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Demoness is a series that focuses on the unlikely relationship between a disillusioned and frustrated hunter named John who feels like his dead-end life is going nowhere, and Yelena, a fierce demoness warrior who feels lost and miserable following a decades-long clan war in her dimension. When a chance meeting between the two occurs one day outside of John's small village, he ends up saving her life and agreeing to keep her hidden at his cabin while she regains enough magical energy to return to her own dimension. But soon the pair find themselves falling in lust, and when they begin a passionate tryst that neither of them thought possible, it evolves into something so much more...

SERIES STATUS: This series will be on hold very soon. I am currently working on FAREWELL FOR NOW, a mini-series that I am releasing for free on my website as I write it, but ultimately I will take it down and republish it officially to Amazon when it is finished. The reason I’m putting Demoness on hold is that I need to shift my focus to things that can help me pay the bills better, which I’m unhappy to say apparently isn’t writing Demoness.

John Greenfield wakes up in his woodbound cabin and, suffering from a bad hangover, wonders what he's doing with his life. He lives in a small village full of small-minded idiots, works as a hunter, and knows he can live a better life. But nothing seems to compel him enough to do so.

That all changes when, out hunting for food that morning, he comes across an unconscious, wounded female demon. And her pursuers are nearby. Unwilling to leave her to her fate, he brings her back to his cabin and heals her. When she awakens, the demoness, Yelena, after determining that he isn't going to attack her, asks a favor. She needs to get back to her own realm, but the magic needed to travel between worlds will take close to one week to gather, and she obviously needs somewhere to hide and recuperate.

John agrees to let her stay, and as they begin getting to know each other, things start getting very hot and heavy, and John finds himself falling for someone he never thought possible...

(NOTE: The latest version of this contains an additional 15,000 words of newly written content. Make sure to update this title on your Kindle if you have already purchased it!)

John Greenfield's life has changed forever.

After finding a wounded, unconscious demoness while out hunting one morning, he saved her life and learned much about her. Her name is Yelena and she is from another realm of existence. As they got to know each other, something that first grew out of intense passion and lust has transformed into something more: a powerful and deepening love.

Now, both have decided to cast off their former lives in search of a life together. But this will be difficult. As a demoness, Yelena is hated and reviled without thought by most of the people who occupy the land, and John along with her as a demon-lover. If they're going to do this, they will need something special, unique, and very rare: an amulet that will hide Yelena's true nature from the local populace.

But in order to achieve their goal, they will have to travel into the Emerald Wild, the most dangerous forest in the land, so they can earn enough coin to purchase such an artifact. The time has come to explore the untamed wilderness and each other...

A short story set in between DEMONESS II & III!

A week has passed since John and Yelena have found the powerful illusion amulet that will allow Yelena to hide in plain sight. Now the starcrossed lovers are beginning to settle into their new life, which, at the moment, means fixing up the pair of abandoned cabins they've decided to claim as their own.

However, after busting a perverted cat-woman adventuress named Millie for watching them from afar while they were getting intimate, they decide that they don't mind. Instead of getting upset, the pair invite her into their home, and the duo becomes a trio...

John, who was once a hunter living an unhappy life in a small village, has had his life changed forever when he met Yelena, the demoness. Although their first real interaction saw Yelena punching him in the face and holding a knife to his throat, they soon found themselves allies.

That alliance became lust, then lust became friendship, and friendship soon became absolute, head-over-heels love.

It has been a month since the couple tracked down an amulet meant to help mask Yelena's true nature from the world around her, a world that either flees or attacks upon learning that she is a demoness. The pair have been building a life for themselves out in the Emerald Wild. They've made some friends (with benefits), made repairs to a pair of cabins they've decided to call home, and fallen even deeper in love with each other.

But all that changes one night when a demon scout tracks Yelena down, learns the truth about why she left her home realm, and reports this back to her ex-lover, who has since come into a position of power. Now, as they are being hunted by demon warriors intent on recapturing and 'reeducating' Yelena, the pair must find some way to rid themselves of this deadly new threat...

It's been close to a month since John and Yelena settled into Kesley the Dragoness's home high atop a mountain in the frozen northern reaches of the land. While Yelena's magical training has been going well, Kesley makes a quick suggestion that the pair get out and have one last adventure before winter settles in for good. Because when the snow starts falling in the far north, it doesn't tend to stop for months.

And so the pair head out to investigate an old far elf ruin, said to contain a lethal danger, and in doing so run into a beautiful, badass six foot six blonde babe who is down for a quick adventure, and something more...

After barely managing to survive an onslaught of relentless demon assassins, fleeing across the country, and finally putting an end to the latest threat to their new life together, John and Yelena found themselves in the presence of a dragoness. After she agreed to help them by teaching Yelena to shape-shift so that she can more easily blend into society and hide her true, demonic nature, the pair settled in for the long haul.

Now, six months have passed. Winter has come and gone. Spring is finally coming to the land north of the Frost Mountains. As John and Yelena prepare to get back to their lives and hit the road in search of fun and adventure once again, they happen to run into Fiona, a beautiful and incredibly ambitious adventuress. After their mutual dragoness friend vouches for her, Fiona pitches her grand plan to the couple.

She wants to stabilize the frozen wastelands north of the mountains by rebuilding an abandoned mining town, thereby breathing new life into the local economy and infrastructure. Since it seems like a good goal and sounds like a great challenge to test themselves against, John and Yelena agree. And the pair of them get launched on a brand new adventure that will pit them against some of their deadliest challenges yet, and put them on a path to meet some of the most exotic and interesting badass adventuresses in the far north...

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A mini-series focusing on John and Yelena as they travel across the land, saying farewell for now (both verbally and sexually), to the various friends they’ve made over the course of their relationship together.