General Update

Hey everyone, there really isn’t anything major or important in here, this is more of a sanity check for me than for anything else. But there are a few updates that you may find interesting.

So I’ve been talking about the editing my whole backlog thing for several months at this point, and I’ve finally just now, (it’s like 2AM, I couldn’t sleep), came to the realization, and decision, that it’s just not going to work, and more importantly, I’m letting it ruin my productivity. The reality of the situation is that all of my backlist has received at least one edit, most of them have gotten more than one. But what I think really made me realize that it’s just wasting time is that I had a system in place for this for years, and apparently it worked.

I would write the story. Then I would edit the story. Then I would publish the story.

Obviously, this was not perfect. Errors will get through. But honestly, no one really said much of anything because I think I managed to catch the most grievous of errors. And the fact that I went ahead and published Haven unedited has made it pretty obvious to me that I can’t do that, either, because too much slips through the initial writing.

So I’m just going back to that.

In fact, I’m going to begin implementing a new system that should really help streamline the whole process: I will edit the story as I’m writing it. That way, by the time it’s done writing, I’ll already be like 75-85% done editing it, and it’ll just take a little bit longer to finish up.

Now, that being said, I still have some things that I need to go ahead and edit, as they were edited already, and I don’t want to just waste that effort. These titles include:



  • PINK









So if anyone actually really cared about these edits, those are the titles that will be edited, although hardly anything has changed about them.

Haven never received an edit, unfortunately, so I’ll have to go over that one myself. I’ll begin working on it just as soon as Haven 2 is out. Sorry this got so fucked up.

As for other news?

Well, I’ve made good progress on Haven 2. I’m about 75% done, I think, and like half of that is already edited. (Again, hard to tell with the way I plan things. And a lot of times what I think is one chapter overflows severely and sometimes actually makes two whole chapters. This happened a lot in Demoness IV.) I’m really, really going to try and have that published by the end of the month. Honestly, I’m shooting for within the next two weeks.

After that, I want to dive back into Parasexual.

I’m still going full steam ahead with the covers. I’ve just begun the process of commissioning the Wanderlust IV cover. If I can bust some ass, I might have Wanderlust ‘relaunched’ by the end of the month too, (i.e. new cover art, new edits, nothing else though. Like, I’m not republishing it or anything, just updating.)

After that, I’m going to get new covers for all of my freebie titles currently available.

And so yeah, that’s about the size of it. Honestly, deciding to stop fucking around with this is a pretty big weight off my shoulders. I’m also going to be taking a break near the end of the month, like a real, actual one where I can’t get any work done, so I’m hoping I can come back in August with a clear head ready to write.

The Misty Vixen Newsletter (July 2019)

Hello there.

I’m unhappy to report that I didn’t manage to get as much done for Haven 2 as I’d have liked. Basically, I ran into a few personal problems pretty unexpectedly. Nothing serious, technically speaking, but they definitely took the motivation out of me for a little bit. On top of that, my medical concerns that make it hard to read/concentrate have returned and I’m dealing with them.

But I have been making plans and decisions, and I have been doing some things behind the scenes.

So first let’s talk about where I’m at with Haven 2.

At present, it’s about half written. Right now, I’m attempting to find some fucking way to balance my schedule between Misty Vixen and Crystal Candy, and my personal life, and also emotional issues. It’s incredibly frustrating because I actually used to be really good at this. Looking back at 2015, 2016, & 2017 is kind of mind-blowing, because with few exceptions, I pretty much put something new out every four days. But the thing to consider there is that it was one thing at a time, very straightforward, and I basically had to write, at most, 3,000 words a day.

Now I’m under pressure to write entire novels AND keep up with Crystal Candy, which is currently selling. Now that I have a bit of a better idea of the picture, I think I might have put myself in golden handcuffs again. Because Crystal Candy is indeed doing well, but it’s not doing well enough to take all the pressure off of Misty Vixen. Basically, they’re now both doing just good enough to warrant working really hard on fucking BOTH of them.

It’s like having two broken engines keeping a plane aloft. Neither is good enough on its own to keep the plane flying, so I have to desperately keep rushing back and forth between them, making hasty repairs and furiously trying to keep them working and fueled up, at the same time. By myself. While I’m exhausted and ill.

You can see how this might be an extremely taxing and frustrating situation.

But anyway. Haven 2. It’s half written, and I have the cover art for it, and I think it looks amazing. I am going to try very hard to have it out by the end of July. I’m currently working on a new overall schedule that I’m hoping will accommodate all these varied aspects.

As for future Misty Vixen stuff, I’d say realistically at this point I’m going to work on Haven and Parasexual. I’d like to get a few more Haven books out, especially if they keep selling as well as the first one, and I’d also really like to get Parasexual finished off. I’ve got the next two covers already, and it shouldn’t be super difficult to get the final one, either.

And that’s just the writing aspect of it all. As you know, I’ve been doing ‘renovation’ on Misty Vixen since last year, and it’s looking like it’s going to keep going on for a long time, for a few reasons.

The first is that I want this to be the last time I ever go back and do fucking ANYTHING with my older works. I want to hit a point where I only have to look at now and ahead, not backwards, too. That really fucks with me, and because I’ve made a few decisions, I suddenly have like a shitload of things from the past that need tending to.

The second is that, although yes, part of the reason I’m doing this is because I’m fucking neurotic about my backlog, I have hit a point where I feel that doing this can make a potentially genuinely massive impact on my earning ability. I honestly think that Haven sold as well as it has primarily because of the cover art. So that means the biggest thing holding me back is apparently my cover art. To that end, I am going to begin the long, drawn-out process of getting brand new cover art created for most of my backlog. This is going to be an excruciatingly time-consuming and EXPENSIVE process, even though the person with whom I am working is actually very reasonable. The problem is that I have so many fucking titles. In order to get caught up to speed, I need just about 30 brand new covers hand-drawn. So…yeah. That’s a huge investment.

I already have covers made for Wanderlust I & II, and they look spectacular.

Now, another thing that’s going to make this difficult and time-consuming is that although I did have a person helping me with editing all my old work, that…slowed down. And then stopped. I’ve been having trouble getting that back on track. And the whole point is to have another person look over the titles.

And yet another thing that’s making it go slowly is I’m having medical problems that specifically make it hard to edit. It sounds fucking ridiculous, and it is, but it’s also my present reality. I’m still trying to determine the root cause of it, and I’m positive that it’s exacerbated by stress, because I can generally read books pretty well (unless I’m stressed), but I fucking hate editing, and I SERIOUSLY hate editing my older shit that I’ve already edited like four fucking times, so even reading like 500 words gives me a bad headache sometimes, combined with dizziness/lightheadedness, and it’s very difficult to focus. Honestly, it’s a huge fucking pain in the ass, and when it gets bad enough, I can’t even write.

At present, Wanderlust I & II are basically ready to go. They are edited and covers are made. Really, all I’ll need to do is update the back matter and remake the cover for the paperbacks. And this is admittedly giving me pause. Amazon did something to change what they consider ‘correct’ for the dimensions of a paperback and it literally won’t let me upload. Notice Parasexual 3 and Haven STILL don’t have paperbacks. I admittedly haven’t been working on it because almost no one buys paperbacks, but I do intend to figure it out at some point. Honestly, it’s just one more thing I fucking hate about Amazon and their needless difficulty.

I’m about halfway through editing Wanderlust III. I’m to the part with Piper right now. I’m attempting to at least do a few pages every day, sort of chipping away at it. Honestly, one of the problems is that it’s such a daunting task. Combined, the Wanderlust series is over 200,000 words. That’s 200,000 words I really don’t feel like reading.

If all goes well, ideally, I’ll be able to re-publish the Wanderlust series by early August, but that’s a big if. I’ll certainly be trying.

After the Wanderlust series is up, I’ll try to get a few of the smaller projects out of the way: Exploration, My Undead Lover, the freebies. Then probably The Misty Vixen Starter Pack, which isn’t going to get a new cover.

I guess I should talk about that: Which ones aren’t getting new covers. The Demoness books will not be getting new covers. I like them and intend to continue working with that cover artist in that regard. The Starter Pack won’t because I feel like it’s basically perfect. Women of the Wild will not, same reason as Demoness. The Parasexual series is kind of in a twilight zone. If I do update anything, it will be to ask the cover artist (same as Demoness, Women of the Wild), to make backgrounds. Everything else will be getting new covers similar to Haven.

I also think I’m going to try to adopt a schedule of switching back and forth between writing what I might consider a more pressing and necessary title, and then writing something I’m personally more invested in getting out, to try and balance that out. So for example I’ll hit Haven for awhile as the primary, pressing series, and then alternate with Parasexual until it’s done, then finally get Sex & Survival 4 written and out, then maybe do a rewrite of Alien Harem.

So yeah, Misty Vixen is kind of just a big mess right now, and a mess it’s going to remain for a long time. Probably a year, maybe two. Unless I somehow cure my health issues, and find a shitload of motivation, and my editor becomes more reliable. None of which I honestly see happening.

Now, on to the Crystal Candy side of things!

I finished A Warm Place! It wrapped with Episode 12. If you read it, I hope you liked the ending.

I’ve been planning the next series all last week. It’s called Refuge, and it’s a sci-fi survival harem. I don’t know how long it’s going to go on for, but I do know that I’m going to re-implement my plan to switch between two series. I’ll probably do three stories, then hop over to a second series, and go back and forth until they’re done. Because I think A Warm Place suffered because I was getting sick of it. I actually enacted this plan while writing A Warm Place, and it would have worked, except that Planet of the Bugs was a bad call and actually hindered progress, rather than helped it.

What will that third series be? I’m not sure, but probably a fantasy harem. I’ve got a cool idea.

So yeah, that’s it. Again, I am going to try and have Haven 2 out by the end of the month, but I still have a lot of shit to deal with, so bear that in mind.

Haven 2 Chapter One Preview

So…Haven 2.

I’m sorry it’s taking so long. I think this might be the longest I’ve gone without publishing something, which sucks, and scared me when I fully realized that.

The good news is that I’m taking this whole week to basically just make a shitload of progress on Haven 2. It’s at least 1/3 done as of right now, and when this week is over, it should be at least 2/3 finished, possibly more. I am going to try very hard to have it out in July.

For now, here is the first chapter.

And if you are a 1$/month Patron over on my Patreon, you can read the first AND second chapter right here!


Even in the cold light of day, David couldn’t shake the uneasiness that had settled over him since the previous night.

After the bandits broke in and had forced the situation that resulted in two deaths, he thought he wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep. He hadn’t wanted to, not at first, but Evelyn had offered to stand guard the rest of the night. He wanted to at least share the responsibility with her, but she’d told him that goliaths didn’t need quite as much sleep as humans, and they didn’t want to put the responsibility on April, she was shaken enough as it was. David didn’t know if Evelyn had been lying about the sleep thing to make him feel better, but finally he’d relented after making her promise to wake him up if anything else happened, or, barring that, at dawn.

Then he’d laid down with April, and had held her. She had cried a bit, and he understood. He was halfway there himself, that had scared the shit out of him, and he imagined it must’ve been worse for her. She’d seemed embarrassed, but shortly after she was done, she’d fallen back asleep. At some point, he’d drifted off as well.

There had been nightmares, and several times he’d woken and shifted, rolling over to check and see that Evelyn was still there, still safe, still okay. She always was. She sat at the table with a book and a candle, lit by it and the mellow glow of the fireplace behind her. Whenever he looked at her, she could tell, and she’d smile and tell him to go back to sleep. Although he’d probably gotten six or maybe even seven hours of sleep, it had been very broken sleep, and he felt kind of shitty right now. But he at least felt properly motivated.

Evelyn seemed pretty much normal, but April was still subdued and anxious. She hadn’t seemed like she’d wanted to stay behind, nor had she wanted to leave, and he felt bad for her. Ultimately she recognized the reality of her situation and had gone with them. As soon as Evelyn had gotten them up, they’d eaten a quick breakfast and then begun packing their most important possessions, mainly the food, the ammo, and the medicine. They had split it between them, as well as a few of their more personal items, then they’d headed out.

It was a crisp, chilly morning, bright with cold sunlight shining down on them through dead trees, made brighter by the layer of frosted snow that covered everything. David had been able to see the bootprints in the snow even in the morning. It made the whole thing scarier somehow, maybe more real. Last night had obviously been real, but when he’d first woken up, he’d wondered if he’d had a nightmare or something. Things that happened suddenly in the night often seemed unreal or impossible in the morning.

But this had happened, and they were acting on it.

At least that was helping. David had spent the first part of his life in fear. The world was fucking terrifying. His parents had done much to shelter him from the worst of it, which was good, because he’d be dead now if they hadn’t, he was almost positive. But they had at least prepared him some as well. He knew how to shoot, reload, and even clean a gun by the time he was twelve. And he was good at it within two years. He’d adopted a workout regimen that kept him in decent shape, limber, and fast. He was decently strong, but he was definitely faster and more dexterous. Which was also good, because otherwise he’d also be dead.

He’d started doing things more often than not maybe five years ago.

It had come sort of as a realization, one of those weird, startling revelations that slammed into you. He’d been trapped in a shack in the middle of nowhere, alone, with zombies outside, and he was going over options in his head. He’d wanted to just wait it out, because eventually they’d wander off...probably. Or at least there were supposed to be other people out and about in the area, and they’d come find him...maybe.

But then he’d just looked down at the gun he was holding, and then up, out the single window of the shack, and it had just kind of come to him: this is what he always did. He always tried to wait it out, he always tried to hide, he always tried to pawn the responsibility off on anybody else, and he suddenly, almost violently, hated that aspect of himself. Even to this day, even right now, he couldn’t explain what had led to this abrupt reversal. He only knew that he’d made a tectonic shift that day, a massive change, and he had emerged from that shack and shot five zombies in the head, and had gone back to the settlement he was staying at a different person.

Now that the knowledge of how he honestly, truly acted had been highlighted for him, he’d begun to recognize it for what it was, and while he didn’t always take action, he did far more often than ever before. And so now, here he was, taking action again. It was necessary, although there was a part of him that was anxious about this. There was a lot to be done, if they were going to make this place, these abandoned campgrounds, their new home.

“Are you doing okay, April?” Evelyn asked.

David glanced over. April still looked sullen and withdrawn. Although now she looked a touch angry. “I’m fine,” she said curtly.

“April-” he began.

“I’m fine!” she snapped.

He stopped, and so did Evelyn. April walked another few paces before slowing to a halt. She didn’t turn around though.

“April...please,” David said. “We’re not trying to be difficult.”

She heaved an explosive sigh and turned around finally. “I know! Fuck! I...I’m sorry,” she said, her shoulders slumping. Her tail twitched behind her. “I’m sorry,” she repeated. “I’m not trying to be difficult. I’m just...angry. I’m such a fucking coward and I hate it so fucking much but I don’t know how to be brave.”

“You’re here, now,” Evelyn said.

“After arguing with you about it,” she muttered. She sighed and shook her head. “And now I’m wasting time with this. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to do what you two do, what Ellie does. How to not be afraid and do shit.”

“I’m afraid,” David said.

“You don’t look like it,” April replied uncertainly.

“I know. But I am. I was fucking terrified last night. You’ve probably heard this before, but being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Only sociopaths or people with genetic defects don’t feel fear. Some people feel less, certainly, and that can be learned, over time, but most everyone feels fear. Bravery is doing stuff in spite of fear. You could have demanded to stay home, locked away in the basement, waited for us to make sure it was safe, but you didn’t. That’s brave. You were scared but you did it anyway.”

She stared at him for a few seconds, then looked over at Evelyn. Finally, she spoke. “I want you to do me a favor, both of you.”

“What?” Evelyn asked.

“Put more pressure on me to do things. I mean, not crazy risky things, but stuff that needs to be done. You know, don’t be mean to me, but help me out with this. I’ll try not to be too much of a pain in the ass about it,” she said.

“I can do that,” Evelyn replied.

David nodded. “We can help you with this.”

“Thank you. I really appreciate it,” she said. “We should keep going.”

They kept walking.

David began to feel better as they reached the campgrounds.

It was oddly comforting to see them. The buildings, the fence, the surrounding forest. It looked like a fairly defensible position, once they’d made some repairs. And put some barbed wire on the top. That would definitely help.

“What first?” April murmured.

“We need to secure the area. Anyone or anything could’ve gotten in since the last time we were here. After that, we can decide the specifics of our new home,” David replied.

“I wanna live in the big building,” April murmured, glancing at the three-story structure.

“Same,” Evelyn replied.

“Then it’s decided, we’ll live there. Evelyn, I’m thinking we should split up, you go right, I go left, we search the cabins one by one until we meet on the other side, then we search the main building,” David said.

“Sounds good to me,” Evelyn replied.

“What about me?” April asked.

David had been considering that. “I have a job for you. I need you to check the perimeter, the space between the backs of the cabins and the fence, to see if anything or anyone is inside.” He handed her his pistol and a spare magazine. “Do you feel comfortable doing that?”

She frowned, then accepted the pistol. “I can do it,” she replied. “I will do it.”

“Good. Thank you. Shout if you see anything. When you’re finished, wait for us in the center of the campgrounds.”


She turned and walked off after checking over the pistol with a reassuring certainty. David had the suspicion that April wasn’t as bad at things as she thought she was. She just needed some more confidence. And the only way to build confidence was to do things. Typically successfully doing things helped, but he was surprised how many times he’d failed, and felt better than if he’d never tried at all. He watched her go, then grabbed his shotgun and nodded to Evelyn. She nodded back. They headed into the main area and looked around.

Seeing nothing, they split up and began their search of the cabins. David settled into his search mentality, focusing on the here and now, listening for anything, looking for clues that might tip off if someone had been here recently. Or if someone was still here. Or something. The newer ones were smart enough to hide in wait, which was a whole new level of terrifying. He cleared the first cabin, finding nothing but empty rooms and lonely places. After checking it, he moved on to the next one. And this was how the next half an hour passed. David suspected that no one was here, and by the time they met back at the main building, he’d been proven right. At least so far. Neither Evelyn nor April reported seeing anything.

They headed into the main building. It looked undisturbed. They took the time to search the building over top to bottom, and found nothing. Although David found a bathroom on the third floor that he’d overlooked initially.

“ what?” Evelyn asked as they came to stand back down in the main room of the first floor.

“First, who gets where for bedrooms? How do we wanna do that?” David replied.

“Well, given my size and the fact that you’re my boyfriend, I say we get that master bedroom up on the third floor,” Evelyn said.

“Fair enough. April?”

“Well, I want to be near you, but I would also like my own space, so I think the smaller bedroom next to the master bedroom up there would make the most sense,” she replied.

“Perfect. I think the next order of business is to empty our packs somewhere safe. Ideally one of us would stay here and guard it, but...I really think we should get everything out today, which will happen faster if all of us are transporting.”

“I’m okay with that,” April replied.

“Yeah. I think this place is secure. And I’m pretty decent at hiding things,” Evelyn said.

“Perfect. Let’s do it.”

