Demoness - Farewell For Now | Elise | (Part IV)

Okay, here’s the fourth part of my Demoness mini-series. If this happens to be the first thing you’re seeing, then you have some catching up to do! Here’s a bullet list to help. (This list assumes you’ve already read Demoness I - III.)

This is kind of required reading instead of suggested reading, given all these stories are connected and reference each other. To help jog your memory, Elise is the beryl friend they made in Demoness II, and visited briefly in Demoness III when she pointed them towards Morgan. Enjoy!

“Wait, Elise is nearby.”

John stopped and looked around. He listened when he didn’t see anything beyond the expanse of wilderness to either side of the path he and Yelena were taking. All he could hear were the sounds of the Emerald Wild.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Do you need to ask?” Yelena replied.

“I guess not. How can you tell?”

“I can smell her. She is near. Come on.”

She stepped off the path, heading into the dense vegetation, and John followed after her. Yelena did know this stuff, and she was much better suited to tracking than he was, given her decades of experience and heightened senses.

Their time with Lily had been very pleasant. They’d spent the rest of the day with her, the night, and all of the second day. There had been a lot of sex, and also a lot of conversation and leisurely walks through the forest. Near the end of that second day, Lily had been called away, as something new was happening in the forest, and as one of the few dryads tending to it, it was her responsibility. So they’d said their goodbyes and he and Yelena had decided to make a bit of headway towards their next goal, walking until they reached what he realized was actually the same clearing he and Yelena had stayed in under very similar circumstances last year, when they had first set out on their journey to live a life together, and Lily and her friend had tracked them down.

They’d then made camp and, after a vigorous fuck session early the next morning, they had set out. The walk across the land had taken pretty much all of the day. Both of them had stuck to a brisk pace as they were eager to see Elise. John didn’t know if Yelena had the same motivations he did: he felt kind of guilty for not seeing her for so long. He hoped she understood. When you were friends with adventurers, they might disappear for huge segments of time. That was just the reality of his and Yelena’s life right now.

But he supposed he could have figured out some way to get a message to her.

Well, again, hopefully she wasn’t pissed.

He began to hear someone moving somewhere nearby, and as they drew closer, he frowned, realizing that the sound was coming from…


Right as he decided to look up, two things happened: he heard a sharp snap and a yell, and Yelena dashed forward suddenly. She managed to catch the person falling out of the tree just barely in time, and John was shocked to see that it was Liz.

“Oh my, thank you,” Liz said, staring up at her. “Oh my Gods...Yelena?!” She looked around and saw him. “John!? Holy shit, where have you been!?”

“You are welcome, Liz,” Yelena replied, and set her down.

“Uh, we’ve been busy,” John replied.

“Oh, right, with the learning how to shape-shift, obviously.”

“That was most of it. Um, how are you doing?” John asked.

“Good now,” Liz said, and held up a distinct reddish-brown leaf with silver veins running through it.

“What is that?” Yelena asked softly, staring at it. “It is beautiful.”

“The rare silverleaf, which is a very misleading name, given that it’s hardly silver at all. It only grows at the tops of certain trees, during certain times of the year, and is only viable for about one day after a full moon on a cloudless night. And I finally have enough of them.”

“Enough for what?” John asked.

“A potion I am making. I’ve gotten into alchemy a lot more since you two left. A cute young mage from Stafford showed up my place, half-dead from a wolf attack. I saved her life and she told me she’s researching rare potions. Come on, let’s get back to my place. I’m starving. Also horny, and if I remember anything about the two of you, you’re both horny sluts who can’t get enough sex for the lives of them.”

“That is accurate,” John said, and Yelena laughed.

“Good, I’m glad that hasn’t changed. Tell me what happened to you, I’ve been deeply curious,” she said as she led them off into the forest, back towards her house.

John began to tell their tale.

Elise’s house was a welcome sight.

Elise herself was a far more welcome sight. She seemed better, happier, since they had last seen her. Whatever confidence she’d lost during their assault on the undead demon lord, she had clearly regained. She seemed at ease walking through the Emerald Wild, a natural self-possession and assurance that he knew from when they’d first met. It made him deeply happy to see. Elise was a great person and she deserved to feel confident and happy, to be doing the things that she loved. It felt good to be back around her.

