Hello, I’m the author! There isn’t too much to me personally. I live somewhere in the United States and I like to write stories about people having sex and people having adventures!

So what makes me special? What sets me apart from most of the other thousands of similar authors out there?

Well, a few things that I can think of.

I write about reasonable, more down-to-earth guys. I’m honestly sick of all the billionaires and NAVY Seals and cowboys and firefighters. Most of all, I’m fucking sick and tired of all these BS ‘Alpha Male’ types. I don’t really want to bring down anyone who is writing or reading that, but I thought it was high time we started hearing about guys who aren’t like this.

Another big focus of mine is human guy on inhuman lady sex. There are certainly tons of stories about hot chicks getting laid by werewolves and dinosaurs and even Bigfoot! But there’s not enough out there, in my opinion, about regular guys fucking hot alien or monster or otherwise inhuman ladies. I love writing about human guys getting laid by mermaids and dryads and sexy aliens and genetically engineered female super soldiers and robots and even more.

Finally, I like emphasizing sexual encounters, casual and longer engagements, that focus on consent, communication, trust, and respect. I like both parties getting what they want out of the sex. (Or I should say all parties, given how many people are fucking at once!)

And that’s it, I guess. There’s probably a few other things, but those are the big ones.

Here's some of the other stuff I tend to write about:

-Furry. (Definitely some hot cat-girls in my works getting fucked hard by human guys.)
-Size Play. (I fucking love tall women, so I've gone out of my way to work in lots of very tall ladies, ranging between 7 and 9 feet in height.)
-BDSM. (I'm by no means an expert fetishist, but I like writing about submissive sluts getting tied down, screamed at, fucked, and abused. And safe words are always recognized & respected.)
-Mature. (I also love writing about horny older women getting fucked hard by younger men.)
-Harem. (This is in almost everything I write. Not necessarily one dude fucking a group of women, more like, a group of people all fucking each other, and almost all of them happen to be women.)
-Bisexual. (Yes, I'm guilty of making pretty much every hot woman in my works into fucking other girls.)
-Polyamory. (Lots of happy, open relationships here.)
-Military. (I love writing about hot, fit military women having filthy sex. It doesn't come up as much, though.)

Thanks for coming to my website!


Personal Achievements

Highest Author Rank: #3 Erotica (May 2018)
Highest Ranked Book: #637 Paid in Kindle Store (Women of the Wild: The Dryad | May 2018)

#1 Bestseller in Interracial Erotica (Hellcats | April 2018)
#1 Bestseller in Erotic Science Fiction (Hellcats | April 2018)