Demoness - Farewell For Now | Cypress & Brynne | (Part V)

Well, here we are, at the end. I hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far, and that you enjoy this last piece. If, somehow, you’ve ended up here without reading anything else, then below is a bullet list to give some helpful links. (This list assumes that you have already read Demoness I - III.)

For a little memory jog, Cypress is a dryad featured in Demoness II & III who forms a relationship with John and Yelena as they help each other. She’s six foot six and leads her own clan of dryads in the Emerald Wild. Brynne is a serpentine, a snake woman, in a similar situation. John and Yelena bumped into her in Demoness II and became very good friends very quickly, as she has a thing for human men.

As this is the last one, this mini-series is now complete. It will begin editing soon. I’m not sure how long it will take to publish, and when it does, I’m going to take all the parts down to be in compliance with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited exclusivity clause. Either way, I hope you’ve enjoyed it! I know I have.

“Wait,” Yelena said, although John heard it too.

They both stood as still as statues in the midst of the Emerald Wild. It could be pretty much anything, considering the wide multitude of threats that occupied the Wild. Something let out a roar, which narrowed it down at least a little bit, and then he could hear fighting. No one was shouting though, so what did that mean?

“Should we check it out?” he asked.

“We should,” Yelena said, and set off, drawing her blade.

“Any particular reason?” he asked, doing the same.

“I just have a feeling, is all.”

Well, typically her feelings and instincts were dead-on. Which he always found very impressive, given that she literally came from a different plane of existence, and one that was hardly like the one she now occupied. Yelena had phenomenally adaptive abilities. They hurried through the foliage and trees, wary of anything that might be lying in wait for them, and the sounds of conflict grew closer and closer. Within twenty seconds, he and Yelena burst through a treeline and came into a clearing where he saw a group of feral werewolves locked in combat with a group of dryads. And he recognized some of them, including Cypress!

Yelena snarled and darted forward, stabbing one of the werewolves in the back with her blade. As they sensed the shift in combat, a trio of the huge, dangerous creatures broke off and came for them. John prepared himself. Werewolves were damned hard to kill, even the ones who had gone feral and didn’t really fight tactically. He threw himself into combat, trying to draw at least one of them off, and it worked, unfortunately. A little too well. The thing came right at him, all claws and teeth and roaring madness.

John waited for the perfect moment to strike, knowing that if he got really lucky and did it just right, he could kill this thing immediately. He waited, waited, waited...and struck! John brought his dark blade around as fast and as hard as he could, aiming right for the beast’s neck. And it worked! The razor sharp blade cleaved cleanly through the thing’s neck and decapitated it perfectly. He neatly sidestepped so that it’s body, which still had a lot of forward motion, didn’t crash into him, and had approximately one and a half seconds to feel like a badass.

That was when another werewolf smashed bodily into him and he found himself suddenly on the ground, his wrists being held down by overwhelmingly strong hands and a furious, enraged, maddened werewolf face staring into his. He began to scream as it opened wide its mouth and began to come in for the kill, no doubt preparing to rip his neck out. Instead, something completely different happened. It froze as a blade burst through the back of its throat and kept going until the bloodied tip, spraying his own face with blood.

The body was then shoved away, and he came to see Yelena standing over, blood on her face and outfit, sword held firmly in hand. She was breathing heavily and looked like a fearsome warrior deity. “Are you okay?” she asked, thrusting a hand at him.

“Yes,” he replied, taking it and being hauled to his feet.

“I saw that decaptiation. That was very skillful.”

“Thanks, did you take care of the other one?” he asked, looking around, seeing that there were no more werewolves left standing. Either the dryads had killed them all, or the survivors had finally been overcoming by their survival instincts and fled.

“Yes. Stabbed it through the heart.”

“John! Yelena! You have returned!”

They both turned to see Cypress striding towards, a broad smile on her beautiful face. “Hello, Cypress. Are you okay? Is everyone okay?” Yelena replied.

“For the most part,” she answered, glancing back at some of the other dryads. Two, it seemed, were injured. But they were already being tended to by their companions. John felt relief flow through him at that, and comfort as Cypress embraced him, hugging him tightly to her and kissing him on the mouth. He kissed her back, and was glad to feel her slip her tongue into his mouth briefly. She then did the same with Yelena.

“Where have you two been?” she asked.

“It’s a long story,” John replied.

