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Wanderlust is a series that follows the adventures of a young man named Owyn Fisher who, upon turning eighteen, marches out of his small village of Fish View, intent on living the life of an adventurer. He wants to hunt for treasure, camp under the stars, fight dangerous beasts in the wilds, and just generally have a good time. One particular pleasure of the easygoing, casual life of an adventurer is that there are a lot of women, both fellow adventurers and inhuman women of the wild, who are very interested in a lot of casual, fun sex...


Owyn Fisher has finally come of age. He is finally considered an adult. At least technically. Having grown up in a tiny coastal village where the most interesting thing that happens is the occasional adventurer that wanders through, Owyn has been desperate to get out and begin his life on the road. A life he envisions as one filled with adventure, mystery, and danger.

However, it's never that easy. Nor is anything ever as straightforward as it appears. As Owyn finishes gearing up, buying what he thinks he'll need to survive out in a world of monsters, magic, and mayhem, he gets his first job: protecting a necromancer who turns out to be an absurdly beautiful redhead named Krystal. But he can't quite figure out why she'd need protection as she walks from one town to the next, given that she's more than capable of taking care of herself.

When the first night falls and the two decide to make camp instead of pressing on, he quickly learns the real reason the socially awkward Krystal hired him...

Owyn Fisher has taken the first steps on a journey into the world at large that surrounds the small coastal village he has spent his entire life in. He's met (and slept with) a few women, some of them from the different races he inhabits the land with, including a mature lizard-like beryl, a pair of hot and horny cat-like felis, and two sultry and casual elves. He's fought some creatures, gained some coin, and generally had a good time.

But Owyn is about to take his sexual adventuring to the next level. He is going down a path that few go, and fewer still would ever admit to. Sleeping with monster women. After having a chance encounter with a beautiful mermaid very interested in sleeping with humans, she points him towards her shy but lusty dryad friend, and as one thing quickly leads to another, Owyn finds himself immersed in a world of monster women all looking for a hot time with a cute young human...

Owyn is having some troubles. After discovering that not only was he attracted to very inhuman women, but that there are apparently several inhuman women out there who are just as interested in him, he began a serial spree of casual hookups with a number of monster girls.

But after an extended stay with an actual succubus, Owyn has discovered something bad, something that is beginning to haunt him: he might be headed towards a situation where he can only become aroused for inhuman women. After sinking into a depression and hiding away at Suck Lust, sleeping with vampires and undead ladies for a month, he is one day tracked down by an incredibly beautiful fairy named Fay.

After seducing him, she tells him that she has sought him out to help her with her own problem. She wants him to sleep with increasingly unique and strange monster women so that she can watch. Unsure of what else to do and excited by the prospect, Owyn follows Fay into the wild...

Owyn has come full circle, returning to his home village for some spiritual healing. After putting himself back together over the course of winter, he begins investigating something that has been on his mind for a little while now.

Bliss, the Goddess of Love and Sex. As winter lifts and Owyn returns to his adventures, he goes on the hunt for a shrine to Bliss, and when he finds one, everything changes forever as the Goddess herself takes a personal interest in him...

Welcome to the complete series of Wanderlust, a fantasy interracial erotica with lots of sexy monster girls.

In a world of magic and monsters and adventurers, a young man named Owyn Fisher is not content with his life. When he comes of age, he leaves his small coastal village and heads out into the world at large, intent on adventuring. But while he expected to find lost treasures and dangerous situations, he had no idea that there would be so many beautiful, inhuman ladies interested in sleeping with him...

This collection contains WANDERLUST, WANDERLUST II, WANDERLUST III, & WANDERLUST IV, as well as four bonus shorts that take place after the end of Wanderlust IV.

FIRST TIME, in which Owyn helps an inexperienced young woman try sex for the first time.

FORMER PRINCESS ELLIE LENNOX, in which Owyn has a hot encounter with a badass ex-princess.

ALL NATURAL, in which Owyn has a very special and intimate encounter with the Goddess of Nature.

KATRINA, in which Owyn is given a special present by Krystal.