Demoness - Farewell For Now | Indigo & Tanis | (Part I)

So here it is at last! The first part in my Demoness mini-series, Farewell For Now. If you haven’t read Demoness IV yet, then you really won’t understand this, as it takes place shortly after the end of that novel.

To help jog your memory a little, Tanis is the redheaded elf lady from Demoness II that they rescued from the angry spirit, and Indigo is the other redheaded elf who helped them during Demoness III in tracking down another illusion amulet.

Enjoy! Part II should be coming soon.

“I never thought I’d come back here again.”

John looked over at Ruby. She’d been unusually quiet for the past fifteen minutes or so, as they began their final approach on the outskirts of Brynne. He’d been waiting for her to say something ever since she’d fallen silent, because in the two days since she’d become fully elf again, she’d hardly stopped talking.

Or fucking.

She had been fucking him and Yelena like crazy. John had honestly lost count, but he thought he’d orgasmed inside of or on Ruby about fifteen times over the past forty eight ours. Although some of those orgasms had been dry, as she hadn’t given him enough time to get his seed back. Not that he exactly minded...although he was kind of sore now. After the last time they’d had sex, (they’d stopped for a quickie about two hours ago when Ruby couldn’t contain herself anymore,) he’d had Yelena hit him with a healing spell. His dick had stopped being sore and raw, but he was still wondering if he’d be able to get it up, given he was sexually exhausted after spending so much time with her.

“How do you feel?” Yelena asked.

He looked over at her. His demoness lover was in what he was coming to think of as her ‘default’ human form. It was the one she took the most often when they were among the public, or basically anywhere exposed. She was tall, thin, plain, her brunette hair a little limp, her only distinguishing feature a scar across one cheek. It was a good disguise, nobody paid too much attention to her. Although Ruby had given her back the illusion amulet after being cured of her undead curse, which she seemed to have modeled her human self after. She wore it sometimes when the strain of holding her shape-shifted self became too much.

She said that someday she hoped to be able to hold it for days or even weeks at a time.

“I’m not sure,” Ruby murmured. “I’ve been so excited during our walk here.”

“Yes,” John said, “you have.”

She laughed. “Well, in more ways than one. But now I’m just nervous. Almost no one knew what happened to me...I guess I’m afraid of what I’ll tell people who ask where I’ve been for a year. Can I just realistically make something up? I guess I could. But what if those very few people I told spread the word and everyone knows? I mean, elves are better about undead than most species, but still...” she heaved a sigh.

“Do you want us to come with you?” Yelena asked.

They had agreed to part ways when they passed by Indigo’s place. This was to be the first stop on their farewell tour, and he genuinely hoped that Indigo was around. There was a decent chance that she was out adventuring though.

“No, no, it’s fine,” Ruby replied. “I’m a grown up and I’m actually remembering that now. I honestly hadn’t realized how much being undead had...reduced me. It became hard to work up the nerve to do anything. That’s going to take some time to go away. I mean, I fucking hope it goes away, I used to be so outgoing and adventurous. Although fuck, that’s what got me into that in the first place. Maybe I could use a bit more caution. Well, either way, I’ll figure it out. I have places I need to go, people I need to see, and they’re best done alone. Plus, you two really need to hook up with your friend. I don’t want to get in the way of that.”

“All right, if you’re sure,” Yelena said.

“I’m sure. I do appreciate the offer though.”

They passed by the outer farms quickly, and soon found their way into the town proper. John still found elven settlements curious. The plant life was so much a part of the design. It wasn’t cleared out so much as worked around. Humans would come in and chop everything down for a square mile, and keep it that way.

In a way, he liked this setup and design more. Which was a little ironic, (and hypocritical), given what he’d just spent almost two months doing in the north. He put it out of his mind as he realized they were nearing Indigo’s house.

“I guess this is where we part ways,” John said as they slowed to a halt.

“ long do you think you’ll be in town?” Ruby asked.

“At least a day, maybe two,” Yelena replied.

“All right. I do want to see you again. I want goodbye sex before you leave. Can I find you here?” she asked.

“Yes. Visit tomorrow before noon and we’ll give you an update. Plus, you get to, hopefully, meet Indigo. If she isn’t here, then we’ll be staying at that inn,” John said, pointing to an inn across and farther up the street.

