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Women of the Wild is a series of novels that follows the adventures, both of the fantasy and of the sexual variety, of a young human named Seth. Fed up with his boring life, he has finally managed to gather up the resources and skills, (he hopes), to begin his new life as an adventuring herbalist. As he leaves his small, sedate village behind, he heads into a world he only imagined but now must live in. And while he fully expected to run into dangerous creatures, unsavory people, and potentially life-threatening situations, he had no idea that the world was so populated with beautiful, inhuman women who are very interested in casual sex with a young human like him...

This series is set up to be an over-arching narrative, but each book is more self-contained, typically featuring one main adventure and one female lead. It's definitely focused more towards erotic sex, but each encounter does result in a sweet, if temporary, romance. I've tried to strike a balance between the main adventure and erotic encounters.

SERIES STATUS: This series is on hold, as I am focusing on DEMONESS and PARASEXUAL.

Seth Baker has fantasized for years about leaving his little village, getting out from beneath his parent's overbearing influence, and living his life for himself. And the day has finally come when fantasy can become reality. He's trained, he's prepared, he's scrounged together enough gold to buy the bare basics necessary to survive the dangerous world of monsters and magic that lies beyond the walls of his simple village. (At least he hopes so.)

But Seth isn't delusion about his chances of survival, or how hard it's going to be to live out there in the wilderness, traveling between towns and trying to make it with his chosen profession of a traveling herbalist, providing rare and unique potions. So he's decided to test himself: he will travel to the Redwood Forest, one of the largest woodlands in the land, and gather five unique plants in order to make a rare potion.

While he expected to run into dangerous situations, into difficulties and hardships, into monsters and giant spiders, Seth did not at all expect to run into a beautiful dryad woman named Rain, who takes an immediate and intimate interest in him...