Parasexual 3 Released!


Parasexual 3 is finally out, but things are slightly different this time around.

You can read it through the Kindle Unlimited or purchase it as a Kindle eBook for 3.99$ HERE!

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ HERE! (This will come later.)

If you're a 5$/month patron or higher, you can see an alternate nude version of this cover right HERE! (Her tits are fucking AWESOME.)

So what’s different is that I am releasing it before it’s fully edited. The reason I’m doing this is because A) I’m having some kind of medical problem that’s giving me persistent dizziness/light-headedness and headaches, and B) There admittedly won’t be much difference between the version I’m releasing now, and a fully edited version. I do apologize for doing this, as I’ve never done it before as far as I can remember, but the editing is going far too slow for my liking and I’m getting a little desperate to put something out. If I thought there was going to be a massive dip in quality by doing this, I wouldn’t be doing it, but as I said, there won’t be much difference. I’ll just catch a few minor errors and maybe rewrite a sentence or two.

As of right now, I’m about 2/3 finished with the editing, and I want to be clear that I intend to finish editing. Once it’s done, I will put the edited version up as a replacement, and you can pretty easily download that new version to replace the current one if you’ve already bought it. But honestly, I don’t think hardly anyone will notice.

So anyway, Parasexual 3! Despite my present condition, I’m fairly happy with how this one came out. It’s the longest Parasexual yet, about as long as Demoness II. Although I very much doubt that Parasexual will mimic the trend of longer and longer titles any further than this. I’m actually pretty sure Demoness won’t keep that trend going either, as I find it hard to imagine Demoness V will be longer than Demoness IV.

Here’s the official synopsis:

After enjoying his first few days in the coastal metropolis known as Thorne, where humans and paranormals live side by side, Alex has decided to extend his vacation when his girlfriend's best friend Aurora offers to let them crash at her place. As he continues to have wild sexual experiences with insanely attractive paranormal women the likes of which he never dreamed possible, Alex feels that his life couldn't get any better.

And then Emma, the pregnant married witch he hooked up with not all that long ago, shows up out of the blue. After having a large fight with her husband about the nature of their open marriage, she has decided to step away from him and her over-protected, married life for a few days and just enjoy herself. And that mainly means hooking up with Alex, who she has grown extremely fond of. As he and Emma begin an impassioned tryst that leads to him meeting additional beautiful paranormal women happy to hop in bed with him, he can't help but feel something dangerous now looms over his life. And when hired men start following him and insisting that Emma come back home, he realizes that his fears may be very well justified...