Demoness - Farewell For Now | Morgan | (Part II)

Okay, here we are at the next part.

If for some reason you missed Part I, please read it, for the sake of continuity. And if you haven’t read Demoness IV, well, you really need to read it to understand this mini-series.

For a little memory jog, Morgan was a friend they made and had a brief encounter with during Demoness III. She was also the main focus of my free short story Large & Lovely, featured briefly in Wanderlust III, and also played a large role in the first Lust & Adventure novel.

Enjoy! I’m off to write Part III.

“What if she isn’t home?” John asked suddenly.

“Then we place the medallion somewhere she can find it, and go on our way,” Yelena replied.

He considered it, then figured she had a point. Although that would be quite disappointing. He really wanted to have amazing, unprotected, crazy sex with Morgan again. He always knew that he was attracted to tall women, (one of the many so hot qualities about Yelena), but he hadn’t ever really thought that a nine-foot woman would do it for him so well.

Fucking a half-giantess had been one fantastically gratifying experience.

But really, more than that, he actually missed her. Their time together had been short, first during the Minotaur hunt, then during their demon assassin business, but he felt like they’d really connected. She was a kindred spirit, and although he’d been running into more of those recently, it didn’t devalue the experience at all. He loved finding people he could just connect with, talk to late into the night, be relaxed around. Morgan had definitely been that. As they made their final approach to her house, he thought back over the past few days.

They had been very good days.

He and Yelena hadn’t left Indigo’s house that first day, instead opting to stay in with Tanis and have a lot of catch-up sex, and conversation. They’d fucked and bathed and eaten and then fucked and bathed some more. It had been a deeply satisfying experience. The next day, they’d met Ruby, and had introduced her to Indigo and Tanis, and then they’d had more or less an orgy that had lasted all of that next day, with Ruby fucking all of them like crazy. On dawn of the third day, Tanis had regretfully said she had a schedule to keep, had fucked them all goodbye, and been on her way. Ruby had similarly had to go, saying that she had several more people to track down and catch up with, (although she promised to come back and have dinner and sex with Indigo at some point, they’d gotten on very well, as John had suspected they would).

So they’d had the last of their farewell for now sex, and he and Yelena had stocked up on supplies and hit the road. They’d been walking the entire way, making their way slowly east and south, towards the middle of the country. They had talked and walked and held hands. It had just generally been a very peaceful and relaxing experience.

And now that day was winding to a close. Twilight was on the horizon, night not far behind, and they had finally tracked down Morgan’s old place. In fact...they pushed through the treeline, which was dense with foliage and plant life, (something really nice to be becoming familiar with again after the bleak desolation of the far north for half a year), there was her house now. He and Yelena stood at the edge of her lot of space in the large clearing. It felt impossible that he and Yelena and Morgan had fought demons here last year, on this very spot.

But it had happened.

Gods, so much had happened since he’d met Yelena.

“Her windows are unlit,” Yelena murmured.

“Maybe she’s around back?” John suggested.

Yelena nodded and they started walking again. They followed her cobblestone path. Her gardens looked well-tended and purposeful, which was a good sign. That would mean she had set this garden herself. Although she still could have left since planting it. They moved around her house and the gardens, and before long, heard water sloshing.

He saw her bathing in her converted natural hot spring out back.

“Who’s that spying on me?” she asked, her voice playful.

“How could you tell?” John replied.

“I have my ways. Hello John, Yelena,” Morgan said, turning around and looking at them. She rested her forearms on the side of the natural bath, and placed her chin on top of them, smiling at them. “I was hoping I would get to see you again.”

“I was hoping something very similar,” John replied as they walked up. “How are you?”

“I’m great. I just got back from a long adventure, actually. Well, not just precisely, about a week. I left right after winter wrapped up and I’d gotten my seeds planted. So where have the two of you been all this time?” she asked. “I was actually a little worried you’d died.”

“We almost did, more than once,” Yelena replied. “May we join you?”

“Please do,” she replied, moving back.

As he undressed, John studied Morgan. She still looked unreal to him. Everything about her, even submerged in water, was oddly big. Her head, her neck, her shoulders. The vague shape of her body beneath the waterline. And she still had a very beautiful face, her hair wet and dark, looking especially sexy. He still didn’t know why women with wet hair looked extremely attractive, not that he particularly cared about the why.

