby gym and one night finds himself getting propositioned by a hot married pregnant woman looking for a fun fling.

Ryan glanced nervously over at the woman about ten feet away from him. This time, she looked back at him, caught his eye and smiled. It seemed very deliberate. He returned his attention to the screen before him, trying to figure out how to handle this. He was at the gym, on a treadmill that rested at the end of a row of treadmills. He'd started coming here a few months ago, since it was pretty close to his, Colleen's, and Syl's place. He wanted to get into better shape. At first he'd considered going to the more traditional route and taking pills to help grow muscle, and, in the end, he'd started taking some supplements, but he decided he'd rather do it himself, at least to a certain degree. Plus, it seemed to help clear his mind and help him form ideas.

So he'd been going to the gym since then.

And there tended to be a lot of hot women there, so that was nice as well. Sometimes he caught eyes with one of them, but nothing had ever really come of it yet. Only tonight was different. This beautiful woman with short black hair and dazzling blues eyes had walked in, looked around and locked eyes with Ryan.

Then she'd grinned slyly and winked at him.

Then she had started working out. He didn't really know how to respond to it, and he couldn't seem to keep his eyes from her. She was extremely attractive in a very different way than he usually saw. She was noticeably pregnant. Ryan had no idea why, he'd never been able to begin to explain it, but he found pregnant women really fucking hot. He had no desire to have children, at least not right now or for a long time.

Ryan glanced around again, then felt his pulse spike as he realized that the beautiful pregnant woman had gotten off of her treadmill and was moving closer to him. He also noticed that it was a low tide in the gym, there wasn't anyone else around.

The woman got onto the treadmill next to him and started walking.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hello,” Ryan replied, trying very hard, and failing, not to sound awkward.

She smiled. “I'm Jenny.”

“Uh, Ryan,” he replied.

They kept walking on their treadmills for a moment in silence.

“ come here often?” she asked.

“Yeah, uh, for a couple months now. You?”

“Just started today. I'm actually on a month-long vacation here and I'm...well, I'm a restless kind of person. Even in my, well...” she ran a hand over her stomach, “current state.” She hesitated for a moment, then asked, “ you have a girlfriend?”


She laughed. “Okay, I don't really know how to do this. So, I'm here on vacation with my husband. We've been toying around with the idea of opening our relationship for the past year or so and we finally decided to give it a shot.'re the first guy I've seen that I feel, hmm, comfortable approaching, I guess? You're cute. And you look, well, kind, I guess. So, would you be interested in a fling with a pregnant woman?” she asked, giving him an awkward smile.

“I...would definitely be interested,” he replied. “But, full disclosure, I'm also in an open relationship. I live with two women, a cyvit and a xenian.”

“,” Jenny replied. “That' Impressive and really interesting. I've never met anyone in a relationship with another species, let alone two. Um...well, there's a sandwich shop next door that looked really good. Want to have a late lunch with me and get to know each other?”

“Yeah, definitely.”

“Good! Come on, let's go.”

They turned off their treadmills and got off. Ryan felt strange as they walked through the gym, heading for the exit. This felt like a dream. He activated his Link and sent off a message to both Colleen and Syl.

Ryan: Hey, met a hot, pregnant married woman who wants to bang me. Is this okay?

Syl: OMFG YES! Can we meet her?

Colleen: Yes, this sounds really awesome.

Ryan: Ha ha, I'll ask her. I think she might want to take me back to her hotel room. I might be spending the night there.

Syl: Okay, bring her by tomorrow.

Colleen: Have fun.

Ryan: Thanks, love you both.

Syl: You too, babe.

Colleen: Love you, too.

“So, my girlfriends are okay with this,” he said as they headed into the shop. “I was just messaging them over my Link. They want to meet you.”

“Oh...tonight?” Jenny replied.

“Tomorrow, if you feel like it. And...well, how long is this going to be? Is it like a once and done thing, and then I leave? Or like, for the night? Or...”

“Well...let's see how it plays out,” Jenny replied.

“Okay, fine by me.”

They took a seat in a booth and used the tabletop holographic menu to order their meals.

“I think I might like to meet your girlfriends,” Jenny said after a moment. “I've been a bit of an isolationist for most of my life...well, I guess that's not entirely true. It just feels that way sometimes. I like being social, it just usually gets sacrificed on the alter of work and my downtime. I spend a lot of time around people during my workdays and by the time I'm done with it all, I just want to go home and turn off for a few hours.”