“I imagine it would be, it has been nearly three seasons since last I saw you. Your place is fine, by the way. We made sure nothing happened to it.”

“Thank you so much, Cypress,” Yelena said. “We really appreciate that.”

“Would you like to catch up? We were just wrapping up a long, difficulty duty.”

“That would be great,” John replied.

“Good. Walk with me. Tell me where you have been.” She turned to her allies. “Follow us once you have completed your tasks here.”

“Understood, Cypress,” one of them said.

She then began walking away, and John and Yelena followed after her.

“...and so we’re planning on leaving the country, going to the homeland of the kit,” Yelena finished up.

“Well, I am largely glad that you both managed to escape your situation unscathed. And that you made new friends, and accomplished so much,” Cypress replied.

They were still walking through the Emerald Wild, taking a leisurely pace.

“I’m glad we could see you again. How has everything been going? How’s Brynne, and Fauna, and the others?”

“Brynne is good, in high spirits recently. She’s around and I can actually summon her, if you’d like to see her. And given your...history...I imagine you will.”

“I would actually like to see her again, especially considering we’re leaving soon,” John replied.

“Then I will make it happen. She helped lead a campaign in coordination with a paladin woman to tackle a trouble spot that we’ve been having some difficulty with for some years now. A shipwreck near the coast was tainted with evil and dark spirits, and it has become a dead zone, a blight on our forest. It worked.”

“Very nice. What was the paladin’s name, by chance?” John asked.

“Lady Lydia. We have worked with her before.”

“Oh really?” Yelena asked.

“Is she tall, short, dark hair, real badass?”

“Yes. Do you know her?”

“I do. Very intimately.”

Cypress laughed. “I suppose I should not be surprised. She really does seem your type.”

“She was. So, uh, what about you, what have you been doing? What was all that about, with the werewolves?”

“Rogue mages,” Cypress replied, her voice sour. “They had set up in our home to do experiments on werewolves. I do not know what they were trying to accomplish, only that it blew up in their faces, and they were murdered by their test subjects. Those you helped us dispatch were the last of them. A very unhappy business. Not all werewolves are feral, but so many of them are. I hate having to put them down, but they are far too dangerous. But beyond that, I suppose it has been business as usual. Winter always means low activity for us. We’ve dealt with threats, and tended to the forest, and helped the occasional adventurer in need.”

They came at last to a clear, a large one with a beautiful pond. Not quite a hot spring, but it would be warm enough in the direct sunlight beaming down on it. The place was a wonderful sight to behold, not unlike the clearing he had made love with Lily in, just a bit bigger, more lush. Cypress turned to look at them.

“Can I safely assume that part of this farewell involves sex?” she asked.

“Yes,” Yelena replied. “You can very safely assume that.”

“Good. Soon my fellow dryads, and Brynne, will be here, and we can have an orgy of wonderful pleasure.”

“That sounds fantastic,” John said, setting his backpack aside and then getting out of his boots.

“Ever eager for sex, hmm?” Cypress asked with a smirk.

“We both are,” Yelena said, also undressing.

Soon the pair were nude, and they slipped into the pond. By the time they were washed up, the others had arrived. John looked around slowly at everyone who had joined them. There were about a dozen dryads in the clearing now, and although he wasn’t all that great at distinguishing them from one another, he had been learning. He recognized Amber, and Fauna, and Daisy. Of course he recognized Cypress, given she was half a foot taller than all the others. And obviously Brynne, as she was the only serpentine there.

And she was already slithering across the clearing right towards him, a look of joy on her face. It was so strange to think that Brynne could easily embody both this plainly happy woman before him and a terrifying force of death and destruction. She came before him and wrapped him in a hug, picking him up off the ground.

“I have missed you, John!” she declared.

“I missed you too, Brynne,” John replied, hugging her back. “How have you been?”

“Very, very good. I imagine Cypress told you about my recent adventure.”

“She did. Congratulations, it sounds like you did an excellent job.”

She put him down and kissed him. “Well, you know, I had help, and mostly just got lucky. It was very dangerous, a very taxing experience. But it was worth it. On less mar on the land, and that spot can finally begin to recover. Hello, Yelena. It’s so good to see you,” she said as she hugged and kissed Yelena as well.

“And you, Brynne,” Yelena replied.

“So, if I recall, our meetings typically begin with sex,” Brynne said. “Could we continue that tradition?”

