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Hellcats is a trilogy that focuses on Ryan, a young human tech who feels like, if he doesn't do something wild and crazy, his whole life will pass him by. In a fit of spontaneity, he quits his job, abandons his old life, and signs on with a mercenary crew. And basically wins the lottery. This crew, called the Hellcats, is populated entirely by alien or otherwise inhuman women, all of whom are, for their own reasons, sexually frustrated and looking for an easy boytoy to keep on the ship. Ryan fits the bill perfectly. He soon finds himself having amazing sex with a variety of beautiful inhuman women while traveling across the galaxy.

This trilogy is a continuing narrative, with each book leading into the next. It emphasizes an erotic harem narrative, though there are more focused romances throughout, and there is some sci-fi action as well.


Emily is a seven foot killing machine. Genetically engineered and designed for combat by the military, and then later discharged when they grew tired of her and her kind, the Amazonians, she ended up forming her own mercenary team and drifting across a galaxy where over half a dozen different species live in relative harmony. Although she's fairly successful when it comes to making money, she finds herself in a frustrating situation: it's hard to get laid when you're a seven foot killing machine. The other mercenaries she shares her ship with, all of them aliens, all of them women, have their own similar situations. In a fit of frustration, she decides to deal with this problem by hiring on a cute young human who she figures won't mind being passed around like a sex toy by the crew...

Ryan is twenty years old and afraid that he's settled into the rest of his life already. He's prudent, responsible, has a good job and no debts. Although he isn't adventurous by nature, in a fit of spontaneity he decides to sign on with a crew of mercenaries, as he figures his skills as a technician would be useful to those who live on a space ship, and it's a way to see the galaxy. And apparently luck was on his side in a way it never has been before: he signed on with Emily and the Hellcats, a group of attractive, tough, mostly alien mercenaries who, he quickly learns, are interested in more than just his technical skill, and plan on having him perform maintenance on them rather than the ship...

Ryan and the Hellcats have spent some time together, run a few simple missions, and gotten to know each other...on a very intimate, personal level. Although he still feels like he's a man in a dream almost all of the time, he's beginning to settle into his amazing new life as a mercenary.

After a pair of new women show up, another beautiful brunette Amazonian and silver-skinned sexbot-turned-mercenary, the crew decides that it's high time they indulged in a vacation. Something they haven't enjoyed in quite awhile. They are especially looking forward to it when they learn that this will be Ryan's first real vacation.

They take him to a relaxing paradise of a planet and land on the White Sand Islands, then promptly proceed to rent out the entire top floor a lavish hotel and get right to all sorts of sultry, naughty things. Namely by seeing how far they can take things with their new boytoy without breaking him...

After a fun-filled, sexy, week-long vacation, Ryan and the Hellcats are returning to their ship and preparing to deal with some new situations that have cropped up.

For Emily, this means finding a job with a bit more weight, and a higher payout, as they spent a lot more money while on vacation than she realized. Unfortunately, a higher paying job tends to mean a higher amount of danger, and while normally she doesn't balk at danger, now Ryan is part of the team, and she's grown very fond of him...

For Ryan, he has suddenly found himself in a situation he's never been in before, (though he has dreamed often of it): a three-way, open relationship with two extraordinarily beautiful alien women. As he prepares to begin sharing living quarters with Colleen, he also looks forward to getting to know his two girlfriends, as well as the other women on the ship, even better. But things get more complicated as he begins wondering about his own purpose on the ship beyond simply being a boytoy...

Welcome to the complete collected trilogy of Hellcats, a harem sci-fi erotica.

In a futuristic society where humanity lives alongside a half-dozen other alien races in relative peace, romantic or even casual relationships between the species are still a taboo for most races. Especially humanity.

Ryan is a young technician with a lot of expertise, but not much real life experience. Looking to break out of his simple life, he suddenly signs on with a group of mercenaries called the Hellcats. And when he learns that the crew of beautiful alien or otherwise inhuman women intend to use him for more than just his technical skills, everything changes forever...

This collection includes HELLCATS, HELLCATS 2, & HELLCATS 3, as well as three bonus short stories that take place after the end of Hellcats 3.

THE SWAP, in which Ryan and Syl decide to do some experimenting and swap partners with another couple.

STILL TALL, STILL SEXY, in which Emily pays Ryan a visit and has some fun.

THE SWAP - PART 2, in which Ryan and Syl hook up with a mature married woman looking for an interracial threesome.

THE HELLCATS TRILOGY contains casual sex between a human and a host of alien or otherwise inhuman ladies, and definitely features a lot of passionate sex scenes. You have been warned.