“Okay. Perfect.” She smiled and kissed both of them. “Good luck.”

“You too, Ruby,” Yelena replied.

They watched her go, moving into the flow of elves walking down the road. Then they moved up to Indigo’s front door and knocked on it. He listened, thinking he heard voices, and someone moving from within. Well, someone was home. A moment later, the door unlocked and opened up a few inches. Indigo’s beautiful, pale face stared out at them. She was breathing heavily and her red hair was a complete mess.

“John! Yelena!” she cried, grinning fiercely and opening the door all the way.

She was completely naked.

“Hello, Indigo,” John replied, unable to keep from staring at her body. She was fantastically fit and every bit as sexy as he remembered her.

“Come in! I was just...entertaining company,” she said.

“You must have been doing so very effectively,” Yelena replied.

“Well, almost. We hadn’t quite gotten to the sex yet,” Indigo said. She closed the door behind them as they came in.

“Oh...should we...wait?” John asked.

“No, I honestly think this would be better as a foursome. You two are so good at sex.”

“So the first think you do after we show up out of the blue after like eight months is to try and get us into a foursome?” John replied.

“Hey, I told you back then, I am a good friend,” Indigo answered firmly. “Trust me, you’ll love her. Tanis! You wanna me some hot people to fuck?!”

“Yes!” came the reply.

“Wait...Tanis?” Yelena asked.

“Do you know her?” Indigo replied.

“We know a Tanis. We met last year. Hot, tight little redheaded elf with big boobs.”

“That’s definitely who I’ve got,” Indigo said.

Approaching footsteps announced the arrival of Tanis, and sure enough, the woman he remembered stepped into the room. Her eyes widened. “John!” she cried, then looked at Yelena. “Um...”

“Yelena,” he said.

“Hello, Tanis,” Yelena said, grinning.

“Oh! So you found that amulet! That’s so cool!”

“Actually she’s shape-shifting right now. But yes, we did find, and have, the amulet,” John replied.

“Holy shit! You’re good at shape-shifting,” Indigo murmured.

John couldn’t help but study Tanis’s nude body now. She also looked just as fantastic as he remembered. And fuck did she have some big tits.

“Thank you. I’ve put a lot of work into it,” Yelena replied. “And you look even better than I remember. And I have a very good memory.”

“Me or Indigo?” Tanis asked.

“Both of you.”

“Well thank you,” she replied.

“So, not that I’m complaining, but why are you here? Just passing through or...”

“In a manner of speaking,” John replied. “A, uh, a lot happened since last we met, and even more happened since the last time we met,” he said, looking at Tanis, “but the short of it is we’ve finally decided to go explore another land and we want to say farewell for now to the friends we’ve made.”

“And by that, we mean have outstanding, vigorous, farewell for now sex with you,” Yelena added.

“Okay. How about we have a foursome, and then catch up after? Because we were just in the middle of hooking up and hadn’t actually gotten past foreplay yet...” Indigo asked. She was a bit fidgety and kept looking over at Tanis.

He didn’t blame her, Tanis looked just stellar nude. Of course, so did Indigo. And oh fucking Gods, he was going to have Yelena and two hot, pale, redheaded elf ladies. “I am very okay with this request,” he said.

“Me too,” Yelena replied. “I will get my toy.”

“Is it a nice toy?” Tanis asked.

“Yes. You will love it.”

Indigo hurried over and took John’s hand. “Come on! I’m fucking horny.”

He let her lead him through her house and into her bedroom. Tanis did much the same with Yelena, and soon all four of them were back in her room. Indigo immediately began kissing John, and her kiss was like magic, lighting him up with intense desire and desperate longing. Already, he had a hard-on, so apparently all that sex with Ruby hadn’t robbed him of that ability for now. He managed to get his shirt off before Indigo actually jumped on him and made him fall back onto the. She laughed while he cried out in surprise.

“I missed you,” she said between kisses.

“I missed you too,” he replied, gripping her fit ass as she settled on top of him.

“I don’t want to wait any longer,” she growled, reaching down and fumbling with his pants. He’d forgotten how dexterous her fingers were. Within ten seconds, she had his cock out and lined up with her beautiful elf pussy, and without waiting, she lowered herself onto it.