“That is amazing,” she said as she led them in through her front door.

“Whoa, you changed things around,” John said as he looked around her living room.

“Oh yes. It was kind of a whole thing,” she replied. “Can that wait, though? I really need to get this stored, and then I really need to get fucked by both of you.”

“Sure,” John said.

“Good! Go upstairs and wash off and be waiting for me naked.”

“Okay,” Yelena said.

Liz grinned and disappeared into her basement. John glanced at Yelena, who just smiled, turned, and headed upstairs. He followed after her. They moved into Liz’s bedroom. It, too, was different. Mostly it was rearranged, but the bed was new, and bigger.

“Wow, nice,” Yelena murmured.

“Yeah. She seems better,” he replied as he started taking his clothes off.

“Her confidence has returned. It is good,” Yelena said, doing the same.

They had time to strip down, wash up in her tub, (which was deeply welcoming after an entire day of walking across the wilderness), dry off, and climb into her bed. They had just finished settling when she walked into the room.

“Oh, perfect,” she said. “Well, let me wash up really fast, then we can fuck.”

John watched her strip down. She seemed to be in better shape than he’d ever seen her in, and she’d already been in pretty good shape. Her slim build looked more toned and tight and fit, and he imagined she’d been spending a lot of time outdoors, maybe even working out like himself. She looked marvelously sexy and alluring. Liz washed up quickly in the tub, then dried off and hurried over to the bed.

“Can I take turns with you?” she asked.

“I’m okay with this,” Yelena said, and John nodded.

“Good. Let me get on top. Yelena, will you hand me the lube?”


Yelena tracked down a glass bottle of lube among the compartments of her new headboard, and Liz mounted him, pushing him fully onto his back.

“I have really missed you,” she said, staring at him with wide eyes full of lust.

“I missed you too, Liz,” he replied, grinning up at her.

“Got it,” Yelena said, and passed her the lube.

“Thank you,” she whispered, hastily squeezing some out into her hand and massaging it onto his cock. “I am going to fuck your brains out.”

About two seconds after she said that, she slipped his rigid dick into her wonderfully tight beryl pussy and began to make good on the statement. Elise cried out, moaning intensely as she began to ride his cock, immediately going hard and fast. Her fit, taut, smooth green body looked marvelously erotic as she furiously fucked him. She got up so that she was resting on her feet, balancing expertly, and for awhile fucked him in such a way that only her pussy was touching him. It was an extremely sexual sight and was fantastically hot to look at.

She looked amazing.

“I fucking missed this dick,” she panted.

“I can tell. Holy fuck, you are really good at that,” he groaned as the pleasure burned slowly into his body, radiating out from his core, lapping his whole being like increasingly powerful waves on a shoreline. After a bit, she switched it up, turning around. She went back to resting on her knees and began to ride him in reverse, showing him her amazingly taut, toned ass and her sexy tail as she fucked herself with his rigid dick, pushing it deep and hard into herself. He reached out and ran his hands across her ass, out to her hips.

“You are in amazing shape, Elise,” he said.

“So are you, I noticed. You look like you’ve been working out night and day since we last had sex,” she panted.

“He pretty much was for awhile there,” Yelena said.

“Can we switch?” he asked after a moment.

“Yeah. How do you want me?” Elise replied.

“From behind.”

“I think that’s my favorite position right now. Let’s do it.”

She got up off of him and they both quickly rearranged themselves. As soon as he slipped back into her pussy, resting on his knees now, he gripped her trim hips and really started driving into her, pounding the living fuck out of that sweet beryl vagina.

“Oh yes! OH MY FUCKING YES! FUCKING GO! FUCK IT! FUCK MY PUSSY!” Elise shrieked wildly as he screwed her into incoherent, feverish bliss. He was halfway there himself. Her pussy was so fucking tight. After a little while, he reached up and laid his hand on her tail. Almost the instant he did she jerked violently and let out a guttural moan and began to orgasm. He kept pounding her, fucking her hard, rubbing his hand up and down her tail, caressing it, and she shrieked wildly, screaming with complete abandon.

John almost managed not to come inside of her while she was climaxing, as he had other things he wanted to do, but it wasn’t in the cards.

