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Sex & Survival is a trilogy that follows the adventures and exploits of Mike Walker, a survivor in his mid-twenties who has been traveling across the ruins of America for years now. He kills zombies, looks for supplies in the wilderness, and indulges in his own particular fetish whenever he gets the opportunity: sexy inhuman ladies.

TRILOGY STATUS: I plan to write one more novel for this series.

Welcome to a future where half of all humanity has been wiped out by a virus once meant to be a scientific revolution. Instead of making the world a better place, it destroyed civilization and created zombies. To make matters more complicated, half of all the survivors began to mutate into inhumans, adapting to the world around them. Some can fly. Some can live underwater. Some have fur, and some have scales.

Enter Mike Walker, a survivor who has grown up in this chaotic new world. He lives his life on the road, wandering the ravaged countryside, looking for lost supply caches and good times. And given that he greatly enjoys the company of women not of his own species, Mike is happy to learn that there are many inhuman women interested in sleeping with him...

A little while after his successful haul hunting down the old cache of supplies, things have taken a turn for the worst for adventurer Mike Walker. After waking up in a forest, stripped of all his supplies and with zombies closing in, he manages to make it to a nearby village. There, he meets a beautiful redheaded wraith, one of the unfortunate souls who is caught halfway between human and zombie, named Leah.

She takes an immediate liking to him, and the two hook up. As he starts running jobs to buy back his stolen supplies, he learns that he was the victim of a local gang who has been terrorizing the region. Mike and Leah then decide that they're going to do whatever it takes to bring this gang down...

Winter is bearing down on Mike and Leah. After taking out the gang terrorizing the territory Leah and Cora lived in, the trio decided that they were going to travel together. Which lasted until Cora realized that she needed some time to discover herself, traveling alone on the road, so they parted ways, agreeing to meet up after winter.

Mike and Leah have continued on and as the pair comes to a small settlement, they end up striking a deal with the locals: they help find the parts necessary to rebuild a hydroponic garden, and in exchange they get to stay for free in town and ride out the winter. As they get to work, dealing with plummeting temperatures and dangerous enemies, they end up running into an old friend of Mike's...

Welcome to the complete trilogy of Sex & Survival, a post-apocalyptic erotica!

In a bleak future where half of all humanity was turned into mindless zombies, and half of all the survivors were morphed into inhuman mutations, Mike Walker is a survivor. Born several years after the cataclysm that tore the world apart transpired, he is used to life on the road and struggling for survival.

As he moves among the sparse settlements and keeps an eye out for the next adventure, he also often searches for the company of beautiful inhuman women. Although relations between humans and inhumans are often strained, Mike has always preferred their company...

This collection contains SEX & SURVIVAL, SEX & SURVIVAL 2, and SEX & SURVIVAL 3, as well as two bonus short stories.

The first is ANOTHER NEW FRIEND, in which a friend Mike made over the course of repairing the greenhouse shows up at his place looking for a good time.

The second is AN INTERESTING REQUEST, in which another of Riley's friends, a beautiful pregnant human woman, shows up looking for some special treatment that she can't seem to find anywhere else.

Both of these now serve as an epilogue for Sex & Survival 3.