More Exploration (A Free Short)

This short was originally written for Quickies: Hellcats. It's a follow up to Exploration. So, if you haven't read that, it won't make quite as much sense. Enjoy!

“Did she say yes?” John asked, looking up as Lynn came into the room.

She didn't even need to answer, really. Her big grin said it all. “Yep!” Lynn replied brightly as she stepped into their quarters and closed the door behind her. “She's totally down to fuck both of us. She's in the shower right now, getting ready. I told her we'd do the same. So strip down and follow me to the bathroom,” she said.

As she spoke, Lynn pulled off her tight t-shirt, then her sports bra. John stared intently as she pulled down her shorts as well. She'd always been good at getting naked really fast. He studied his lover as he got up and started undressing as well. Lynn was a study in compact beauty. She had a regular stature for a xenian: around five feet and a hundred pounds. Her technological implants, silver nodes of varying shape and design embedded in her skin, stood out in stark contrast to her milky white flesh. Her brunette hair hung loose, framing her pale face and her glowing white eyes. She turned to give him an impatient look.

“Coming?” she asked.

“I will be,” he replied as he got his boxers off and moved to join her.

Lynn snorted. “Yeah, me too.”

As they moved into the bathroom, John couldn't help but think back to the events that had led up to this. It had been six months since he had met Lynn. After she’d engineered a sexual encounter between him, herself, and a beautiful quine named Ithy, they had had a lot of fun and sex over the remaining time they had together. When they had parted ways after that month in deep space, exploring a newly discovered system together, (the reason they were officially there), Ithy had opted to go her own way, wanting to get her life back on track.

Lynn decided that she wanted to keep John around, and what did he have to go back to, anyway? A handful of acquaintances? An empty apartment? A soulless job? He'd made arrangements for his old life, and Lynn had been kind enough to ferry him there on her ship, since she owned the thing, and help get all the loose ends tied up. He'd formally quit his job, which was easy, since his boss hated him anyway, sold off all his possessions and terminated his lease agreement. After saying goodbye to the few friends and family that would care, he and Lynn had set off on their new life together. Well, new to him, routine for Lynn.

This was their life now: on their own ship, traveling the stars, exploring new star systems for corporations that hired them to scan each planet and moon for precious minerals. They tended to operate on one month rotations, sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more. But it was all pretty much a cover for their real goal: sex. It had been Lynn's idea to begin with, John had just joined her in it. Her idea had been to hire new people each month and to try and seduce them. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes it failed.

She had seduced John so well that he wanted to stay.

John joined Lynn in the shower and they stood there together, facing each other, grinning. The showers had two showerheads each, making showering together a lot easier. They started cleaning themselves up, moving with a quick eagerness.

They were particularly excited about Star.

Last week, a new rotation had begun. They'd been looking through potential candidates to hire. With Lynn as the pilot and John as the technician, they tended to look for medics, but sometimes made exceptions for others, since the medical bay was fairly automated and Lynn had picked up a lot about medicine over the years.

Then, suddenly, John had found Star. As soon as he'd seen her profile picture on the work-for-hire website, he'd fallen in lust. He'd immediately showed it to Lynn, who had joined him in lusting crazily after this beauty.

She was a kai.

Kai were an extremely rare, extremely beautiful species in the galaxy. Most of their species stayed within their home system, as they had several planets, moons, and asteroids colonized, and had good population control, so they didn't have all that much need to expand into new territory. And they were a bit xenophobic. But sometimes, very rarely, a kai would leave their home system and head out into the galaxy at large.

The last census put the total number of kai outside of their home system at around two thousand. So they were ridiculously rare and often treated like celebrities. They'd only glanced at Star's credentials: she was a medic also trained in the art of star charting and navigation. They had snapped her up the second they could. Her asking price for a months' work was about triple what they normally paid out, but John and Lynn had a fair amount of credits saved up, so they hadn't even hesitated when they asked her aboard.

She'd said yes and joined them on their ship.

She was even more radiant in person.

Star was a six foot, busty, redheaded beauty. She had beautiful, flawless light blue skin that she liked to show a lot of. The angles and curves of her face gave her an alien mystique and an almost ethereal beauty. She dressed casually, laughed easily and was very easy to get along with. And she had a lot of great stories to tell.