As they made their way back home, David was happy to note that he was feeling a lot better. This was going very smoothly so far. Although it could all go to hell very abruptly, which he tried not to think about. That was just the nature of life nowadays. More so than ever before. As they came to their previous home, he felt fear shoot into him as he saw someone standing outside the door, waiting, but he relaxed when they turned to face him.

He recognized this person.

“Ashley?” he asked.

“Hello David. Hello Evelyn. Thank you again for rescuing me.” She looked at April. “We haven’t been introduced,” she said, and put her hand forward.

April took it tentatively. “I’m April.”

“Good to meet you. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah...mostly,” Evelyn replied.

“We were attacked last night. We’re fine, but we’ve decided to live somewhere a bit more secure,” David answered.

“Oh. Well, that sucks, but I’m glad it turned out okay.”

“Did you need something?” he asked.

“Yes. Well, not need per say, more want. My parents are...too cautious. My whole family is. Understandable, given the circumstances, but cautious isn’t always the answer. I’ve been scouting, I’ve found a few buildings I think are worth checking out, and I’m not reckless, so I figured I’d ask for some backup. And you came to mind,” she said.

David glanced at the other two women. “How do you feel about that?”

“We can handle this,” Evelyn replied. She had a small smile on her face. “Go have fun.”

David hesitated. There was something about the way she’d said that. He didn’t think that this excursion would be particularly fun.

Unless she thought something else was going to happen.

He glanced again at Ashley. Well, it would be nice to have fun with her.

“Okay, uh, let’s go then,” he said. “I’ll meet you both back at the camp.”

He gave each of them a hug and a kiss, then joined Ashley. She looked at him, a very small smile on her face, then she glanced back at the other two women, then she turned and began walking. David followed after her, wondering what that had been about. Obviously there was some kind of subtle thing happening, but he’d always been a bit on the slow side when it came to subtlety. In a way he found that he was missing some crucial sense. It was like being deaf but not blind. You sure as hell could see gunfire, but you had no idea what it sounded like.

“So...” she said after a few minutes as they walked south.

“So?” he replied.

“I saw you give both of them a kiss. On the mouth.”

“Uh...yeah. I did.”

“I kind of suspected you and Evelyn had something sultry going on, based on how you two interacted when you saved me. But I didn’t know you had another girl, let alone another inhuman,” she said.

“And what do you think about that?” he replied after a moment.

She laughed loudly. “That was an incredibly neutral statement. Don’t worry, I’m not judging you. I don’t disapprove. I approve, actually. Takes guts to date an inhuman.”

“Why?” he asked. It came out more defensive than he meant it to.

“Oh, not for the reason you might think. I’m not saying it takes guts to like an inhuman, you like who you like. We don’t get to pick our crushes. No, it takes guts to date an inhuman. To act on those feelings. I mean, for both of you. We humans aren’t the only ones who can be racist. I respect your relationship...relationships. Not just interracial, but polyamorous, too. Now that’s interesting.” She paused. “Is this weird?”

“A little,” he admitted.

“Should we stop talking about it?”

“I, we don’t have to.”

“Okay, good. I’m curious. What’s it like with them? What’s the exact nature of your relationship?”

“Why do you wanna know?” he replied, honestly curious.

“I told you: it’s interesting. I love interesting things.”

“Fair enough, I guess. Evelyn and I met maybe two weeks ago on the road. We became fast friends, and then we...hooked up, the night River View fell. We decided that, since we liked each other and were really attracted to each other, we should be boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“Very cute. And April?”

“Well, we rescued her from River View by chance. She was trapped and injured. We’re not exactly boyfriend and girlfriend, but we are sexually involved. I mean, I guess we’re not not boyfriend and girlfriend. Evelyn is happy for us. April is...tender. I’m attracted to her and I want to make her happy, make her feel good.”

“And I bet it makes you feel really good to fuck that rep pussy.”

He chuckled nervously, feeling heat rushing to his cheeks. “I mean...yeah.”

“I’ve only ever been with an inhuman once. A jag girl who was about ten years older than me. Hundreds of miles from here awhile ago. It was...extremely good.”

“Yeah...” he murmured, thinking of Ellie.

“Oh? You’ve been with a jag, too?”

“Uh. Yeah.”

“You’re you have a third girlfriend?” she asked, suddenly interested again, grinning broadly.

“I mean...sorta.”

“Wow, you fucking get around. Rep, goliath, and jag? Who is she?”

“Just someone I met out and about. She’s...I don’t want to talk about it really?”

“Oh? Why not?”

“I don’t really know how she feels about our relationship. Not that we really have one. We’re friends...I think. She’s secretive, but I guess she likes me, given how many times we’ve fucked. But I don’t know if she’d be okay with other people knowing about us. I mean, Evelyn and April know, but I don’t want to make her upset or embarrassed or uncomfortable, you know?”

“That’s fair. I really respect that. Most guys can’t shut the fuck up about the chicks they’ve fucked.”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to talk about it, honestly. Evelyn and April are both very beautiful, but this woman is...something else. She’s amazing.”

“You are in lust with her.”

“Yeah. Really bad. She’s just...she’s something else. But again, she has a right to privacy.”

“Well, I think highly of that. Hey, there’s the first building.”

He could see it. It was another abandoned cabin, (how many of them were there sprinkled throughout the region?), and it looked to be in pretty bad shape. The front door was open. Something about that didn’t sit right with him.

David pulled out his pistol.

As they approached, he heard something shift inside. Both of them froze. Could be anything in there: an undead, an animal, a human that may or may not intend harm. He glanced at Ashley. She had drawn her own sidearm.

“Back me up,” he whispered, and when she nodded to him, he began making his way towards the front door.

Another sound came to him as he crept closer, but it was so faint. Whatever it was had to be fairly stealthy. Which kind of narrowed it down. David reached the porch and stepped onto it. It creaked loudly under his boot and he winced. Something let out another sound, this one entirely organic, and he heard light footsteps rapidly approaching.

“Shit!” he snapped, and began backing off.

Before he could make it more than two steps away from the cabin, a stalker appeared in all its undead, horrifying glory. He aimed and fired. It was a good shoot and punched a hole right through its forehead, dropping the creature in an instant. He wasn’t ready for the one immediately behind it. He fired and missed, still backpedaling.

Ashley was ready.

She put two shots into its head, one in the right eye, one in its mouth, and blew its rotting brains out. David prepared himself for another assault, but no more of them came. He slowly let out his breath, shaking slightly.

Those things always scared the shit out of him.

“Fuck, I hate those fuckers,” Ashley snapped. Apparently she felt much the same way.

“We should make sure there’s no more of them,” David said after a few seconds.

“Yeah,” she muttered. “Let’s get it over with.”

They moved carefully into the cabin and did a search of it, but found nothing hanging out in any of the shadowy niches or hidden areas. Once they were sure it was safe, they began their secondary search, hunting for useful supplies. The feeling of anxiety began to abate as they settled in, and David found himself wanting to know more about her. Already, he felt that Ashley was an intriguing person, definitely the kind he was interested in.

And not just because she was in really good shape and had a really beautiful face, but also because of her personality.

He seemed to be drawn to women like her.

“So how have things been going with your family?” he asked.

“Fine, I guess. We’ve been fighting a little.” She hesitated, then looked guilty. “I guess more than a little. We’re kind of different. We didn’t used to be, or at least not this much, but the past year has changed my parents. They’ve always been cautious, I’ve always been...”


She snorted. “No!...maybe. I was going to say bold or maybe daring, but yeah, I guess, if I’m being honest, reckless. I’m less so now, because they rely on me a lot. My dad’s like twelve years older than my mom, and she obviously isn’t young anymore, so he can’t really do as much. I mean, he’s in good shape for his age, but, you know, for his age is kind of a low bar. I mean, not that I’m dumping on him or anything. My dad’s a great guy. He used to be more like me, not reckless but he would risk his life a lot for us. He almost died six months ago, broke his arm, and I think that...kinda knocked a lot of his confidence out of him. Which my mom likes, in that she likes him not risking his life all the time. She’s very capable, but really cautious...”

She sighed suddenly. He looked over at her. She had been digging through a box, but now she was staring at the wall in front of her.

“What?” he asked.

“I just...I was going to leave. I’m twenty six now. I’ve been wanting to be on my own for a few years, but my parents kept talking me out of it. And then everything changed when the...the mutations came. Even with all that was happening, I feel like I could leave, just go somewhere on my own, little brother. I can’t stand the thought of abandoning him.”

“I’m sorry,” David murmured.

“Me too.” She laughed suddenly, the sound a little bitter. “Honestly, one of the upsides of what happened recently is that I finally feel the pressure coming off. The pressure to get out and do things, because I’m the most capable person in my household. My parents always had some reason to keep me from going out into the wilderness, looking for adventure. But now? Doesn’t matter what they say, I’m really the only one that can go out and find food, supplies, help. Even then, they still argue with me whenever I head out.”

“Where would you go?” he asked.

“That’s the thing, I don’t even know. It’s not like I have this dream destination in mind or anything. I don’t want to go anywhere specific. I just want to go, you know? Although I’m beginning to wonder if that’s true.”

“What do you mean?”

“The urge to be on my own was...overwhelming, maybe two years ago. I’d run away a lot. I mean, not like run away run away, but, you know, I’d leave. And just take walks. I mean, I know how to defend myself, I’ve got good reflexes, good senses. But it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be. I’m...not calm, but calmer. I find myself grateful to be with my family more, that we’re all still alive and okay, for the most part. I don’t know, I just wish there was some kind of, you know, some way I could balance the two things.”

“Maybe you can,” David said.


“There was a woman I met earlier, and...what?” he asked. She’d turned to look at him suddenly and she had that smirk on her face again.

“The way you said that...did you sleep with her?”

“I, um, well...” he hesitated, derailed both by her question and by the sudden flood of memories of having amazing sex with Cait.

How many women have you actually fucked since coming here?” she asked.

“Four,” David replied. “Just four.”

She laughed. “Yeah, just four.”

“I got really lucky. That is nowhere near normal. Like, not even close. This is the most sexual activity I’ve had like...ever. And it was just once with this other woman. But that’s not my point. My point is, she lives a kind of...drifting lifestyle, it seems. She just moves around the region all the time, doing a ton of different things. She has a lot of different places she stays at. You could do something like that, you know? Have wherever your parents are staying be like your home base, and you go back there every few days. But otherwise, you’re out and about, doing things, helping people, looking for supplies, you know?”

“Hmm...” She fell silent, her gaze falling as she thought about it. “That’s actually a really good idea. I guess I never really thought that a middle ground was an actual possibility. I’ll have to think about it. But thank you, that’s a good idea.”

“You’re welcome,” he murmured in reply, sure that he was blushing again.

And now he was thinking about Cait, and the way she moaned for him to impregnate her. Fuck that had been hot. Maybe he should ask Evelyn to ask for the same thing, although it wasn’t quite the same, given he knew he couldn’t impregnate her. Although he knew-well, he didn’t know for a fact that he couldn’t knock Cait up, it was just ridiculously unlikely. Whatever, it had been awesomely hot, and he hoped he saw her again, and that she’d want to fuck him again, because she was probably the hottest human he’d ever seen.

Definitely the hottest he’d ever been with.

They finished searching the cabin and found nothing more than some clothes that might make for semi-decent trading. With the search finished, they left the cabin and moved back out into the crisp winter air.

“What’s next?” he asked.

“There’s a house a little farther north I want to check out,” she replied.

“All right, lead me to it.”

They set off once again.

Again, if you want to read the next chapter, you can if you are a 1$/month Patron on my Patreon right here!

Follow Your Dreams

This is not an inspirational post. At least, not directly.

This is an angry post, because I’m angry.

Something kind of just occurred to me recently. Or rather, it was something I’ve known for awhile now, but only recently have been able to put into words accurately enough.

“You can be whatever you want” and “Follow your dreams” are almost as burned into my generation’s brains as much as the freaking D.A.R.E. campaign. It’s practically propaganda. And honestly, if that was the end of it, if that was the only thing, I could at least understand it. It’s largely coming from a place of love, or hope, or compassion, or at least ignorance.

It’s the second part that’s so infuriating, and frustrating, and honestly kind of baffling.

How many articles are there out there about how millennials keep expecting unrealistic things like ‘work-life balance’ and ‘jobs that make them satisfied’ and ‘reasonable pay’ and, God fucking forbid, ‘happiness’.

You cannot tell people to follow their dreams, and that they can be whatever they want, and then turn around and tell them ‘WTF are you trying to be happy for? Get the fuck over yourself and take a job you hate like the rest of us. Stop trying to be happy.’

I’ve legit heard people say ‘Maybe you should stop looking for a job that makes you happy and start looking for a job that makes you money.’

To be clear: I get that on a certain level. Yes, most of us have had to work shit jobs. I did, and then I got insanely lucky. It isn’t that we are expected to work jobs we hate at some point in our life. It’s the idea that we’re expected to settle into a career we hate for the rest of our life.

You can’t fucking plant seeds and then begin frothing at the fucking mouth in anger when the seed you planted actually grows. Like, who the fuck does that?

I know I’m generalizing. I know there are lazy, entitled shitheads my age out there, and there are honest, realistic, reasonable, non-asshole people from the next generation up and beyond, but it can’t be denied that a lot of people made this happen.

And honestly, this doesn’t even begin to touch on all the problems that were dumped in my generation’s lap, nor the ways in which the world has changed, like actually changed in a fundamental and objective ways, and for some reason older generations literally refuse to acknowledge this fact.

But this is what was on my mind.

I don’t really know how to end this. I guess by saying: If someone is miserable, and wants to be happier, maybe the correct answer isn’t ‘Get the fuck over yourself’.

The Misty Vixen Newsletter (June 2019)

So May was an interesting month.

Unfortunately, basically nothing at all got done for Misty Vixen, for which I am sorry. Also kind of horrified. I really thought I’d get more done, but life basically conspired against me. Plus, I was just feeling kind of overwhelmed.

I did begin writing Haven 2, and it’s basically planned out in its entirety. I plan to write most of it in June. I want to get as much of it written as I can over this next month.

Mainly, I was focused on Crystal Candy. So far, I’ve managed to release eight titles in the A Warm Place series. I had intended to get Part 9 out before the end of May, but I couldn’t manage it. I also began and canceled the Planet of the Bugs series. For a more detailed explanation of why, please refer to this blog post. For those not in the know and for a basic reason, Planet of the Bugs was my first real shot at writing GameLit. I canceled it because I wasn’t enjoying writing it, and I also wasn’t hitting my mark, according to a few people. Which is fine. Honestly, it was a relief to quit and get back to work on A Warm Place.

I also managed to establish myself as Crystal Candy online a bit more. Here’s some links!

That pretty much covers what I did in May. Now we can talk about the future.

I’ve had a little bit of a course correction on my thinking, both in the immediate future and the more distant future. First, let’s discuss the most immediately relevant stuff.

May was a good month, financially speaking. It was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. And it was that way for two reasons.

Crystal Candy and Haven.

Haven represents approximately 30% of my income for May. I don’t think that has ever happened before. I don’t think a single title has ever made such a dramatic impact. I’m still coming to terms with this.

Crystal Candy represents approximately 25% of my income. Obviously, I’m doing something right there.

In a way, that’s amazing. In another way, it kind of freaks me out. If I hadn’t decided to write Haven or launch Crystal Candy, 55% of my income wouldn’t exist. That’s insane. And I would be insane not to capitalize on these two facts.

So, first and foremost, I’m going ahead full steam with Crystal Candy. I’m projecting that A Warm Place will last for 12 total titles, although I’m not completely sure. It might hit 15, but I’d like to end it on 12 if I can manage it. I like it, and I actually had another idea set in the same universe, but I have SEVERAL other ideas for totally different universes that I really want to begin writing. I actually know what I want to do next and I’m excited about it. So anyway, Crystal Candy lives.

Obviously, I need to write Haven 2. And quickly. If it does as well as Haven 1, I will more than likely quickly write Haven 3 as well. I’d kind of be stupid not to.

That being said, this has sort of taken some pressure off, and it has kind of relaxed my thinking. At some point, in the future, probably the far future, I do still want to start up a third pen name, one that gets a truly high-grade professional treatment, and launch several new series. But that is much farther away now that I don’t feel like I’m being pressured into doing this. Because of this fact, I now feel much more comfortable maintaining focus on the four universes I’ve already established as Misty Vixen.

I want to do a few sequels, and a few rewrites. Let’s discuss the specifics, just so I can tease these things that probably are still a long way off and make everyone frustrated. We’ll cover everything, just so people aren’t left wondering because I didn’t bring a specific series or story up.


  • DEMONESS: Lots and lots to do here. Demoness V is up next, whenever I have the time. I’ve got a strong idea for it.

  • WOMEN OF THE WILD: Same deal here. Lots of ideas, not enough time. But this will definitely continue.

  • LUST & ADVENTURE: So, I may actually write a fourth book here, and possibly a fifth. I have a few ideas, and I do feel bad for leaving it on such a sour note. Honestly, I was worried people were getting sick of the happy endings at the time, and might appreciate something different, but I guess that was a bad call.

  • WANDERLUST: Definitely done with this.

  • MY UNDEAD LOVER: Pretty sure I’m done with this, but I don’t know, I like the idea. I might someday do a rewrite and turn it into a little series. I like the characters and the concept.

  • LAY OF THE LAND: The novella paired with the Starter Pack. I’m done with this one.

  • SNAKESKIN: Done with this too. I suppose I could maybe see doing another story, but this one doesn’t speak to me as much as some of the others.

  • ROYAL LUST: I actually want to do a sequel! Maybe even a series! I love the characters and their dynamic.

  • LARGE & LOVELY: This is done, sort of. Morgan shows up in enough of the other series that I don’t feel compelled to do another Large & Lovely.

  • ADVENTUROUS: I also want to do a sequel, probably a series, to this one. Honestly, this one has a really strong setup, given the events of the novel, and a strong premise for a series.

  • UNTITLED: I still have that big epic series that ties everything else together, but it’s way off.


  • HELLCATS: This is done. Still sure about that.

  • DESIRE: Definitely done with this one.

  • ALIEN HAREM: So I might actually rewrite this. Probably a trilogy, but if I get enough inspiration/ideas and the fan response is high enough, maybe more.

  • VALKYRIES: I definitely want to do a rewrite. Especially given that Amazon for some reason hates this trilogy. When I do, it’ll be at least 5 books long, maybe longer.

  • LIKE A SEX TOY: The novella from the Starter Pack. I actually really love this story, and I feel like it has a great deal of potential. I had an idea for another series that I was trying to make work, and I suddenly realized that I could just put the two together. I’m going to rewrite Like A Sex Toy, and name it something else, and then launch a series from there. I have big plans for this. This might end up being the Demoness of my Sci-Fi Universe.

  • EXPLORATION: This is done.

  • BLIND DATE: This is done.

  • AMAZONIAN’S LOVE: I’m decently sure this is done, but who knows, maybe I’ll feel compelled to do a sequel or two at some point. It certainly has the potential.

  • WILD DISCOVERY: Still want to do this. Like a lot. If you don’t know, it’s a new series with an emphasis on survival erotica.