“I can understand that,” Ryan replied. “Kind of the opposite of my job.”

“What do you do?”

“I, uh, well, I write books.”

“Oh really? That's awesome! What kind of books?”

“Interspecies romance. I'm currently working on my third one. I used to be a technician but...well, through a set of very odd and difficult to explain in a short amount of time circumstances, I ended up here with Colleen and Syl, writing books...what do you do?”

“I'm what you might call a vacation technician. Essentially, I engineer vacations for people. They feed me all sorts of information ranging from time frames to money available to allergies to places they'd like to go and about a hundred other things, and I prepare vacation packages for them to choose from. I'm always working with clients or coordinating with a variety of other people to put it all together, though this vacation is the beginning of my maternity leave.”

“How far along are you?” Ryan asked.

“Five months,” she replied, grinning, reaching down and rubbing her stomach gently. “It's our first. Really, it's this that kind of prompted us to finally go ahead with the open relationship thing, cause obviously we're going to be very busy over the next several years and it's...kind of hard to have an open relationship when you're raising a child. I mean, I imagine.”

“Yeah...I can't even imagine it, I'm nowhere near ready for a kid. I still kind of feel like one. I'm only twenty one.”

“, I didn't realize you were that young.”

“How old are you?”

“Thirty six.”

“Oh. That isn't going to be, like, weird for you, is it?”

“No! Not at all. It's kind of hotter now, honestly. Like, I'm getting a hot young guy to fuck me,” she said.

He laughed nervously. “I dunno, I don't think I'm that much of a catch.”

“No, you're really cute. I think we're gonna have a lot of fun,” Jenny replied.

Their meals came then and they ate in silence. Ryan was pretty hungry from the exercise. He suddenly became aware of the fact that he was pretty sweaty, actually. Well...hopefully Jenny's room had a washer-dryer unit.

“How far away is your hotel?” he asked after they finished their meal.

“Just about a block,” she replied. “So, you still down for this?”

“Yeah...why, are you?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah! Definitely. I just...I dunno, it seems like guys kind of get nervous around pregnant women hitting on them. I'm not sure why.”

“I dunno why either, but yes, I'm fully into you. You are...really attractive, and the pregnancy only makes you even hotter,” he replied.

She smiled and he realized she was blushing. “Well...thank you. We can head out now if you'd like.”

“I'm ready.”

They got up and headed out of the restaurant. Jenny reached out and tentatively took his hand. He took her hand and laced their fingers.

“, is it just going to be the two of us?” he asked. “I mean, uh, your husband...”

“Oh, don't worry. We got separate rooms. So we'll be alone.”


They kept walking until they arrived at her hotel. Ryan looked up at it. It was definitely a fancy and expensive hotel. It looked like a tower of glass, rising above him, reflecting the lowering sun. They went inside the lobby and were immediately hit by a chilling blast of A/C. Ryan shivered, his sweat cold now.

“Come on, let's hurry, I need a shower,” Jenny said.

“Same,” Ryan agreed.

They hurried across the lobby, got into an elevator and rode it up. Jenny took him to her bedroom and let them inside. Ryan looked around the room briefly as Jenny closed the door. The interior definitely matched up with the exterior. It was pretty lavish. A huge king-size bed, giant screen TV embedded in the wall in front of the bed, a little kitchenette area with a mini-bar. Jenny came up behind him and took his hand again.

“Ready for that shower?” she asked softly.

“Yeah,” he replied just as softly, realizing that things were starting to get heavy.

She led him into the bathroom, which was just as large and luxurious. He spied two sinks, a full hot tub and a shower cubicle. Jenny closed the door behind them and pulled her shirt up over her head and dropped it on the floor.

Ryan started getting undressed as well. Jenny stripped down to her panties and bra, then hesitated. “Something wrong?” he asked, fighting to keep his eyes from her wonderful body. She was so...curvy.

“I'm just...nervous,” she replied. “It's been awhile since I've been naked in front of anyone but my husband.”

“Take your time,” he replied. “I know exactly how it, I'll go first. I'm awkward as hell about it.”

He finished getting undressed, pulling down his boxers. He stood naked before her and saw her eyes go up and down his body.

“Nice,” she said.