Both Lynn and John had carefully begun hitting on her. Lynn was a lot better at it, so John mostly left it to her. After a week of heavy flirtation, light kisses, and shoulder rubs, (mostly from Lynn), Lynn had finally asked the big question, since Star was pretty receptive to all the attention. She gave and received massages without a problem. She didn't mind getting up close to either of them when they were watching something together.

Lynn had asked if she wanted to have a threesome.

And she had said yes.

“Okay, I'm clean,” Lynn said.

“Me too,” John replied as he finished washing the soap away. They killed the water and grabbed towels, quickly drying off.

“Do you think it would be tacky to show up naked?” Lynn asked.

“Well, considering what we're going to do, I don't think so.”

“Yeah, you're right. And Star's laid back enough to either enjoy it or not do I look?” she asked, standing before. Her face was flushed and her brunette hair was a sexy, wet mess. John couldn't help but grin.

“Fucking sexy,” he replied.

“Perfect. Come on.”

As he finished drying off, he hung his towel up and followed Lynn. He never thought he'd end up dating a girl like Lynn, or falling in love with her. At first, the relationship had been kind of tentative. Lynn had gotten used to being alone and having a new partner every month, and they both knew that having John join the crew meant some concessions. Since he wasn't into guys, and Lynn had a basic sense of fair play, it meant that whenever she wanted to hire a guy on to seduce, they also had to hire on a woman.

It didn't always work out. There had been a time where the woman they'd hired, a beautiful cyvit, just wasn't interested in him, though the guy they'd hired, another human, had been really into Lynn. And once the opposite had happened, a really sexy xenian had been extremely into John, though only John since she wasn't into girls, and the human guy they'd got on the crew just wasn't into alien girls at all. But, if it didn't work out, well, they still had each other fuck and stay happy. This time, however, it had worked out perfectly.

They came to stand before Star's doorway. It was open. Lynn poked her head in. “Ready for us?” she asked.

“Yep, come in,” Star replied.

John shuddered as he stepped inside. Even her voice was fucking sexy. It had kind of a raw, smoky edge to it. He'd frequently wondered what it would sound like when she made sexual noises. Now he would know.

“Well...I see you came prepared,” Star said, grinning at them from the bathroom doorway.

She was wrapped in a towel, her red hair wet and clinging to her head. Star let the towel drop, revealing her full naked body to them. They both gaped at her. Her long, slender frame was offset by just how fucking curvy she was. To borrow an older phrase, she had that perfect 'hourglass figure'. Her hips were broad and nicely curved, her thighs were pleasantly padded and her breasts were large, at least a triple-d cup.

Dark pink nipples topped her large, round, light blue breasts. “Shall we?” she asked, then began to move over to her bed.

“Yes we shall,” Lynn said hungrily.

Both she and John crossed the room and got into the bed with Star. Lynn crawled up to Star, who had laid down on her back. The much taller kai pulled Lynn down on top of her and into a deep kiss. John moved up to the other side of her and placed a hand on one of her large, firm breasts. It felt even better than he imagined it would to grope. Leaning in, he kissed along the side of her neck. After a moment, Star stopped kissing Lynn and switched over to John, giving him some attention. She kissed him deeply and passionately.

Apparently she had no problem throwing herself completely into a sexual encounter.

She stared directly into his eyes with her vivid pink eyes, her gaze full of intense lust, but at the same time tempered with a kind of sensuality. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, probing gently, searching for his own. They met and twined, sharing their taste. John had been with several different women now, several species, but he had never tasted anything like Star. He kissed her back, groping her large breasts, then he broke away from her. Moving lower, he spent a moment sucking on one of her large, blue tits, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from her. He glanced up as he sucked on her nipple and saw that Lynn had started making out with her again.

Grinning, John moved even farther along her wondrous body. He placed a hand in between her thick thighs and parted them. Star glanced down briefly at him, then spread her legs wide when she realized what he was doing. John stared down at her smooth pussy set in between her broad hips. It looked beautiful. Laying down and leaning in, he spread the lips of her pussy, exposing the small, light-blue nub of her clit.

He was glad to see that there wasn't much difference in anatomy here.

Carefully, he touched the tip of his tongue to her clit and began licking it slowly and lightly. Star let out a long moan, breaking the kiss with Lynn, who looked down and grinned as she realized what was going on. Deciding to join in the pleasure, she started licking and sucking on one of Star's breasts, which only caused her to moan even louder. He continued eating her out, slowly building up the pleasure, laying on the pressure and speeding up his tongue. Star was panting and groaning loudly now, letting out short yells of sexual bliss.