Yelena laughed. “Yes, I would be thrilled to.”

“As would I,” John said.

“How about I take her first. I wish to use my toy on her,” Yelena suggested.

“That sounds very nice,” Brynne replied.

“Fine by me. I’ll come by after Cypress has had her way with me,” John said. As Yelena went hunting for her sex toy, John moved back over to Brynne, who was standing with Fauna and Amber. Fauna was the dryad who had initially joined them back when they’d gone ahead to the island holding the undead demon lord being resurrected. She was a fiercely capable warrior, about as tall as he was, and now a good friend. Although she was somewhat distant, more focused on her duties as a defender of the forest, they had made love several times, and he was happy to see that she was as enthusiastic a lover as she was a fighter.

Amber was short for a dryad, maybe five and a half feet tall, and a bit shy. Whereas Fauna largely seemed indifferent to being around humans, (unless she was horny), Amber seemed a little nervous around them. Despite that, she’d taken a strong liking to him, or at least he thought so. She’d actually come to visit him and Yelena in their cabin a few times while they’d been building it up to spend time together, and to have sex.

Dryads, he had discovered, even those who were naturally awkward or cared for little more than their work, were intensely sexual beings. And, very luckily for him, this particular clan at least seemed to have no problem having sex with other species.

“Someone is aroused,” Cypress said as he approached.

“Uh well yeah. There’s a bunch of extremely attractive, naked women around,” he replied, knowing that he already had an erection that everyone could see, given his nude state.

“Naked and aroused women,” Fauna said, staring at him. There was something mildly unsettling but deeply arousing about the way she looked at him. He’d seen her wear that exact expression in combat before.

“Then, uh, shall we? Who goes first?” he asked.

“Let’s not take turns,” Cypress replied. She closed the gap between the quickly and stared down at him. “Let’s all four of us go at once.”

“That would be very good,” John replied, and then she kissed him.

He loved kissing dryads. They always tasted so amazingly fresh and sweet, and they smelled of nature, of the scent of flowers carried on a cool breeze. John kissed her back passionately, slipping his tongue into her mouth and twisting them together. He began groping one of her huge breasts. Cypress seriously had really big tits. Besides being six and a half feet tall, she, like all dryads he’d seen so far, was naturally curvy and buxom. Especially their hips and thighs. Good Gods, dryads had the best hips, thighs, and asses.

Fauna and Amber came to stand on either side of him, and soon Cypress gave him up. She passed him to Fauna, who immediately picked up where Cypress had left off, and started kissing him passionately. That really described Fauna: passion. The two things he’d seen her do most, fighting and fucking, she did with passion. She fucked and fought like crazy. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Cypress begin to kiss Amber, which was difficult, but possible, given their height difference. He ran his hands over Fauna’s wonderful body, settling them eventually on the swell of her thick ass, gripping it, holding it.

After a bit, he broke the kiss. “Lay on your back and spread your legs.”

“Oh, yes sir,” Fauna replied with a fierce grin.

She gracefully sank to her knees, then laid down on her back and spread her long legs. John laid down on his stomach in between her thick, powerful thighs, finding himself staring at her smooth, inhuman vagina. He slowly parted the lips of her pussy and began to lick all he found there with slow, sure movements. Fauna moaned loudly and a shiver ran through her body. There was still a tremendous satisfaction in bringing her, and those like her, pleasure. He continued stimulating her, massaging her clit with his tongue, listening to her moan in intense sexual gratification, feeling her as she moved against him in response to his touch.

Then he slipped a finger inside of her.

“Oh, John, yes...” she moaned loudly, then cried out as he began fucking her with his finger, pressing hard up into her most sensitive spot. “Keep going!” she yelled. He kept going, pleasuring and stimulating her harder, licking faster and faster, and within half a minute had her orgasming hard. She let out a prolonged cry of bliss as he kept pleasuring her, fingering her hard, feeling her vaginal muscles constricting tightly around it. And her green sex sap oozed out of her as her thigh muscles bunched and released, her whole body convulsing spasmodically as she came hard. It was spectacular to watch, amazingly erotic.

“Inside me. Now,” she said as soon as she was finished.

