Reunion (A Free Short)

Here's another short that I wrote for Quickies: Wanderlust. It's pretty basic. It takes place after the end of Wanderlust. Owyn hooks back up with a few of his favorite monster ladies from the past.

“Are you sure you're ready Molly?” Owyn asked, staring at the trim, gray-skinned harpy with the athletic body. She stood before him, naked and beautiful. Off to the side, he could see their sole viewer, Sally the Serpentine, staring at them intently.

Molly sighed and flexed her wings. “Yes, Owyn, I'm ready for this. I'm not a delicate flower. If you're too rough, I'll let you know.”

Owyn considered her for a moment. He'd forgotten how attractive she was and he hadn't had sex with another harpy besides her. Her short, red hair was a mess and her brilliant blue eyes were alight with sexual energy. Her high, firm breasts looked beautiful and he loved the trim curve of her hips and her slim, athletic thighs, all covered in smooth gray skin. Her large, feathery wings rose up from her back, making her look very intimidating.

Which made what she was asking for that much more interesting.

“Okay, if you're sure,” Owyn replied. He pulled down his boxers and stood naked before the two monster women in the clearing.

Molly rolled her eyes. “Wow, Owyn, when did you turn into such a-”

He slapped her. She fell back a step, her sentence clipped off, staring at him with wide eyes. She smiled suddenly. “That's more like it.”

He slapped her again, harder this time and then shoved her. Molly cried out and fell onto her back. Owyn quickly leaped onto her, straddling her midriff. She reached up, trying to push him off, but he shoved her hands aside, quickly readjusting himself and forcing her arms beneath his knees, so that he could hold them down.

“I'll teach you to fucking talk back to me, you fucking harpy slut,” he growled, slapping her twice more in quick succession.

“No, please-” she moaned.

Shut the fuck up!” He slid forward, pushing his cock up against her mouth, which she closed firmly. He rubbed it against her lips. “Open your fucking mouth,” he growled.

“Hmm-mm,” she replied, squeezing her eyes closed.

Owyn sighed, he slapped her again. “Open up!”

She shook her head. Owyn reached down and wrapped his hands around her slim throat. She opened her mouth, gasping, trying to knock him off of her. “You're going to keep your fucking mouth open and you're going to suck my fucking dick and if I feel any teeth I will fucking break your neck, do you understand me?” he growled, his voice low and menacing, squeezing her neck harder. She gasped out a single, 'yes', and he released her.

She gasped, sucking air in, and then he shoved his cock into her mouth.

As he got up on his knees, placed a hand on the top of her head and started furiously fucking her in the mouth, he felt that twinge of guilt that he supposed he was always going to feel. Every time he did something like this, every time he engaged in this kind rough sex with the screaming and the forcing and the hitting, it made him feel guilty, because this was something he believed absolutely was something that was intolerable and unforgivable. But then, on the other side, he was fully aware that there were people who really, really got off on long as it wasn't real. This was the kind of thing you could only do with someone you really trusted.

And that also made him feel good, because these women he did it with felt that they could trust him enough to let him do this to them. Then, of course, on the other hand, he felt guilty again because he actually got off on doing it.

What did that say about him?

In the end, he just let it all go and tried to lose himself in the moment because, simply put, he was having a consensual, happy sexual encounter that both he and his partner were enjoying. And that was enough for him.

Abruptly, he pulled his cock out of Molly's mouth. She coughed as he did. “Please, please let me go,” she gasped. “Please, no more.”

“We're not even close to done yet,” he replied. He slapped her again. “Shut the fuck up.” Getting down off of her, he tried to get her legs open.

She kept them squeezed shut. “Spread your fucking legs!” he screamed at her.

“No, please! Please don't do it to me!” she moaned.

Owyn groaned and raised his fist. “No!” she cried, cringing away from him. “Okay, I'll do it, please don't hit me again.”

She tentatively opened her legs for him. Frustrated with how slowly she was moving, he forced her legs open with his hands, got quickly in between them and shoved his cock into her incredibly tight harpy pussy. She let out a moan, pushing against his chest as he started furiously fucking her pussy. She moaned and struggled against him, trying to push him off of her. Owyn shoved her hands aside, grabbed a fistful of her hair by the roots and yanked. She cried out.

“Fucking stop resisting!” he screamed.

“Okay, I'm sorry!” she moaned.

“You know,” Owyn said, laying down against her as he kept fucking her, “you've been a real bitch about this. I want you to tell me that you like it. I want to hear those words from you. And if I don't I'll really hurt you.”

