Demoness - Farewell For Now | Lily | (Part III)

Okay, here’s Part III of my Demoness mini-series. If you haven’t already, please read Demoness IV, and Parts I & II, otherwise this won’t make sense.

For a little memory jog, Lily is the dryad featured in Demoness I, and at the beginning of Demoness II, who asked John and Yelena for help, after they come asking her for help. Enjoy! Part IV will be out soon.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Yelena asked.

“Yes,” John replied. “It’s something that I should do.”

“Okay,” she murmured, and took his hand.

He smiled and laced their fingers together, squeezing gently. Yelena squeezed back. They began to walk slowly into the graveyard.

It had indeed been a long night at Morgan’s, followed by a long day, and a second long night. The sex had been great, the conversation and meals fantastic and fun, and he walked away from her house liking Morgan even more than he had walking in, which was already quite a lot. In a way, it was almost sad. He could tell they’d be great friends, and here he was basically saying goodbye, at least for awhile. He wished he’d known her sooner, he would have loved to travel with her. Not just for the sex, but for the company too.

She was genuinely a fun, kind, companionable person, and he loved being around her. She made him and Yelena feel very welcome. She’d also told them both that they were welcome in her home anytime they wanted. And hey, he doubted they were going to be overseas forever. Someday, they’d return, and hopefully she’d be around, and they could reconnect again.

After that day stopover, they’d resumed their path, making a slow, meandering way across the landscape, headed back to the place where they had first met. His hometown of Falling Rock. They were close now, though there was a place that he fully intended to visit at least once. It felt necessary, somehow, as he hadn’t done it in almost three years now.

The graveyard where his parents were buried was a little plot of land outside of the village proper, and there was rarely anyone around. This was the case now, he saw as they walked down the simple dirt path in between the rows of gravestones. There were about a dozen of them, spaced with not-quite precision. He and Yelena were the only ones around. She was projecting right now, intent on practicing more. He was a little anxious about that, as they had to go into town, and although they hadn’t had any kind of incident yet…

Well, it could get really dangerous really fast if, for any reason, she switched back.

But he didn’t say anything, because it was her choice ultimately, and he’d support her.

“There,” he said, coming to a stop and then moving slowly down one of the rows to the left until they stood together at the end. All he could see of his parents now were a pair of gray stone blocks, the carving a bit obscured by weather and time.

“I don’t know if you ever told me exactly what happened,” Yelena murmured.

“Wolves,” he said. “They were traveling to the next town over, and bad luck caught them. They were killed by a pack of wolves. Over a decade ago now.”

“I am sorry,” she said quietly.

“Me too, but...I’ve had a long time to mourn and grieve. I miss them, I think I always will. I guess all I can hope is that they’d be proud of me now.” He let out a small laugh. “My dad wouldn’t have any idea what to make of this relationship, but I think my mom would be fond of you, and our love.”

“They would be proud,” Yelena said.

He looked at their graves for a moment longer in contemplative silence, thinking that maybe he should say something, but what was there to say? He’d already said it in the dozens of time he’d visited over the past decade. It used to be every month, then it became every few months, then every year. He did miss them, but he also felt a kind of grim acknowledgment that they would largely be out of his life by now, especially considering the lifestyle he was living at this point. And there was a sort of comfort in his guess that they wouldn’t mind. They would miss him, but they would be happy, he thought, knowing he was living his life happily.

Then again, how different would his life look right now if they hadn’t died?

“Come on,” he said, “this part is done. Let’s go into town and buy our supplies. Then we can go back to our cabin.”

“And find Lily,” Yelena murmured.

“Yes. Although I’m sure she will find us,” he replied.

It felt strange, and not in a good way, to come back to Falling Rock.

As he moved through it, John immediately began to get that feeling of unease and subtle anxiety that he got when walking through small, backwoods villages. In a way, he knew it was being amplified by his concern for Yelena’s safety, but in another way, he knew something was off. Because although he’d always been uncomfortable with his village, he’d been under the impression that it wasn’t that bad compared to several other places.

