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REFUGE is a series set hundreds of years in the future. In a distant star system ravaged by war, Corporal Jax Everette has been fighting for his government for nearly five years now. Whether it is against the mindless and bloodthirsty Gez, the savage, war-loving Nyr, or the superior, technologically advanced Flix, he’s gone to battle again and again in the name of freedom and survival.

But it’s becoming increasingly obvious to Jax that his superiors not only no longer know what exactly they’re doing, it seems as if they no longer care. The brass further up the chain of command send the young and desperate off to die as they grow fat and lazy. Strict food rationing is enforced as the COs stuff their faces. Soldiers are sent to die by the hundreds in battles that have no real meaning, and mistakes frequently cost lives.

After barely surviving one such battle, Jax decides that he’s had enough. Getting to a nearby abandoned military outpost, he decides that he’s done fighting for the military, and he’s going to take refuge at this outpost. And, luckily for him, he’s going to encounter several other women who not only feel the same way, but are more than thrilled to get in bed with him and with each other…


In the distant future, humanity has spread among the stars, and discovered that there is, in fact, life out there.

In a small, isolated system called Pillix, a group of humans looking to escape the totalitarian nightmare their society had become staked a claim and began establishing independent colonies. Unfortunately for them, after a few decades, it was pointed out that they had in fact set up in someone else's backyard. Now, Pillix is a nightmare of a warzone, with almost half a dozen different factions fighting for dominance of the system.

For five years Jax Everette has fought and bled for the United Pillix Government as a space Marine. He's worked himself nearly to death, fought in dozens of battles, and watched too many of his friends die in an increasingly desperate war. But now, after crash-landing in a desert after retreating from a battle he and a thousand other soldiers were thrown blindly into, it's become obvious to him just how incompetent, lazy, and downright negligent his superiors have become.

And he's done. Taking refuge at a nearby abandoned military outpost with a single other survivor, Signy, the pilot of the ship he was in, he has decided that he's quitting, and he's going to make his own decisions from now on. And luckily Signy feels the same way. As they start to determine what they'll need to do to survive, he's very happy to find that Signy is very attracted to him, and more than willing to take several breaks for some intimate and personal 'getting to know you' time...

Jax and Signy have begun the long process of making a home for themselves out in the desert. Although there are potentially threats from every side in the form of a hostile environment, dangerous local wildlife, and the warring factions fighting for dominance of the area who could show up at any moment, things are quiet for now.

Taking advantage of this, the pair quickly get to work on chipping away at the mountain of tasks that lay before them. The outpost's power generator is shot and desperately needs to be repaired, a full inventory of even their most basic supplies like food, water, medicine, and ammo still needs to be assessed, and there's a vehicle in the motorpool that, if fixed, would greatly help them out.

Right now, the only real problem is that they keep getting distracted by sex, which admittedly isn't much of a problem...

For two injured people, alone and under-equipped in the middle of a desert, Jax and Signy feel as though they're doing pretty well for themselves, all things considered. Of course, their situation could go bad at any time. All it would take is one of a thousand different things that could go wrong to screw them over completely.

But so far, they've found that they fit well together. Both professionally, and personally. Now, though, the time has come to leave the outpost and hike through the burning desert to the only other building in the entire region, (that they know of), to look for supplies, weapons, and possibly other survivors of the battle that killed hundreds. The only problem is that this building could contain anything, anything at all...

This is the first three parts of REFUGE - A SCI-FI SURVIVAL HAREM, collected.

There is NO NEW CONTENT. I want to be clear on that. This exists largely for mega-fans who want another way to support me and as a way for prudent readers to save some money.

In the distant future, a collection of human colonies who have broken away from their totalitarian government for the sake of their own independence now finds themselves locked in a confusing, brutal, multi-sided war. Corporal Jax Everette has been fighting in this war for five years now, and after watching a steady decline in competence and steady rise of greed and apathy in his superiors, after a particularly bloody battle, he decides that he's finished.

Crash landing in the middle of a wartorn desert, he begins to make a new home for himself at an abandoned outpost, and soon discovers that there are others like him, similarly fed up with the situation. And they happen to be very attractive women...