  • UNTITLED: I’ve recently been hit hard by an idea that I got a seed for last year, so I ended up planning out the whole first novel. It’s the first in a series. If I had to give it a genre, I guess I’d call it hurt-comfort erotica. It’s sad, but it’s like sad on the road to happy, if that makes sense. Really looking forward to this one.

  • KYRA’S GAME: Awhile I go, I held a poll on my Twitter about whether or not people though incest was hot. I do. I’ve wanted to try writing about it, so I decided to write a free series, (since it’s too hard to sell incest). Then it got stalled. Well, the good news is that I finally got my shit together, finished planning it, and wrote some of it! You can read the first chapter right here. I had to create a separate page because I can’t upload these as blog posts, because my blog is tied to my Amazon page and I don’t want to even inadvertently connect it to that site. They freak the fuck out over that shit.


  • SEX & SURVIVAL: I actually want to go ahead and write the final Sex & Survival novel that I intended to but abandoned due to time constraints. So one more book here.

  • HAVEN: Obviously this one is going to go on for awhile.

  • A NEW WORLD: Still not interested in continuing this.

  • THE PALE REDHEAD: I don’t think I’m interested in expanding this any longer. I think I’m getting my winter-survival fix from both Haven and A Warm Place.

  • UNTITLED: Got another idea that’s going to hit one specific fetish REALLY hard, and I’m looking forward to it. A ways off.

  • UNTITLED: Another one of those ‘ties it all together’ series, even farther off.


  • PARANORMAL PASSIONS: For sure done.

  • PARASEXUAL: It’s looking like 6 books is going to wrap this one up. I wanted to have this done in 2019, but now I’m not so sure with Haven going the way it is.

  • ROOMMATES WITH BENEFITS: Nothing more going on here.

  • PINK: Same here. As I mentioned before, I can’t really come up with ideas for my Paranormal Universe, so once Parasexual is done, the universe is going to be done probably forever, unless I get a new idea.

I still do have one or two ideas that don’t fit in any of the universes, but also wouldn’t be a good fit for Crystal Candy, or this theoretical third pen name.

So yeah, hopefully there are people out there who’d actually like some sequels! I have to admit, I love writing them. Coming up with new storylines and characters is fun, but it’s also really fun to see characters and relationships evolve and change.

A few more things I wanted to mention. The first is, you can now see the nude version of the Haven cover here! Sorry it’s a few days late, I really needed to take a break at the end of the month and spaced almost everything. The other thing is: sorry it’s taking so long to get paperback versions of Parasexual 3 and Haven up. Amazon is being a real shit about it. I’m doing it right, but they keep sending it back saying it isn’t up to specifications or something. I’m trying to figure out what the fuck they want me to do and honestly it’s just gone on the back burner since almost no one buys paperbacks anyway.

Wish me luck! If all goes well, I’ll have Haven 2 mostly ready to go by the end of the month.

The Misty Vixen Newsletter (May 2019)

I did things in April! Finally!

Let’s talk about it.

So, first and foremost, I got DEMONESS: FAREWELL FOR NOW published. You can purchase it as an eBook for 2.99$ or read it through the Kindle Unlimited HERE. For the unfamiliar, this story takes place in between DEMONESS IV & DEMONESS V (which isn’t written yet.) It’s kind of a Demoness 4.5. Now that John and Yelena have decided to leave the country and go on a new adventure, they want to say farewell for now to their friends, (and fuck them, obviously).

Also, I finally released HAVEN! After years of talking about it, it’s finally out! I’m really excited. You can purchase it as an eBook for 4.99$ or read it through the Kindle Unlimited HERE. The paperback is coming soon. And HERE is the alternate nude version of the cover, if you are a 5$/month patron. For the unfamiliar, this story takes place in my Post Apocalyptic Universe, and is the beginning of a new series.

Finally, the biggest and probably most important thing I did was to launch a brand new pen name. For a more detailed explanation of why I did it, please read THIS POST. To check out my Amazon Author Page, just go HERE. And if you want to get started on the post-apocalyptic ice age harem serial I’ve begun writing (which is, as of right now, 5 parts in), please go HERE. In short, I created this pen name to help take the financial pressure off of Misty Vixen, (which, in turn, will allow me to write more of what I want, like Demoness V!), let me have a faster turnaround time in terms of writing to releasing, which comes in the form of both shorter work and the fact that this operation is 100% reliant on me and no one else, and it lets me write ideas that don’t really fit anywhere else. So far it seems to actually have been a great idea, as Crystal Candy accounted for about 25% of my income in April, which feels kind of crazy. But hey, apparently people really like serial ice age post-apocalyptic harem stories! All these stories I release will be in the Kindle Unlimited, and they should be 2.99$ apiece. So check them out!

So, that was April. What about May?

Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll manage to get anything done for Misty Vixen. I’ve decided to start working on Parasexual 4, and it is theoretically possible that I could have it done by the end of the month, but it is pretty unlikely.

With regards to Crystal Candy however, I plan to get a lot more done. I’m going to wrap up the second trilogy of A Warm Place very soon. Once that’s done, I plan to knock out the first trilogy in my GameLit Sci-Fi series Planet of the Bugs. I feel kind of iffy on that one, but I at least need to test the waters. GameLit’s supposed to be a really hot commodity. Then I’ll probably switch back over to A Warm Place, since I’m actually really feeling that one. I doubt I’ll get beyond that in May, so that’s as far as I’ll go with regards to those plans.

I do intend to start up a Twitter, Patreon, Ko-Fi, and website for Crystal Candy. Some of these will be easy, some not so much and will require more investment (like the website). I’m going to try and get at least some of these done in May.

The only other thing I have to say is that I’ve started a freebie cycle, which basically means that every Monday through Friday from now on, something should be free. Here’s the schedule.

Haven Is Here!


Oh wow, Haven is FINALLY here.

You can purchase it as an eBook on the Kindle for 4.99$, or read it through the Kindle Unlimited, right HERE!

You can also order it as a paperback for 9.99$ right HERE! (Coming Soon)

If you are a 5$/month patron over on my Patreon, you can get early access to an alternate nude version of the cover right HERE!

Now let’s talk about this a little bit, because it has a lot of history.

I had trouble from the inception of my Post Apocalyptic Universe. First, there were only human characters. But then I found a way around that and managed to introduce several inhuman species, which helped spice it up a lot. But as I wrote Sex & Survival, I found myself having a really difficult time coming up with story ideas. I figured my Post Apocalyptic Universe might be dead on arrival. My big problem was that it was just really hard to think of a way to make things interesting with just basic zombies as the primary threat. There’s only so much you can do with that if you’re the kind of writer I am.

Despite this, I thought that I had at least one more idea for a series in me, which actually manifested as the original version of my Post Apocalyptic Universe, before I added in the inhumans. It was called Homestead and the basic idea was going to be basically what Haven is now: a small group of people build a home in a post-apocalyptic setting. It appealed to me a lot, apparently, since I held the torch for it this long.

I put that idea on the back burner after Sex & Survival, as I wanted to develop my other Universes. And that was like 2016. It sat and stewed for awhile. The next big thing to happen was I wrote The Pale Redhead, my free post-apocalyptic short. It was a simple idea, but the idea appealed to me so much that I considered expanding it into a whole novel at one point. (I still might.) That created a stronger image in my head and it’s why Haven is set during the winter. I’ve always liked the idea of writing about winter survival. (As evidenced by my A Warm Place series under my Crystal Candy name.)

Then, at some point, (I can’t remember exactly when, but I want to say late 2017 or early 2018), I had a breakthrough. Add more enemies. For whatever reason, that just kind of unlocked a lot. So I came up with the idea to have the zombie virus which had initially created the inhuman species now jump to the inhumans, thus creating not only more enemies, but far deadlier enemies.

All of this coalesced and Haven was born.

I think Haven could go on for quite awhile. I don’t think it will be my longest series, but…well, it could be. I don’t know. As it stands right now, I have a rough idea of where the series is going to end and how it’s going to get there. The pieces are all gathered, and now it’s a matter of actually assembling them. So it will be fun to see what comes of it.

I really hope you all enjoy Haven!

Official synopsis:

When a medical marvel meant to change the very essence of humanity as a whole was unveiled, it did indeed change everything, but not in a way anyone was anticipating. A virus raged wildly out of control, consuming the whole world, turning half of humanity into mindless zombies, and half of the survivors into a variety of new species known now as the inhumans. In the decades that passed, society slowly began to rebuild and reform around these new realities.

Up until very recently, life on Earth could almost appear normal, if you weren't in a particularly dangerous area. Unfortunately, that all changed when the virus, which had previously only affected humans, suddenly mutated and made the jump to inhumans. Now, the world is ripping itself apart again as an army of new, incredibly lethal variants of the undead roam the countryside, killing everything in their path. And now, the first winter since this latest development is falling across the land.

David was born in the decades after society collapsed, so he was well-suited to a life of having to travel often, scavenge for supplies, and fight the living dead (and sometimes the living). Over the past year, his outlook has slowly grown dimmer, and after the village he decides to spend the winter at falls, leaving him and just a few friends alone and outnumbered in the frozen wilderness, he has no idea how they're going to survive...

HAVEN contains several scenes of hot human-on-inhuman sex, as well as several scenes of violence.

Demoness: Farewell For Now Released!


Okay, Demoness: Farewell For Now is out!

You can read it right now on the Kindle for 2.99$, or on the Kindle Unlimited, right HERE!

Normally I’d release a nude version of the cover on Patreon, but this version is just the same from the previous cover of The Former Princess, only it’s just Yelena instead of Yelena and Ellie. Which you can already see in the Naked Ladies section. Also, no paperback because this isn’t long enough to be a paperback.

Also, all posts I made of the individual shorts have been removed to comply with being in the Kindle Unlimited.

If you haven’t read it yet, this story takes place about a week after the end of Demoness IV. Basically, John and Yelena are going around and fucking all their friends goodbye. Or farewell for now, since goodbyes are sad, and also implies a lot of permanence. It then basically sets up for Demoness V. Which I’m still going to try and write this year!


Official synopsis:

A mini-series set in between DEMONESS IV & V!

After all of their wild adventures across the land, John and Yelena have decided that it's time to start a new chapter in their life. They are packing up their things and taking a ship across the ocean to see a new land. A land that will, hopefully, accept Yelena for what she is.

But before they go, they realize that they have made several friends since becoming a couple, and it would be rude to leave without saying goodbye. Or, if not goodbye, at least farewell for now. And, given the type of friends they tend to make, they are going to be extremely intimate farewells...

DEMONESS: FAREWELL FOR NOW contains a series of highly sexual encounters between a loving couple of a human man and a demoness, and several inhuman women, including a half-giantess and a clan of dryads.

Preview of Haven (Chapter 1)

Hello, everyone! Haven is actually going really well. The only thing that’s going to keep me from releasing it in a reasonable amount of time is that it’s turning out longer than I thought. I do think I’m getting better at figuring that out, but I think it has a HUGE learning curve, given I’m writing entire novels now.

Anyway, here is the first chapter. If you want to read the first two chapters, you can do so over on my Patreon (if you are a 1$/month Patron), right HERE.

I hope you enjoy!


David was now almost positive that he was completely screwed.

If there was a checklist for being screwed in a world ravaged by an apocalypse scenario, then he supposed he’d check off most of them.

Being alone? Check.

Being under-equipped? Check.

Being in the presence of dangerous, mutant monsters that would gleefully shred his intestines at the first available opportunity? Check.

Being lost? Check.

At least he wasn’t wounded, but it was almost dark, and it was colder than it had been all year so far. His breath was actually foaming on the air, which hadn’t happened until today. It was a terrible sign that winter was very, very close.

Technically speaking, David wasn’t sure he was lost per say, because he wasn’t really sure where he was going. This was new territory, and he’d been desperately trying to find some sign of civilization for the past two days. Presently, he stood in the middle of a clearing, looking at the mostly dead trees surrounding him, beneath a darkening gray sky, straining his ears to hear if anything was around him. That was the problem with these new creatures: they were so effective at murder. He never thought he’d miss the day where the only things he had to deal with were zombies and assholes looking to rob him. Those were practically golden days compared to this.

“Shit,” he whispered as he turned around.

Something definitely shifted among the trees and scrub bushes from back the way he’d come. He had a vague notion of heading east, but that hadn’t gotten him anywhere but woods and more woods so far. David tightened his grip on his pistol. It was all he had left at this point. He’d had to trade his hunting rifle not too long ago to join the caravan heading for safety and shelter, and now they and it were gone.

Whatever the thing was, it was creeping closer.

He took aim, waiting, heart hammering in his chest, blood starting to pound in his ears. He could do this. He’d done it before. How many times had he fought for his life? Shoot something? Shot someone? Too many to count at this point. But growing up in a world that had already been devastated for a few decades before you were even born, well...that tended to be an average life for someone who was still alive at the age of twenty four.

What was it?

He was in the woods, so it was probably a damned stalker. Those things were horrifying. He caught a flicker of movement between two of the trees and cursed softly again, adjusting his aim. The sunlight was fading, already heading into twilight. He shifted anxiously. Something again moved, and then silence. The tension was really starting to get to him. There was definitely something there. What if it was a person? He honestly couldn’t tell if it was getting closer or farther away. Maybe it was a person, and they’d been hiding, and now they were subtly trying to retreat because they didn’t know if he was a monster–

A maddened blur of movement abruptly burst out of hiding, into the clearing, and started coming right for him.

David shouted and opened fire, but he saw a second muzzle flare and heard a second gunshot just barely before his own. His shot went wild, but the second (or, he supposed, first), shot hit the back of the creature’s head and sent it sprawling to the dirt like ragdoll. He exhaled sharply as it skidded across the ground and came to rest almost at his feet. It had indeed been a stalker, a slim, slender horror cast in green and brown, and gray as well, meant to blend into the environment. It had long, sharp claws, like black talons, that glinted dully in the fading twilight.

“You were really lucky I was here.”

He looked up sharply, his mind stuttering to catch up to the situation as he abruptly remembered that someone else was there, and that they were armed. He saw movement among the trees not far from where the stalker had come from. It was a lot more obvious this time. David shifted aim as he waited for whoever it was to come to him.

It could be anyone, with any intention.

“Relax, I’m not looking to shoot or rob you,” the person said.

A woman emerged from the trees and he tensed up. She was human and very attractive, and that made him suspicious. He’d seen very attractive women used as bait to lure in horny wanderers before. There were usually armed and armored assholes somewhere nearby, ready to jump on you the second you got close enough. She didn’t fit. Those women were always dressed very scantily, were always unarmed, and way more...demure.

Nothing about this woman seemed demure.

She had on a leather jacket, reinforced cargo pants, and heavy boots. She had on a large backpack and the handle of probably a snub-nosed shotgun peeked over one shoulder. This woman could probably grab it, aim, and fire accurately in a second. An air of extreme competent hovered around her like a presence.

“Thanks,” he said, lowering his pistol.

“Not a problem, I like helping people out. And you look like you need help,” she replied.

He fought an instinct to respond immediately in the opposite, because there was a culture out there among the wanderers and travelers, and a line like ‘you look like you need help’ was often an insult, meant to cut deeply.

But she didn’t look like she was trying to insult him. On top of that, he did need help. Even if there wasn’t something trying to kill him in this moment, he was still lost and alone, with a frigid night on rapid approach.

“I do,” he admitted.

“Okay. You want to come stay at my campsite?” she offered.

“I would,” he replied, then paused. “You’re really just offering? What do you want in return?”

“Nothing,” the woman answered. “I just like helping people.”

He considered it a moment longer. She seemed pretty genuine. Was this a trap? Was there some angle he just wasn’t seeing? “What’s your name?”

“Cait,” she replied.

He frowned, then nodded and started walking towards her, stepping over the corpse of the stalker. Whatever she might be up to, David had to concede that going with her was not only his best bet of survival right now, but his only one.

“What’s your name?” Cait asked as he joined her and they started walking, leaving the clearing, heading into the dead forest.

“David,” he replied.

“Okay, David. So...what the hell are you doing all the way out here, by yourself? You’re the only person I’ve come across today and I’ve been scouting all day,” Cait asked.

He sighed. “I was with a group. We’ve been traveling for a few weeks now, looking for a place to settle for the winter. We’d heard that there was a settlement in this region and that’s where we were going. Then we got attacked by some stalkers and most of the group died, I got separated...that was a few days ago. I’m pretty sure everyone else is dead.”

“Fuck, that’s horrible. I’m sorry,” Cait said. “Well, the good news is that I can give you a relatively safe place to stay for the night, and I can point you towards a settlement. I’m not sure if it was the one you were looking for, but it is a village, and it’s not too far away from here. Maybe three hours’ or so walk. Most of which is on a road.”

“Wow...thank you. Uh, what are you doing out here?” he asked.

“Exploring, adventuring. It’s what I do. This was one of my farther excursions. I felt like coming out far this way for some reason today. Good thing for you I did. Normally I hang around the area the settlement is built in. There’s a lot around, actually. Some abandoned buildings, some outposts set up, a mountain, a lot of forests, a lake, a river, an island. It’s a cool region, actually.”

“Huh. So in the village, or...”

“No, not really. Sometimes I’ll hit up the inn and stay there for a few nights if I’m feeling lonely or I had a really close call or something. But I’m pretty much a wandering nomad. This region is my home. I’ve been exploring it for about two years now. Generally I just kill monsters, plunder old buildings, and help people,” Cait explained.

“That sounds...interesting,” he said. “And dangerous.”

“Oh it is, but I’d admittedly rather do this than settle down. Ah, there we are, home for the night,” she said.

Her campsite turned out to be a small cabin tucked away in a small clearing. By the time they actually hit the front door, the sunlight was almost totally gone from the night, and it was very cold. The wind was picking up, and it had a bitter chill to it. David eagerly followed her into the cabin and closed the door behind him. He saw there were a few locks on it, and he hit them all. Looking around, he saw the windows had been neatly boarded over. They were all uniform and solid-looking boards, nothing haphazard about it.

Although there was only one main room, (there was also a tiny closet and a very small bathroom), it was surprisingly cozy and neat.

“Is this like...your place?” he asked. “It looks nice.”

“Thank you, but it’s not. Just one of them. One of the many things I do as I roam is find places like this and fix them up,” Cait replied as she moved over to a fireplace. She shrugged out of her pack, crouched down, and began getting a fire going.

He couldn’t help but check out her ass. It was really nice, and looked almost showcased with how the pants pulled up tight against it. She was clearly very fit, but there were some nice curves to her. David made himself focus. She’d brought him here to be nice, not to fuck him. Although man would that be fucking awesome.

“Any particular reason?” he asked as he got out of his pack and set it down on the floor next to the single bed in the room.

“It’s fun. That’s why I got started. I wanted a variety of places I could go. But when the new variants started showing up, I figured it would be more helpful to have secure locations scattered across the world. Both for myself and for unlucky travelers like yourself. I leave a little bit of emergency supplies in each one of them.”

The new variants.