“Thanks,” he replied, fighting the urge to cover his dick.

“All right, I'll go now. Some of it is that I've put on like, twenty pounds, since I got pregnant. So I feel kinda weird about it.”

“If it helps, I think you are fucking hot. I mean, seriously fucking hot.”

She laughed. “It helps.”

She pulled off her bra, freeing her massive breasts. Okay, well, he knew part of the reason why he thought pregnant women were hot: their tits, hips, thighs, and ass all got a lot bigger during the pregnancy. Jenny hesitated again, then she smiled coyly, turned around and pulled her panties down over her thick, pale ass.

“Oh wow,” he muttered.

She turned back around, so that he could see her fully naked now.

“So...uh, here I am,” she said, resting her hands on her hips.

“You are fucking hot,” Ryan repeated.

“Let's get in the shower.”

The shower cubicle was definitely big enough to hold both of them. She turned on the water and once it was the appropriate temperature, they stepped inside. Ryan closed the smoked glass door behind him and for a moment they stood there, looking at each other in the falling water. Jenny only looked sexier wet, her hair darkening more and clinging to her head and face. She reached out and pulled Ryan closer to her, then pressed her lips slowly against his. Ryan wrapped her in a hug, enjoying the simple, primal pleasure of feeling her curvy, wet, naked body against his, the base pleasure of bare skin on skin contact.

He reached down and took her thick ass in his hands, groping and massaging it, falling in love with the feeling of it. She was in pretty good shape, but her pregnancy had turned her ridiculously curvy. She pressed her huge, wet tits against his bare chest, rubbing him with them as she deepened the kiss and shoved her tongue into his mouth. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him even closer, and he could sense a change in her. Her movements were more passionate, stronger, like she was getting really into it.

After a solid half minute of making out, she suddenly pulled back with a gasp. “Oh fuck,” she whispered.

“What?” he replied.

“Getting pregnant has kind of thrown my hormones out of whack,” she said, her eyes wide and wild, “sometimes I get pissy, sometimes I get sad, and sometimes I get horny as fuck and right now, holy shit, I'm so horny. Will you fuck me right now?”

“Yeah, definitely.”

He hardly even finished his sentence before she turned around, bent over, resting her hands on the wall of the shower and pushed her ass into his crotch. Ryan was hard as a rock already from making out with her, so he simply guided his cock up to her pussy and then moaned as he pushed his way into her. She cried out and pushed against him again, forcing him deep inside of her. “Oh, Jenny!” he cried as the pleasure hit him like a drug.

“Fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me hard, Ryan.”

He settled his hands on her broad hips, looking down at her well-padded pale ass, and began driving into her. He slammed into her over and over again, sliding rapidly in and out of her pussy. She let out a long, almost howling, moan of desperate pleasure. She was ridiculously hot and wet inside and his cock was slipping in and out of her with such incredible pleasure, mounting the sexual bliss and pushing him closer and closer to orgasm.

Ryan held on, forcing it back with sheer will, he at least wanted to make her come first. He reached up and around, taking her huge tits into his hands and gently groping them. He'd heard that sometimes pregnant women's breasts could be extra sensitive, but Jenny didn't seem to mind his handling at all.

It didn't take long for Jenny to start coming.

Apparently, she was so fucking horned up that simple fucking alone set her off. Within about a minute and a half, she let out a long cry of pure sexual bliss as she started coming. Ryan groaned as he felt her muscles twitching and spasming, making her tighter, and her insides got a lot hotter and wetter very quickly. He decided to let his orgasm come them. Keeping one hand on one of her enormous breasts, he let the other drift down to her stomach. He held it carefully, feeling the largeness of it, and it seemed to really underline the fact that he was fucking this smoking hot pregnant woman and he triggered almost immediately.

He let out a loud cry as the first of his seed began to escape him, spit deep into Jenny's pussy. Holding her close, he jerked against her, coming hard into her, filling her up. They both moaned and writhed against each other until their orgasms had finished, running dry. Carefully, Ryan straightened up and pulled out of her.

“Holy...fuck...” Jenny said, straightening up as well and turning to face him. Her face was wet and flushed. “That was...oh, that was so good and so intense...I'd forgotten how fucking good sex with a stranger could be.”

“It's pretty awesome,” Ryan replied. “Oh man, I think we should get out. I'm getting a little lightheaded.”