Maybe now he was realizing a harsh truth: it was, he’d just been blinded to it because he’d grown up here. One thing he noticed was that no one seemed to recognize him at all. Although it wasn’t as if he was super popular or well-known, it was kind of hard to escape familiar faces in a small town. He recognized several people. On the one hand, it was nice to be just another face in the crowd, just another adventurer passing through, on the other hand...did he really look that different? In a way, that felt kind of good.

John had never particularly liked who he had been before Yelena. He didn’t quite hate himself, but really it just felt like there wasn’t much there. His life had been so uncertain, and every time he returned back to Falling Rock it had felt like a failure. Like he couldn’t hack it out there on his own, being an adventurer. Only not in a way that was obvious. It wasn’t that he wasn’t strong enough, or brave enough, or savvy enough (it might be that last one at least somewhat), it was that...he just hadn’t been motivated enough.

Apparently, what he needed was Yelena.

It scared him a little that he apparently needed another person in his life to properly motivate him, but, in a way, there was some comfort in the knowledge that there was nothing he could do about it. He was the way he was.

Coming home this time sure didn’t feel like a failure.

He wasn’t staying. He was just visiting.

And it was going to be a short visit.

They moved through the marketplace, picking up some food and drink, selling off a handful of magical trinkets and other random stuff they’d found on their journey so far (they’d been jumped three times by bandits who were terrible at being bandits and had explored an abandoned cabin at one point), and really just seeing if anyone recognized him. But no one did. Once or twice someone stared at him for a bit, although he couldn’t tell if they were leering at the out-of-towners, or checking out Yelena. Either way, it didn’t take them long to decide they wanted out of there and they didn’t stick around, instead hitting the road.

“Why is it called Falling Rock?” Yelena asked after they were past the village limits.

“Because...” he hesitated. “You know, I don’t know,” he replied. It was a question he’d asked himself, and had never received an answer. “Probably has something to do with its formation. Maybe a rock fell on someone important or something.”

Yelena laughed. “What an odd reason to name your village that.”

“My people are...strange. Often not in good ways,” he replied.

“That is true. You are one in a million my love,” she said, and kissed him.

He kissed her back. They held hands and walked on.

“Well...I guess it was too much to hope that it wouldn’t get broken into.”

He and Yelena stood in front of his old cabin and stared at the kicked in front door and broken windows.

“Are you angry?” Yelena asked.

“Not really, no. I mean, I was gone for over a year. This is the longest I’ve ever gone away from this place, I think. Plus, this has happened before. Oh well, let’s go inside, see what’s left,” he replied, and they headed inside.

If returning to the village felt strange, then coming back to this cabin just felt surreal.

They walked inside and stood in front of the open door, slowly looking around. The bed had been stripped, and his trunk was open and bare. The kitchen had obviously been raided. But he didn’t see that, not really. He saw himself and Yelena here, in this cabin. He saw them embracing, kissing, talking, being around each other.

Falling in love.

He remembered finding her that hungover morning, carrying her back through the woods, desperate to save her even though he had no idea why. Was he being compelled by something? Some precognition of who she would become to him? By Bliss? Or just by his own need to help? Did it matter, given the results?

“The trapdoor is closed,” Yelena murmured.

He looked over at it, then walked over and crouched. Raising his hand, he created a light spell. He’d been practicing over the past two months here and there, and had gotten better at it. Gripping the handle, he pulled the trapdoor open. Looking down through the opening. It looked untouched. He climbed down into it and checked out all the little niches and nooks and under the bed.

“Huh,” he said as he got back to his feet, “I guess no one got in here.”

He heard the trapdoor shut and lock and looked up. Yelena was coming down the ladder. As soon she was on the floor she turned around and fixed him with a hard stare. “This is the room where we first met,” she said.