Just the mention of them sent a shiver of dread through him. Although he’d been told that the world used to not be a large ruin where half of humanity had been turned into zombies, and half the survivors mutated in a variety of inhumans, he found it hard to imagine. And often counted himself lucky. He’d been born a couple of decades after the great collapse, so to him, zombies roaming around everywhere was pretty normal.

And then, at some point during this year, the virus that turned some people into zombies, and some people into inhumans, began morphing. Rapidly. Suddenly, the zombies became a lot deadlier, and the inhumans, who were immune to the virus, found that they were now capable of turning into deadly nightmarish monstrosities as well.

Nobody knew why this was happening, nor how, only that it was, and apparently everywhere. Or everywhere he’d heard of at least. While before he’d only had to learn to deal with zombies and thieves, now he had a whole array of horrific beasts to survive.

“Aren’t you worried they’ll get broken into and stolen?” David asked, trying to get his mind off the subject of the variants.

“Yeah, I’m sure it happens sometimes, but it’s not like there’s a huge cache of supplies here or something. And I guess I’d rather help the occasional asshole if it means also helping a lot of good people,” Cait replied.

She got the fire going and stood up. She pulled off a black beanie she was wearing and tossed it onto the mantle above the fireplace, letting her hair down. He saw that she had short red hair, and his attraction to her suddenly spiked.

“What should we do about dinner?” Cait asked as she moved over to the door and checked it out. After she seemed confident it was secure, she began checking the windows.

“I don’t have much on me,” David replied.

“That’s fine. I’ve got some canned beef and some bacon stored here. We can fry some up in a pan. Why don’t you get that started? Everything’s in that cabinet over there,” she suggested, pointing to a little kitchenette area that took up one corner of the room.

He got to it, pulling open the cabinets and tracking down a few cans of beef and some sliced bacon, stored in a plastic container. He found a battered black skillet and an old spatula, and brought it all over to the fire.

“So, tell me about yourself,” Cait said as she finished securing the area, then moved over to join him by the fireplace.

“Not much to tell, honestly. I was born in a little village a long ways northwest. When I was eight the village was destroyed by a fire and my parents were killed. A friend of the family adopted me, and we spent the next decade trying to find a new place to settle, but we never stayed anywhere for more than half a year.”

“Oh my God, I’m sorry,” Cait said. “Why?”

“Something would always go wrong. Bad luck. Sometimes the area was just too dangerous. Sometimes there’d be some kind of natural disaster. There was an earthquake at one point. And then we moved towards the middle of the country, and there were a lot of tornadoes. And then we moved pretty far to the south, but a terrible storm hit one summer and wiped out almost everything. I was pretty lucky to get out of that one alive. There was a lot of flooding. And sometimes there were just no prospects there. The community was too tight-knit, they weren’t interested in helping outsiders,” he explained.

“Not surprising,” Cait muttered. “’d you end up here?”

“Well, after wandering from settlement to settlement for so long, I kind of got used to it. I don’t know if I’d say that I prefer it, but it just became my default setting. So I’ve just been, you know, wandering around,” he replied with a shrug. A few seconds passed. “Wow, that got like...kind of dark really fast. Sorry.”

“Why? I’m not,” Cait replied. “I mean, okay, that came off wrong. I’m sorry about the shitty parts, definitely. But...I don’t care that we just met and the conversation took a dark turn. I enjoy these kinds of conversation.”




“They’re...real.” She paused, frowning and staring into the fire. David took the opportunity to tend to the meal. “People value different things,” she said finally. “I mean, there’s the obvious stuff: food, water, warmth, shelter. But then there’s the deeper stuff. People put their time and effort towards other things. Some people like to collect things. Some people like to hunt things. Some people like to help other people. I certainly value helping other people, but one of the things I love experiencing, I love cultivating, are real moments of connection. And that’s hard to find, honestly. People are so...guarded. But this conversation feels real,” she explained.

“That makes sense, I think,” David replied, considering her words. He kept tending to the meat, making sure it didn’t get burned. He did understand what she was saying, and he did know about the connection that could be made between two people. The older people he’d come across still sometimes had curious ideas about how long it should take to form a friendship, or relationship, or to have sex, but David had never understood that. In a world where you might get your head blown off or your guts ripped out on any given day…

Why wouldn’t you try to find pleasure and happiness wherever you could?

And he also knew what she was talking about, how rare it was to find real connections. He’d made fewer of them than he would care to admit, but he knew that relationships were on a spectrum, and he’d gotten at least semi-decent at figuring out where whoever it was he was talking to had landed. A lot of people were guarded, or were only interested in nothing more than polite and shallow conversation, which he supposed was fair enough. You couldn’t go around spilling your guts to whoever happened to cross your path. There were some friendships that developed naturally over time, but with the lifestyle he had, one where he now tended to stay at a place no longer than a month, or if it was wintertime, three months or so, that wasn’t very feasible. And there was something about Cait, something he’d noticed right away.

“ your mind, does this feel like a genuine, rare connection?” he asked.

“It does,” she replied, and smiled at him. “I like you. I like this conversation.”

He felt another pulse of desire hit him hard in his lower stomach, but ignored it for the moment. “I like you, too,” he replied.

“Good! A lot of people don’t,” she said.

“Wait, really?”

“Yeah. I’m too independent, too headstrong, and...admittedly a little too rash in my decision-making. It’s why I largely travel and work alone. I made peace with the fact that I’m kind of impulsive and like to do dangerous things, but I couldn’t make peace with the fact that I might be putting other people in danger. I have no problem risking my life, I couldn’t tolerate risking other people’s lives,” she replied.

“So you never work with anyone? I mean, what if people are willing to also risk their lives on whatever it is your doing?”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, I work with people. I just meant as a general rule. Sometimes I need help and what I’m doing is too important to fuck up, so I ask for help...I think our dinner might be done,” she said.

He returned his attention to the meat and the bacon, cooking in the skillet besides the fire. It did look done. She got up and moved back over to the kitchen, then returned with a plate. He took out the meat and heaped it onto the plate, then set it down for it to cool. While they waited, the pair each pulled out a canteen of water, then settled in for dinner. For a little while, neither of them spoke, eating the meat after it had cooled down.

“Thank you for this, really. You saved my life,” David said.

“I know,” Cait replied, then grinned at him. “And you’re welcome.” As she ate the last of her meal, she shifted her foot closer to him, until it was resting against his own foot. It felt strangely deliberate. He looked up at her, and she stared back at him with intense blue eyes. He felt a pulse of excitement shoot through him, but felt it hesitated uncertainly. He had to be misinterpreting this. She was a lot more attractive than he was, and she had to have like a decade on him. There was no way she’d be interested in him.

“So...” she said slowly.

“” he replied uncertainly.

She laughed. “Um...anything you particular feel like doing?”

“I mean...maybe?” he replied, more uncertain than ever. She was still looking at him suggestively, and her tone of voice was even more suggestive, but he still could be misreading this, and he didn’t want to offend her or look like an idiot. Or have her laugh at him for the mere idea of her wanting to have sex with him.

“Anything, like, specific you want do tonight? It’s just going to be the two of us here, alone this cabin...with the one bed...”

“Okay, are you like leading me somewhere with this?” he asked suddenly, at one both frustrated and unable to stand the mounting curiosity of if she actually wanted to fuck him.

“Duh!” she cried, then laughed. “Sex, David! I want to have sex!”

“With me?” he asked.

She burst out laughing. “Well no shit! There’s no one else here! I mean, if you’re not interested, please tell me, but if you are, which I think you are, because I’ve seen your wandering eyes–not that I mind–but if you are interested, then speak up! Say so!”

“I’m interested. I really want to fuck you,” he replied, the words tumbling out of him.

“Was that so hard?” she asked.

“I mean, kinda, yeah. Why didn’t you just ask from the start?”

She sighed. “I dunno, people tell me I’m too...pushy. Too forward. And I love having sex, and I meet people. Some of them ask me, but some of them don’t. And once it was pointed out to me that some of the guys I was fucking who might not be into it I might be kind of just pushing into sex. And so I try to let guys, or girls, ask me first.”

“Who wouldn’t be into you?” he replied.

“Gay dudes, bisexuals who just aren’t into ladies right now, inhumans who get turned off by humans?”

“You fuck inhumans?” he asked.

“Yes. I do,” she said very matter-of-factly. “Is that going to be a problem?”

“No! No, not at all. I was just...surprised. People don’t really admit to that, you know?”

“Oh...” she smirked suddenly. “Have you been sticking your cock in some inhuman ladies, you naughty boy?”

“I mean...twice, yeah. I haven’t had a lot of opportunity admittedly,” he replied. “Why is it I tentatively question whether or not you’ve fucked inhumans and you get super defensive, but I admit to it and suddenly I’m a ‘naughty boy’?”

“I’m just teasing you, David. Really, it’s nice to meet a fellow sexual liberal who admits they want to or have fucked inhumans. So...who’d you fuck?”

“You really want to know?” he asked.

“Yeah! I mean, we’re about to have sex, this is arousing conversation. Although wait, hold that thought. I want to wash up first,” she replied.

“ got enough spare water?”

She leaned forward suddenly, felt along the floorboards, and suddenly pried up a collection of them, revealing a little space beneath. In it was a small wooden box, and beneath that was a bucket. She pulled both out. Opening the box, she pulled out two bars of soap and two washcloths. The bucket was full of water.

“Wow,” he said.

“Yep. Nice, huh? The heat from the fireplace gets into that little niche and warms the water. Or thaws it, if it’s frozen. I try to replace it whenever I can. There’s a little stream nearby that makes it easy. Now strip, and wash. I prefer my fuck friends clean before I filthy them up,” she said.

“Okay,” he replied, and began stripping down.

He felt almost electrified with lust right now. How long had it been since he’d had sex? Six months? Yes...about six or seven months. Way, way too long. And it wasn’t like it was exactly packed before that, either.

David’s eyes became wholly focused on Cait as she started stripping. She was easily the most physically attractive woman he had ever hooked up with, which only became more apparent as she lost her clothing. Once her bra, which was little more than a very tight, smaller shirt, came off and freed her pale, good-sized breasts, he felt a new wave of intense desire and almost desperate need wash over him and rush through him.

When her panties came off her and he saw the pleasant thickness to her very firm hips and thighs, and beautiful pussy, it only got worse.

“So, come on, spill it. Who and when and why?” she asked as she crouched by the bucket, dunked the soap and cloth in it, and began washing herself.

“Yes, right,” he said, and pushed past the roadblock he encountered when it came time to take off his boxers. Being that he traveled around a lot and at least tried to stick to a decent regimen of working out, David was actually in pretty good shape. He was mostly made of lean muscle and his physique was at least somewhat visible. And he’d been naked in front of women before. It tended to happen when sex was imminent.

But he still felt that intense twinge of discomfort when revealing his dick. How did Cait peel off her own underwear with such apparent ease? Maybe it just came with age and experience. Once he was naked, he joined her in washing.

“I lost my virginity to a rep girl,” he said.

“Ooh, really? Very nice,” she replied.


“Yeah! I mean losing your virginity is...okay, it can be nice. But losing it to an inhuman...well, tell me how it was.”

“It was good. It was really good. I met her awhile ago, at one of the villages were staying at. I was seventeen. We both were. Unfortunately, the village got attacked the next day and we got split up and I just...never saw her again.”

“That’s awful! I’m sorry,” Cait said.

“Yeah. But the only other time I had sex with an inhuman was the last time I got laid, about six months ago. I was passing through a village, I had some spare ammo on me, so I hired a jag prostitute and we...had a great night.”

“Oh give me a break, ‘had a great night’, come on, give me more than that,” Cait said.

“Well...she had an amazing ass. We fucked in missionary at first...and then we switched to doggystyle, and I finished in her pussy...then she let me fuck in the ass. It felt amazing. She also had access to her own tub. We fucked in the morning in that tub, and then I didn’t get a chance to see her again,” he replied.

“Why not? She sounds great.”

“I was going to, but then the town got attacked by a pack of zombies and stalkers...”

Cait sighed and nodded. “Yeah, I get that. That’s happening way too much nowadays.” She shook her head. “But I don’t want to get into that. Tonight, I want to have fun, happy sex.”

“Speaking of don’t have any protection. I don’t think I can reproduce, but I’m also not sure...”

“Oh, it’s fine. I don’t think I can reproduce either, and this wonderful virus that mutated so many of us into monsters also pretty much wiped out STDs, which I used to say was a side effect that was worth it, but not any longer...anyway, point is: I want bareback sex. And don’t you dare pull out. Even if I do get pregnant, I wouldn’t care too much. I kind of want a kid.”

“, okay.”

She grinned at him. “Does that turn you on?” she asked. “You thinking about getting me pregnant?”

“I mean...yeah, kinda?” he admitted, laughing nervously.

“Oh don’t give me that, I can see your eyes. More than kinda...well, let’s make this romantic. And let’s...let’s pretend you’re trying to get me pregnant.”

Fuck, he didn’t think he could actually get hornier than he currently was, but, well here it was. He felt an all new pulse of mad sexual energy shoot through him and his erection begin to throb. He swallowed. “I would like that.”

She grinned, looking very sultry suddenly. “I would like that too, David,” she said softly. “Finish up washing. Hurry now.”

He nodded and finished up. She moved back over the niche and reached down into it, pulling out a pair of towels. She tossed him one and he caught it, then quickly began drying off. He actually couldn’t remember ever being this horny before. Goddamn he wanted her. He couldn’t stop looking at her body. She had so much beautiful, pale skin, with the occasional scar. Cait was clearly in good shape, but she also clearly enjoyed good meals. She had a very nice amount of padding to her body. She did seem like she’d be really good at hunting, which was still probably the best way to get meals. He looked down at her pussy again. The hair around it was short and red. He loved redheaded women so fucking much.

“Okay, enough drying,” she said, tossing the towel on the floor in front of the fireplace.

He agreed and did the same. They raced over to the bed. As they practically dove into it, she immediately began kissing him, pressing her luscious, hot lips against his own. He groaned at her touch, at her embrace, wrapping his arms around her and hugging her to him. He loved the feel of her. She let out her own moan of satisfaction as they locked lips and began to share saliva. As she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue into his mouth, he tasted her, her natural taste, and it was good. A little sweet, kind of strong.

Her tongue sought his, and soon they were twining and twisting together, wrapping around each other as they passionately made out. David let go of her and put a hand in between them, then began groping one of her big, firm, pale breasts. She felt amazing. Every aspect of her was wondrous and he loved how immediately intimate she was with him. In a way, it felt like they had been lovers before. Her comfort and familiarity with him was welcome. But it also had that gleeful sexual rush of being with a brand new partner.

After a moment, she broke the kiss and looked at him with wild eyes. “Let’s sixty-nine. I want to be on top,” she said.

“Okay,” he replied.

“Thanks!” She kissed him briefly, then shifted around. David laid flat on his back and she straddled his face, settling her pussy over his mouth, and then lowered herself. He stuck his tongue out, seeking her clit, and shivered with excitement as he felt her breath hot against his throbbing erection. He groaned softly as he felt a comforting warmth envelop his balls. She grasped them in her palm and gently began to massage that.

“Oh, you like that, hmm?”

“Hmm-hmm,” he replied, and then she cried out as he found her clit and began to tongue it with slow, sure licks.

“Yes...fuck,” she moaned. “I like that.”

Then he groaned as a fresh wave pleasure hit him when she began to drag her tongue slowly, languorously across the head of his dick. That sent sparks of ecstasy into him, and he was remembering exactly how long it had been since he’d been pleasured by a woman now that he was being forcefully reminded of just how fucking good it felt. And that was way too long. David didn’t exactly consider himself obsessed with sex, but...fuck, sometimes he thought that it alone made life worth living. He just wished he had better luck with it.

Well, he was getting really goddamned lucky right now, at least.

“Mmm...fuck!” he groaned as she took his dick into her mouth and began to bob her head. He heard her muffled laugh as she sucked him off.

She was good at it.

Her lips felt amazing. He kept licking her pussy, wanting to pleasure her just as much as she was pleasuring him, and from the sounds she was making and the way she was twitching occasionally, he thought he was doing at least a half-decent job.

After another minute or so, she stopped sucking his dick abruptly. “I need to fuck,” she said, “I can’t wait any longer.”

“Okay,” he replied.

Honestly, he was about there himself. As much as he loved head, he wanted to be inside of her vagina, wanted to feel the unfiltered, raw, impossible pleasure of bareback sex. Because from what he remembered, it was just the absolute best.

She got off of him and he got up. Taking his place, she spread her legs, smiling at him. “Make me pregnant, David,” she said, and he felt a fresh surge of desire and desperate, almost painful, need pulse through him at that.

He had no fucking clue why that was turning him on so much, but fuck if it wasn’t working as a perfect aphrodisiac!

David hastily laid down on top of her, eagerly laying his pulsating cock at the entrance of her bare, hot, wet pussy, and then he slipped it inside of her. She moaned very loudly, spreading her legs wider. “Oh yes, David!” she cried.

“Shh! Not too loud,” he whispered as he pushed his way into her.

“Sorry, hard to help it. You’ve got such a big dick,” she moaned.

Wow, she was being nice to him. In a way, it almost made him a little suspicious. Women typically only stoked his ego when they were trying to trick him into something, but he still didn’t get any of those feelings from her, and right now, he was way too drunk on lust to think straight. Plus, honestly, he’d met women before who just liked being nice.

Fuck. Her pussy.

Her fucking pussy was the best thing in the entire fucking world.

He moaned loudly as he started having sex with her, sliding slowly in and out of her. The pleasure burned into him slowly, and he could feel his dick throbbing in response to the stimulation, to be inside of her fantastically tight pussy.

“Yes...” she moaned, staring up at him, her face twisting in pleasure. “Fuck, you feel so good.”

“You feel beyond incredible,” he gasped, going faster and harder.

“Make me pregnant,” she whispered. “Make me pregnant, David. Make me a mother.”

“Oh fuck! You’ve gotta stop with that shit, I’m gonna pop if you keep it up! Your pussy already feels insane,” he managed, and he stopped.

“Don’t you fucking dare stop fucking my pussy!” she yelled up at him, then reached down, grabbed his ass and forced his cock deeper into her.

“Fuck!” he moaned and found that his will was too weak. He really started pounding her pussy, grunting and groaning as he drove into her, making the bed shake.

“That’s it! Yes!”

“Fucking take it!” he yelled at her. “I’m gonna fucking knock you up, Cait!”

“Oh God, David, fill me!” she moaned. “Fill me with your fucking seed! Come on! I want you to make me pregnant!”

He let out an inarticulate sound as he started to orgasm. He absolutely did not want to, and he absolutely wanted to at the same time. David so desperately wanted the sex to go on longer, but his desire to pump that sweet, perfect pussy of hers full of his seed became overwhelming, and the pleasure alone was just way, way too much for him. In a way, he was genuinely surprised that he’d lasted as long as he had.

The orgasm felt like a thunderclap, like being struck by lightning.

It felt like a goddamned seismic event.

