Demoness: Farewell For Now Released!


Okay, Demoness: Farewell For Now is out!

You can read it right now on the Kindle for 2.99$, or on the Kindle Unlimited, right HERE!

Normally I’d release a nude version of the cover on Patreon, but this version is just the same from the previous cover of The Former Princess, only it’s just Yelena instead of Yelena and Ellie. Which you can already see in the Naked Ladies section. Also, no paperback because this isn’t long enough to be a paperback.

Also, all posts I made of the individual shorts have been removed to comply with being in the Kindle Unlimited.

If you haven’t read it yet, this story takes place about a week after the end of Demoness IV. Basically, John and Yelena are going around and fucking all their friends goodbye. Or farewell for now, since goodbyes are sad, and also implies a lot of permanence. It then basically sets up for Demoness V. Which I’m still going to try and write this year!


Official synopsis:

A mini-series set in between DEMONESS IV & V!

After all of their wild adventures across the land, John and Yelena have decided that it's time to start a new chapter in their life. They are packing up their things and taking a ship across the ocean to see a new land. A land that will, hopefully, accept Yelena for what she is.

But before they go, they realize that they have made several friends since becoming a couple, and it would be rude to leave without saying goodbye. Or, if not goodbye, at least farewell for now. And, given the type of friends they tend to make, they are going to be extremely intimate farewells...

DEMONESS: FAREWELL FOR NOW contains a series of highly sexual encounters between a loving couple of a human man and a demoness, and several inhuman women, including a half-giantess and a clan of dryads.