It occurs to me that I have a lot of stories. And that can probably be a little overwhelming to people who are newcomers to me and my library of work. So this page is kind of just a quick & dirty starter's guide. Below is a list of my works and basic descriptions of them to get you started and help you figure out what you might like. I've got Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, & Post-Apocalyptic. Let's get started!

Below, I will detail each of my primary universes, and then provide descriptions and links to the first novel of each series.


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Well, probably the best thing you could do if you wanted to get a taste for what I write is to pick up a copy of my starter pack. It comes with four original novellas, each one set in one of my four primary universes. You can purchase it in eBook or paperback format. Over 100,000 words of hot human guy on inhuman lady action!

LIKE A SEX TOY takes place in my Sci-Fi Universe. In it, a young, inexperienced technician serving aboard a military space vessel suddenly finds himself in a steamy, passionate relationship with a seven foot tall, genetically engineered redheaded soldier and her two best friends...

ROOMMATES WITH BENEFITS takes place in my Paranormal Universe. In it, a young human decides to live on his own and when he moves into an apartment with three paranormal women, a vampire, a succubus, and an elf, he discovers that they have hot, ulterior motives for asking him to live with them...

LAY OF THE LAND takes place in my Fantasy Universe. In it, a young man is sent by his parents to prove his reliability by fixing up the isolated family cabin. Living alone for several weeks in the woods beyond his village sounds scary but appealing. However, it becomes far more appealing when he encounters a horny dryad desperate to experience sex with a human, and one thing quickly leads to another as she introduces him to her like-minded friends...

A NEW WORLD takes place in my Post-Apocalyptic Universe. In it, a young man with a lot of mechanical aptitude but no way to utilize it is approached by two women. In a world ravaged by a virus that turned half of humanity into zombies, and half of the survivors into a variety of mutations, these two women are decidedly inhuman. One is seven and a half feet tall, the other is a cat-woman. They want to offer him a job and a place to live back in their own village, which would desperately benefit from his expertise. When he agrees, they begin escorting him back through the dangerous wilderness, and he learns that they are interested in more than just his knowledge...

Kindle | Paperback


My Fantasy stories take place in a world of magic and swords and monsters. It is primarily dominated by small-town humans who share the land with elves, the cat-people felis, and the lizard-people beryl. A wide variety of monsters also roam the countryside. Some are dangerous, some are friendly. Some are very friendly. The stories primarily focus on relationships between humans and the other 'civilized' species, but there's also a large emphasis on sexual encounters between humans and 'monster' women, ranging from mermaids to dryads to demons to snake women and much more.


Demoness is a series that focuses on the unlikely relationship between a disillusioned and frustrated hunter named John who feels like his dead-end life is going nowhere, and Yelena, a fierce demoness warrior who feels lost and miserable following a decades-long clan war in her realm. When a chance meeting between the two occurs one day outside of John's small village, he ends up saving her life and agreeing to keep her hidden at his cabin while she regains enough magical energy to return to her own realm. But soon the pair find themselves falling in lust, and when they begin a passionate tryst that neither of them thought possible, it evolves into something so much more...

DEMONESS: Kindle | Paperback


Wanderlust is about a young man who has just come of age and has thrown off the shackles of a normal life. His name is Owyn and he's determined not to be a fisherman like his father and his father's father before him. As he sets off into the world, he begins encountering women on the fringes of society who, like him, aren't comfortable with cookie-cutter roles and societal norms. They're also quite interested in fun, happy sex.

WANDERLUST: Kindle | Paperback


Women of the Wild is kind of a long-form spiritual successor to Wanderlust. It’s about a young man who decides he wants to live his own life on the road, having adventures and meeting new and interesting people. When he takes the first steps into this new life, learning how dangerous and exciting it truly is, he’s surprised to learn that some of the people he’ll be meeting are, in fact, monster women. And although he’s heard stories about how monster women are typically very interested in city-dwellers, it seems that everyone has gotten the stories wrong, as these ladies don’t want to hurt him. Instead, they want to explore the taboo thrill of interspecies sex with him.

WOMEN OF THE WILD: Kindle | Paperback


Lust & Adventure features a budding relationship that begins when Layla, a seasoned adventuress cat-woman, hires Alan, a young, inexperienced human healer, to help her on an adventure. One thing leads to another, and the pair decide to have adventures, of the exploring and the sexual nature, together.