An explosion of pure, uncut rapture began in his core and burst outward. And then it did so again, and again, as his cock jerked violently inside of her vagina. And it only got more powerful as he realized that she was coming along with him. She moaned loudly and he felt her vaginal muscles clenching around his orgasming dick, massaging it, and she was getting even hotter and wetter, her body moving against his as they climaxed together.

It felt like one of the most powerful orgasms of his life.

When it was over, he regretted that it hadn’t lasted longer, although he had no idea how long it had lasted. Telling time had been beyond him. He collapsed against her, gasping for breath, resting his head on the pillow beside hers.

“Oh fuck...oh fuck...oh fuck...” he gasped, his whole body aching from all the running and other physical activity he’d done over the past week or so being strained by the intensity of that orgasm. It felt like a goddamned full-body one.

“You gonna make it?” Cait asked.

“Fuck me...” he groaned.

She laughed. “Again? If you insist...”

“No, wait, please,” he moaned, then winced as he carefully extracted his insanely sensitive cock from her pussy. “Oh my fuck, that was just...that was some of the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. I’m sorry I didn’t last longer, but you wouldn’t stop!”

“I’m satisfied with the experience,” she replied as she got up off the bed. “We both orgasmed and it felt really good.”

“That it did,” he murmured, falling onto his back, staring at the old, time-worm ceiling of the little cabin, which was spinning slightly. “Fuck.”

“I need to double-check that we didn’t get any unwanted company from my noisy display,” she said. “Stay here.”

She took a moment to wash her pussy with one of the rags, then she came back over to the bed, reached under it, and pulled out a robe. “That yours?”

“Yeah, I keep it here. I don’t want to pull all my goddamned clothes back on just for popping outside for a minute. Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”

She kissed him, then pulled on her boots, grabbed her pistol, and slipped outside. He sat up, waiting, listening. A moment later, the door opened and she came back inside. “Like I thought, I didn’t see anything.”

Cait rechecked the door and windows once more, then stripped back down, tended to the fire, and then climbed back into bed with him.

“Also, as to your finishing too early concerns, you know we can have sex again, right? And I’m really going to want to. In case you haven’t picked up on it, I’m a horny woman.”

“I’ll need a minute,” he replied.

“That’s fine,” she said, and began kissing him again.

Introducing Crystal Candy

So, I had a breakthrough near the beginning of the month, and it felt like a big one. As in, I broke through a mental dam, and a tsunami was released.

I’m going to start a second author pen name: Crystal Candy.

This was born of several different competing needs, and ideally will solve a few problems. It came in the shower, as cliched as that sounds. Like, just a bunch of different stuff coalesced in my head all at once, and it was like one of those cartoon light bulb moments.

It was a really exciting time.

So why am I doing this? Here are the reasons.

  • Probably the biggest reasons is that there are difficulties that I am facing behind the scenes with my writing career. I don’t want to get too much into it, but let’s just say that I’m impeded in a way that’s difficult to fix. I’m currently working on a more permanent solution, but this, if it works, would really help take some of the pressure off.

  • Money. February was brutal. Although March was definitely a good month, sales wise, April is again looking like it’s going to be brutal. I’d love to not give a shit about money, but honestly there are some things I feel kind of obligated to do, people to help in my life, not to mention paying my own bills, and every month that goes by where I’m not able to do some of those things, I feel guilty. This could help with that. Ideally a lot.

  • Ideas. I have a lot of ideas. I’ve talked about them a lot before, but there’s even more that come to me that I tend to reject or, at the very least, put away for the time being, hoping to be able to find some way of working them in somehow. When I began to understand the potential and parameters of this second pen name, it released a cascade of ideas. Within ten minutes, I had a dozen unique series ideas jotted down. These are ideas that can’t really fit into my current model for Misty Vixen for one reason or another, but, free and independent of that, could work out well, I think.

  • Freedom. One of the coolest aspects of how I’m going to handle this is that I’d be doing this 100% on my own. No one would be helping me at all. There was a brief window of time in 2017 where this was true. Where I was doing literally everything myself, and then I shifted back to relying on other people. And don’t get me wrong, I love being able to work with other people and am extremely grateful for the help they give me. It’s just that the freedom of being 100% in control of something is almost intoxicating.

  • Cover art. Interestingly, probably the most minor reason being that I’ve been thinking for awhile now that I wish I could still somehow use my original cover art style. For any newcomers, all my covers used to have pink women silhouettes against a simple background, like stars if it was sci-fi, or a mountainous or forest landscape for fantasy, etc. I mean, it was basic, sure, but I actually worked hard to come up with that. It had to do several things: like be recognizable, convey what the genre was at a glance, be easy to mass produce, help build a brand, all that. So I figured it’d be perfect for this.

So, what can you expect from Crystal Candy?

Well, a few things will be different from my standard fare.

  • In terms of quality and length, these stories will fall somewhere in between my older work (episodic shorts below 10,000 words), and my current works (60,000+ word novels). I don’t want to say these stories will necessarily be low effort, but they will be written at a brisker pace than my novels. I’ll be aiming for somewhere between 10,000 & 20,000 words per entry. However, there will be outliers. A few of my ideas will be on the lower end, more sex-heavy and less narrative-focused, and some of them will be the opposite.

  • Structurally, I’ll be releasing triple-packs slightly reminiscent of my original packaging, and closer to what I’ve got going on nowadays for my re-released older titles. It’ll be a little more basic, in that there will not be bonus exclusive content, it will be a simple convenience package. Honestly, I doubt many people will feel like buying it and it’s really just there for people to support me, given I earn a bit more if you buy the whole package instead of the individual episodes. (Roughly 6.15$ if you bought 3 titles at 2.99$ apiece, vs. 6.95$ if you bought a single title at 9.99$.) I also won’t be releasing paperback versions unless for some reason there’s a demand for it, because honestly almost no one buys paperbacks even now. On a good month, I might sell a dozen paperbacks. Which, I mean again, honestly, if there’s some people who REALLY want them, I’d put them out, but I really just don’t think people are interested.

  • As in the example above, price wise we’ll be looking at 2.99$ per title, 9.99$ per triple-pack.

  • Everything will be enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited.

  • Here’s probably the most important thing: Content. What will I be writing, and how will these stories differ? My primary focus will be harems, pretty much. That’s the big focus of this: harems. Given that this is closer to a marketing venture, I am making a somewhat more concerted effort to appeal more directly to that market. I’m making a few adjustments to the way I tell the stories and the way the characters interact. Don’t worry, I won’t be writing douche-bro alpha males or anything, but several people have advised me to have more decisive male leads, guys who take charge more and do more shit on their own. So that’s what I’m aiming for: more traditional harem protagonists. As for the plots themselves, well, that’s something else that’s going to be different. I mean, some will be pretty similar to the stuff I’m familiar with writing, but some will be really different.

Honestly, this is one of the reasons I’m so excited. I’ll be getting to write stuff without agonizing over it. More and more often, I’m finding myself getting caught up and stopped dead in my tracks because I’m afraid of screwing something up. Parasexual 3 took way too long to write because I kept worrying if I was going to fuck it all up. Same thing with Haven, a little. I actually wrote like a whole chapter before deleting everything and starting over. Now, that was the right move, as I’m a lot more happy with what I have now, but still, the point stands. With this, I feel a hell of a lot freer. I can take an idea and just fucking…GO! It’s liberating and exciting. One of the ideas I have is like a hardcore horror series that I’m really looking forward to, and I can finally dip my toe into a few genres without going like all-in. Like superhero stuff, or game-lit.

I honestly have no idea how this will turn out, but if it could even become a semi-stable secondary income stream, a nice outlet for my weirder ideas, and more content for fans, then that’d be pretty great.

I currently don’t have a release schedule yet. It’s more of me writing when I can alongside Haven. Basically, I’ll be putting out episodes as fast as I can in trilogies. When one is done, I’ll likely switch over to a second series, or if I’m super into what I’m currently writing, I’ll just keep pressing with the current series. I would deeply appreciate it if anyone would be willing to help me spread the word about this. Word-of-mouth is still some of the most powerful marketing. If you’re part of any erotica, harem, or game-lit groups on Facebook, I’d seriously appreciate help getting the word out. (Facebook wouldn’t let me join. I’m not joking.)

Right now, I’ve got one title out, with the sequel coming out very soon.


You can get it right now, right here, for 2.99$, or for free if you’ve got the Kindle Unlimited.

I’m also working on three other series right now. The first, and most primary, is a GameLit Sci-Fi story, it’s mostly action with a bit of horror. It’s called Planet of the Bugs. I have to admit, I’m afraid of this one, because it’s so totally different from anything else I’ve written. I’ve never even tried writing a story where someone is inside of a video game and that’s part of the story and acknowledged. I’m also writing something called Hot For Teacher, which is, you guessed it! About a dude fucking his former teachers, cause that’s awesome. That one will definitely be shorter and more fuck-focused. I also started writing When the Monsters Came, which is NOT a story about monsters jizzing all over hot chicks, believe it or not. That was just the best name I could come up with. It’s a dark horror about a guy and a few hot chicks trying to escape a city that suddenly becomes overrun with crazy ass monsters.

I’ve got a few other ideas I’ll probably start writing too, since I’m too excited about them.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy the new stuff, and I’m still getting regular work done on Haven. I’ve actually made good progress. And right now, I’m thinking that with this new schedule, I’ll be tackling one Misty Vixen book at a time. And also, that was something I wanted to touch on. If this stuff with Crystal Candy works out, and it takes the financial pressure off, it would actually be really good for Misty Vixen, because then I could write whatever the hell I wanted. So I could hop back onto Demoness V, which would be awesome.

Again, it’d be extremely appreciated if you could help spread the word around.

The Misty Vixen Newsletter (April 2019)

So I’m kind of embarrassed to have to start off this newsletter basically the same way as the last one by admitting that March was another bad month, although admittedly for entirely different reasons. Psychologically speaking I’m doing better, so that’s nice. But I suddenly found myself facing kind of just a number of real-life problems, one of which was a medical problem that literally affected my ability to write, and more importantly, read effectively. Naturally, that causes problems for a writer.

Combine that with other annoying and very unexpected problems, and it made for an unproductive month.

So let’s get down to brass tacks.

The good news is that Parasexual 3 was published. Overall, I liked how it came out, but it is a bit darker than the other two. I hope you enjoy it.

Now, unfortunately, I didn’t get very far with writing Haven. Looking back, it feels ridiculous that I expected to have it nearly done by now, and it’s hardly begun at this point. Honestly, it’s embarrassing. But I got hit with the light-headedness and headaches, and then the other problems, and then realized that I really wanted to get Demoness - Farewell For Now written and out of the way, and well, here we are with hardly any of Haven written.

I’m going to refocus my efforts and try to get it written as fast as I can.

The good news is that Farewell For Now is done! For those of you who don’t know, it is a mini-series that takes place shortly after Demoness IV. Basically, it’s a farewell sex tour, as John and Yelena are leaving the country, and have to say farewell for now to the friends they’ve made so far. I have posted all five parts of this story to my website, and you can read them for free for a limited time. I’m not sure how long it will take to edit, but given that it’s not a great deal of content, it probably won’t take too long, so if you want to read them here first, you have a closing window. Below are links.

Other than that, the only other thing I have to say is that I’ve also started planning out Parasexual 4. I’m going to try and balance the two of them as I go on. I’m still not sure if writing two things at the same time is a good idea. I’m considering switching to focusing on just a single thing at a time. I guess we’ll see.

Also, one more thing, I’m starting a kind of perpetual free-book cycle, meaning I’m going to be having a free book available Monday - Friday every week now. I’m not sure how much this will help, but hopefully it’ll help at least some? I’ll make a post about the schedule, but basically I’m making my single novels and the first in each series free on a rotating cycle.

Right now is a little unique, as now Demoness I + II are free through Friday night!

Well, wish me luck.

Parasexual 3 Released!


Parasexual 3 is finally out, but things are slightly different this time around.

You can read it through the Kindle Unlimited or purchase it as a Kindle eBook for 3.99$ HERE!

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ HERE! (This will come later.)

If you're a 5$/month patron or higher, you can see an alternate nude version of this cover right HERE! (Her tits are fucking AWESOME.)

So what’s different is that I am releasing it before it’s fully edited. The reason I’m doing this is because A) I’m having some kind of medical problem that’s giving me persistent dizziness/light-headedness and headaches, and B) There admittedly won’t be much difference between the version I’m releasing now, and a fully edited version. I do apologize for doing this, as I’ve never done it before as far as I can remember, but the editing is going far too slow for my liking and I’m getting a little desperate to put something out. If I thought there was going to be a massive dip in quality by doing this, I wouldn’t be doing it, but as I said, there won’t be much difference. I’ll just catch a few minor errors and maybe rewrite a sentence or two.

As of right now, I’m about 2/3 finished with the editing, and I want to be clear that I intend to finish editing. Once it’s done, I will put the edited version up as a replacement, and you can pretty easily download that new version to replace the current one if you’ve already bought it. But honestly, I don’t think hardly anyone will notice.

So anyway, Parasexual 3! Despite my present condition, I’m fairly happy with how this one came out. It’s the longest Parasexual yet, about as long as Demoness II. Although I very much doubt that Parasexual will mimic the trend of longer and longer titles any further than this. I’m actually pretty sure Demoness won’t keep that trend going either, as I find it hard to imagine Demoness V will be longer than Demoness IV.

Here’s the official synopsis:

After enjoying his first few days in the coastal metropolis known as Thorne, where humans and paranormals live side by side, Alex has decided to extend his vacation when his girlfriend's best friend Aurora offers to let them crash at her place. As he continues to have wild sexual experiences with insanely attractive paranormal women the likes of which he never dreamed possible, Alex feels that his life couldn't get any better.

And then Emma, the pregnant married witch he hooked up with not all that long ago, shows up out of the blue. After having a large fight with her husband about the nature of their open marriage, she has decided to step away from him and her over-protected, married life for a few days and just enjoy herself. And that mainly means hooking up with Alex, who she has grown extremely fond of. As he and Emma begin an impassioned tryst that leads to him meeting additional beautiful paranormal women happy to hop in bed with him, he can't help but feel something dangerous now looms over his life. And when hired men start following him and insisting that Emma come back home, he realizes that his fears may be very well justified...

My Condition & Releasing Parasexual 3 Early.

Hey everyone, this is just a quick update.

So I’ve come to a decision. I’m going to be releasing Parasexual 3 even though I haven’t yet finished editing it. I’ve never done this before. So why am I doing it now?

Basically, something is wrong with my head. For about two weeks now, I’ve been suffering from headaches and dizzness/light-headedness. I’m in the process of figuring out what’s going on with my doctor, right now we’re largely just ruling things out. While this isn’t exactly debilitating, it is making some things harder. Some things much harder.

I can still write decently well, but for some reason it’s very difficult to read. The best way I can describe the problem is that my mind just keeps wandering away from the words, and on top of that, imagine trying to read while you are lightheaded. I don’t know, maybe it’d be easy for you, but apparently it’s really hard for me. I’m barely managing to edit a few pages per DAY with Parasexual 3, and the pace I’m moving at is way, WAY too slow, and I really need to get a new title out.

Now, if I thought it was going to severely compromise the quality of the story, I wouldn’t do this. I’d just bite the bullet and take the time. But to be honest, my own personal edits don’t really change a lot. At most, I fix a few words and change up the phrasing here and there. So my point is, there honestly isn’t a lot of difference between an unedited version of my story, and an edited one. Honestly, I can only catch so much, the main reasons being that A) I’m not a great editor, and B) I’m blind to a lot of my own mistakes, because my brain autocorrects for me, because I know what it’s supposed to say, so I’ll read over some kind of obvious mistakes.

Now, I will still be editing it in the meantime, and when I finally finish it, I will update the fully edited version, but again, there really won’t be much of a difference. I am sorry about this, I wish I could do better, but it’s an actual physical limitation at the moment.

Parasexual 3 will be up within a day or two. Here’s the cover. Thank you for your support and, hopefully, your understanding.

Parasexual 3.png

The Misty Vixen Newsletter (March 2019)


February was not a great month. I’ve had some setbacks.

On the upside, I published Demoness IV! Also, I really like how it came out, which is rare for me, but I feel is getting a little bit more common nowadays. I hope it means that I’m getting better at writing, but it could just mean I’m becoming delusional.

The other bit of good news is that Parasexual 3 is done writing, and is in the editing stages. Provided all goes well, it will be up within the next two weeks. Basically, as soon as I can.

And that’s about all the good news I have.

Here’s the bad news. I’m very realistically going to have to put the writing of Demoness V on hold for awhile. In the two weeks that have passed since Demoness IV came out…it has not sold well. Like, at all. I was genuinely hoping that a lot more people would buy it and it would kind of revitalize my income, but that just has not happened. And as much as I loved writing Demoness IV, and as much as I’m actually REALLY looking forward to writing Demoness V…I can’t. Demoness IV took me almost four months to write, and was just over 100,000 words, making it the single longest thing I’ve ever written. It was just shy of being longer than fucking The Misty Vixen Starter Pack.

That just is NOT sustainable.

Honestly, it sent me into a despair-filled pit of depression and misery for a few days. Feeling like a complete failure and wondering if you actually do suck at writing after you’ve been writing for years is really hard to take. And admittedly, I still feel like a failure right now.

If people like MSE can pump out a generic, assembly-line piece every other week and make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I work my ass off writing a novel in the same field and can’t even make more than a tiny, tiny fraction of that, then what does it say about me and my abilities?

But whatever, that’s not the point.

The point is, I realized that I was going to have to work on something a bit more relevant and something that I could produce more rapidly.

For a long time, I’ve tried to strike a balance between writing what I want to write, and writing what sells. Unfortunately, I think I’ve been leaning too hard into writing what I want to write recently, and Demoness now definitely counts as what I want to write, not what sells, even if I feel like it’s the best stuff I’ve ever produced. Apparently it isn’t, given the sales.

So instead I’m going to shift focus largely to Haven. It’s post-apocalyptic, it’s got zombies and monsters, action and some horror, and is going to feature a harem type scenario. I’m going to lean a little bit harder into the commercial aspects of it this time around.

The good news here is that once I actually got started planning Haven, a ton of ideas came spilling out and I’ve got this whole world and storyline set up. It’s largely about what I guess people would call ‘base-building’, in that it’s a small group of people struggling to survive and establishing a place to live in a dangerous world. Which really appeals to me, for whatever reason.

So, I’m really hoping this one will revitalize my career. January was decent, but February was brutal. My sales dropped by fucking half and that’s scaring the shit out of me. I’d love to just not fucking give a shit about bills and money but that’s not the reality we live in. I’m not some rich piece of shit who gets unlimited cash from their rich parents. I grew up poor, and stayed that way for a long time. For sure I’m doing better now than before, but my real fear is losing it. The idea of going back to that is…horrifying. Which I realize probably sounds pathetic and I should be just happy with where I’m at now, and I guess I would be, but yet again, I’d like to STAY where I’m at now.

