Scales & Fur (A Free Short)

This short is part of Wanderlust, and takes place in between Wanderlust I & II. Originally, it was a bonus short paired with Collection #4. It takes place shortly before Owyn and Liz part ways, and features a hot threesome between the two of them and the lady who hooked them up in the first place: Kat. I cut it when repackaging Wanderlust because it just didn’t quite fit into the narrative structure any longer, and I figured it’d make a fine free short.

Owyn frowned as he studied his blade, staring at it one way, then another. He'd come to like this blade. It was made of silver. He'd picked it, and a shield, up a little ways back when he'd agreed to hunt werewolves. The sword had gotten pretty beat up over the past two weeks while he was adventuring with Liz. That thought made him frown even more, but he shoved those thoughts aside for now. Finally, he decided that the job was indeed a good one and worth the twenty coin he was preparing to pay the blacksmith.

“Okay,” he said, tossing a small bag of coins he'd arranged beforehand. “Thank you.”

“You know,” the blacksmith said, as he counted out the coins, “that thing was pretty banged up. You could keep it sharper, prolong time between blacksmith repairs, if you had a whetstone with you. I could sell you a good one for ten more coin. All you've got to do is run it along the blade in a certain way every once in awhile.”

Owyn considered it for a moment. He knew about whetstones, knew how to use one, and suddenly wondered why he hadn't picked one up previously. He finally nodded and sheathed his sword, then began counting out another ten coin. It wasn't like he didn't have money. Liz was more than willing to split the rewards of their travels with him, because it wasn't exactly like she was hurting for coin either.

The blacksmith showed him the whetstone he intended to sell him, and, after a moment's inspection, Owyn agreed and handed over the coin. He slipped the stone into his backpack and made his way back out into the sunshine. Immediately, the dim, smoking interior of the blacksmith fell away and he breathed a bit easier. Outside, it was bright and sunny. The sounds of the marketplace could be heard all around, like disharmonious but familiar music. He spied a number of shops and stalls around him, offering a variety of things.

For the moment, however, he was thinking of something else to buy because, well, he was kind of avoiding Liz. He didn't like that thought, didn't like that it was true. But it was. Just like before, when he had grown tired of Krystal, of having her as his traveling companion, he was putting off the actual 'break-up', if that's even what it was. He felt guilty. It wasn't that he didn't like Liz anymore, he did. He really did. She was smart and beautiful and funny. She was kind. She was interesting and she listened to him.

It was just that...

He wanted to be alone again.

Owyn didn't really know why, only that he did. It was some kind of strange yearning, an odd calling, and it honestly made him a little afraid. Would he ever be able to settle down? And even if, somehow, he managed to find a woman he genuinely, truly loved, someone he felt he could spent years, decades, or even the rest of his life with, someone who would be okay with traveling around the countryside with him, with being an adventurer with him...would he even be able to stay with her for more than a month?

He tried to tell himself that it was no big deal, that he'd eventually get tired of this life. It was probably just that he was still pretty young, not even into his twenties yet. He had time. In fact, he was perfectly positioned to...what did they always call it? Sow his wild oats. Or whatever. Owyn cleared his head for the moment.

He still didn't want to tell Liz that he wanted to part ways with her. She seemed happy with his company. So could he stall for time? He'd drawn up a list of things that needed doing as they walked into town. They were ending their second week together and Liz had found a little cache of gemstones in their most recent ruin and she wanted to sell them and resupply. So they'd split up to do just that. It had gone well so far.

Visiting the blacksmith was the last thing on Owyn's list and he'd kept hoping he would be coming up with more things to do. But he hadn't. So now, he supposed, he should be tracking down Liz and probably telling her...

Owyn stopped looking around the marketplace as, suddenly, his sights zeroed in on a familiar figure. It couldn't be...or no, could it? He began moving across the open square, shifting between passing people and carts and horses, getting closer and closer to the figure that he had spotted, becoming more and more certain of his hunch. Maybe he was just good with faces, or body types, or voices, or maybe it was just because he'd been inside of her, but Owyn was becoming absolutely certain that he was seeing Kat.

She was arguing with someone, what he realized was a fletcher. No doubt because she needed more arrows. As he came within reaching distance of her, Kat suddenly recognized that there was someone behind her.

She spun around, looking angry, then froze.

“...Owyn?” she asked.

He smiled. “Hi Kat. I missed you.”