“Yes ma’am,” he replied, pushing himself up and then crawling onto her. As he did this, he really started to hear the moaning going on around him. He looked around. The dryads were beginning their orgy. Cypress was on her back, getting eaten out by Amber. He could see the other dryads around the clearing, going down on each other, or lying on their backs, rubbing their pussies together. Yelena was furiously pounding Brynne’s pussy with her sex toy, making the large snake woman scream and twist in pleasure, her tail slapping against the ground.

This was a truly wonderful place to be, and right now, he didn’t want to be anywhere else on the planet.

John returned his attention to Fauna when she grabbed his cock and tugged on it. “Get in!” she snapped.

He got into her, shoving his cock into her dryad pussy, and she cried out, spreading her legs out wider. “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!

He fucked her, all right. John began driving his cock into her vagina furiously, pounding that sweet dryad pussy and burying his entire rigid length into her. Fauna stuck her legs up into her air and grabbed his back as he rutted with her, screaming and staring up at him with wide green eyes. He leaned down and kissed her, and she kissed him pack, panting, breaking the kiss occasionally as he hit a sensitive spot and made her cry out uncontrollably. He grunted as he screwed her, feeling her hot, voluptuous body move against his with every motion.

Suddenly she wrapped her legs around him. “Give it to me,” she moaned. “Give me your seed. I want it, John.”

“Oh fuck...” he groaned.

Somehow every woman he had even a slightly consistent sexual relationship with seemed to learn his orgasm trigger. Well, he had a few, but that was the most powerful, asking him to fucking come in them. And they all seemed to take a perverse pleasure in pulling that trigger at one point or another.

“That’s it, do it, come inside of me,” she moaned loudly.

“Fauna, fuck!” he yelled, and then he popped, coming hard inside of her pussy. His dick jerked violently within her and she moaned loudly. John heard himself almost shouting as he thrust deep and hard into her, emptying himself into her inhuman, perfect pussy. He could feel her thighs compressing him and her huge, bare tits pressing against his chest. The pleasure washed through his body, an intensely powerful surge of absolute rapturous release, a physical manifestation of pure ecstasy. He came for what felt like awhile.

And then he was finished, and it was like all the energy had been sucked out of his body. He collapsed against Fauna, and she laughed, holding as he gasped for breath.

“Wow. I forgot how good of a fuck you were,” he whispered.

“No you didn’t,” she replied, grinning at him, their foreheads resting together. “You could never forget that.”

“Don’t tell me you’re done, John,” he heard Cypress say.

Slowly, he pushed himself up, then twisted around to look at her. She was still getting eaten out by Amber, who seemed really into it.

“No, not yet,” he replied.

“Then come over here and fuck Amber and me,” she said.

“Okay.” He could already feel his energy returning, and honestly he was still horny, still mostly hard. He kissed Fauna and pulled out of her. “Good to see you.”

“I’m not done with you yet, John,” she replied.

“Good.” He stood up and made his way over to the other two. Yelena was yelling now, screaming in bliss as she orgasmed. He watched as she twitched and spasmed, the pleasure no doubt rolling through her body, but apparently it wasn’t enough, because as soon as she regained control of herself, she immediately resumed fucking Brynne’s pussy.

Well, serpentine vagina did feel amazing.

“Hello, Amber,” he said. “I’m coming in, okay?”

“It’s about time,” she said, briefly raising her head from Cypress’s crotch. He laughed, glad to see that sex still drew her out of her shell. He laid down against her fat ass. Amber had a particularly thick ass, even for a dryad, and he almost always found himself slamming her from behind, either she was on her hands and knees or lying flat. He loved looking at her ass, and fucking it. He slipped easily into her vagina and she moaned loudly.

“There’s a good girl,” he whispered, and then, resting his his knees and palms, started driving into her, burying his rigid cock into her sweet, yielding, sap-slicked dryad pussy over and over again, eliciting more cries of pleasure from her.

Fuck, dryad pussy felt so godsdamned good.

John looked down in between them as he fucked her, starting at her huge, shapely ass and his cock disappearing into her repeatedly. Then he looked up at her branch antlers, the way they moved and swayed with the motion of her oral sex as she ate Cypress out. And then there was Cypress herself, her in all her six foot six, nude, inhuman glory. She reminded him the most of a deity, a goddess of nature and sex and fertility.

“Amber, your pussy is so good,” he groaned as he fucked it. She moaned and said something muffled. Cypress reached down and gripped her antlers.

“I’m almost there, don’t stop, Amber,” she begged.