“Oh, fuck...” he groaned loudly as she maneuvered his cock inside of her.

Elf vagina was its own special piece of paradise.

“That’s it,” she whispered, almost panting now as she worked his dick into her. “I have fucking missed this dick.”

“I really fucking missed your amazing body,” John replied, looking up at her beautiful, trim, pale physique. And her wonderfully beautiful high, firm breasts. She mounted him properly and started riding him, sliding up and down his rigid length. He heard both Yelena and Tanis moan loudly at the same time, and glanced over. Yelena was nude and back in her natural form, and wearing the magical sex toy. She was fucking Tanis from a standing position. Their elf friend was lying on her back at the edge of the bed, with her legs spread wide and stuck up in the air. Yelena gripped her thighs firmly and drove into her, making Tanis scream in bliss.

It was such a beautifully erotic sight that it should have been a painting.

He gripped Indigo’s hips tightly and started thrusting wildly up into her, and she began shouting along with Tanis. Fuck, hearing those two elf beauties screaming in sexual rapture was just amazing. He stared up at her firm tits bouncing in sync with his thrusting, and up at her face twisting in ecstatic bliss and sexual gratification. He kept going like that for another minute or so before deciding that he simply had to pound her sweet elf pussy from behind.

“Gonna switch positions,” he said.

“I’m ready,” she replied.

He sat up, holding her against him, and then stood up. That surprised him. The last time they’d been together, he would have had a bit of difficulty getting up while a naked elf girl clung to him without stumbling awkwardly. But he had more control now, more strength. It was a very nice thing to have, especially during sex.

He whipped around and laid her down on the bed, then brought her legs together and rolled her slowly onto her side, then onto her stomach. His cock stayed inside of her the whole time, her tight, wet, amazingly hot pussy twisting around it with each maneuver. Finally, she was onto her stomach, and he gripped her midriff and pulled her up onto her hands and knees.

“Wow, you are good at that,” she said.

“It helps that you’re little,” he replied.

She giggled. “It does. One of the reasons I love fucking human guys: they tend to be so much bigger than me. It’s easier to just...throw me around.”

He gripped her hips once more, staring down at her tight ass, and started pounding her pussy. She immediately let out a loud, long, sustained moan of absolute bliss. He gritted his teeth and slammed into her, really hammering her, driving his cock deep and hard inside of her. The pleasure of their sex was incredibly, smashing into him like a storm. There was something deeply satisfying about fucking a woman from behind, something almost animalistic and primal about it. And Indigo was apparently loving it, screaming at the top of her lungs.

He fucked her until he heard Yelena have an intense orgasm as she furiously screwed Tanis, who had already had two of them. When she was done, he got her attention.

“Yes, love?” she asked, panting.

“Switch?” he suggested.

“Yes, love.”

“It’s been fun,” he said, and smacked Indigo’s ass.

“I’m not done with you yet,” she replied as he pulled out.

“I’m definitely not done with you,” he agreed, and moved over to Tanis.

“Hi,” she said, smiling at him, her face flushed and sweaty, her hair a mess.

“Hello, beautiful. I missed you a lot,” he replied.

“I missed you too, John.”

He took a moment to finish getting naked, then slipped his cock back into her. She cried out, especially when he grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs up, and then back, almost folding her in half. He put one food up on the bed to get himself a better angle and really started fucking her pussy, making her scream louder.

“Fuck! It’s so good! You’re so fucking big!” she shrieked.

He couldn’t even respond, as he was really lost in lust with her, the pleasure eating him alive, radiating out from his core and filling his body. He knew he was going to come hard inside of her soon, filling her pussy with his seed. But he really wanted to make her come, and to feel her coming, squirting her sex juices as she shrieked and writhed uncontrollably. He kept fucking her, screwing her wonderful pussy, and then his thumb found her clit and began to massage it with fast, rough circles. She somehow began to scream louder.

“Oh fuck! Oh! Fucking...John-I-fuck...OH MY FUCKING GODS YES!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as she started to come.

