Paranormal Passions - The Complete Trilogy Released!


Paranormal Passions - The Complete Trilogy is live!

You can purchase it as a Kindle eBook for 9.99$ HERE!

You can also grab it as a paperback for 14.99$ HERE!

A little bit about this collection. First of all, it collects Paranormal Passions 1, 2, & 3, and there are absolutely no differences between the two versions. However, I’m not simply repackaging and selling the exact same thing. There are two bonus short stories exclusive to this collection. They both take place after the end of the trilogy. For reference’s sake, like it says on the first few pages of the book, these two stories were originally written as bonus shorts for Collection Eight and The Complete Third Season when I first wrote Paranormal Passions.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Welcome to the complete trilogy of Paranormal Passions, a contemporary paranormal erotica that features a lot of regular human guy on paranormal lady sex!

In an alternate version of Earth where humans and paranormal entities have always lived side-by-side, tensions can easily run high, but the situation is relatively peaceful. Although the paranormals are far more powerful than the average human in a number of ways, the humans have the upper hand in sheer numbers, as they outnumber the paranormals a thousand to one. As such, society ticks on. One member of this society, a young man named Jason, has moved to a new city in an attempt to change his life. Unfortunately for him, his new life looks basically like his old one, except for one major difference: he now lives next door to a gorgeous, redheaded vampire named Hannah. And when Hannah invites him into her bed, it changes everything...

This collection contains PARANORMAL PASSIONS, PARANORMAL PASSIONS 2, & PARANORMAL PASSIONS 3, as well as two bonus short stories that take place after the end of the trilogy.

UNDEAD & HORNY, in which Jason goes to meet Hannah's good friend Melissa, an undead, who wants him to spend the night.

WITH A VALKYRIE, in which Jason is introduced to Helena, a beautiful, mature, extremely tall Valkyrie who wants to take him for a ride.

PARANORMAL PASSIONS: THE COMPLETE TRILOGY is a paranormal harem erotica that contains a great deal of explicit, hot sex between a young, inexperienced human man and a number of highly sexual, powerful, beautiful paranormal women. You have been warned.