She stared at him for a moment longer, as if trying to decide whether or not he was really there. Then she stepped forward, wrapped him in a hug and kissed him full on the mouth. He hugged and kissed her back, giving her firm, well-padded ass a quick squeeze, then let go of her. She stepped back and studied him. He studied her back. She looked just as good as she had before: tall, fit, lithe, wearing little more than a loincloth and something vaguely resembling a bra, barely keeping her ample, orange-furred breasts in check.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Liz and I are doing a supply run,” Owyn replied.

“So you hooked up with her? That's great.”

“Yeah. She's been, uh...fantastic. We've had a lot of fun.”

Kat grinned. “I'll just bet you have.”

“Hey, are you going to pay this or not?” the man running the stall asked.

Kat's expression lost all joy and, frowning deeply, she turned around and let out a little growl of annoyance. “Look, you're overcharging me. I know you're overcharging me. I'll give you twenty coin for the whole thing. That's fair. That's actually a bit more than fair. So stop being a fuck and just give me the arrows.”

The man, who was middle-aged, balding, and portly, looked as though he was slowly realizing that he wasn't dealing with any idiot that happened to wander through town. He was dealing with a warrior, and a tall, powerful one at that, and maybe it might not be in his best interest to piss her off. Finally, he heaved a sigh and shoved the quiver of arrows at her, then took the bag of coins and counted them out.

“Goodbye,” he said, rather firmly and pointedly.

Kat let out a little huff of irritation, slipped the quiver over her shoulder, and turned to face Owyn again. “Come on, let's go find Liz.”

Owyn followed her as she stalked off, her tail twitching in frustration. “So what was that all about?” he asked as they plunged deeper into the marketplace.

“Oh, you know how these small town morons are. They think they can fleece you by jacking up the prices...they think we adventurers are all rich and desperate to spend our coin. He wanted fifty! He also did it because I'm a felis...”

“Where's Millie?” Owyn asked.

“We parted ways a few days ago. We got into a big fight.”

“Over what?”

She sighed. “Over nothing, really. She wanted to stop and make camp for the night and I kind of wanted to keep going and then it became this whole thing about how she thought I thought she was weaker than me and...” she shook her head and let out a little frustrated growl. “The fight was nothing more than an indication that we should probably spend some time apart. It happens. Sometimes we can travel together for as long as two months, sometimes no more than a few weeks, but we part ways and then we always find our way back to each other...anyway, enough about me, I want to hear all about how you and Liz have been making out.”

“We've been making out a lot,” Owyn replied. Kat laughed. “I didn't realize she had such an, uh, appetite, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, I know all about what you mean.”

He hesitated, again mentally stumbling as he remembered that he was avoiding Liz. Kat seemed to pick up on this. “What's wrong?”

“I...kind of want to go my own way again...away from Liz,” he replied cautiously.

“Okay...why is that a 'wrong' thing?” Kat asked.

“Well, I don't really know how to tell her.”

“Oh. You just tell her,” she said simply.

“Just like that? Tell her?”

“Yeah. I mean, don't be a jerk about it, but don't avoid it, don't beat around the bush, just tell her, Owyn. It's that simple. But...actually, don't tell her yet. I didn't know I was going to run into the two of you at the same time and there's kind of something I want to do that involves both you being in a good mood,” Kat said.

“What's the thing you want to do?”

“Let's find Liz first. But I promise you'll love it.”

Kat led him to a magic shop, one of the places that Liz would more than likely be and, sure enough, she was crouched in front of a shelf, studying something intently inside of the dim, candlelit shop that seemed jam-packed with all sorts of crazy, glowing things. Magic had always intimidated Owyn.

Kat walked up to Liz. “Hey there, cutie,” she said.

Liz turned around and stood up immediately. “Kat!” she cried and wrapped the tall felis warrior in a tight hug. “Owyn!” she said when she spotted him. “I see the two of you managed to find each other. Well, let me make my purchases and we can catch up. I imagine you have a camp set up somewhere outside of town?”

“How well you know me,” Kat replied. “I do. I was hoping to get the two of you out there with me for something.”

“Ohh?” Liz replied. “For something huh?”

“Yeah. Something. I think you know.”

“And he doesn't, does he?” Liz asked, flicking a glance at Owyn.

“Nope, I'm in the dark. Care to illuminate me?” Owyn replied.

Liz grinned. “Nope. It's a surprise.”

Owyn sighed and watched her select whatever it was she was looking for, a glowing blue gem, then move over to the woman running the place. Once she'd made the purchase, the three of them left the building and started walking.

The girls were right.

The surprise was great and Owyn really liked it.