About halfway through her orgasm, he triggered and started coming into her pussy, and his voice joined hers. He grabbed her hips and buried himself as deep into her as he could as he came so hard, what felt like his whole midsection contracting along with his cock. It felt like a direct hit from a particularly powerful blast of magic, something that swept him up and sent him flying over the sexual horizon. He was yelling in impassioned release and deep sexual gratification as he came with her, filling her pussy up with his seed.

At some point, he was finished, and when he was, he carefully pulled his painfully sensitive cock from her pussy, and flopped over onto the bed.

“Wow, John. I felt that one,” Yelena said.

“Me...too...” Elise panted, and fell forward. “Oh my...holy fuck...that was one for the books.”

“Uh-huh,” he managed.

They both laid there for awhile, and then finally Elise began to push herself up off the bed. “Oh man, you made a huge mess. We both did. Hold on...” She raised her hands, laying them flat, palms down, about two feet above the spot where they had fucked, which was definitely messy. A wave of soft white light came out and the mess disappeared rapidly, until it was completely gone. “There we go,” she said. “Now I need to be clean.”

“Same,” John murmured.

“Can I fuck you with that magic sex toy, Yelena?” Elise asked as she headed for her washbasin.

“Of course,” Yelena replied. “I would welcome it.”

John got up and staggered over to the tub. That orgasm had really taken it out of him, especially after all the walking and fucking he’d been doing over the past week. He sank gratefully back into the water, and then positioned himself so that he had a great view of Elise and Yelena, who were just beginning to make out now.

“So...what’s been happening with you, Elise?” John asked.

It was about an hour and a half later, and all three of them were freshly fucked, scrubbed, and dressed, and had finally finished making a large dinner.

“Well, you remember the state I was in when you left, right?” she asked.

“Yes,” Yelena said. “You were losing your confidence.”

“Lost it, more like,” Elise replied. “But you helped me, both of you. I started building it back up, slowly but surely. Mostly I started going back outside again, revisiting places I was familiar with. I reconnected with some of my dryad friends, on a few different levels. That helped a lot, I think. And then winter came and I spent more time indoors. And, I don’t know, I felt like something needed to change. Something big. So I spent like two weeks deep cleaning and rearranging my house, and making some repairs that I’d been needing to make for awhile now, and getting a few new pieces of furniture delivered from Stafford. And I upgraded my basement work area. And I’ve wanted to get more heavily into alchemy and herbalism for awhile now, so I finally decided to do it. I spent the rest of the winter working out and reading up. I also managed to snag a cute adventurer who got lost and hurt. I saved him and had him in my home for most of the winter, so that really helped. Both with the confidence and the exercise.”

“He enjoyed your company, I take it?” Yelena asked.

“He was in lust with me. The man could not get enough of me. I was sad to see him go, but he had his life and I have mine. When spring came, I felt ready to face the world again. More than that, I felt ready to take it all on hardcore. And that’s what I’ve been doing. Like I said, I eventually met a cute mage from Stafford. She’s an elf with big tits and a tongue that can do the most amazing things. We’re carrying on a lengthy affair right now. It’s wonderful. That’s what those plants were all about.”

“Where is she now?” John asked.

Elise grinned. “Looking to fuck her?”

“I mean...I wouldn’t say no. I was more curious than anything else.”

Elise laughed. “She’s up in Stafford right now, getting some supplies. She should be back in a few days.” She paused, frowned suddenly. “So you two are really going to leave?”

“Yeah. Not forever though,” Yelena replied.

“And that’s why you came back to see me?”

“Well, it was one of the reasons,” John said. He hesitated, seeing the sadness on her face. “I’m sorry, Elise. We will miss you terribly.”

“It’s okay. You two are some of my best friends now, it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time, and yet it hasn’t been all that long. And you’ve been gone for most of it. I am very glad at least that everything worked out for you.” She smiled suddenly. “And you’re going to Kindress. I’ve never been there but I’ve read books on it. I hear it’s wonderful. I think the two of you will have a very good time there.”

“I sure hope so,” John said.

“Can you stay? For a little while? At least until my current girlfriend comes back? She will be over the moons to meet the two of you, and to fuck you.”

“I think we can manage that,” Yelena said, looking at John.

“Definitely,” he agreed.