“Yeah. If by that you mean, you punched me in the face and held a knife to my throat.”

She grinned. “Yes, is also the room where we first made love.”

“ is.” He felt a twitch of excited lust pass through him.

“We should...commemorate the occasion, given that I imagine it will be a very long time before we come back here again.” She was already slipping out of her shape-shifted state, her skin darkening, horns growing, getting taller.

“Yes,” he said, feeling his dick stiffening up, straining against his pants.

They both began undressing at the same time. The very second they were nude, they leaped at each other. Meeting at the foot of the bed, they embraced and began to kiss passionately. He grabbed her ass, even now still amazed at how firm and shapely it was, and then gripped her tail and pulled on it gently.

She broke the kiss, letting out a little surprised cry of pleasure, and then he grabbed her, pulled her around and bent her over the bed.

“Fuck me!” she screamed.

He responded by immediately stepping up to her and slipping his steel-hard erection into her. Yelena let out a long, satisfied moan as he grabbed her hips and started pounding her from behind. John felt lit up with lust as he stared down at her, getting a good look at her wonderfully toned as and her sexy tail and his dick disappearing into her over and over again. He curled his fingers around her tail and pulled on it again.

“Oh fuck, John!” she screamed, and started to climax.

“Oh yes...” he groaned, feeling her demon pussy convulse around him.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!” Yelena shrieked madly as she pressed against him, orgasming like crazy and squirting everywhere. John couldn’t hold onto his own climax anymore and he popped off right away, his cock kicking furiously as he started pumping her pussy full of his seed. Both of them were locked together in blissful ecstasy, united as intimately as they could be, tossed about in a frenzied storm of sexual gratification and deep love and unbridled lust.

And when they were finished, they climbed into the bed and lay panting together, entwined.

After a little bit, John let out a small laugh.

“What?” Yelena asked.

“I was just thinking...we have a very weird saying in my culture. I used to understand it, but I don’t anymore. It doesn’t make sense.”

“What is it?”

“It is what couples who have been together for a long time say about each other: ‘I love them now as much as the day we first met.’ Two things about it fuck with me now. I mean, the first one is that it’s mean to feed into this idea of love at first sight and soul mates and...the weird thing is, is that I didn’t believe in that. I’m not sure if I still do exactly, even though I would say without a doubt that what we have is a very, very strong case for it.”

“Did you love me the instant you saw me?” Yelena asked.

He sighed. “Admittedly, no. I mean, there was a kind of instant attraction there. I was sure was lusting after you rather quickly. But I don’t really see how love can work like that. I mean, the idea is that if you are seeing your soul mate, then the love is like preordained or something, like you’re meant for each other, and you connect instantly as a result. But I don’t think that’s true at all. I mean, on a practical level, how are you supposed to love someone you know literally nothing about except for how they look? And how many people have felt that overwhelming desire to be with someone they see, only to realize that it’s just lust masquerading as love and a few years down the road realize they’re with someone they can’t stand and really all they wanted was a fuck friend? I mean, that’s the second thing that bugs me about it. How can you know?”

“You can’t,” Yelena said. “From what I understand, that is why you have relationships. To find out. I have read so many of your romance novels now and I do find there is a very curious fascination with this concept. I also have noticed an odd fixation do I put it? I guess, getting it right the first time?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, people obsessed with finding their ‘true love’ immediately, before they try anything with anyone else. That is a theme that comes up again and again. And yet, in my real life experience, admittedly limited though it may be, I’ve found that the opposite is true. People would rather fuck and fuck and fuck. I mean, people want love, but you cannot have it both ways. Either you believe in true love and that you should only ever be with a single person, don’t. There is no in between. That’s very either or. Or am I missing something?”

“No, you’re pretty spot on,” he replied. “It’s stupid. I’m just glad that we’re together and...well, everything that goes with that.”

She laughed. “As am I. So you’re saying you don’t love me as much as the first day you saw me?”