They both stripped down naked, piling their clothes next to their packs up against one of the large rocks that served as a rough perimeter for the hot spring, and then the pair of them slipped gratefully into the water. The sunlight was draining from the skies now, and it would be full dark within half an hour, he thought.

“Catch me up,” she said, “tell me what happened. I can see a story in your faces.”

“You want to tell it this time, love?” John asked.

“I generally prefer you to do the storytelling, but I do kind of want to, yes,” Yelena replied.

They all settled in, and Morgan listened, enraptured, as Yelena relayed to her all that had happened since last they’d parted company. She had been very concerned about Indigo, although very happy that she was okay and they’d actually seen her very recently. When Yelena was done speaking, she let out a long whistle.

“That is some godsdamned adventure,” she said. “I’ve been hearing rumors about some new town up north, but I had no idea you two had a very big hand in building it. I have got to see this place for myself.”

“It’s a fantastic town, and there’s such wonderful people there,” Yelena said. “Plus, I’m sure Fiona would be more than thrilled to throw work your way.”

“That would be fun, I imagine. Plus, I’m actually friends with both Carrie and, that’s just so crazy! I go on some pretty wild adventures, but that is wild and nuts even to me! I’m glad to hooked up with more ways than one. I think I’ll go up there during the later part of the year, explore this place Beacon.”

“You should. What have you been up to?” John replied. “What’s this adventure?”

“It was just this expedition to an island in between here and Tomontica. Someone was convinced they’d found the lost treasure of such and such, and they wanted help getting there. So I was hired for muscle. Spent godsdamned near three months on this expedition. Seeing as I was one of the first people this guy came to, I had to help him track down other people for his expedition, and supplies, and a boat there. And then actually find the damned island. And then get ashore, establish a basecamp, search all over for the location this artifact is supposed to be...”

“Did you seduce him?” Yelena asked.

“Actually no. We just didn’t really click ever. I more went along because I was feeling that lust for adventure and I’d ended up staying here all winter, tending to my house, fucking my friends. But I did manage to seduce a few of the boys and girls on the expedition, so that was nice.”

“Did you find the artifact, or treasure, or whatever it was?” John asked.

She laughed. “Yes and no. Yes, we found the item that the legend or myth or whatever it was was based on, and it turned out to be horseshit. It was supposed to be this all powerful sword that could cut through anything. If it had ever been that, it definitely wasn’t anymore. But it was an old sword that belonged to a power warrior once, so we took it, and whatever we found from other people who’d come to the island and died, as well as a stash of goodies we cleared out from an abandoned outpost, and headed back up here after deciding to cut our losses and part ways. I came out barely a few hundred coin ahead of when I’d gone in, but all in all it was fun, if pointless. Or, well, pointless for me,, I’m curious, your story ended with you arriving here. Is this just a social visit, or...”

“Oh! Yes, I forgot,” Yelena murmured, smiling sheepishly. “We are leaving the country.”

“Oh, wow! Where are you going?”


“I’ve visited there once. It’s a beautiful place. And a fun place, there are so many sexy kits around so willing to eat and fuck pussy. They are more sexual than elves.”

“After the last week, I have a harder time believing that,” John murmured.

“Oh yes, your friend Ruby.” Morgan giggled. “She sounds fun.”

“She was. So, um, yeah, basically we’re here to check in, hang out, and if you’ll have us, have sex,” John replied.

“I will definitely have you.”

“Great! Because I’ve been thinking about having sex with you since we last parted company. You are one of the most...interesting women I’ve ever made love with,” he said.

“I do get that a lot. More guys have a tall girl fetish than they’d like to admit. Well, in that case, wash up and we can go have sex, then we can eat dinner and share some more stories,” she said.

John and Yelena tracked down some soap and washcloths and proceeded to quickly clean themselves up. As soon as they were done, they hauled themselves up and out of the water, and dried off. And John got his first good look at Morgan’s naked body for the first time in months and months. She looked so spectacular. She had a really nice body, this perfect blend of fit yet shapely. She obviously got a lot of exercise, but she also seemed to enjoy a lot of hearty meals. And her breasts. Good Gods.

