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Welcome to my Science Fiction Shared Universe!

In this universe, in the far future where space travel is common and dozens of planets have been colonized, humanity shares the galaxy with over half a dozen different alien societies that all live together in relative harmony. While no one is at war with each other and mixed colonies are fairly common, some races, including humans, have difficulty with the idea of interspecies relationships, romantic or casual, and in general it tends to be frowned upon. But for some people, this subtle societal tension just makes their interracial hookups and passionate, star-crossed romances that much sexier. There's a variety of alien species in this galaxy, from the petite, tech-obsessed xenians, to the tall, mysterious, avian Avix, to the aquatic, gray-skinned quine, and much more.

The stories you'll find here tend to focus on two things, often at the same time: hot and highly sexual interracial hookups or more sustained relationships, and groups of badass mercenary babes working together to kick ass and right wrongs. Although the storylines are a bit more diverse in this universe. One series focuses on a group of aliens and their human friend working together to film interracial porn to help pay the bills, and another tells the tale of a human technician being given a dream job when he's asked to come work at a city-sized space station brothel where almost every kink and fetish imaginable is available. Another still is about a team of mercenaries kicking ass and having a lot of sex.

If you've ever found yourself looking for sexy stories with more emphasis on trust and communication, functional open relationships, sexual respect, regular human guys having amazing sex with hot alien ladies, and action-packed narratives, then these stories are definitely for you!

Below is a list of series and titles written for my Science Fiction Shared Universe.