Amber kept going, putting her skillful tongue to use, and John kept pounding her. They all kept going and going until suddenly Cypress let out a cry of intense pleasure and her hips bucked and she began to orgasm. Amber kept eating her out throughout the climax and John kept pounding Amber’s pussy at the same time. He pounded and screwed and fucked her until Cypress was finished and then demanded her own turn.

“You may ride my tongue, Amber,” Cypress said.

“Thank you,” Amber said.

John pulled out of Amber and she got up. As she squatted over Cypress’s face, John rested on his knees in front of her, in between her spread open legs, and slipped his cock into her. Cypress and Amber began to moan at roughly the same time.

“Oh, Cypress, fuck that’s good,” he groaned, reaching forward and grabbing her huge tits as he began fucking her.

“Yes it is...” Amber moaned loudly as Cypress began to orally pleasure her.

After about a minute or so, John sensed someone approaching. He glanced over and saw Brynne coming his way. He spotted Yelena getting fucked doggystyle by another dryad wearing her special toy. She looked like she was enjoying herself a lot.

“Hi, Brynne. You’re looking fantastically beautiful,” he said.

“Thank you,” she said, smiling demurely at him. It was an odd look on an eleven foot long snake woman. Her brunette hair was a wild mess and she had a look of sedate, mellow satisfaction on her face. Though there was a still a lusty hunger there, below the surface. “You’re looking quite amazing yourself. May I kiss you?”

“Yes, please,” he replied.

She leaned in and they began to make out as he kept fucking Cypress. He cupped one of her enormous snakeskin breasts in his hand, loving the weight of it, the feel of it. Brynne was a good friend, and the only serpentine he had ever made love with. Brynne began to get more passionate as they made out, pressing herself against him, gripping him tightly, until finally she broke the kiss and looked at Cypress.

“Cypress, can I take him from you? I need him. I need him right now,” she said, panting.

“Mmm-hmm,” Cypress managed from beneath Amber.

“Thank you so much.”

“I’ll be back, Cypress,” John said, and pulled out of her. He grinned as he got up and moved a little ways away with Brynne. “Just had to have me, huh?”

“Yes, now get inside me. Please,” she begged. “I am so very turned on right now.”

“All right, all right, lay down.”

She quickly lay herself out, and John got on top of her. He had to admit, he was probably just as eager. He really had missed Brynne, and...well, to be honest, serpentine vagina felt so good. And he was immediately reminded of the full reality of this particular fact of life as he straddled her, aimed his cock down, and slipped it inside of her. They both moaned loudly in mutual bliss as he penetrated her, sliding his cock smoothly into her snake pussy.

“Oh Brynne yes...” he groaned.

“Go hard,” she begged.

He happily obliged her. He was enjoying himself a great deal, although he knew he was going to need at least a short break after this. Another dip in the pond sounded extremely good. John looked up Brynne as he made love to her, at all her beautiful, smooth, green snakeskin. At her huge breasts bouncing in sync with their lovemaking. Her gorgeous, exotically alluring face that twisted in pleasure. He listened to the others all pleasuring and being pleasured around him as the deeply gratifying ecstasy of wild, bareback sex with Brynne burned into him, filling him. He was being pushed towards another orgasm and he wanted it, wanted to pump her sweet pussy full of his seed. He felt that same, seemingly unending desire to fill the women he made love with with his seed, both for the raw physical pleasure it granted him, and the intense emotional, primal satisfaction it gave him. John reached down and found her clit.

“Oh yes...” she moaned as he made contact with it.

Then he began to rub it. Brynne let out a loud cry of bliss and he felt as much as heard her tail slapping the ground repeated.

“Yes, John, yes! Don’t stop!” she begged.

He kept fucking her pussy and fingering her clit, stimulating her as much as he could, loving to bring her pleasure, to bring her to climax. And, within another half minute, he had. She let out a loud shriek of rapturous release as she began to orgasm, and he groaned as he felt her pussy clench hard and rapidly around his cock, massaging it. And he didn’t want to hold onto his own orgasm any longer. He had time to make love with her again, in the moment he wanted to just give in and come inside of her. So he did.

He joined her in moaning in blissful, rapturous release, becoming completely lost in that alternate plane of existence that seemed to exist during orgasm. A place with no sights, no sounds, only physical pleasure. Like his body had been tossed into a sea of pure ecstasy. He emptied himself into her, feeling like all of his seed was leaving his body as rapidly as possible, his dick contracting hard in fresh spasms of pure ecstasy.