I’m going to work hard on Haven and try to have it out by the beginning of April. On the one hand, that feels really ambitious, but on the other hand, I might be able to pull it off. Parasexual 3 went faster than I thought it would, and the Haven books aren’t going to be super long, maybe about as long as the Parasexual books have been so far. The whole point is to be able to write them and get them out quickly.

So…basically, wish me luck. Hopefully I’m just freaking out over nothing, and this is just a lull in my sales, and not the death knell of my career.

Oh yes, one more thing, Amazon basically forced me to take Valkyries off of the Kindle. I legit have no idea why. You can read about the whole sorry mess here. But the short of it is that I’ll have to put Valkyries up on other websites.

Apparently Amazon Hates the Valkyries Trilogy...

Oh holy fuck.

Allow me to shine a light on the flat out fucking ridiculous situation I’ve been dealing with since late December 2018.

So, first of all, I’m not convinced that the original problem I encountered has anything to do with everything that came after. Unfortunately, Amazon is so nebulous and opaque with regards to how they communicate LITERALLY FUCKING EVERYTHING, that I have no idea if this is true or not. I’ll provide information on what happened and theories.

This began at the end of last year, when I was finally wrapping up re-publishing my backlog. I published Valkyries 3, but it was blocked during the process. After some digging, I finally pieced together the problem. It’s one I’ve run into before, but one that always slips past my initial thought process, because it’s so fucking stupid.

The inciting incident of Valkyries 3 involves a woman coming to the Valkyries, (a team of mercenaries in a sci-fi setting for those who aren’t in the know), begging them for help after her brother was kidnapped by slavers at the edge of space. They decide to help, and end up going after the slavers. Given the importance of this, I put it in the plot description.

Unfortunately, because it was labeled as erotica, use of the word ‘brother’ in the official synopsis meant (I’m guessing but I feel about 100% confident in my guess, again, this is trial-and-error, not anything Amazon ACTUALLY told me), that it was auto-flagged. I tried publishing it again, removed the word brother and replaced it with ‘someone close to her’. It went through without a problem. Okay, problem solved.

But then, about a week later, it gets blocked again.

The official reason?


We’re contacting you regarding the following book:

Valkyries 3 by Misty Vixen

During our review process, we found that this content is in violation of our content guidelines. As a result, we cannot offer this book for sale. If we identify additional submissions with similar content that violates our guidelines you may lose access to optional KDP services and/or face account level actions up to and including termination.

You can find our content guidelines on the KDP website:

Best regards,

Amazon KDP

Now, as I’ve said, I’ve run into this before. But other times I at least had a clue as to what the problem was. The same day, I received the exact same message about the paperback version.

At this point, I was confused, as I had no idea what could be doing it. So I decided to roll the dice and reach out. This is where it gets to be a bit of a mess, with long, awkward pauses between responses, and basically just a loop of the exact same shit happening over and over again, so I’ll truncate it and highlight the important parts.

I first went through e-mail, then the phone. (For anyone wondering how in the FUCK I talked to Amazon on the phone, three things. First, they call you, you don’t call them. Second, the only possible way is to send them a message through the Contact Us form, specifically requesting a phone call. And even then, it’s no guarantee that they’ll do it. Third, don’t expect genuine help. The people on the other end range from robotic to sounding like they genuinely want to help, but the reality of the situation is that there’s an almost 100% chance they have no knowledge of how to solve your problem, nor do they have the power to solve your problem. Literally all they can do is ask the people in the other department who actually handle this shit to solve the problem, and those people are apparently assholes, as I’ll demonstrate in the following text.)

I think I talked on the phone SIX times over the past month and a half or so. The first few times, I spoke with whoever answered, explained the situation, and ultimately they told me they would get in touch with the Content Review Team, who are the ones actually doing this fucking shit, and try to get a straight answer out of them. The last few times, I escalated it, and spoke with someone from the next tier, basically a manager, and was told…basically the same thing.

The result? Always the same. I would receive a form letter from the Kindle Content Review Team that was an actual, literal copy-paste of the initial message. Sometimes I would get a simple message from the person I’d just gotten off the phone with, basically verifying that they were sending out their own message to the Content Review Team. When I got back my bullshit copy-paste response from the Content Review Team, I eventually e-mailed that initial person who had helped me over the phone, requesting further assistance, AS THE EXACT THING I HAD WARNED THEM WOULD HAPPEN DID IN FACT HAPPEN. (I specifically stated that I was tired of receiving a literally useless copy-paste response.)

What happened? I got a response to that initial email, only it was a DIFFERENT person responding, AND IT WAS ANOTHER COPY-PASTE OF THAT SAME FUCKING MESSAGE!

I feel like I’m in a fucking M. Night Shyamalan movie. Like, I’ll start seeing that fucking copy-paste response about violating content guidelines on billboards and the sides of buses and in my fucking dreams.

Well, then the situation got worse.

While at first it was initially contained to just Valkyries 3, it has since spread. Suddenly, I got a message that the Valkyries 1 paperback had been taken down for…copyright violations? This was actually the same reason the Valkyries 3 paperback was taken down…in addition to the content guidelines shit. Two completely separate issues.

Then I was informed that the Valkyries Trilogy, both eBook and paperback versions, were blocked.

It was like a fucking virus, and it was spreading.

The 17th of February was when I realized that Amazon has lost their shit.

I received take-down notices for the paperback & eBook versions of Valkyries: The Complete First Season, and Valkyries: The Complete Third Season. THOSE AREN’T EVEN FUCKING AVAILABLE ANYMORE!

So what IS the problem!?

Amazon literally won’t tell me. Like, they actually REFUSE to tell me what the problem is. I have no idea what it is, but I think it may lay somewhere within the actual text itself. I’ve been struggling for weeks, racking my brain trying to think of what could possibly be triggering their bots or algorithm or whatever fucking broken thing they’ve implemented. I’m almost positive at this point that it must be something actually within the story itself. It isn’t the title, nor the cover, nor the synopsis, because multiple titles have been taken down. Literally the only consistencies between the new versions and the old versions that have been blocked is the actual text within the book itself, everything else is different.

Initially, I thought it was something just in Valkyries 3, when both it and The Complete Trilogy got taken down, because whatever is in Valkyries 3, is obviously in The Complete Trilogy. I figured it was some word, some phrase that Amazon was picking up on. I have no idea WHAT, but it must be something. But then the mystery widened when Valkyries 1 got hit too. So it has to be some kind of recurring phrase or word. But what is it?!

I’ve thought and thought, and literally the only thing that comes to mind at all that Valkyries deals with that none of my other stories deals with is slavery. The protagonists are taking down slavers. I don’t understand why this is a bad thing, but there’s some stuff that if you pair with something labeled as erotica, no matter the context at all, it gets auto-banned. Maybe that’s just some new hot-button issue for them? But then that doesn’t make sense, because it isn’t brought up at all in Valkyries 1. So what the fuck?

The problem here is that I have no fucking clue. If they would just work with me and TELL ME what the fucking problem is, I’d be glad to work with them and try to fix it. If it’s just one phrase or something, you know? But I have no idea what it could possibly be. I’ve got nothing!

About two weeks ago, I sent a lengthy email to the Content Review Team basically pleading with them to help me out SOMEHOW. Well, as of today, not only have I not received even the basic response of another copy-paste, I HAVE RECEIVED NO RESPONSE AT ALL. Literally none. They never responded to the message.

Due to this, I’ve been forced to give up and just take down Valkyries 2. I have no idea what the problem is, Amazon refuses to tell me, so I’m going to instead be republishing the trilogy to other sites like Barnes & Nobles, Smashwords, Kobo, etc.

Goddamnit. Fuck Amazon.

Parasexual 3 Sneak Preview!

Hey everyone! Since we’re getting so close to the release of Parasexual 3 (I’m currently in that home-stretch, furiously writing part of the story) I figure it’s high time to share a preview! If you want to also see Chapter Two, you can do so over on Patreon right here for 1$/month! I hope you enjoy!


Alex sat back from his computer and stared at the screen for several moments.

He was looking at a word document with a dozen lines of text. Something so simple, in its own way, now represented one of the most important and momentous things he’d ever done with his life. He had just finished piecing together what would be his first album. It had taken almost two solid hours of sitting at his laptop, sorting through data, and mainly just thinking. Ever since coming to Thorne and beginning his relationship with Brianna, he’d been feeling a revitalization of his urge to create music. Or, he supposed, more accurately to what he’d been doing recently, create a music career. And he was finally acting on it.

After combing through the wasteland of his database that was his collective musical ‘career’, which wasn’t at all accurate, hobby was closer, he’d managed to find twenty seven different tracks that he didn’t hate, or thought could be salvaged. He was still a ways from actually launching the album, inasmuch as he could ‘launch’ anything, although Brianna and Aurora had said they knew people who could help him, but selecting the tracklist was a pretty big first step. And after a lot of deliberation, he thought he finally had it all worked out.

As for the rest of the tracks, he was more than likely going to offer them up as free content. Probably an ‘origins’ kind of album where you could pay what you wanted, and the rest as straight up free downloads from his website or something. Whenever he actually got a website. Alex still had a long way to go.

Now that that task was out of the way, he actually looked away from the screen and at the room he was in. Aurora’s front room was still taking time to actually get used to, because it was so fucking huge. It was practically the size of an actual apartment. It felt weird to be living here. Okay, well, temporarily crashing here more than living. Although they hadn’t actually set any kind of time limit how long they were going to be staying in Thorne. In Alex’s mind, there was some vague notion of another week, maybe another two, although he wasn’t committed to that. It could be less or more time. And Aurora hadn’t said anything beyond the fact that she was okay with them staying with her as long as they wanted.

He was beginning to get the idea that maybe Brianna might be looking to stick around Thorne a bit longer than that, though.

Like, maybe she wanted to move back here.

And that was making him kind of anxious. Could he live here? He liked Thorne. It was actually a lot of fun, a cool place to be, clearly there were a lot of interesting people and places. But could he do it? Did he have any real reason for not wanting to? Did he have any great connection to his home town? Technically, he didn’t have a home right now. Although he knew he could live with his parents and Brianna was going to let him move in, it did feel a little strange. He’d never been this untethered from society before.

He actually really liked it.

There was a sense of tremendous freedom, of nearly limitless potential. He could go anywhere and do anything. With Brianna’s repeated offers to spend whatever amounts of money on him he wanted, that was more true for him than most people, he imagined. In a way, it felt a little bit like a waste, because he didn’t really want to do a lot of crazy things. He had no urge to climb a mountain or jump out of a plane or explore some deep, dark caves. He actually didn’t want to do this things. But maybe there were some things he could explore.

Alex stood up and stretched, feeling his joints pop. Maybe it was time to track down the women in his life and see what they were up to. It had been a few days since they’d cleared out their hotel room, checked out, and moved their stuff to Aurora’s. Ever since getting settled, they’d been taking it pretty easy, mostly just lounging around the apartment, watching movies, playing games, ordering takeout, and having sex.

Oh the sex.

It was still pretty mind-blowing.

Even now he didn’t really have quite a handle on it, especially after that bachelorette party. (He still thought about Emma a lot.) In a way, he hadn’t really lost that feeling yet: waiting for the other shoe to drop. All this great shit was happening to him, when did the whammy come? When was the universe going to single him out and ensure that he paid for all this good fortune that had fallen into his lap? It was a ridiculous, paranoid thought, but still a thought he was having, nonetheless. So mainly he was just trying to take Brianna’s advice and enjoy the vacation, enjoy the sex, and enjoy the freedom he was experiencing.

Alex heard the women talking, their voices drifting out from the open bedroom door, and stood up, wondering if one or both of them might be up for a sex session. Again, he was struck by the notion that he could just casually ask for a threesome with two insanely attractive women, and he’d probably receive a yes. Both of them were so open to sex. He moved across the huge living room, glancing out the windows as he went. The sun was beginning to go down for the day. Nightfall was still at least a few hours off.

Maybe they should go somewhere and do something, he actually was starting to feel a little cooped up in here.

“Alex,” Brianna said as he stepped in, “I was just going to go fetch you. How’s everything going?”

Alex hesitated. She seemed...a little pensive. Both she and Aurora were relaxing in the bed together. “Fine. I just finished up what I had intended to do. Uh, what’s going on?”

“So...would you be okay if I left you with Aurora for about a day? Word has spread that I’m back in town and some of my friends want to see me. You can come with me if you want, I don’t mind at all, but I figured maybe you’d like some time with Aurora. She wants to get to know you a bit better, have some one-on-one time.”

He considered it, glancing at her. Aurora was looking back at him with a small smile. would be interesting to see what it would be like to spend time alone with Aurora. And he had the idea that maybe Brianna wanted to recapture some of that feeling of being on her own in Thorne, going around, doing whatever she wanted without having to check on him. It made him feel a little bit guilty, a little like he was baggage, but he pushed those thoughts away. He did believe her. And he wanted her to enjoy herself.

“That sounds fine,” he replied.

“You sure? I know I said this was going to be our vacation...”

“Brianna, I’ll be okay. I’ll call you if anything comes up. And I’m assuming that you trust Aurora,” he replied.

She laughed, some of the tension easing out of her. “Well...for the most part.”

“Oh fuck yourself,” Aurora replied. “Don’t worry, Alex, I know good and well how to make sure nothing bad happens to you. We’ll have a lot of fun together.” She grinned a little wider. “A lot of fun. I can promise you that.”

“Okay, then,” Brianna said. She stood up and quickly pulled on some jogging shorts and a t-shirt, then slipped into her shoes. Coming over to him, she gave him a long hug and kiss on the mouth. “Really do actually call me if anything comes up, okay?”

“I will,” he promised. “Go have fun.”

“All right. Later babe. Later, Aurora.”

“Have fun, Bri,” Aurora replied.

She stepped back, looked at him for a few seconds longer, then turned and walked out of the room. They listened to her leave the apartment. The front door opened and closed, and then it was just the two of them.

“So...” Aurora said, staring at him with her bloodshot eyes, “it looks like I’ve got you all to myself. I was really hoping this would happen. Not that I mind sharing you with Aurora, but there’s something deeply enjoyable about having some really intimate, one-on-one time. So how about you take off your clothes, and we have some sex?”

“That sounds really nice,” he replied.

Aurora herself was beneath the blankets, though from her bare shoulders he thought that she was at least topless. He desperately wanted to be under those blankets with her. Stripping down as fast as he could, he tripped and fell onto the bed.

“Wow, someone’s eager,” Aurora said, laughing.

“Are you honestly surprised?” he replied as he pulled the blankets back.

“I guess not. It’s appreciated,” she said.

She was indeed naked beneath the blankets, her pale, luscious body looking absolutely gorgeous and sent a jolting spark of raw, powerful lust shooting through him. He slid in beneath the blankets next to her, insinuating himself against her curvaceous body, staring at her beautiful face, unable to keep from smiling.

“You can’t fake anything, can you?” she asked, grinning back at him.

“What?” he replied, startled. That definitely wasn’t what he expected her to say.

“It’s just...your expressions are always just written all over your face. When you’re anxious, when you’re horny, when you’re cautious, when you’re sad. When you are just absolute enamored with someone. That one is really obvious, and I can see it when you’re with Brianna. She just amazes you, doesn’t she?”

“I mean, well...yeah. Of course she does.”

“I’m sorry if it seems like I’m teasing you. I’m not. I like it. I like how expressive you are. Paranormals...we tend to bury ourselves, our true selves, under snark or disinterest or cavalier attitudes. Especially around each other. There’s a lot of subtle social pressure. It’s why I like Brianna. She doesn’t have a lot of patience for that, and neither do I, honestly. And you’ve got this great blend of not hiding your emotions, and yet also knowing when to be chill and relaxed around us. I like it. I can really see why Bri likes you so much. But...enough about that. Right now, I have you all to myself, and I fully intend to take advantage of this fact.”

And then she leaned in and pressed her luscious red lips to his own, and he tasted her slightly sweet taste, and felt her press her body against his own. He kissed her back, resting a hand on one of her large, firm, pale breasts. As they continued making out and she parted his lips with hers, slipping her tongue smoothly into his mouth, he thought that something was a little different. There was an eagerness to her, but it was tempered slightly, her movements a bit slower, more deliberate. There was something more intimate about the encounter.

They twisted tongues together, dancing the dance of lust and desire, their hands roaming over each other’s bodies. He ran his hand down to the thick swell of her ass, grasping and groping it, his erection now fully and throbbing in desperate anticipation of the sex that was to come. After a little bit, she pulled back slightly, staring at him intently with a smile on her face. It was a different kind of smile than he’d normally seen on her.

“What?” he asked after a few seconds.

“Nothing, I just...” she reached up and ran her fingers affectionately through his hair. “You know, I have to you to myself now. I love Bri and I love wild sex with an audience, but there’s something a lot more intimate about sex with just two people and no one else involved. And we get to really have that now. There’s no one in this whole apartment but us. And I like you a lot, in case I haven’t gotten that across to you yet.”

“I kind of got the feeling,” he replied, though he felt some hesitation.

She must have read it on his face. “Feeling anxious about the higher levels of intimacy?”

“I mean...a little,” he admitted. “Brianna...”

“She won’t mind. I believe she encouraged this in you.” She paused, considering it. “How to explain this...intimacy between us isn’t just sex. There’s a lot to it, there’s a lot of levels to intimacy. Physical, emotional, spiritual...and we like to share all of it. Not with everyone. Most people, I’m just physically intimate with, and sometimes emotionally. You’re the first human guy I’ve felt like I can get really, deeply intimate with for quite awhile, and the fact that you’re dating Brianna really helps with that. But really don’t worry, she knows this is happening. She knows that you and I are almost certainly going to enter into a deeper relationship than just friends that fuck. I’d say...enjoy it. Enjoy this with me, Alex.”

He considered her words, the situation, and he thought she had a point. There were some instincts of his telling him to pull back, not to get that involved with her, but...more and more, he thought that he had been confusing instincts with fear for awhile now. He supposed his biggest concern was that he’d do something to make Brianna leave him, and his second biggest concern was that maybe he’d start falling for someone else. But he trusted Brianna and Aurora, he believed them when they told him this was okay, and he trusted that they would let him know well in advance if he was fucking up that badly. And falling for Aurora…

He didn’t know if it was impossible, he didn’t think so, but hadn’t Brianna brought up the possibility of a more intimate open relationship? He was certainly getting ahead of himself, but for now, Alex thought that maybe he should just give himself permission to enjoy this, to explore this more fully with Aurora.

“Okay,” he said.

“Good. Don’t worry, you’re safe with me, okay?” she replied.

“I believe you,” he said, and kissed her again.

He slid his hand slowly down to her thick thighs and she parted her legs for him. Aurora gasped as his fingertip found her clit, and he began to stimulate it, rub it gently. He massaged and caressed it, feeling the way her body responded to his touch and loving it. He must have been unlucky before meeting Brianna, or maybe he just wasn’t as skilled or it was just that the paranormal women were so much more sensitive, because he couldn’t quite seem to elicit responses like this from the human women he’d been with. Then again, Aurora was a vampire, her body definitely wasn’t as sensitive as Brianna’s.

How much did that actually affect her?

