Crystal Candy is a secondary pseudonym that I started in an attempt to satisfy and solve a few different problems. Let’s dig in.


  • Some of the ideas I have don’t really fit anywhere else, and I don’t want to abandon them either. This was a nice way to give those ideas a home!

  • Money. Yes, the almighty dollar. Misty Vixen is doing okay, but it’s all too easy to have a garbage month where my sales sudden drop by HALF. That’s terrifying.

  • Total absolute control. As Misty Vixen, I now rely on more than one person before I can release a title. As Crystal Candy, I am the only person involved.

  • The pink silhouettes. It might sound silly, but I missed my original cover aesthetic! This seemed like a nice way to bring them back and give them a new home.


  • Admittedly, my primary goal for this one is to take the financial pressure off of Misty Vixen. The fantastic news is that if this works, I can work on basically whatever I want for Misty Vixen. (Yes, that means Demoness!!!)

  • This will also allow me to dip my toe into a few genres that would admittedly be too big of a risk as Misty Vixen. If it bombs as Crystal Candy, that will be sad, but not devastating. A few of the genres I’m looking to explore are horror, cyberpunk, and game-lit.

  • Bringing you more content! That’s always a goal, providing more fun, sexy reading material.


  • The biggest difference is going to be the tone of the stories. My main focus is always going to be harems. That’s the support pillar around which I’ll build the story. I’ve also been told that too many of my protagonists are too indecisive, so my protagonists will be more assertive and decisive. Although I’m still not going to head into alpha male douche-bag territory. At least not intentionally. Also, I might not be as ‘on message’ in these stories as I typically am in my Misty Vixen stuff. For example: my first series features the protagonist sleeping with a woman who is cheating on her husband. I’m not sure what else I might explore, though don’t worry, it won’t get into really bad territory or anything.

  • Length. These stories will tend to be longer than short stories, but shorter than novels. Right now, I’m aiming for stories somewhere between 10,000 - 20,000 words, or less than 100 Kindle pages. I’d love to give a better estimate for Kindle pages, but honestly, I have no fucking clue how they measure them anymore. Some of the estimates I’m seeing appear on the actual pages make ZERO sense, so that’s as best I can do. Some stories will probably go on longer than 20,000 words, and some might dip under 10,000, but I’d say those are probably the extremes. You shouldn’t see anything less than say 9,000 words long, and nothing longer than 30,000 words. That COULD change, however, as Crystal Candy is still in its experimental, developmental phase.

  • Collections. I will be releasing trilogy packs, like I used to do with Misty Vixen, however, I want to be clear, there is NO NEW CONTENT. No bonus shorts . I admittedly got tired of writing those, because it was very difficult to not only find something that fit in continuity, but also carefully rode the razor’s edge between being interesting enough to be bonus content, but not so interesting that people would get frustrated that it wasn’t in the other stories. So largely they exist as a means for mega fans wanting to help me out. If you don’t care about this kind of stuff, you can safely disregard the collections.

I hope that answered your questions! If you’d like to support me further, you can do so very easily if you have the Kindle Unlimited. All of my stories will be enrolled in the KU, so reading them will help me out! Let me know if you have any other questions, and enjoy the show!