“No. Because I didn’t love you when I first saw you, but, more importantly, I love you more than I ever have before. And I imagine I’ll love you more and more as time goes on.”

She ran a hand across his chest and kissed him. “I know how you feel.”

He hugged her to him and they continued laying there in companionable silence.

After about an hour, they washed up, dressed, and left the cabin.

And then they began hunting for Lily. Or rather, more accurately, they started walking through the forest, knowing that she would find them before they’d find her. He still had his crystal that would help lead him to her, and it was glowing gently already. As he walked through the forest with Yelena, it became obvious to him how much he loved being outdoors. How often had he walked these woods outside his village? How many times had he come out here to escape from his fellow humans, who he now hardly even saw as ‘fellow’ any longer?

Walking out into these woods...this felt like a homecoming, not walking back into Falling Rock.

And that got him thinking about Lily. In many ways, she felt like his first real, genuine relationship. Which he felt was extremely telling about him as a person, and was very predictive of why he and Yelena were working out so well. He wondered if maybe he couldn’t have tried harder with Lily, or she with him. He knew they couldn’t have a life together in the same way Yelena and him had, but certainly they could have had more. They could have both set aside time to meet on even a weekly basis. Or maybe she really was that busy. Then again, how much of it was fear? Because even then, Gods, even during the beginning of his relationship with Yelena, there had been that inborn fear around having sex with a non-human.

He’d always known it was stupid, but it was hard to shake that inherent fear and anxiety, that feeling that you were doing something very bad, and it would be the end of your world if anyone ever found out about it. But that had diminished so much ever since he’d fallen in love with Yelena. Their frequent lovemaking liaisons with other women, most of whom were inhuman, had helped that process. Did he feel anything now, whenever he had sex with an inhuman woman? He didn’t think so. Obviously not with Yelena.

No, he didn’t think he felt anything bad anymore.

That...was a good feeling. A liberating one.

It took Lily about fifteen minutes to appear silently and abruptly, almost materializing from out of a dense patch of vegetation between two trees. Yelena didn’t react with surprise, but he couldn’t tell if she’d actually sensed Lily on approach or she was just hiding her reaction.

“You took way too long to come see me again,” Lily said, her arms crossed beneath her large, bare breasts.

“Sorry about that,” Yelena said.

“Are you?” Lily asked. She smirked. “I know John’s sorry he spent so much time away from me. But what about you, Yelena?”

“I think you’re the one who’s sorry,” Yelena replied. She stuck out her tongue, extended it and waggled it at her.

Lily frowned, then shifted. “Maybe,” she admitted.

Yelena laughed. “I knew it.”

“As much as this is turning me on...I did miss you, Lily.”

She smiled and walked forward, then hugged him. “I know, John. I missed you, too. Both of you, a lot.” She hugged Yelena, then stepped back and fixed them both again with her vibrant, beautiful green eyes. “Now, let’s take a walk to a nice, quiet place we can have reunion sex in, and you can catch me up on what you’ve been doing on the way there, okay?”

“That sounds excellent,” John replied, and Yelena nodded.

“Good. Come on.”

“That is quite the story. If it was anyone else, I would be suspicious that you were lying to me,” Lily said.

They were now standing in a clearing next to a bubbling hot spring, surrounded by trees and lush vegetation and flowers. John wasn’t sure if it was one of the places they had been to before or a new one. He and Yelena were stripping, preparing to wash before the sex that was to come. He had to admit, he was really looking forward to this. It had been too long since he’d had sex with a dryad. They were simply phenomenal at it.

“I’m glad you find us credible,” Yelena said as she took off her shirt.

“Among other things,” Lily murmured, staring intensely at Yelena.

John found himself looking similarly at Lily. Dryads were so seductive and sexy, everything from their tendency to never where anything resembling clothes to their curvaceous body types to their exotic allure. And their broad hips and fertile beauty, heavily representative of the fact that they were nymphs of nature, responsible with tending to the forests, called to something primal and apparently very powerful deep within him.

