I’ve decided to create this page to help answer questions people may have about my stories, and also because I like creating things like this. I love looking ahead and making plans. Now, the obvious drawback to this is that I may feel differently next month or next year. So please note: none of this is definitive. Everything is subject to change. Although this can go both ways. Sometimes, I might decide, ‘You know what? I do want to make a sequel to that!’ But other times I might realize, ‘Shit…maybe a sequel isn’t such a good idea.’

Check back every now and then. Also, these are pretty straightforward, simple descriptions. If you’re dying to know more about a specific title, please feel free to e-mail me at mistyvixen@outlook.com and ask me directly. I’ll give you as solid an answer as I can. This will also include series that I have mentioned, but have not yet gotten around to.

(LAST UPDATED: 09.15.2019)


  • WANDERLUST: This series is complete. I’m very confident about that.

  • LUST & ADVENTURE: I still feel bad about how I ended the trilogy. I’m going to write at least one more Lust & Adventure novel. I may write a few more.

  • ROYAL LUST: I am waffling on whether or not to continue this. I like the characters, but I also only have so much time, and of all the things calling for a sequel right now, this is among the weakest.

  • ADVENTUROUS: I am definitely writing a sequel to this, and there is a good chance I will turn it into a series, given how strongly it calls for one.

  • MY UNDEAD LOVER: I’m not sure. If I do anything with this, it will be a full rewrite, expanding it into a novel, and maybe a trilogy. I really like the characters and the concept.

  • LARGE & LOVELY: Although there’s no sequel intended, Morgan will definitely show up a lot, so keep an eye out for her.

  • LAY OF THE LAND: I do not intend to do anything more with this series. At most, some of the characters may appear as cameos in other stories.

  • SNAKESKIN: I must admit that I do think about doing something more with these two characters from time to time. I don’t know, we’ll see what happens.

  • DEMONESS: This series will continue for a long time. I want to get Demoness V written next year (2020).

  • WOMEN OF THE WILD: I actually intend for this to be as long and involved as Demoness, and I already have over half a dozen novel ideas for it, but it’ll be awhile before I get back to it.

  • UNTITLED INCEST STORY: This is a previously unmentioned idea. It will be an incest-themed free story, and possibly mini-series, that I will release through this website.

  • UNTITLED: Basically a large series that kind of ties all my other stuff together and also delivers a massive, epic story. This is a long ways off.


  • HELLCATS: This series is finished. I’m very confident about that.

  • DESIRE: Same here. I don’t plan to do anything else with this.

  • BLIND DATE: Ditto.


  • ALIEN HAREM: I may rewrite this.

  • VALKYRIES: I may rewrite this.

  • LIKE A SEX TOY: I am going to rewrite, and retitle, this as a novel, and then continue it as a series.

  • AMAZONIAN’S LOVE: I don’t think I’ll continue this. It’s possible, but admittedly I feel like I’m covering the Amazonian/human love story with my Like A Sex Toy rewrite.

  • WILD DISCOVERY: This is a series I have been talking about for awhile now. I’ll get to it eventually, I promise! It’s basically survival erotica.

  • KYRA’S GAME: My free incest story. This is currently being written.

  • UNTITLED: This is a series that will be more of a passion project than anything else. It’s hurt-comfort, romantic erotica, and I plan for it to be a series. It’s depressing, but like depressing on the road to happy.

  • UNTITLED: I very recently got hit with a new idea for a series of fun and sexy shorter novels that focus almost exclusively on a certain fetish. More on this later. It’s hot.


  • SEX & SURVIVAL: I’ll be writing one more novel for this to finish it off and kind of lead into the current crisis being faced in Haven.

  • THE PALE REDHEAD: I’m done with this.

  • A NEW WORLD: Same, no more ideas for this one.

  • HAVEN: This series is ongoing, and I plan to write several more novels for it. Like, several. Haven 3 is aiming for an Early 2020 release.

  • UNTITLED: A series that also hits very hard on a particular fetish, and also has a lot of survival and action elements.

  • UNTITLED: Like the fantasy series above, this is another ‘ties it all together’ series, where characters from all over will participate. Long way off.


  • PARANORMAL PASSIONS: This is for sure done. Honestly, Parasexual is just my idealized version of this.

  • PINK: This is definitely done.


  • PARASEXUAL: Gearing up to write Parasexual 5 presently. Going to finish off this series (and this universe) with Parasexual 6 in Winter 2019.