And it was made so much better because she was orgasming along with him, both of them locked together in pure enjoyment, connected as intimately as they could be. When he came back to himself, he found himself laying on her, panting.

Neither of them spoke for several minutes, simply laying there together.

“I need to get into the water, Brynne,” John said finally.

“I will join you,” she replied.

He pulled carefully out of her and got to his feet, and the pair of them moved over the pond. A few of the dryads were already sitting in the water, relaxing and lounging. As he and Brynne settled in, Yelena joined him, sitting next to him and holding his hand.

“How long do you think you’ll be gone?” Cypress asked as she came up to join them.

“You’re leaving?” Brynne asked.

“Oh right. We still need to catch up,” John murmured, feeling a little bad. Goodbyes, or even farewells for now, were always bittersweet. “We’re leaving the country for awhile. As for how long, I honestly don’t know. At a stab in the dark, at least a year? Maybe longer. We’re honestly not sure. Planning anything more than a rough destination, or a plan of attack, isn’t my strong suit.”

“We will come back,” Yelena said. “We shall come back and visit, but I yearn to see this world, and to experience what it might be like to walk around freely in my natural form.”

“Where can you go for that?” Brynne asked.

“The kit homeland, Kindress. It is said they allow demons there to walk freely. Provided they aren’t evil, I imagine,” Yelena replied.

“Wow. Well, I can’t begrudge you that. I will miss both of you very much, though.”

“We’ll miss you too, Brynne. All of you. You’re all such good friends,” Yelena said.

“How long until you leave?” Brynne asked.

Yelena looked at John. He shrugged. “We haven’t really put a date on it, but within the next week I’d say. We’re going to travel to a port on the east coast and book passage. But until then, we would love to spend time with you all.”

“We would enjoy that too,” Cypress said with a warm smile.

John settled into the warm water a bit more comfortably with the love of his life, surrounded by his friends, and was happy.

“So is that it? Do we have everything?” John asked.

“I am fairly sure we do,” Yelena replied.

“Clothes? We packed enough clothes. And all your books?”

“Yes, love. My books are safely in the camp-in-a-bag, and some are in my pack, and some are in yours.”

“And we’ve got our swords. And our coin. And emergency healing potions.”

“Yes to all three of those,” Yelena said, smiling at him.

He sighed and thought for a moment longer, then slowly looked around the interior of their cabin. Was he missing anything? “We’ve got your amulet, right?”

“Of course love, I am wearing it,” she replied.

“Oh, okay. Good.”

Yelena laughed and came over to him. She gave him a kiss. “My love, try to relax. Is there anything we own that is truly irreplaceable? Is there anything we own that, if we lose it, we cannot simply buy another after running down a few jobs?”

“No, I...guess not,” he replied, and relaxed. She was right. “I guess I’m just nervous. I’ve never, you know, done something like this. I’ve never gone this far from home.”

“It’s easier than you think,” Yelena said.

“I suppose you would know...let me take one more look around.”

“If it will settle your mind, then do so love. But please, I am beginning to lose patience. I want to be on my way.”

“Okay, honey.”

He began to move about the cabin. In the end, they had spent about four days with the dryads and Brynne. Well, not the entire time with them specifically, but they were about. They’d gone back to their cabin and Cypress and Brynne and several of the others had come by to visit them and talk and have sex and relax, and it was an all around good time. And he was glad to see that the pair of cabins were exactly as they’d left them.

Eventually, though, they’d both started getting anxious, and the drive to move on, to explore, to give into their wanderlust, became too much.

And so they’d had another orgy party the previous night, said farewell for now, and gone to sleep. Now it was the morning, and the time was upon them. It was probably going to take about two days to walk all the way to the other side of the land and track down a ship in a port town on the Redwood Forest side, but that was fine. Even just knowing they were making progress would no doubt soothe them.

If there was one thing he and Yelena had managed to put into practice, it was the philosophy of the journey, not the destination. They would get to where they were going eventually, so they should enjoy the walk there.

“Okay,” he said after poking through everything, “I’m satisfied.”

“Good. May we go?” Yelena asked, her tail twitching impatiently behind her.

“Yes, my love, we may go.”

He joined her and they headed out of the cabin.

Into the sunshine, and onward to the next chapter in their life.