John groaned loudly as her pussy convulsed tightly around his cock, and that wonderfully hot spray of sex juices escaped her. Her vagina clenched and spasmed, massaging his cock, and that not just pushed him over the edge into orgasm but catapulted him. He cried out, his own voice joining hers, as he orgasmed into her pussy. He started pumping her full of his seed, the climax exploding into his body, a thing of pure perfect pleasure.

He was gripping her hips tightly again, thrusting madly into her as they came together.

It felt like a perfect moment.

When they were done coming, the pair of them were left gasping and sweaty, staring at each other in gradually relaxing satisfaction.

“Wow,” Tanis whispered, grinning at him. “I’d forgotten how good sex with you was.”

He nodded and slowly pulled out of her, then sat down beside her. Not much later, Yelena and Indigo had both enjoyed their own orgasms, and the four of them were now adrift in the sea of post-orgasmic bliss.

It was one of his favorite states of being.

“Bath?” Indigo asked.

“Yes, please,” he replied, and Yelena and Tanis murmured in agreement.

They all stood up and moved over to her tub, which was already pre-made with steaming, crystal clear water. It felt tremendously good and deeply satisfying to sink down into that water after not just the strenuous sex session, but the very eventful past few days.

“So...what have you been up to?” he asked, looking at the two elf women. “How’d you meet?”

“Well, uh...I guess we should explain how we met to each other,” Tanis said, looking at Indigo, who nodded in agreement. “I met John and Yelena last year in the Emerald Wild, shortly after they had begun their search for the illusion amulet that would help Yelena hide her true nature. They rescued me from an evil spirit, helped me find a deed I was hunting for an old mercenary fort that belonged to a far elf on another continent. We worked together, we had sex, we parted ways. As for what I did after that? Well, I returned to the far elf homeland and delivered the deed. I don’t know if anything came of it. I had some fun in the area, but returned here before too long, because that place isn’t actually all that fun.”

“That’s what I’ve heard,” Yelena said.

“You just have to know where to look,” Indigo said with a sly grin.

“I suppose that’s true, and I wasn’t in any mood to have enough patience to go looking for proper fun. So I got right back on that boat and went back home, although I stopped off at Tomontica for the winter because fuck this place during the winter.”

“Yeah,” John murmured.

“Honestly, I didn’t do much of note since then. I mean, it’s all pretty run-of-the-mill for me. I hunted a few minor lost artifacts, I had a lot of sex...hmm...I did meet a werewolf couple down in Tomontica and they fucked my brains out for about a week. That was noteworthy. Also, I managed to find and hook up with the most beautiful ocean nymph named Erana. She was very fun and a little shy, but we had some great sex. I set up a campsite in this little cave right next to an isolated beach beside the ocean and just...swam in the sea, had sex with Erana, and relaxed. Finally, I worked my way back up here when winter thawed out and I’ve just been traveling around, seeing old friends, making a few new ones.”

“How’d you wind up in Brynne?” John asked.

“I was really just passing through. My most recent adventure is going to look for a lost family heirloom that is, supposedly, on an island off the west coast. I was buying up supplies and I saw this very attractive lady just staring at me with naked lust in her eyes, her mouth hanging open-”

“It was not!” Indigo cried.

“I could tell she just had to have could I refuse her?”

“Like you weren’t eye-fucking me from the second you saw me,” Indigo replied.

“I suppose I could admit to how did you all hook up?” Tanis asked.

“Oh, what a story,” John murmured.

“Last year, a friend and I were helping put down an outbreak of undead. And in the middle of, literally in the middle of combat, these two show up out of the blue, I’ve never seen them before in my life, asking for my help. I told them to help me and Lydia, my friend who is a paladin, take care of the zombies first. And they did, to their credit. John and Yelena jumped right in and performed admirably. You two are very skilled at combat and very brave. Although Yelena, you are on a whole other level than all of us.”

“Yes, she is,” Tanis agreed.

“Yep,” John said.

“Well...I am older than all of you, and I spent a lot of my existence fighting,” Yelena replied with a shrug.

“That is true. So, anyway, we do the deed and John and Yelena drop in all in my lap: they’re being hunted by demon assassins, and need my help locating an artifact that might help them.”

“Holy shit!” Tanis said, her eyes widened. “Seriously? That happened after we left?”

“Yeah. It was a whole...thing,” John replied.

