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Welcome to my Fantasy Erotica Shared Universe!

In this universe, humans live on a planet of magic and mayhem, swords and sorcery, and a lot of dangerous monsters. They live alongside the petite, forest-dwelling elves, the furry, cat-like felis, and the scaly, lizard-like beryl, but also share the land with a great many 'monster' races that live in the wilderness. Although many humans believe that anything you run into in the wild, in the mountains or the forests, is a dangerous creature that will kill on sight, the reality is that several of the inhuman races are more than willing to live and let live, like the dryads, or the snake-like serpentine. And some races find themselves caught awkwardly in between these two groups, namely those who have been cursed or otherwise infected and turned into vampires, werewolves, or undead.

The stories you will find in this world of fantasy and erotica tend to focus on two different things: hot, passionate, and highly sexual trysts and relationships between young human men and sexy inhuman women, and adventures that tend to pull together unique and unlikely groups of fighters, mages, and others, as they are forced to deal with dangerous and threatening situations that no one else will or can handle. There's swordplay and magic duels and undead creatures and ravenous monsters, and a whole lot of interspecies and interracial sex in between.

If you've ever found yourself looking for erotica with more emphasis on trust and communication, functional open relationships, sexual respect, and regular human guys having amazing sex with hot monster girls, then these stories are definitely for you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the first three years of my career, (i.e. almost all of it) I produced, almost exclusively, short episodic erotica, which I would then collect into Complete Seasons. I have since decided to stop doing this and have chosen to re-release all of my short fiction as novels. This is a lengthy, ongoing process that will last for quite awhile. I would mostly consider the novel versions I am releasing superior to the episodic/Complete Season versions, for various reasons. (I.e., better formatting, some new edits/fixes, new, hand-drawn cover art, and in some cases a LOT of new content), but objectively speaking, it's a better deal, as these novel versions will be 2.99$ or 3.99$. So if you see an older title that's part of a series or a trilogy that you're really interested in, I just want it to be known that if you wait, you'll get a better deal financially. I just want people to be informed.

Below is a list of series and titles written for my Fantasy Erotica Universe.