“...I like it,” she said quietly.

“What was that? I couldn't quite hear you.”

“I like it!” she moaned.

“You like what?

“I like it when you fuck me,” she groaned, not looking at him.

He grinned down at her, grabbed her face and forced her to look at him. “Now, I want to hear you admit that you're a fucking worthless whore,” he growled at her. “Say it.”

“No, please...” she groaned.

He slapped her again, then wondered if maybe he was going too far. But no, checking her eyes, he saw that she was really, really into this.

He backhanded hard, causing her to cry out. “Say it!

“I'm a whore...” she moaned.

“Louder! And say it right!” he snapped.

“I'm a worthless whore!” she cried.

“Good girl, time for your reward,” he said.


He pulled out of her, grabbed her and flipped her over. Then he got on top of her, resting on his knees, straddling her near her ass. Reaching over, he grabbed a glass vial of lube he'd set aside for this part, squeezed some out, rubbed his cock down and put it up against her ass.

“No!” she cried, bucking against him. “No! Not in my ass!” she begged.

He ignored her and put it up her tight, harpy ass, groaning in pleasure as the pure sexual bliss hit him. It felt so fucking good, lighting him up with euphoric ecstasy. He grabbed her wrists and held them against the small of her back, forcing her down as he kept fucking her ass. She moaned and struggled and cried out.

Owyn knew he was close to coming. She'd told him she was fine with him finishing inside of her. He kept going, faster and harder, giving himself to the pleasure.

“Here it comes, you fucking whore,” he groaned.

“No! Please! Please don't come in me!” she begged.

Owyn cried out as he started coming. He jerked violently against her, his hips thrusting forward in sync with his orgasm as he filled her tight ass. He kept going until he was completely drained dry, pure pleasure filling him from head to toe as he unloaded inside of her. Once he was drained dry, he pulled himself out and rolled off of her.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I'm fine,” Molly replied, panting, still laying on her stomach.

“Did I do good?”

“You did great,” she replied firmly. “Oh man, I need to wash off.”

As she got up, Owyn glanced over at their voyeur, though she wasn't really that, given that she was openly watching them and they both knew she was there.

“So Sally, what'd you think?” he asked as he sat up. Molly walked into a nearby river, raising her wings to keep them from getting wet, and started cleaning herself up.

“It was, uh, I mean...I really liked it,” she replied quietly. “It was so...intense. And realistic. I was kind of uncomfortable with how much I liked watching it.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel pretty weird actually doing it,” Owyn replied, joining Molly in the river.

Sally came up to the riverbank and watched them.

It had been a couple weeks since he'd slept with Krystal's mom. They'd ended up parting ways again when Krystal was called down south and Owyn was called by Bliss to the Emerald Wild. She said that he was going to be fulfilling a special favor to Vivian and it was also considered a special bonus for him.

He'd gone to the Wild and made camp in a pretty good clearing he'd found right next to a crystal clear river that looked great. He'd spent the night there, which was last night, and the next day, this day, Molly and Sally had suddenly shown up.

And Molly wanted the rough stuff right away.

So he'd given her the rough stuff.

“How'd you two hook up?” he asked after dunking his head underwater and coming back up. He rubbed at his hair.

“I became friends with Clover,” Molly replied. “That was a couple months ago. We kind of just...ran into each other one day. I...uh, was spying on her.”

“Oh yeah?” Owyn replied with a grin.

“Yeah. I saw her fucking this elf guy. After they got done and parted ways, I kind of...followed her. She noticed me, we got to talking, I admitted I'd been peeping. She was...awkward and amused. We started sharing our sexual experiences and eventually pieced together that both of us had fucked you in the past. Then we ran into Sally later and we all kind of just hung out together. Then Clover had to go back to be with her clan, so Sally and I were wandering, protecting the forest, like we sometimes do. Sometimes from itself. And then, yesterday, we both got a message in our sleep from our Goddess, Vivian, to be at a certain spot in the forest and we would be rewarded. And then we came here and found you and I fucked you.”

“Is it going to be my turn next?” Sally asked. “I haven't found a human to sleep with me since our last encounter.”

“Not one?” Owyn replied. “And yes.”

“Well, I've found a felis, a beryl, and two elves...”

“That was one hot threesome,” Molly said.

“Yes, it really was...but, no humans. And then there were those dryads that fucked us.”

“That was a hot orgy,” Molly replied.

Sally grinned. “Very hot,” she agreed.

