Adventurous Re-Released!


Adventurous is out now!

You can purchase it as a Kindle eBook for 2.99$ right HERE.

You can also get it over on Smashwords for 2.99$ right HERE.

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ right HERE.

Also, if you're a 5$/month patron over at my Patreon, you can see a completely nude version of that sexy adventuress on the cover right HERE.

If you've already read Adventurous, originally released as a trilogy of novellas and a collection, then you might be wondering what's different? Basically nothing. This contains Adventurous Parts I, II, & III, and the bonus short from The Complete Trilogy, GAINING CONFIDENCE. As with most of the others, the only thing new is better formatting, a new cover, and a few edits and touch-ups. Hopefully this helps your decision on whether or not to purchase it!

Here is the official synopsis:

An Erotic Fantasy Adventure Novel.

Liz is a wandering scholar, a magic-using adventuress, and a non-human in a land dominated by humans. She has spent most of her life exploring old ruins and dangerous tombs, looking for lost secrets and ancient history. She's great at her job, and largely does it for fun now. But when she finds herself on the trail of her most ambitious project yet, she discovers that she needs something she hasn't needed for years now: someone else's help.

Steven is the son of a Lord who is so bad at his job that the township he rules over has just revolted. Now, both Steven and his father are homeless. To make matters more interesting, an old enemy of his father's, Liz, arrives, needing Steven's help, as he may remember the location of a crucial archive that will help Liz complete her task.

As the two of them team up, not only does Steven discover how dangerous life as an adventurer can be, but also what it's like to have the sexual attention of an older, intimidatingly confident inhuman woman...

ADVENTUROUS contains adult situations, vivid sex scenes with multiple partners, a lot of casual interracial encounters. You have been warned.