He could feel that she was close to orgasm. He'd gotten to be able to read that in his sexual partners. She just needed a bit more pleasure. At this point, he was using his lip now, so, to bring it up to the next level, he pushed two fingers into her and began fucking her with them. Star cried out even louder now, her voice echoing off the walls of the room, her pleasure mounting. Abruptly, she began to come. John leaned back, but kept fingering her, pushing repeatedly into her most sensitive spot, which he was glad to see was the same as with most other species.

“Oh yes it feels so good I love it so much!” Star cried as she orgasmed, her hips jerking spasmodically as a hot spray of sex juices jetted out of her, darkening the blanket. She jerked and jolted and twitched and eventually was still, save for her rapidly rising and falling chest. “Holy are really good at that,” she mumbled, covering her eyes with one hand.

“I've taught him well,” Lynn replied with a grin, gently caressing Star's bountiful breasts, running her fingertips across them.

“You ready to fuck now?” John asked, stiff as metal now and very eager, almost desperate, to start fucking her kai pussy.

“Yes,” Star said, sitting up, her breasts bouncing nicely. “I want to eat you out,” she said, looking at Lynn, “while you fuck me,” she added, shifting her gaze to John.

“Fine by me,” Lynn said.

“Same,” John replied.

They all got into place. Lynn settled onto her back where Star had just been and spread her slender pale legs. Star got onto her hands and knees, then lowered herself so that she was resting on her elbows, her head just above Lynn's exposed pussy. John got behind her, staring at her thick, well-maintained blue ass.

“You are fucking beautiful,” he said, running his hands almost reverently over the smooth, warm, soft skin of her ass.

“Thank you,” she replied, then she leaned in a bit and began eating Lynn out. His girlfriend let out a loud sound of ecstasy.

Deciding it was time to get started, John rested his cock at the entrance to her blue pussy. It looked wet and very inviting and he could feel heat radiating off of her. A muffled moan escaped Star's mouth as he penetrated her. Inside she was very warm, very wet. He practically slid right in, but she was so tight. And the texture of her was different than anything else he'd experienced before. Not like a xenian's or a human's or a cyvit's vagina. It was...he didn't know how to describe it, but it felt amazing.

Groaning, he settled his hands on her broad hips and started fucking her, getting one of his feet up so that he had more leverage. He stared for a moment at Star's shapely ass, at his cock disappearing rapidly in and out of her tight opening. Then his gaze slid up her back, to her messy red hair and to her eating out Lynn. Then, further up Lynn's tight, fit, pale body, her high, firm breasts jiggling as she moaned and twitched from getting eaten out. Threesomes might be the greatest thing he had experienced in his life.

“Oh...oh Star, keep going!” Lynn moaned after a long moment. “Oh, Star, I'm gonna...oh yes I'm coming!” she shrieked.

Star pulled back slightly as Lynn began to orgasm. The sight and sound of his lover coming, combined with the absolutely stellar sex he was having with Star, set John off as well. He groaned, digging his fingertips into Star's hips. His dick began to kick inside of her, emptying itself of his seed one hard contraction at a time, spitting spurts of it deep into Star's alien pussy. She moaned, pushing herself against him, forcing him deeper as his hips jerked forward involuntarily. His orgasm pulsed through him, sending him on a journey of pleasure.

As he came down from the high of his climax, he saw that Lynn was coming down from hers. He let out his breath in one long sigh as the calming pleasure of the post-orgasm filled him like a warm breeze, then gently extracted himself from Star.

“Fuck,” Star said, falling onto her side, next to Lynn. “That was really good.”

“Yeah,” John agreed, sitting down on the bed, blinking several times. “That was...yeah, definitely. Oh wow.”

“Have you ever fucked a human before? Or a xenian?” Lynn asked, reaching out and running her fingers through Star's red hair.

“Xenian, yes. Human, no,” Star replied.

They laid there for a few moments in silence.

“I'm hungry,” Star declared suddenly. “Wanna eat?”

“Yeah, I could really use some, too...after a shower, I'm all sticky and gross now,” Lynn replied.

“The price paid for good sex,” John replied.

“Yep,” Star said, getting up. They followed her into the bathroom.