After leaving the city, the three of them had caught up while they walked the short distance to Kat's camp, which she'd set up just inside of a small forest beside a peaceful river that ran through the area. Owyn was impressed with Kat's camp. It seemed so...professional. Clean, neat, organized. It was also very basic and minimalist.

A style he liked.

Once they got back to camp, Kat dropped her idea on them, though Liz already knew what it was. She wanted to have a threesome. As soon as Owyn had said yes, the girls wasted very little time in stripping and getting in the tent. For Kat, it was always easy to go from clothed to naked in literally just a few seconds. All she had to do was pull off the cloth covering her crotch and breasts and that was it, she was fully nude.

Liz took a bit longer, though she'd chosen to dress simply today. She just had some loose-fitting travel pants and a sleeveless shirt. Owyn had his armor on, so it took him a bit longer. He got out of it and his clothes as quickly as he could, the women watching him the whole time, smirking at him. He kept getting distracted by them. But, soon enough, he was fully naked. He laid down in the warm, comfortable bedding that Kat had set up and ended up with a beautiful, naked woman on either side of him.

Kat began kissing him immediately, slipping her rough tongue in as he placed a hand on her large, furry breast and began groping it. He felt Liz reach down and grip his cock, then slowly begin to massage it. He kept making out with the tall, female felis until she passed him off to Liz, who immediately began making out with him. He could tell she was worked up and horny because she was practically panting with excitement. He ran his hands over her body, playing with her nipples and twining their tongues together until Kat seemed to get impatient and took him back. They kept going like that for a few moments.

“Okay,” Owyn said, getting his breath back. “I have a proposal. How about I work on getting you two girls off first, then you two get me off, then we take a little break, and then we fuck?” he asked, looking first at Kat, then at Liz.

“Fine by me,” Kat said.

“Me too,” Liz replied.

Owyn nodded. He'd done stuff like this before enough with Krystal and Kira, so it shouldn't be all that difficult to do it again. Deciding to keep it simple, he got down in between Kat's legs, since she'd, presumably, gone the longest without sex. He leaned down and carefully spread the lips of her pussy, exposing her pink flesh and her clit. He let his breath out slowly and felt her shudder in response and anticipation.

Still being deliberately slow, he leaned forward, extending his tongue, and touched the very tip of it against her clit. She let out a low, long moan and a tremor of pleasure shuddered through her entire body. Owyn always really loved it when that happened. There was a certain satisfaction he got from pleasuring a woman. He began making little circles with his tongue, causing Kat to gasp and let out a long, low moan of sexual bliss. He kept this going for another half a minute, loving the feel of her twisting and writhing, the sounds of her joy, then he started using more of his tongue, working her clit as much as he could.

Then he began using his lower lip.

Kat was panting and moaning desperately now. Owyn kicked it up another notch and slipped a finger inside of her, pressing up repeatedly into her most sensitive spot. That did it. Suddenly, she let out a long cry of pleasure and she was having an orgasm. A hot spray of female juices escaped her pussy, wetting Owyn's jaw, shoulders, and chest. He leaned back, cleaned himself up, took a short break, and then moved over to Liz.

She awaited him eagerly, lying on her back, her green-scaled legs spread wide, a grin on her face. Owyn grinned back at her and got to work, happy to pleasure her. He set to work, shooting for a repeat performance. He started licking her clit, building slowly, upgrading the pressure and intensity as the seconds ticked by. By the time he had a finger inside of her and was working her g-spot, his jaw and tongue were beginning to get tired, but his efforts were well rewarded. Liz let out a panting, moaning cry of pleasure as she climaxed.

Owyn all but collapsed onto his back in between the two women as Liz finished orgasming. He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

Both women leaned in and kissed him on each cheek. “Thank you,” Liz said, “you're always good about pleasuring your partner. At least, you have been with me.”

“Me too,” Kat replied. “And now we're happy to return the favor.”

Owyn watched, enraptured, as both women slid down and each stuck their tongues out and began licking his cock. He groaned, reaching down and placing a hand gently on the back of each of their heads. Pleasure exploded into him, sizzling up and down his cock, corkscrewing out from his core as both women continued to pleasure him. Before long, Kat took his dick into her mouth and started sucking on it, bobbing her head rapidly, using her fingers to grip the shaft. Owyn continued groaning as she did this, then even more as she passed it to Liz, who picked up the task. They kept going, back and forth, until he popped.

It happened right as Kat put it back in her mouth. Owyn let out a sharp cry of pleasure and then he was coming directly into her mouth. Kat took it all in stride, slowly bobbing her head and sucking on his dick, as if trying to get it all out. He moaned and cried out, gripping the back of her head as she did this. She kept working his dick until he had finished coming, then slowly took it out and sat up. She grinned at him.