Whatever, the point was, he felt like he was seriously pleasuring her and she wasn’t just try to stroke his ego. He doubted Aurora would do that. Well, maybe she would, but he really believed that she wouldn’t, that if he was doing something wrong, she’d guide and instruct him. What they were doing now felt very natural, no fumbling or uncertainty at all.

“Oh yes...” she whispered as he slipped a finger into her. “Fuck, it’s time like these that I’m jealous of Brianna.”

“Why’s that?” he replied as he began fucking her with his finger.

She moaned. “Because...she’s a lot more sensitive than I am. Werewolf pussy might be the most sensitive pussy of all, especially when they’re in their beast form. I mean you’ve seen her when she’s like that, you’ve fucked her in that form. You know what it’s like, how easy it is to make her orgasm. As a vampire, I’m especially jealous.”

“I’m sorry,” he murmured, kissing her again and fingering her more intensely.

She gasped. “Don’t take this-ah!-as an indictment of your skills or anything. You’re doing just fine. And if I could just get my hands on some blood, I’d actually be a lot more sensitive. Some real blood, I mean, not the synthetic stuff.”

“I imagine that might be difficult. I remember you mentioning you have difficulties getting it if it isn’t a very, uh...personal encounter, I guess?”

She sighed heavily. “Yes, there is that. Not too many humans I trust nowadays to provide it.”

“Do you trust me?” he asked.

She stared at him for several seconds. “I do, I just...I’m still not sure how I feel about taking it from you. I mean...are you offering?”

He considered it. “I’m pretty sure I’d say yes if you asked,” he replied.

She gave him a look of intense desire, intense longing, then sighed and looked away. “No. It’s too early in the friendship and you’re hooked up with Bri, and it’’s too complicated right now. I need more time to consider it.”

“I understand,” he replied.

“ stopped fingering me.”

“Oh, sorry,” he said, and resumed rubbing her clit. She cried out. “Just, the conversation...”

“I get it...ah! Yes! Fuck!”

“Here...” he murmured, then kissed her for a bit longer, and then slipped down lower, pulling the blanket back. He started sucking on her huge, pale tits, licking across her perfect pink nipples. She moaned loudly as he pleasured her further still, more vigorously rubbing her clit, then fingering her harder, using two fingers this time. He kept this up until he’d given both of her breasts a lot of attention, and then he got up.

“Spread your legs,” he said.

“Oh my,” she replied, doing so, “I really like where this is going.”

“So do I,” he replied, and laid down between her very thick, well-padded, and pale thighs. They were absolutely beautiful thighs. And once he was in position, Alex began to tongue her clit, pleasuring her orally. She let out a long, slow, loud moan of sexual pleasure that was extremely gratifying to hear. He began licking faster, using more pressure, holding her beautiful thighs in his hands. His eyes kept being drawn to the full, bloody moon tattooed just above her pussy. He could feel his erection. It was almost painful, pressing against the mattress between his legs, throbbing in desperate need and agonizing anticipation.

He wanted to fuck her so badly.

“Oh fuck...” Aurora moaned a moment later. “Will you fuck me? Just fuck me now, I need it...” So apparently she was feeling much the same way.

“Yes,” he said, pulling his head from her crotch.

As he got atop her, she squeezed some lube into her hand and he straightened up, presenting his cock to her.

“Mmm, you are hard,” she said seductively as she rubbed his cock down.

“Extremely,” he agreed.

“You want this pussy bad, don’t you?” she asked. He nodded. “How bad?”

“Really bad,” he replied.

She finished rubbing him down and then opened her legs more. “Fuck it,” she said, “fuck my pussy good.”

He laid the head of his cock at the entrance of her pale pussy and slipped inside of her. They both moaned in unison, a sexual unity connecting them. Alex finished getting into position and rested on the heels of his palms, which laid on the pillow to either side of her head. He stared intently into her eyes as he pushed his way into her, slipping in easily with the aid of the lubricant. She felt wonderfully tight, and she was about the right temperature, given that she’d been laying in bed with a hot blooded werewolf for a few hours.

“I love fucking you so much,” she moaned as he started getting a steady rhythm going, penetrating her sweet vampire pussy over and over again.

“I really love fucking you too, Aurora,” he managed as the pleasure washed through him. That initial burst of intense rapturous bliss that came from the beginning of a fuck session that was both bareback and with a paranormal woman was something he was still getting used to. It was nearly overwhelming.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked after he closed his eyes for a few seconds.

“How to keep from coming too fast,” he replied.

She laughed. “So long as you make me come first, I don’t care how long you last right now.”

“That’s good to know.” He opened his eyes again, looked down at her big, pale tits, her luscious body, her tattoos. “Fuck,” he whispered.


“Fucking you is still like...unreal. Like fucking a porn star or a supermodel. I mean fuck, you are so insanely attractive, Aurora.”

“I’m glad you think so. You might get used to it, eventually.”

“I doubt it. And I hope not. I really like this feeling.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet. Ah! That’s the spot right there!” she moaned as he shifted slightly.

Alex kept pounding her pussy, going harder and faster now that he’d found the perfect position, and she shouted in response, moaning loudly. He felt the blanket lift from him as she brought her legs up into the air. Kicking free of it, she put her legs up and spread them out for several moments, and then wrapped them around his midsection. Reaching up, she grabbed him and pulled him down closer to her with an immense and easy strength. He still wasn’t used to how strong she and Brianna were. She could probably bench five hundred pounds easily.

He laid down against her, and she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him to her. He kissed her deeply on the mouth and she moaned in response, slipping her tongue into his own mouth, probing almost desperately for his tongue. He moved it forward and they met, once again twisting and twining, dancing the impassioned dance of furious lust. Alex was going even faster now, fucking her brains out, wanting to bring her to orgasm, to feel her writhing and twisting in intense erotic pleasure. Being a vampire, and an experienced one at that, he knew he’d have to do better, although she seemed to be seriously into the sex session right now.

He raised himself slightly and reached down between them. Aurora gasped as his thumb found her clit and then she cried out, her voice carrying quite well as he began to rub it. He started slow and hard, then started to go faster, stimulating it furiously.

“Oh yes! Fucking shit goddamnit fucking yes!” she screamed, almost growled. She bared her fangs at him and for a split second he thought she was going to bite him. It sent a wave of dark lust and excitement through him, but she didn’t, she just kept shouting incoherent curse words as he brought her closer and closer to the edge of climax.

And then she reached it, and he pushed her over into the abyss of orgasmic pleasure.

Oh fuck yes Alex!” she shrieked wildly, and her vagina began to clench around his cock, twitching madly, and he couldn’t hold back anymore either. He cried out, grunting and groaning as he started letting off inside of her, pumping her perfect, tight vampire pussy full of his seed. He spilled a lot of it, all of it coming out in hot spurts with each fresh contraction of bliss his cock performed. Both of them came and twisted and shouted together, the bliss pounding through their bodies, locked together in the wondrous rapture of sexual release.

And then they were finished coming, and they were simply coming down from the high of it all, and he was left gasping, collapsing bonelessly against her.

“Holy...shit...” he managed. “That was...really...intense.”

“Yes it was, my cute human fuck friend,” Aurora replied. She sounded sedate and happy and satisfied, and she began to run her fingertips across his bare, sweaty back. He shivered at her touch, as it sent waves of pleasure through him.

“You’re sensitive,” she whispered in his ear.

“Uh-huh,” he managed. “I really like that.”

“Then I’ll keep doing it.”

“Thank you.”

He laid there with her for another few moments, getting his breath back, naked and still inside of her, shivering in pleasure as she continued running her fingertips and sometimes her fingernails across his back. It was really a truly great feeling, very different from the sexual bliss he’d just enjoyed, but still exceptionally pleasurable.

Finally, the urge to shower overtook him, and he carefully pulled his cock from her, then rolled over and stood up.

“You’ve got a cute butt,” Aurora said, laying on her side, studying him.

“Thanks. You’ve got a fucking amazing one,” he replied.

She laughed. “I know. So does Brianna, good lord.”

“Oh yes,” he agreed, “her ass is amazing.”

Aurora got up and joined him as he slipped into the bathroom and started up the shower. Once it was a good temperature, they got in and began washing up.

“So...feel free to say no to this, but I was thinking: wanna go to a rave with me tonight?” Aurora asked after washing her blood-red hair.

“I...” He considered it for a moment, remembering that she’d brought it up earlier. She seemed to have been joking then, but now she seemed serious. “Would it be safe, I mean?”

“Yeah. I wouldn’t take you anywhere dangerous, Alex. Let me break it down. There’s different levels of raves, and different kinds of them, in Thorne. And honestly I’m using ‘rave’ as a broad term here. A lot of different kinds of musical gatherings kind of fall under that umbrella for me. I just like the word. But basically it’d be a warehouse with some cool techno music playing, a dance floor, open bar, hot chicks with glow sticks, and it’s a mixer of paranormals and humans. I know the people that run it, it’s a legit place, a good place to just have fun. Plus...” she grinned and put her hands up behind her head, then thrust her bare, wet breasts at him, striking a pose. “I can be your hot rave chick. Bet you’ve never had someone like me make an offer like that before.”

“You’d win that bet,” he replied, staring at her big, pale breasts, and at the big dark skull tattoo between them. “You know what? Yeah. Let’s do it.”

“Sweet!” She stepped forward and wrapped him in a hug, then kissed his cheek. “Don’t worry, you’ll love it. And if you don’t, we can just come back here and relax, or maybe go somewhere else a little quieter. And hey, who knows? Maybe you’ll meet a really hot paranormal chick and get laid.”

“I’ve already done that,” he replied, because he wasn’t sure what else to say.

She rolled her eyes and stepped back. “Come on, you’re telling me you’ve had your fill of paranormal sex?”

“No. I don’t think I ever will.”

“Exactly. So, wash up, then we’ll get dressed, grab a bite to eat, and I’ll take us to the rave scene. You’ll have fun and I’ll probably find a hot paranormal girl to bring home and we can have a fucking amazing threesome.”

“That does sound really, really good,” he replied, and he began to wash up.

Demoness IV Has Been Released!


Demoness IV is finally here!

You can purchase it as an eBook for 4.99$ on Amazon right HERE!

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ right HERE!

If you're a 5$/month patron or higher, you can see an alternate nude version of this cover right HERE!

Sorry it took me so long to get it out! I had several things working against me: being busy with other projects, winter depression, and Amazon fucking with me. (Still happening presently. It’s actually getting worse right now.) But also, it’s the longest single title I’ve ever written! After editing, it stands at about 103,000 words! Holy fuck. I had a lot of fun with this one, and it’s a bit different than the others. But that’s kind of what I like about the Demoness series. Since the main focus is John and Yelena’s relationship, they’re all kind of different than each other. Or maybe I’m just too close to it and they’re all really same-y. Either way, I just hope you have fun reading it.

Here’s the official synopsis:

A fantasy romance novel.

After barely managing to survive an onslaught of relentless demon assassins, fleeing across the country, and finally putting an end to the latest threat to their new life together, John and Yelena found themselves in the presence of a dragoness. After she agreed to help them by teaching Yelena to shape-shift so that she can more easily blend into society and hide her true, demonic nature, the pair settled in for the long haul.

Now, six months have passed. Winter has come and gone. Spring is finally coming to the land north of the Frost Mountains. As John and Yelena prepare to get back to their lives and hit the road in search of fun and adventure once again, they happen to run into Fiona, a beautiful and incredibly ambitious adventuress. After their mutual dragoness friend vouches for her, Fiona pitches her grand plan to the couple.

She wants to stabilize the frozen wastelands north of the mountains by rebuilding an abandoned mining town, thereby breathing new life into the local economy and infrastructure. Since it seems like a good goal and sounds like a great challenge to test themselves against, John and Yelena agree. And the pair of them get launched on a brand new adventure that will pit them against some of their deadliest challenges yet, and put them on a path to meet some of the most exotic and interesting badass adventuresses in the far north...

DEMONESS IV contains adult situations, sex scenes, an interracial and open relationship, and a lot of hot human-on-inhuman action. You have been warned.

The Misty Vixen Newsletter (February 2019)

Hello, everyone!

January was a little bit of a mess, but not too much actually went wrong. Mainly it just kind of kicked my ass by draining my energy. I don’t do well in winter, and January is always the worst month. Despite that, I kept trying to push through and get work done. So let’s talk about where we’re at with my projects.

DEMONESS IV. I’m sorry it’s not ready yet! I had intended for it to be, but again, January kicked my ass. The good news is that I’m almost done! I have two, possibly three, more chapters to write. One of those chapters is about halfway done, and one of those chapters is an epilogue, which won’t take too long. Once that’s finished, I’m hoping that the editing process will go pretty fast, and then the cover art, which is, ideally, almost finished. And then it’ll go up!

PARASEXUAL 3. Part of what made Demoness IV take a little longer is that I’ve been ramping down writing of it while ramping up writing for Parasexual 3. My writing focus was 75% Demoness IV, 25% Parasexual 3, and more recently it’s been half and half, where it will remain until Demoness IV is finished. I’m hoping for a late February release for Parasexual 3, but we’ll see on that. Part of what kept me from starting it sooner was, admittedly, fear.

Typically, the only thing that really keeps me from doing something is fear. Big fear and small fear. Most people say procrastination keeps them from writing, which is very true in my case, but the only reason I procrastinate is because of fear. Mainly, it’s when I’m afraid of not being able to do a good enough job writing a certain scene. If I’m not sure about a project from the beginning, then this can be worse. But, the good news here is that I’ve pushed past the intro of Parasexual 3 and with production of it ramping up even more as Demoness IV comes to a close, I’ll hopefully be able to make decently quick work of it. And, on top of that, now that I’ve actually started writing it, I feel a lot better about it as a whole. The first few chapters are coming out better than I had hoped.

And after that?

Well, I’ll be getting to work on a mini-series of short stories that takes place in between Demoness IV & V. I’ll write those over the course of about a month or so probably, releasing them to my website for free as I finish each one, and then taking them down and posting the whole thing as a single collection for Kindle once they’re done. Then I’ll probably take a short break from Demoness. If I haven’t yet finished up Parasexual 3, I’ll do so during this break and begin work on Parasexual 4, and probably take some time to begin real preliminary work on Haven.

Also, one more thing, for the first time since I launched it, all of the pictures in my Naked Ladies section are available!

Thank you for reading my stories!

Demoness IV - Chapter I Preview

Hello! To kick off the new year, I’ve decided to make a little change. I will now be showing off free previews of my in-progress titles by posting the first chapter here to my website.

I really hope you enjoy it. Please note that it has not yet been edited, so you’re reading the raw writing. If you see any mistakes or spelling errors or anything, I’d appreciate it if you would let me know!

“Okay John, you can come in now,” Kesley said, her voice muffled from behind the closed door he was staring at.

“Coming,” he said as he moved forward eagerly.

Kesley had come to get him from his and Yelena’s bedroom just a few minutes ago and told him that she had a surprise. Well, that Yelena had a surprise for him, really. He had an idea of what it might be, and as he twisted the knob and opened the door, he saw that he was right. Even though he was expecting it, what he saw was still a bit of a shock.

In the middle of a large, mostly empty room with earthen and rock walls stood a woman he and Yelena had once met in their travels several months ago and had a quick, but extremely satisfying, fling with. Tanis, a very beautiful redheaded elf. She was nude and looked spectacular. Except he wasn’t actually looking at Tanis.

“Holy shit,” he said.

Yelena laughed. It was odd to hear Yelena’s voice coming out of Tanis’s mouth. “So, I take it my transformation was successful?”

“Yes. Very successful. You look just like her,” he murmured, staring intently at her, (and also remembering that he really, really wanted to meet and fuck Tanis again someday). “I mean,! If I didn’t know, I’d have no idea that you were a demon.”

“Good. That is the idea,” Yelena said.

She closed her eyes, her face and body relaxing, and suddenly she began to change. She grew in height, filling out a bit more, her skin darkening from very pale to her natural reddish-brown color. Her hair went from red to black and lengthened a bit. Her feet morphed back into polished black hooves. When she opened her eyes, they were a flickering fiery red.

“I do believe I have taught you well,” Kesley said.

John glanced over at their benevolent hostess. He had never entirely gotten used to the fact that he was living with a dragoness. Let alone one who spent most of her time nude. He’d only ever seen her natural size once, when she’d shown him and Yelena and transformed into a thirty or so foot dragon with huge wings and an enormous tail. But she’d explained afterward that when she was at home, she largely had gotten used to her other state: an eight-foot dragon woman with very shapely curves and large breasts and beautiful scaly skin.

“You have,” Yelena agreed.

“You really have,” John said. “I honestly thought it would take longer. Not that I didn’t think you could do it, but more that I thought shape-shifting was a lot more complex.”

“Oh, it is,” Kesley said. “But Yelena is very magical by nature, and has an incredible discipline to her, and has spent decades and decades practicing magic. Plus, she already knew a little bit of it, so we were able to skip the basics and get to work on the harder stuff. Six months is a very short time to be able to do this.”

“Has it been six months?” Yelena asked, she stretched and popped a few of her joints. Behind her, her tail swayed gently. “It feels like longer.”

“It does,” John agreed.

“I’m afraid it’s been six months since you first arrived on my doorstep, half-frozen and bedraggled,” Kesley replied. She paused, looking first at Yelena, then at John, her lips pursed, as though considering something. “I’ve taught you pretty much all you need to know to transform into another person. You’ll have to practice to build up your endurance, because it takes focus and energy, but you can reliably do it. I would offer to take it to the next level, but I get the feeling that you two are very eager to get on with your lives. Am I right?”

John looked at Yelena. “Yes,” she said, locking eyes with him. “I know I am, and I’m fairly positive that John is even more desperate than I to get back out into the world. Especially now that this world’s accursed winter has lifted and spring is upon us...right?”

“Well, it should be that way,” Kesley said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if some more heavy snowstorms hit us, but yes, you should be able to enjoy spring now.”

“Excellent. My love? Would you like to depart?” Yelena asked.

“Yes. I really, really would like that,” John replied, then looked over at Kesley suddenly. “Um...not that you’ve been a bad hostess or anything. I’ve greatly enjoyed your company, Kesley, it’s just...”

“You are eager to resume your nomadic lifestyle. Don’t worry, John, I completely understand. And thank you for your kind words. I definitely understand that desire of wanderlust. Given that it’s almost nighttime now, I imagine you’ll want to wait until tomorrow to leave?”

“Yes,” Yelena said. “We’ll need time to pack.”

“Good! In that case, I have something I wish to offer you. Both of you,” she said.

“What’s that?” John replied.

Kesley’s smile changed, going from pleasant and kind to kind of sultry. “I know that both of you, especially you John, have been wanting to have sex with me since you first got here. For which I am grateful. The reason I haven’t approached either of you is because in my older age I find that I’ve been hitting dry spells where I’m just not horny. I had been about a month into one of them when you two showed up. But my dry spell ended a few days ago and I find that I am very turned on and very into the idea of having sex with both of you. So what do you say? If you’d like, we can go back into my chambers and make love.”