“Good idea.”

They finished washing up, killed the water and toweled off. Once they were dry, they headed back out into the main room. Spotting a washer-dryer unit, Ryan gathered up his clothes, threw them in and started it up. He then joined Jenny, who was laying on the bed, on her back, staring up at the ceiling, basking in the after-sex glow.

Ryan paused as he climbed onto the bed. “Holy fuck, your tits are huge,” he marveled. “I mean, not just huge but they look huge on you, on your frame.”

Jenny grinned and looked down at them. “Yep. They're pretty nice, I agree,” she said. “Oh boy, that sex was so awesome. I was worried I was going to be too nervous to really enjoy it, way, it was fucking awesome. You are great at sex.”

“Heh, I think that was all you,” he replied. “You were animal.”

Jenny grinned and propped herself up on her elbows, making her huge tits jiggle pleasantly. “Yeah, I can get like that...I gotta say, I'm still fucking horny.”

“Well...I think I'll need a minute before I can get hard again.”

“Come on, you're a strapping, young man. I bet I can help, come here.”

She beckoned him closer and he crawled across the bed, then got up against her face, resting on his knees. She leaned over, grabbed his cock and started licking it. He groaned, reaching down and placing a hand on her head. She was right, she could help. He started getting hard again almost immediately. Once he was, she put his cock in her mouth and started sliding her lips up and down its length, only making it stiffer faster. Her mouth was wet and warm and perfect, a pocket of immense pleasure.

“Fuck me,” she said, taking it out of her mouth. “Now.”

“Yes ma'am,” he replied and eagerly got down in between her legs. He spent a moment admiring her: the curve of her broad hips, the thickness of her thighs, the smoothness of her pussy and the bulge in her belly. He ran his hands over her thighs, then up over her stomach, caressing it gently. Then, looking up and noticing the impatient look on her face, Ryan quickly put his cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed his way inside.

Ohhhhh yeah, there we go!” she moaned.

He didn't feel comfortable laying fully against her, so instead he rested on his hands, staring down at her beautiful face, twisting in pleasure as he started fucking her, and at her enormous tits, jiggling and bouncing all over the place.

“That's it!” she moaned. “Fuck me! Come on, fuck me good! I want it in my pussy so fucking bad, Ryan!”

He started giving it to her harder, eliciting louder and louder groans of pleasure from her. He wondered if other people could hear them. He kind of wanted them to. Ryan propped himself up on one hand and used his other to take one of her enormous breasts in his grasp, unable to resist himself. Jenny was completely lost in the fucking.

“Yes...yes...yes holy fuck keep going!” she cried, and, a few seconds later, she was coming again. Holy fuck, it was easy to make her orgasm. He loved it. Ryan moaned, letting go of her breast and propping himself up again as the pleasure hit him hard. He could barely keep going, he wanted to come inside of her again so badly.

As he was thinking it, Jenny was saying it, like she was reading his mind. “Fucking come in me, Ryan! Come in me, fill me up!” she moaned.

That was just too much for him. It was like a button, whenever a woman started begging for him to come inside of her, it was like an instant trigger. He groaned as he started coming again, his cock kicking even harder inside of her this time. His cock started ejecting his seed, jetting it deep into her once more, filling her up as requested. Ryan barely managed to hold himself up as he came into her perfect, mature pussy.

As his second orgasm wore off, he came back to himself, his eyes refocusing. He found himself staring down at Jenny.

“Hey there,” she said, grinning up at him, looking a little sleepy. “That was great.”

“Yeah,” he replied, now feeling exhausted. He pulled out of her and flopped over onto the bed. “Fuck, it's been awhile since I've come twice that quickly.”

“It's nice, isn't it?”

“I think it's a little different for a guy. I need a nap,” he replied.

Jenny laughed. “, you wanna spend the night? Cause I'll be honest, I'm gonna want middle of the night sex.”

“I'm totally cool with that.”

Jenny grinned and grabbed him, pulling him closer to her. “Perfect. You get to be my fuck buddy for the night, and maybe longer.”

“I'd also be totally cool with that.”

“Great.” She gave him a kiss. “We'll take another shower, then go to sleep, and then wake up and fuck, and go back to sleep, and wake and fuck and do it all over again.”

Ryan grinned and kissed her back. Life was definitely good.