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Welcome to my Post-Apocalyptic Shared Universe!

In this universe, several decades after society collapsed due to a virus that turned half of humanity into ravenous, mindless zombies, and half of all the survivors into a variety of different mutation strains, humans and inhumans live in small, largely insular settlements or roam the land, looking for lost fortunes. There can be a fair amount of tension between humans, who remain the largest single population, and the inhumans, who range from the furry cat-like jags to the very tall and strong goliaths to the aquatic squids to the mysterious, plant-like nymphs. As expected, relationships of any real kind between humans and inhumans, especially involving the wraiths, those caught in an awkward half life somewhere in between human and zombie, is very taboo. Not that it stops the more adventurous of any of the races.

The stories you'll find here tend to focus more on zombie-killing action and adventure, and hot interracial sex, with a good dose of loving relationships.

If you've ever found yourself looking for sexy stories with more emphasis on trust and communication, functional open relationships, sexual respect, regular human guys having amazing sex with hot inhuman women, and action and adventure, then these stories are definitely for you!

Below is a list of series and titles written for my Post-Apocalyptic Shared Universe.