“Sounds awesome,” Owyn replied.

He and Molly finished washing up in the river, then the three of them made their way back to his camp where he and Molly dried off. Once he was dry, he fixed Sally with an intent gaze. He had to admit, he'd really missed her.

She was naked, her large, bulbous green, snakeskin breasts looked simply stunning, her whole, long, lean body was truly a sight to behold. There was a strange, almost ethereal beauty to her. Her midnight black hair was pulled into a loose ponytail and her brilliant blue slit-eyes gleaned with keen intellect and lust.

“It's your turn,” he said.

She smiled and laid down in the grass, staring intently at him.

“Now I get to watch,” Molly said, sitting down cross-legged at the edge of his camp.

Owyn walked across to Sally and laid down beside her. He pressed his lips to hers, cupping a hand over the back of her neck and pulling her into the kiss. She let out a small sound of pleasure and closed her eyes, giving herself to the experience as they made out. He couldn't really twine tongues with her, given that she had a snake tongue, but it didn't bother him. He settled a hand on one of her breasts, loving the way she felt, the smooth, dryness of her snakeskin. Owyn continued kissing her as he groped her breasts until he broke away and moved a little down the length of her very long body. He figured she was about twelve feet long from head to tail tip.

Sally let out a moan and laid back, letting him work, as he began licking across one of her light green nipples. He loved giving her this treatment. What was better was that he could just manage to reach down and slip a finger into the recessed niche that held her vagina and stimulate the flat nub of her clit. That caused her to moan even louder.

“Oh, Owyn, I really missed you...” she groaned.

He began rubbing her clit harder and faster and switched to other other breast, taking her nipple in his mouth and sucking on it.

“This is so fucking hot,” Molly said, cheering them on.

Owyn kept going, stimulating and pleasuring her until she had an orgasm. She moaned and writhed around on the ground, her tail swishing back and forth violently as she orgasmed, her whole body trembling with pleasure.

As it ran down, she practically begged Owyn to start fucking her.

“I need it, come on, Owyn, put it in me already,” she groaned.

“Happy to,” he replied, eagerly climbing up on top of her. Straddling her, he put the head of his dick down into the niche where her vagina was and pushed his way inside. Immediately he groaned in sheer, raw pleasure.

There was no pussy quite like serpentine pussy.

Once he worked his way in, Owyn settled on his hands and knees and began making love to Sally, sliding smoothly in and out of her silk-like pussy. He continued fucking her for several minutes, the pleasure intense and intimate, staring at her large, bouncing breasts and then into her beautiful face, her intense blue eyes.

“Oh, I missed you, Sally,” he groaned with real conviction. “I missed you so much.”

“Mmm...same here,” she moaned. “Oh, fuck, there's no dick quite like human dick...”

“I feel the same way about your pussy,” he replied, panting now as he started fucking her faster. “Ugh...fuck…gonna come soon.”

“Fill me up, Owyn,” she replied. “I want to feel your orgasm inside of me.”

That was all the incentive he needed. Owyn let out a cry of absolute sexual bliss as his dick kicked once, hard, inside the confines of her serpentine pussy. She moaned loudly as he came into her, filling her vagina with his seed one hard shot at a time. Each fresh pulse of raw pleasure forced his hips to jolt forward of their own volition, pushing him deeper and harder into her. He moaned her name over and over as he finished coming inside of her.

When he was done, he carefully extracted his cock from her and sat down heavily on the grass, staring at her.

“Now that was a hot fuck session,” Molly said, grinning broadly. “I mean wow, you two are really good together. Plus it just looks so hot, a human fucking a serpentine.”

“I agree,” Owyn replied, getting his breath back. “Though I guess I wouldn't really know what it looks like, per say...maybe we could set up a mirror sometime.”

“That sounds like fun, it'd be nice to see myself getting fucked by you,” Sally replied.

Owyn yawned suddenly. “Man, I need a nap, I think. You two really tired me out.”

“That tent of yours doesn't look big enough for all three of us...would you be willing to doze out here, with the two of us?” Molly asked.

“Oh fuck yes,” Owyn replied. “Let me go get pillows and blankets.”

He quickly got up, went into the tent and grabbed all the pillows and blankets he could find. They helped him arrange a comfortable bed and then they all laid down. Owyn found himself in between the two beautiful women. He threw an arm over Sally, pausing to grope one of her huge snakeskin breasts out of habit, and felt Molly press her naked body against his bare back. In between these two women, he began to drift off.