He finished getting naked. “What about you?”

“My life has largely been the same,” Lily replied. “Tending to the forest, fixing problems, dealing with idiots. Speaking of which, it took me a little while to clean up that mess you helped with. Some of the necromancers made it out into the forest, and we had to hunt them down, as well as their...‘experiments’. And then another group of the idiots showed up looking for the first and we dealt with them very swiftly. We also called in a friendly mage to perform a controlled burn of that awful building that was the capstone to all of their shady doings.”

They slipped into the hot spring together and began to clean up.

“Other than that, nothing abnormal really. I met someone new.”


“Yes. This beautiful young huntress, she reminds me a little of you. She’s very brave and very adventurous. I started following her two months ago, partially because she caught my fancy, partially to make sure she didn’t do anything stupid. I ended up saving her from a bear.”

“How did she react to seeing you?” Yelena asked.

“Surprisingly calmly. I think she was afraid of offending me, but we struck up a conversation, and it was obvious she was turned on by me. After three more, uh, ‘chance meetings’, we ended up making love.”

“You seduced her,” John said.

Lily smiled coyly. “I suppose I did.”

“How old is she?”

“Nineteen. She’s the most beautiful redhead I’ve ever seen and she’s learning a lot about pleasuring women, and being pleasured by a woman, with me. It was something I think she was afraid to admit to herself. Well, that and the fact that she has a thing for inhumans. I think that was a bit of a surprise to her,” Lily replied.

“Considering where she comes from, I’m not surprised,” John replied. An idea suddenly came to him. “I know how I want to have this threesome.”

“How’s that?” Lily asked. From the way she locked eyes on him, it was clear he’d gotten her attention. He was glad that she was as horny as he was.

“I want to have sex in here, in the water. We’d all be standing. I fuck you from the front, Yelena fucks you from the back with her magical sex toy. Can we do that?”

“I would very much like to do this,” Yelena said.

“This sounds so fucking hot,” Lily replied. “Go get your toy.”

Yelena was already getting up out of the water. Lily moved closer to John and hugged him to her, bringing his face very close to hers. “I truly have missed you,” she said quietly, staring deep into his eyes. “A lot. You my favorite human.”

“You’re my favorite dryad, Lily. I’m sorry I didn’t come back sooner.”

“It’s okay. I understand.” She kissed him, and he groaned at the power of her kiss, the passion and desire, the taste of her that flooded his mouth, the feel of her buxom body against his. He gripped her thick, fat, dryad ass as they began to passionately made out, twining their tongues together in a fiery display of desperate need and longing. He made out with her and groped her and felt her run her hands over his body until Yelena returned and got up behind her.

“Oh my, hello,” Lily murmured as Yelena began to kiss her neck.

“Hello, beautiful,” Yelena replied, reaching around and getting two handfuls of her huge tits. “So far, I think dryads have the best breasts.”

“You are correct,” Lily said.

“You’re biased,” Yelena murmured.

“I suppose that’s true...will you two start fucking my holes now? It’s actually been a very long day, and I’m supremely aroused,” Lily complained.

Yelena apparently answered by starting to work the fake cock up her thick ass, because Lily let out a cry of pleasure and her face twisted up. John grinned and shifted her around a bit. She helped him, wrapping one leg partially around his own, giving him access to her pussy, and she reached between them and helped him get inside of her. The next few moments were spent with he and Yelena penetrating Lily and finding the best position, then settled into a good rhythm. The only sounds were that of panting and Lily crying out every now and then.

“Oh my Gods,” John whispered as he slid smoothly in and out of Lily’s inhuman vagina. “It has been far too long since I’ve fucked a dryad.”

“Mmm, yes, it’s-ah!-it’s been too long-oh, fuck yes!-since I’ve been fucked by you two,” Lily panted, gasping.

“Your ass feels amazing,” Yelena moaned as she fucked Lily from her backside.