“How was that?” she asked.

“Beyond words,” Owyn replied. “You ladies are really good at this.”

“Glad to hear it,” Liz said.

Kat found a magically chilled bottle of something pink that, when she opened it, smelled of strawberries. She took a deep drink, then passed it to Liz, who did the same. Liz passed it back, she drank a bit more, then corked it and replaced it, and both women settled into the bedding with him. The three of them simply laid there for a long moment, enjoying the post-orgasm peace. It was almost fully dark now, the twilight fading, the starlight rising.

It didn't take them long to get horny again.

It started with Kat reaching across Owyn and groping Liz's breast. Then she leaned over and pressed her lips against Owyn's. He kissed her back, making out with her. Already, he was starting to get hard and horny again.

He sat up. “How do we want to do this?”

“I was thinking...maybe Kat could eat me out and you could fuck her from behind?” Liz suggested.

“Sounds good to me, I've always loved a good pounding from back there,” Kat replied.

“All right,” Owyn said, getting up.

They all got into position. Liz laid down on the bedding with her legs spread wide. Kat got onto her hands and knees and buried her head in her friend's crotch. Owyn got onto his knees behind her, pressing her legs together, staring at her thighs, her hips, her perfect, fit ass, and her pussy, which was glistening and ready to be fucked.

He pushed the head of his dick up against that pink opening. Liz began to moan as Kat started eating her out. Owyn pushed his cock into Kat, pulling back and pushing forward, working his way inside of her, inch by inch. He listened to her muffled cries of pleasure, relishing them. Soon, his hips were meeting her ass and he was buried all the way inside of her. Up to the hilt, as some guys might put it. He took a firm grip on her ass, groping it, then slipped around to her hips and started fucking her, slow and smooth at first.

He kept this up for a solid minute, then started going faster and harder, making her scream and cry out. The pleasure burned through him. Owyn found it hard to believe that he was making love to a beautiful, older woman, a felis no less, that had such a hot, fit, tall body. How had he happened into this? How had he gotten so lucky? He kept going until he was damn near ready to blow his load and pulled out of her.

“We should switch,” he said, panting a little.

“Fine by me, my jaw is getting tired,” Kat replied, pulling her head from Liz's crotch.

“How should we position ourselves?” she asked.

Kat smirked, looking both coy and sultry at the same time. “Stay where you are beautiful...” she replied.

Kat shifted and swung her leg over Liz's face, rearranging herself so that she was basically crouching over the beryl's face, balancing on her shins and knees. “Now it's your turn to eat. And Owyn, you should fuck her pussy now,” Kat said.

Owyn nodded. Kat let out a moan as Liz set to work eating her out. Owyn got into between Liz's legs, very eager to get his cock back into a vagina. He immediately went back to pounding as soon as he was comfortably inside. Both women were moaning loudly now. Kat leaned forward, reached out and slipped a hand behind Owyn's neck. She pulled him close and started making out with him. All three of them groaned in pleasure.

He tried to hold onto his orgasm, but he was still so enamored by beautiful women and sex with them that that was already a task all its own. Having two beautiful women at once was just too much. He cried out, reaching out and groping Kat's furry breasts as he began to come inside of Liz's tight beryl pussy. Groaning and gasping, he kept kissing and groping Kat until his orgasm had run its course. He all but passed out as he pulled out and fell back onto the bedding, listening to the two girls continue their pleasure until they, too, were finished.

“So,” Kat said, catching her breath, “how was that for a surprise?”

“More than worth the wait,” Owyn replied.

“Good. Owyn...I believe you had something you wanted to say to Liz?” Kat said.

For a second, Owyn wasn't sure what she was talking about. Then he remembered their previous conversation. He sat up and looked at Liz, who was looking back at him curiously. “Liz...I think I'd like to part ways. It isn't anything against you, I like you, a lot. You're fantastic. I just...feel like I need to be by myself again.”

He waited for a negative response, but Liz simply nodded once. “Okay, Owyn. I can respect that. I've enjoyed our time together.”

He smiled. “Me too. And I'd love to spend time with you again in the future, if our paths ever cross again.”

“Same here.”

“There, was that so hard?” Kat asked. She sat up and popped her neck. “I imagine you two want to spend the night here?”

“Definitely,” Liz replied.

“Yep,” Owyn said.

“Then get comfortable, cause I'm planning on sleeping in tomorrow.”

Owyn picked himself up and re-positioned his body, fitting it in between the two women. Feeling truly content, he almost immediately drifted off.