Royal Lust Released!


Royal Lust is out now!

You can purchase it as an eBook for 2.99$ right HERE.

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ right HERE.

If you've already read Royal Lust, originally released as a trilogy of novellas in 2015 called Royal Love, then you might be asking what's different? The answer is: basically nothing. In fact, I had to remove the bonus short story originally included with The Complete Trilogy, as it screwed with the pacing. However, don't worry! If you missed out on that, I will be releasing that short story for free on my website soon! Hopefully this helps in your decision.

Here is the official synopsis:

A novel of lust and love in a world of fantasy, magic, and adventure.

Ellie Lennox is the eldest daughter of the lord of the township Lennox, making her the princess and next in line. Being six foot six and heavily into adventuring, she finds it difficult to find a man to marry, let alone someone to sleep with her. All she’s really interested in are adventures and getting laid, but after a dry spell of sex, she concocts a plan to satisfy her desperate craving.

Warren is a young healer, employed by the local lord to deal with the castle’s magical needs. Although he lusts after Princess Ellie and longs for her best friend Lena, who has been cursed to be undead, he knows that neither will ever be interested in him in that way. Or so he thought. Everything changes when Ellie whisks Lena away to the secluded family cabin and orders Warren to join them. She’s about to change everything as she prepares for a night of hot sex between all three of them...

This novel contains a lot of explicit sex scenes between a badass princess, a sexy redhead cursed to be undead, and an awkward young man. You have been warned.