Yelena gripped Lily’s big tits, playing with her nipples, and John hugged her to him, reaching down and groping Lily’s fat ass. He kissed her and Lily quickly seemed to become overwhelmed by both of her holes getting filled and fucked at once. He and Yelena began fucking her harder and faster, sliding smoothly in and out of her, making her pant and moan and then yell. All three of them were locked together in a dance of naked lust and sheer pleasure, an ancient dance of primal bliss and pure sexual gratification.

Lily came first, after another two minutes of straight, raw fucking. Yelena began to orgasm right after Lily had finished her own climax. John somehow managed to hold onto his own. He knew where he wanted to come, and it was in Lily’s fat, perfect, incredibly tight ass. When Yelena was finished, he asked them to switch.

“I can do that,” Yelena said, and Lily nodded.

He kissed her once more, and they both pulled out, and gently brought Lily around in the other direction. John had to admit, fucking in water was one of his favorite ways to fuck. There was something really satisfying about it. Although it came with its own risks. He got lightheaded and close to passing out every time he did it, and this was no different. He was going to have to finish soon. So he set to it, working his cock up Lily’s thick ass. That was one thing that was really good about dryad anal sex: they didn’t need lube usually.

“Oh fucking yes,” he groaned as he pushed his way into her ass. John also found himself reaching around between the two women and groping Lily’s huge tits. He could see why Yelena had been doing this nonstop during their lovemaking session, gripping them like this from behind was so satisfying.

“Yes, fuck me up the ass,” Lily moaned as he started doing exactly that.

The drag on his cock was beyond incredible, the pleasure spiking almost immediately. He gritted his teeth, groped her big breasts, and fucked Lily in her thick ass hard and fast and deep. Yelena seemed to be giving her pussy a similar treatment. Lily yelled in rapturous bliss.

“Yes, Lily! Yes! Yes! Fuck! Yes!” he grunted as he fucked her furiously, pounding her as hard as he could from this position.

And then he was coming. He was coming so fucking hard in her ass, his seed exploding out of him and filling her up, his hips jerking forward, forcing his cock up her ass even deeper. He felt her twitching against him and knew she must be coming too. The pleasure was fierce and intense and blasted through him like magic.

When he was finished, he was actually pretty close to passing out.

“Oh shit, oh fuck,” he whispered as he pulled out of her ass and began to make his way out of the hot spring.

“Are you okay?” Lily asked.

“Gonna pass out, if I don’t get out,” he managed.

He climbed out and then crawled a few feet until he was on a natural bed of soft grass, then he rolled over onto his back and lay there breathing heavily, the sky above him spinning, and he felt a sense of almost divine peace. There was a tremendous, almost blinding pleasure that came from being insanely overheat and rapidly cooling off. He was nude and wet and a lightly cool breeze was whispering across his body now, and that was just sublime.

“Are you okay, my love?” Yelena asked.

“Perfect,” he replied.

A moment later, both women were out there with him. Lily sat beside him, and Yelena laid next to him.

“So you two are really leaving the continent?” Lily asked after a bit.

“Yes,” John replied.

“Are you coming back, someday?” she asked.

“Yes, definitely,” Yelena replied. “This isn’t goodbye.”

“Okay. I’m glad. I want to see you again...speaking of which, do you have to leave right away? It’s actually been quiet recently and I wouldn’t mind spending some more time with the two of you. You’re both so wonderful, and such great fucks.”

John laughed. “I think we can stick around for a day or two. Love?”

“Of course,” Yelena said.

“Then it’s settled,” Lily said, and she suddenly mounted him. “I want more.”

“I’ll, uh, need a minute,” he replied, staring up at her, a little surprised.

“Yelena?” Lily asked.

“I can reduce that minute,” Yelena said, and then ducked down behind Lily. He moaned as she started sucking his cock.

Yes, he realized at once, John could definitely spare two days to be with Lily.