“I’m deeply interested to hear that,” Tanis murmured. “So then what?”

“Well, we all fucked, and then I agreed to go with them.”

“I believe,” Yelena said with a smirk, “that your price was sex with both of us.”

“Really?” Tanis asked, grinning widely at Indigo. “That was what you negotiated?”

“I mean, I woulda helped them if they’d said no!” Indigo replied, rolling her eyes. “But how could I not want to fuck both of them so hard?!”

“Fair enough,” Tanis said.

Anyway, we go on our journey, run into some demon assassins and other threats, and then I get poisoned and nearly fucking die-

“Okay, that was scary, and I’m still sorry for that,” John said.

“I know, it’s fine. But yes, in due course of events, I was poisoned and was knocked on my ass for about a week. Although they left me with this very, very sex-hungry middle-aged felis adventuress who had her own little network of boytoys from the surrounding area. That was...interesting. I mean, there wasn’t much I could do sexually than lay there and get my pussy fucked, because I was so godsdamned weak, but that’s still a lot of fun, honestly, and it feels really good. Or licked. She was very good with her tongue, and very willing. After that, I eventually got better and made my way back down here. And that is where the story stops being interesting.”

“Really?” Yelena asked.

Indigo shrugged. “Yeah. That whole thing kind of knocked the adventuring bug out of me for now. And don’t get me wrong! I’m not...I’m not saying you scared me out of adventuring or anything. I don’t regret helping you, I’m still very glad I could, I feel good about that. This just happens every now and then, every five years or so. I just get tired of adventuring. So once I got home, I just settled in. I cleaned my house, made a few repairs and improvements, started catching up with all my friends. I do odd-jobs around town, and of course I help with any real threat that shows up. But it’s been quiet ever since that undead thing.”

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Yelena asked.

“Yes, I am actually. It’s very...relaxing. I’m actually kind of close to hunting for a boyfriend...or a girlfriend. I don’t know, whoever strikes my fancy. I’ve found myself fantasizing and daydreaming about a more stable relationship. But I don’t know, at some point I’m going to want to pick up and go again, and that’s not really fair. So for now I just have sex with people like you two, and Tanis, people who are passing through town, and some of my friends who I have an understanding with. They’re cool with hanging out and great fucks, but know that I could up and leave at any moment. Now, you two, tell me what happened after we parted ways.”

“Actually, if you could start with after we parted ways, I’d really appreciate that,” Tanis said.

“Okay,” John replied, “this is what happened.”

He started with their big fight in the Emerald Wild from last year, telling them about meeting Elise and Bianca, (what was Bianca doing nowadays?), their sexual encounter with Brynne the serpentine and all the dryads, their near-death assault on the undead demon lord on the nameless island. Then their run-in with Yelena’s former ‘friends’, such as they were, and their trek across the land, their desperate battles, how they ultimately resolved the problem by sacrificing one of the demon assassins to summon Yelena’s former lover and murder him, and then meeting Kesley. And then he finished up by explaining about helping Fiona with Beacon, all the fun and interesting people they’d met...and fucked, and finally their little excursion to help Ruby.

“You should actually track her down,” Yelena said when he was done. “I bet she would love to have sex with you.”

“She sounds like a little fuck machine,” Indigo replied.

“She is. She really is. Good Gods,” John said.

“That is so crazy. You two have completely crazy lives,” Tanis marveled. “I Demon assassins and learning shape-shifting from a fucking dragon and helping build an entire town! And then helping cure a woman of an undead curse!”

“You do lead very interesting lives,” Indigo agreed.

“It is nice,” Yelena said, settling closer against john.

Indigo grinned fiercely at them. “I still love how fantastic of a couple you two make. Someday, I may write a book about you.”

“Oh really?” John asked.

“Yes! Oh, it would be perfect! The whole ‘two lovers from vastly different worlds’ thing is so popular in romance literature.”

“I would be interested to read that,” Yelena said.

“I guess I would be too,” John murmured.

John felt something brush his foot and he looked down. Tanis was touching her foot to his. He looked up at her.

She shot him a sultry grin. “So...I’m getting horny again.”

“I never actually stopped,” Indigo said.

“Then round two?” Yelena suggested.

“Round two,” John said, and moved towards Tanis.