He’d forgotten just how awe-inspiringly fucking massive they were.

She was obviously very busty, but when you had a nine-foot woman who was very busty, it took it to a whole other level. Then there was her ass. It was so amazingly thick and broad and huge. She was definitely one of the shapeliest women he’d ever met, and been inside of. They walked into her house and she closed the door behind them, then fixed John with a stare.

“So,” she said.

“So…?” he replied.

“I have a request of you. You can say no, I won’t be upset, but you seem brave.” She paused. “Sorry, that’s kind of a loaded statement. Saying no won’t mean you aren’t brave, it’s just...can I ride you?” she asked.

“Oh.” He considered it. He loved having women ride him. Ellie had ridden him, and she was definitely taller than he was. He was admittedly a little cautious, given she was the biggest woman he’d ever had sex with, but…

Oh, what was he worried about? Ara had ridden him twice, and it had been fine. She still wasn’t as big as Morgan was, but Morgan wouldn’t do anything if she thought there was any serious risk of him getting hurt.

Even if he did get hurt, well...hey, that might be worth it. Getting fucking ridden by a nine-foot half-giantess beauty like Morgan was an experience worth taking some risk for.

“Yes,” he said. “You can. I want that.”

“Good! It’s rare I get to ride, but it’s my favorite position. Thank you so much,” she said.

“Not a problem. I trust you, Morgan. Oh! Before I forget...hold on.” He hurried back outside and began digging around in his pack, eventually tracking down the medallion she had given him way back when they had first met, (well, the second time they’d met technically), and then came back inside. He presented it to her.

“Oh wow...thank you so much, John. I was wondering if you’d remember it. These are a bit precious to me. Just for remembering, I’m going to fucking suck you dry, first. Come on, let’s get in bed and we can make out,” she said.

“Gladly,” he replied.

They both climbed into her enormous bed and laid beside each other. It felt weird to be maneuvering around a nine foot tall woman, but any oddness that came from the situation was quickly destroyed as he began kissing her and laid a hand on one of her tits that was bigger than his head. Morgan kissed him with an immediate and intense passion, slipping her tongue into his mouth eagerly. He happily moved his own tongue to meet hers, dancing the dance of lust and desire and raw, hungry, sexual need.

They continued making out for another minute or so before she pulled back. “Okay, sit on the edge of the bed,” she said, getting up.

John complied, sitting on the edge of the bed, feeling weird that his feet dangled over a foot above the floor. Everything about her house was big. Well, almost everything. She did have some more normal-sized chairs. He refocused as she got down onto her knees, crouching before him, staring up at him. He found himself studying her again in all her tanned, curvy beauty. Her dirty blonde hair was tied into a loose ponytail, and he thought she had a new scar on her right cheek. He reached down and gently touched it.

“Is this new?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied, smiling and laying a finger over the back of his own probing fingers. “Got it over winter. Some jackasses tried to rob my house, one of them got a lucky swipe with an enchanted dagger, so it didn’t heal properly with magic. What do you think?”

“Well, I always think scars are hot,” he replied.

“Me too.”

He settled back and opened his legs for her, and she leaned in, then stuck her tongue and began licking at his cock. She had a big tongue. The pleasure hit him like a pulse, like lightning, a hot, wet blast of pure bliss that sizzled into his cock and made him tremble. She moaned softly and continued licking, then she took his whole cock into her big mouth and started sucking him off.

“Holy fuck, Morgan,” he whispered. “Your mouth is...fucking good.”

She giggled and mumbled, “Mmm-hmm.”

There was something spectacularly satisfying about getting sucked off by a woman so much bigger and taller than you were. Having a big mouth was some of it, but her larger-than-life proportions really helped too. He supposed it was a big part of the reason he was so attracted to tough, badass, fighter type women. Something about them was so powerful, and yet they were willing to do sexual things with him.

“I am really going to come hard soon,” he panted after another minute or so.

