Haven 2 Is Here!


Haven 2 is, at long last, out!

You can purchase it for 4.99$, or read it through the Kindle Unlimited, as an eBook right here!

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ right here!

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Here is the official synopsis:

After a midnight assault left their makeshift home in shambles and they themselves shaken, David, Evelyn, and April have decided that the time has come to find a new home. Somewhere safer. Somewhere like the abandoned campgrounds they recently discovered while exploring the nearby wilderness.

As the trio begins the process of not only attempting to establish their new life together in the wake of the fire that destroyed their previous home, but also establish their new three-way, budding relationship, it doesn't take long to begin encountering problems on both fronts.

The area around them isn't empty. Zombies of all kinds roam the frozen forests, bandits with no morals and too much ammo on their hands shake down innocent civilians just trying to survive, and the omnipresent cold of winter is relentless. On top of that, they keep running into others also displaced by the fire, those who are struggling, and David is learning that he really can't just turn a blind eye to their suffering. It's hard enough to take care of himself and the others, let alone trying to help new people. And on the relationship side of things, Cait, the absurdly beautiful redhead he first hooked up with on his way into the region, has shown back up, and she is deeply interested in him. Normally he would react with nothing but joy to this, but it's a little more complicated when you have two girlfriends and you all have your own insecurities to worry about.

But honestly, is having to balance three attractive, sexually enthusiastic women who all want your attention really that much of a problem?

HAVEN 2 contains several scenes of hot human-on-inhuman sex, as well as several scenes of violence.

You may think that Haven 2 was difficult, given that it took so long to come out. But honestly it wasn’t. Really, this should have been written in a month, maybe a month and a half max. It was my life that was difficult. At some point earlier in July, I took a look at the last time I had released something and freaked the fuck out. I’ve never once had that long of a gap since I began consistently writing in early 2015. I’m going to try and not let that happen again.

So, I imagine the big question is, when is Haven 3 coming out? Not until 2020. Early 2020, but not until next year. At least, that is my current plan. Unless Haven & Haven 2 blow up super massively, like more than Haven did (it’s now selling poorly, like everything else I write), I’m going to shift my focus to Parasexual. My plans for the rest of the year are to finish out Parasexual, which means three more novels, and get all this editing backlog out of the way, as well as get as many new covers made as I can, so I can go into 2020 more focused. (Though it’s going to take nearly a year to get all the covers remade.) So basically, as soon as Parasexual 6 is published, I’ll start working on Haven 3. And who knows? I’ve been getting my shit together recently, so maybe I’ll be able to get them done before January.

This is why I don’t like making plans, because I’m bad at them.

So, anyway, I hope you really enjoy Haven 2.