Wanderlust - The Complete Series Released!


Wanderlust: The Complete Series is out now!

You can purchase it as an eBook for 9.99$ right HERE.

You can purchase it as a paperback for 17.99$ right HERE. Sorry it costs more than usual, but this thing is freaking 750 pages! It costs more to make, and even with this price hike I'm still only making 88 cents per sale.

Now, about what makes this collection special. First of all, there is no difference between the stand-alone versions of Wanderlust I - IV and those in this collection. However, I am not just reselling a bundle of exactly the same thing. There are three brand new shorts in this collection, exclusive to it as well. All three of them take place after the end of Wanderlust IV.

Here's the official synopsis:

Welcome to the complete series of Wanderlust, a fantasy interracial erotica with lots of sexy monster girls.

In a world of magic and monsters and adventurers, a young man named Owyn Fisher is not content with his life. When he comes of age, he leaves his small coastal village and heads out into the world at large, intent on adventuring. But while he expected to find lost treasures and dangerous situations, he had no idea that there would be so many beautiful, inhuman ladies interested in sleeping with him...

This collection contains WANDERLUST, WANDERLUST II, WANDERLUST III, & WANDERLUST IV, as well as three bonus shorts that take place after the end of Wanderlust IV.

FIRST TIME, in which Owyn helps an inexperienced young woman try sex for the first time.

FORMER PRINCESS ELLIE LENNOX, in which Owyn has a hot encounter with a badass ex-princess.

HER STEP MOM, in which one of Owyn's first lovers hooks him up with her hot, mature step mom.

WANDERLUST: THE COMPLETE SERIES contains a variety of explicit sex scenes between a young, inexperienced human and a plethora of attractive women from all sorts of species, from elves to mermaids to lizard women to harpies to succubi and much more. You have been warned.