Morgan closed her eyes and started bobbing her head a big faster. He groaned loudly and stared at Yelena, who was watching the pair of them intently, lounging nude in one of Morgan’s huge chairs, her red flaming eyes locked onto his. She grinned.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you too-oh fuck!” he cried as he started coming in Morgan’s mouth. Morgan moaned loudly as his cock began to twitch and spurt his seed, and she kept sucking, and the pleasure magnified ten times. His dick ejected his seed as hard and fast as it could, and his half-giantess lover sucked out every last drop and swallowed his entire load. When he was finished, she slowly pulled his cock from her mouth and grinned up at him.

“That sounded like a good one.”

“Uh-huh,” he managed.

She reached out and ran a finger up the length of his saliva-soaked cock, making him twitch. “You’re still hard, John.”

“Still horny,” he replied.

“Well then, moved back into position, and I will proceed to fuck your brains out.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied, and began moving.

Soon, he was lying on his back with his head on her large pillow in the center of the big bed, and she was moving carefully up onto it.

“Try not to worry,” she said as she slowly straddled him.

“I’m too turned on to be worried,” he replied, looking up at her huge tits as she shifted around. Morgan laughed and got into place, resting on her knees.

“Guide yourself in,” she said, “it’s easiest that way.”

He nodded, gripping his cock and lining it up with her pussy.

Morgan carefully lowered herself and then they both let out sounds of satisfaction as contact was made and he slipped into her pussy. She moaned as he penetrated her half-giantess vagina, shrunk down with her shape-shifting magic to fit the shape of his cock.

“There we go,” she whispered, lowering herself until he was all the way inside of her. He felt her vagina twitch and tighten, and she was incredibly hot and wet, it was so fucking slippery inside of her. The pleasure restarted immediately as she began to ride him.

“Oh wow, Morgan, that feels amazing,” he groaned, reaching out and running his hands up and down her tremendous thighs.

“Yes it does,” she panted as she kept riding him, sliding her perfect, shape-shifting pussy up and down his rigid length. It throbbed in response to the attention and intense sexual gratification. The fact that he’d already done this once before seemed to have no impact on his awe and wonder. He was fucking a half-giantess. He was actually having sex with a nine foot tall woman. Morgan moaned loudly, her voice carrying well in her house, and her huge breasts swayed. John reached up for them, and she grinned and leaned forward until he could touch them. He cupped them in his hands and again was struck by the sheer eroticism of the fact that he couldn’t even begin to get them comfortably into his grasp.

“You like pussy, don’t you?” she panted, then moaned.

“Yes, fuck yes,” he groaned, thrusting up into her, making her cry out.

Morgan started to faster, making her bed rock, pressing him harder into the mattress. She gritted her teeth and placed her hands against the wall, fucking his dick more quickly. The pleasure was building fast and hard inside of him, and he was going to come.

“Morgan-” he began.

“I know, just hold on. I know my pussy’s good, just gotta...a little big longer...” she whispered, then began chewing on her lower lip, her eyes closed, fucking him smooth and fast. The pleasure was insane and he gritted his teeth, holding back his orgasm.

“Almost...yes...fuck!” she screamed and then started coming.

He groaned loudly at the wave of ecstasy that rode in on her orgasm, her already tight pussy convulsing around his dick as she got somehow even hotter and wetter, and then there was no holding back his own orgasm. John cried out and thrust up, making Morgan scream, as he began coming a second time. They came together, locked and unified in their mutual climax. The pleasure pulsed through him in hot waves as he came into her pussy, pumping her full of his seed again, emptying himself into her.

He could feel the bed shudder with the weight of her pleasured spasms and the sound of her crying out and yelling in blissful rapture was music to his ears. They came together, and then they were left panting and nude and sweaty, the pleasure gradually receding from their bodies like the tide going out, and she stared down at him with a sedate smile.

“That was worth the wait,” she said.

He nodded. “Yes. Definitely. Holy fuck.”

She got off of him a moment later and got up, then moved over to her kitchen area where she retrieved a large bottle of wine.

“You’re turn?” she asked Yelena.

“My turn,” Yelena confirmed. He realized she was holding something, and saw that she’d managed to stealthily snag her toy from her pack when they’d first come in from the bath. She held it up for Morgan to see.

“Oh my,” Morgan said, “I know what that is.” She grinned. “It’s going to be a long night.”