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Valkyries is a trilogy about a seven foot tall badass warrior woman, a rare alien beauty who knows how to fight, and a human tech who’s looking to get back into the mercenary game. Together, they decide that it’s high time to stop working for idiots who don’t know what they’re doing and instead form their own mercenary team, who take their own jobs. And have a lot of sex.

TRILOGY STATUS: I may rewrite this.


Veronica is a futuristic warrior women. Genetically engineered and seven feet tall, she was trained to kill like no other. And then she was booted from the military that created her. Saf is a kai, living in a galaxy where she is one of the very few of her kind who chooses to travel among the other races that share a galactic civilization. What they have in common, besides being best friends and casual lovers, is that they're both mercenaries who are fed up with working under idiots.

Jared is a human technician who has been living a civilian's life for the past year after getting shot eight times and nearly dying. But living a simple life, he's learning, isn't for him. So when he meets two extremely badass and hot mercenary women looking to form their own group and are looking for a tech, it feels a little like fate, and he signs up immediately. Especially when he learns that they're also very interested in hooking up with him...

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Veronica, Saf, and Jared, and now Lindsay, the sexy cat-girl badass, have laid the groundwork in putting together their ideal mercenary team. Now that they have a ship and some supplies, they've decided that the time has come to finish filling out their roster. They have their eye on Angel, a career mercenary, badass warrior who used to run with the Hellcats, and all around highly sexual pleasure goddess, and Vix, an anxious and somewhat reclusive xenian computer engineer.

On top of that, they're going to need to earn a lot of credits if they want to finish repairing and stocking their ship. So there's a lot of jobs they need to take on in the immediate future. And to make matters more interesting, Jared finds himself getting to know the latest additions to the crew on an extremely intimate level, while continuing to explore the realms of pleasure with his friends...

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The Valkyries are complete. They have a fully functional and furnished ship, a completely stocked armory, and the dream team of fellow mercenaries to help them tackle any jobs that might come up. And for awhile, things were going exactly as they had dreamed it would.

And then one day Veronica runs into a woman with a horror story: someone close to her has been kidnapped by slavers and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Enraged by the apathy of the government and military forces responsible for keeping its citizens safe, the Valkyries decide that they have a new goal in life: take down the evil slavers lurking along the fringes of space, once and for all.

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Welcome to the complete collected trilogy of Valkyries, a sci-fi, action harem erotica.

Hundreds of years into the future, humanity has spread to the stars and lives uneasily alongside a half dozen other species. While romance or even casual sexual encounters aren't forbidden between the species, they're certainly frowned upon. Especially among the humans, who are relatively new on the galactic scene.

Jared is a human technician and former mercenary who's living a civilian life after nearly dying a year ago. But when he meets a pair of badass warrior women, Veronica and Saf, intent on forming their own mercenary group and working their own jobs, he realizes that he misses the mercenary life.

As they team up and begin making their own squad of tough, beautiful alien women intent on leading a free and fun life, Jared realizes that they all intend to hook up with him in more than just a professional manner...

This collection includes VALKYRIES, VALKYRIES 2, & VALKYRIES 3, as well as two bonus short stories that take place during the final chapter of Valkyries 3.

FOUR AMAZONIANS, ONE GUY, in which Jared finds himself the center of attention for four seven foot tall women.

INTIMATE, in which Jared and Vix find themselves in a conversation with Saf and Lindsay, who want to find out exactly where they all stand in their varied relationships, and to bring things to an even more intimate level…