LUST & ADVENTURE: Kindle | Paperback



My Science Fiction stories all take place in a far future where humans have colonized the galaxy and now live in relative galactic peace with over a half-dozen different alien species. Sex and even romance between species, especially humans and any other species, is frowned upon and a social taboo. These stories largely focus on budding relationships or passionate trysts between humans and the various alien ladies that live alongside them.


Hellcats primarily follows the adventures of a young, socially awkward technician named Ryan who takes a leap of faith and joins up with a mercenary crew called the Hellcats. What he finds is a group of alien or otherwise inhuman women who are looking for a boytoy to live on their ship with them and fuck them. Ryan fits the bill perfectly.

HELLCATS: Kindle | Paperback


Alien Harem is about a young human named James who is a failing writer. He is friends with Aria, a beautiful alien woman who is also a failing writer, and lives with three other attractive alien women, all of whom are creative types enjoying (or lamenting) varying degrees of success. Everything changes for James when they invite him to not only come live with them, but also help them shoot human-on-alien porn to sell on the net to help pay the rent.

ALIEN HAREM: Kindle | Paperback


Desire is about a young human technician who, fresh out of college with a degree in basic technology, is given the opportunity of a lifetime when asked to come work onboard a city-sized space station called Desire that caters to nearly every sexual fetish imaginable. He explores all sorts of deviant desires as he settles into his new life.

DESIRE: Kindle | Paperback


Valkyries centers on two badass mercenary women, a seven foot genetically engineered warrior woman named Veronica and a rare, alien beauty named Saf, who are fed up with working for idiots. After deciding to form their own mercenary team, they run into Jared, a former merc technician who has been living a civilian’s life after nearly being killed a year ago. When the three of them team up and begin building their squad, the Valkyries, they decide that in addition to working together, they’re all going to want to sleep together too. (Note: Unfortunately, Amazon hates this trilogy, so I have been forced to publish it through other means. Hence the different links, and the reason it’s no longer available in paperback. Also, for some reason, Kobo won’t publish it either, but I think that’s a technical error of some sort?)

VALKYRIES: Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Apple


My Post-Apocalyptic stories take place in a ravaged America several decades into the future after a virus turned half the world's population into zombies, and morphed half of the survivors into inhuman mutations. Stories in this universe focus primarily on, you guessed it, humans having sex with those inhuman women, and also people attempting to survive against the nightmare of a post-apocalyptic world.


Haven takes place about a year after the end of Sex & Survival and follows David, a twenty-something human who is making a desperate attempt at survival as the world violently changes around him. He and his friends must do anything it takes to build a home for themselves and stay alive.

HAVEN: Kindle | Paperback


Sex & Survival follows Mike Walker, a man in his mid-twenties who has been wandering the devastated wilderness once known as America for his entire life. Mike lives alongside other new species now, like the lizard-like rep, the amphibious squids, the half-zombie wraiths, and the plant-like nymphs. And, when no one's looking, he enjoys doing more than just living alongside them.

SEX & SURVIVAL: Kindle | Paperback


My Paranormal stories take place in a modern world where humans live alongside paranormal entities ranging from vampires to werewolves to witches to succubi and many more. The stories primarily focus on romantic and sexual encounters between regular humans and hot paranormal ladies, and everything that goes with that.


Paranormal Passions is about a socially awkward young human, Jason, trying to get his life together and his career as a writer started. After moving to a new town and starting a new job, he begins hanging out with his next door neighbor, Hannah, who happens to be a beautiful vampire. When they hook up, she begins introducing him to the culture of the magical beings he has shared the world with, but has never before met.



Parasexual is a series about Alex, a twenty-something human with a lame life and just the barest hints of ambition or knowledge of what he wants to do in a larger sense. After his life abruptly falls apart when he loses his job and his apartment, he goes to visit his best friend, who happens to be a very attractive werewolf named Brianna. When she ends up sleeping with him and then inviting him to take a roadtrip with her to Thorne, a huge coastal metropolis that is home to thousands upon thousands of paranormals, his life begins changing forever.

PARASEXUAL: Kindle | Paperback