“Emphatically yes,” John replied immediately.

Yelena laughed. “Yes, Kesley, that would make me very happy. I’ll go get my toy. I’ve been wanting to use it on you very badly.”

“All right. Come on, John,” Kesley said, turning and heading out of the room.

John and Yelena quickly followed after her. Yelena broke left, heading for their shared bedroom, while he moved right, following Kesley through the main chamber of her home. It was admittedly very strange to live for almost half a year with a dragoness in a cave at the top of a mountain, but not in a bad way. Especially considering that Kesley had spent years, if not decades, (or longer even), making it into a warm, comfortable, inviting home.

He studied Kesley as she led him into her bedroom, through about a nine foot tall door. He realized that she seemed a little bit shorter than normal. He guessed that for most of their time spent together, she was about eight feet tall, but she looked closer to seven feet now. Well, however she felt comfortable fucking.

Her bedroom was a large place, mainly dominated by an enormous sunken tub and probably the biggest bed he’d ever seen before. Kesley turned around and looked at him intently, standing at the foot of the bed. She was intimidating and beautiful. Her skin was somewhere in between that of a beryl and a serpentine, almost totally black and smooth, with the tiniest hints of green mixed in. She had pleasantly thick thighs and very broad, smooth hips. And a big ass, from what he had seen when she walked in front of him, given that she almost always walked around nude. And she had some very large, shapely breasts.

Her eyes were somewhat like Yelena’s, they burned red with a hint of yellow, and twin horns rose from her forehead. Behind her, her wings were folded. They were very beautiful and had a black-and-red coloring to them.

“Are you eager?” she asked, hands on her big hips.

“Extremely,” he replied.

“I thought as such. I can sense sexual energy, you know. You’ve managed quite admirably, I must say. I thought that at least you would proposition me.”

“Well, I mean...”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m glad you didn’t, because I didn’t want to have to turn you down. I wasn’t even sure if my dry spell would last beyond our time together. Maybe Bliss is smiling on me. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time. Anyway, this works out just fine. We get to enjoy sex together, and you get to resume your life tomorrow...take off your clothes,” she said.

John just nodded and started stripping down. By the time he was finished, Yelena walked into the room holding the magical strap-on sex toy that their dryad friends had crafted for her as a gift last year. She looked first at Kesley, then at him as she came to stand beside him.

“Wow,” she murmured, still staring at him.

“What?” he replied, glancing down at himself.

“I am really noticing how much you’ve changed since we first arrived here. You’ve always been in good shape, but there is much more definition now.”

“Yes,” Kesley said, “I’d say you put on about fifteen pounds of muscle, maybe more. You look extremely handsome.”

“I, uh...thanks,” he replied. About a week or two after they had arrived and Yelena had begun her training, John had decided that it wouldn’t do for him to just sit around doing nothing. For his health and his sanity. So he’d started seriously working out. His life of activity, especially since meeting Yelena, (activity in many different forms), had kept him decently fit, but even he could see it looking down at himself: he was easily in the best shape of his life. And yet...something was bothering him. Something had been bothering him for a few weeks now, but he couldn’t really put his finger on it. He pushed the vague feelings of discomfort aside and instead focused on the two exotic, exceptionally attractive naked women near him.

“How shall we do this?” Yelena asked.

“Could I go first?” he replied. “I really want to have sex with you, Kesley.”

“I’m okay with that,” Kesley said.

“Yes, love, you can go first,” Yelena said with a grin. “I will enjoy watching.”

“Come on.” Kesley got onto her bed and he eagerly clambered up there as well. He wondered how this was going to work as Kesley laid down her side and beckoned him closer. Well, probably just like every other encounter he’d had so far. He’d had sex with a woman taller than Kesley before and it had worked out.

He laid down beside her, staring at her reptilian face, into her fiery eyes. She was beautiful in an alien and dangerous kind of way.

“Kiss me,” she said, and he did, leaning in and pressing his lips to her smooth, dark lips.

She moaned softly and ran her hand across his body. He felt her tongue slide smoothly into his mouth, twisting with his own, and her taste came as well. It was a smoky taste, a strange one, but not a bad one. More exotic than weird. Wondrous. He laid a hand across one of her huge breasts. An expression people liked to use about women with big breasts were how they were bigger than their head. Often, it was an exaggeration, but with Kesley, it was true. They were huge. And they felt amazing to touch.

And she was a very good kisser.

He had no idea how old she was, but some hints she’d dropped seemed to indicate that she might be a thousand years old, maybe even older. How long did dragons live? He had no idea, but he figured it gave her a lot of time to practice kissing and sex and other things. Suddenly, she broke the kiss and opened her eyes back up.

“Something wrong?” he asked.

“I’m afraid that, ah...I don’t want to wait any longer. I very much want you inside of me,” she replied.

“That horny, huh?” he asked.

“Yes. That horny.”

“I’ll be happy to obliged.”

As he got up and then settled in between her massive thighs, Kesley beckoned to Yelena, who crawled onto the bed with sensuous, languid movements. “Kiss me. Touch me, Yelena,” Kesley said as Yelena drew closer.

“Gladly,” Yelena replied.

As John rested his rigid cock, which was absolutely throbbing with anticipation now and felt as hard as tempered steel, at the entrance of her dragoness pussy, Yelena got up against her and began to passionately kiss Kesley.

Both women moaned, and Kesley moaned louder, as they began to make out and John slipped his dick inside of her. A loud, intense groan of pleasure escaped him as he penetrated her. Dragon pussy felt simply fucking beyond amazing. She was actually a little bit hotter inside than Yelena was, he could feel that fucking heat coming off of her pussy. She wasn’t quite wet so much as she was slick. It was an odd feeling, and the texture of her vagina was bizarre but it felt so godsdamned good! It was somewhat like having sex with his beryl friend Elise, and also a little bit like making love with Brynne, his serpentine lover.

And yet different than both in a way he couldn’t properly articulate.

John stared going harder and settled into a good, smooth rhythm. He’d been fantasizing about this for the last six months straight, pretty much, and now he was living it. Her huge breasts bounced and jiggled as he fucked her, pounding her sweet, incredibly tight dragon vagina. She knew shape-shifting, which meant she had a lot of control over her pussy, like Morgan Yelena now did. She’d been doing some really fun things in bed with her pussy recently that she said would become part of their usual sex sessions.

Something he was very much looking forward to.

Watching the love of his life kiss Kesley as he drove furiously into her just made the whole thing that much more erotic and stimulating. His entire body seemed to pulse with lust. He’d had sex today, first thing in the morning when he and Yelena had woken up. (Okay, when Yelena had woken up and then roused him for sex since she needed less sleep than he did.) But it felt like he hadn’t fucked in too long now that he was finally getting to make love with Kesley.

“That is wonderful, John,” Kesley moaned as Yelena began licking across one of her huge breasts while groping the other one.

“You feel pretty fucking great yourself, Kesley,” he panted as his cock throbbed in absolute pleasure from being inside of her, from thrusting into her over and over again, from feeling all that hot, wet perfection.

“Do not take too long, I very badly want my turn,” Yelena complained.

“I guess that’s fair,” he replied. “Although you’ll definitely need to wash up when I’m done, because this is going to be a huge load.”

“Good,” Kesley murmured. “I like that.”

That just made him even more turned on. He looked down at her body, her wonderful, curvaceous dragon body, enjoying ever second of their encounter, every sensation. Loved seeing her scaly skin and her huge breasts that Yelena seemed obsessed with, touching and groping and licking and sucking on them. Loved seeing her enormous, thick thighs. He ran his hands over them, then settled them on her huge hips. She was easily three times as wide as he was. Making love to her was unreal.

Even though he’d been building up a lot of endurance lately, John realized that it was still very easy to come before too long. Some of his sex sessions with Yelena had been pushing up to an hour some nights because they were both so fit and horny and wanted to try a lot of different positions. But he wasn’t even going to make it ten minutes this fuck session because endurance tended to crumble when you were faced with factors like having sex with a new woman, with a woman of a different species, with a fucking dragoness, and a damned shape-shifted that could make her pussy do all sorts of wonderful things.

Even now he felt her vaginal muscles coiling and clenching and sliding around his cock, squeezing and milking and massaging it, and he knew she was trying to make him come. He lasted maybe another ten seconds, then he let out a guttural sound of primal bliss as he that wonderful sensation of the orgasm, the climax, the release of his seed in a burst of absolute pleasure. He started coming inside of Kesley, emptying himself, his cock jerking violently as he felt a tsunami of pleasure wash through him.

Each time another spurt of his seed sprayed out of him, a fresh pulse of rapturous ecstasy flowed out from his core, filling him.

He felt his body going rigid, his hips jerking in automatic response to the orgasm, thrusting his cock deeper into her each time a contraction of release hit him, making Kesley cry out. It was a very good, very satisfying orgasm.

When he was finished, John stayed inside of her for a few seconds, resting on his hands and knees now, trying to get his breath back. Slowly, he raised his head and found both women looking at him. Kesley had a sedate smile on her face.

“I’ve still got it,” she said.

“What?” he replied, and slowly pulled out of her.

“The ability to make men have very intense, powerful orgasms.”

“Oh. Yeah. I doubt you’re ever going to lose that, Kesley.”

She laughed. “It’d be nice to think so. Although it will be a long time, I think. were right. That is a lot. And that’s saying something for me. Let me wash, and then Yelena, you may enjoy my body.”

“Hurry,” Yelena replied. “I really need it.”

“Oh yes ma’am,” Kesley replied with happy sarcasm as she got up. “She’s kind of bossy, huh?” she asked John as he got up slowly to join her.

Nothing quite like a good soak in hot water after hard sex.

“She can be,” he replied. “Although she really likes me bossing her around.”

“I know. I’ve heard you screaming at her,” Kesley said, settling down into the steaming water.

“Oh...I thought the walls were a little more, uh, soundproof,” John murmured as he did so as well, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“I have good hearing,” Kesley replied. “And it seems to me that Yelena is never going to learn.”

“What do you mean?” Yelena asked, amused.

“I can’t tell you how many times he’s told you how bad you are, how you need to be taught a lesson. You never seem to learn that lesson,” Kesley said, grinning.

“I guess I just need more punishment,” Yelena replied.

“I guess you do,” Kesley agreed.

“She definitely does,” John said. “Honestly, I think you’re right. She’ll never learn. But that’s fine by me.”

Yelena laughed. “I guess we’ll have to keep finding out.”

While he and Kesley washed up, Yelena got the magical sex toy pulled on over her hips. John was quick to finish up, since he was quite eager to see the two women go at each other. Although she didn’t move quite as fast as he did, he got the notion that Kesley felt the same way, given that the normally calm and reserved dragoness was moving more quickly than she normally did. As soon as they were both washed up, the pair got out and dried off, then moved back over to the bed. John sat on the edge and watched as Kesley moved back to her previous position. Yelena waited for her, a hungry look on her face.

“How would you like me, Yelena?” Kesley asked.

“On your hands and knees,” Yelena replied immediately.

Kesley responded by doing just that, getting up onto her hands and knees, showing Yelena her big ass and tail. She got up against her, resting a hand on her scaly tail and running it slowly up and down as, with her other hand, she guided the fake cock into Kesley’s pussy. Yelena gasped softly as she made contact and pushed her way inside. Her tail twitched and she reached out and grasped Kesley’s broad hips as the pleasure hit her. John stared intently, feeling his erection coming back again already. Well, Yelena would no doubt want to be fucked again, given her large sexual appetite, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

“Oh yes, Yelena...” Kesley moaned.

She unfolded her wings, stretching them up as Yelena began making love to her. She was breathing more heavily now, panting almost, as she thrust repeatedly into Kesley’s pussy. Now they could both say that they’d had sex with a dragoness, something probably very few other beings on this planet could claim with truth.

“ feel so pleasurable...” Yelena moaned softly.

“You feel pretty great too,” Kesley replied, then moaned loudly.

Both women kept going, Kesley pushing her big ass up against Yelena, both of their tails twitching and swishing back and forth. Both women moaned and writhed in bliss as they made love, and they kept going at it, Yelena putting her powerful thighs and hips to good use, until each of them enjoyed a powerful orgasm.

It was quite a sight to watch.

When they were finished, all three of them slipped into the water again.

“Kesley,” Yelena said.


“I feel like we should repay you, somehow. You’ve housed us for months, fed us, kept us entertained, and trained me a great deal. It was a significant investment of time and resources,” she said, and John thought that she had a point.

He’d been thinking something similar.

Kesley just smiled. “Honestly, Yelena? I’m just happy for the company. And to be able to pass this knowledge on. Plus, the sex was good. But...I don’t know. I can’t really think of anything. If I think of something, I’ll let you know. For now though? You can repay me by going out there and helping people. Going out into the world and enjoying yourselves. Live a good life. You two are something special. There are a lot of lovers out there, some for life, some casual, but a love like what you two have is very rare. I have lived for a very long time, and have only encountered a relationship such as yours a handful of times.”

“I think we can manage being happy,” Yelena said, looking at John. Under the water, he felt her brush against his leg with her tail.

“Yes,” he agreed. “But, Kesley, in the unlikely event that you ever need our help, please don’t hesitate to find us, wherever we are.”

“Thank you. I appreciate the offer. And I will. I don’t think I will, but...” she paused, frowning suddenly, “sometimes I feel like something is on the horizon. Something big.”

“What do you mean?” Yelena asked, sitting up straighter. “What is on the horizon?”

Kesley sighed. “I don’t know. Live as long as I have, and you get to see a world-changing event every now and then. Cataclysms, world wars, evil ancient entities threatening to rise to power again. I’ve taken part in my share of wars when I thought it was necessary, when the natural order of things was threatened. We haven’t seen something like that, something world-changing, for a long time. Centuries, at least. But I don’t know. I feel like maybe something is coming.” She fell silent for several more seconds, then shook her head and offered a small laugh. “Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe I’m just getting old. But if something like that does happen, I have no doubt that I can count you among my allies in the fight for Good.”

“I don’t either,” John said, though Yelena hesitated, a thoughtful look on her face.

“A fight for Good,” she murmured. “For most of my life, I was convinced that I would never be accepted by any save for a handful of horny and adventurous souls, and even then tolerated more than accepted. And yet, since I have arrived here and fallen in love, I’ve been told by many that Bliss smiles upon me, that Vivian Herself favors me. I have fought evil and darkness. I have made friends. Real friends that I would trust with my life. I guess...hearing you say this, that you would trust me in a fight for what is right, it really underlines all of these experiences.”

“You are a good person, Yelena,” Kesley said firmly. “From what I can tell, you stand for what is right. You stand for empathy. For peace. For trust. You stand against evil, in its many forms.”

“She’s right,” John said, taking her hand. “You are a good person, Yelena.”

She sighed. “I like to believe this. It’s just that...I have done many bad things. I have killed so many. I have performed torture on my enemies. Not because they were evil, thought that is what we were led to believe, but because they were not the same as I. I...I don’t know if...”

“Yelena,” Kesley said, and she looked up, and John realized suddenly that she was close to crying. He wrapped an arm around her, holding her closed to him, and she squeezed his hand and sniffed.

“Yes?” she asked softly.

“I know your struggle. I do. I...have done things I am not proud. Things that I would everything to take back. I don’t want to talk about them, as much as I’m sure you don’t want to talk about what you’ve done. It hurts. I know that it hurts. Bad deeds are like a poison you will always carry with you. A stain on your soul, a scar on your spirit. Some people can at least try to make it right, but many of us can’t. I can’t. Those I have wrong are long dead at this point. As are their children, and their children’s children. I imagine those you wronged are similarly out of your reach.”

Yelena nodded. “They are.”

“Then it is my belief that all you can do is to no longer commit evil deeds, and to try to make the lives of those around you better. Remove darkness, add light. You are incredibly skilled at combat Yelena. Use those abilities to fight evil. To stop those who would visit pain and suffering on the innocent. And, with regards to your past, lay it to rest, Yelena. I know it may take time, a long time, but eventually you will have to forgive yourself for what you have done. You can’t escape your past, but you can at least make peace with it. Do you understand?”

“I...think so,” Yelena said softly. “Thank you, Kesley. That helped.”

“I am glad. As I said, you are a good person, Yelena. You deserve to be happy.”

She laughed, sniffed again, wiped at her eyes. “Well, deserve or not, I at least am happy most of the time. I have you,” she said, and kissed John firmly on the mouth.

“And I have you, Yelena,” he replied. “If you ever need to talk about this, or anything, please come to me. I want to help you.”

“I know. I know you do. I’m sorry I didn’t bring it up earlier to you. I know we talk so rarely about it. I’s a problem that has no easy solution, and I hate burdening you with such problems. I have seen you get into bad moods. Something with make you sad, something that I can’t fight, I can’t explain away, I can’t just...fix. It hurts. I know you do not want that for me, but it hurts to see you suffer when I have no way of fixing it. And that is exactly what my problems are: suffering with no easy solution, no fix.”

“I can appreciate that,” John replied. “But part of a relationship is that you share burdens. You share suffering.”

“Yes...I am learning that. That is not true where I came from. To reveal that you are suffering, either emotionally or physically, even to an was potentially dangerous. Every ally eventually turns on you in my realm, and if they know your weak points, it makes it that much easier to take you down.”

“I really hate your realm,” John muttered.

“So do I. I like this much better,” Yelena said.

“It is pretty great, sometimes,” Kesley agreed. “Now, how about we wash up and you two can help me cook up a big goodbye dinner?”

“Does it have to be goodbye?” Yelena asked. “Goodbyes are sad.”

“They are,” Kesley said. “How about a ‘farewell for now’ dinner?”

“That is much better,” Yelena replied.

“Then that’s what we’ll do.”

“Is this everything?” John asked, looking at the pair of backpacks sitting at the foot of the bed he’d been sleeping in for almost half a year now. It was weird, thinking about that. In some ways, it felt like they had been here for a lot longer than that. But on the other still oddly felt like the events that had chased them across the continent had happened just a few weeks ago. Time was really fucking weird.

“I believe so,” Yelena replied, doing one more scan of their bedroom.

John decided to join her. If they left something behind, it wasn’t like it was gone forever. Kesley would keep it safe for them. Plus, they could just come back and get it.

Last night had been a great night. They’d made a big meal and had chatted for hours, long into the night. After that, he and Yelena had gone to bed, had a great round of happy sex, and had gone to sleep. After waking up, they’d fucked again in the bathtub, as was their usual routine at this point, and begun the process of packing.

It was time to leave.

It was time to get back to their life, to continue this wonderful journey that was their relationship. To move on to new territories. It was something that they still weren’t sure about, and for now they only had vague notions of exploring the northern portion of the current continent they were on. Kesley told them that although a lot of it was just bleak wilderness, there were definitely a lot of interesting places to see and visit.

“Yes, this is everything,” Yelena finally concluded.

“Great. Let’s go say goodbye to Kesley then,” he replied.

They picked up their packs and pulled them on, then, after taking one last look around the bedroom they’d spent so much time in, they left it. Kesley was in her usual spot in the main chamber: an enormous chair meant to hold her large frame beside a fireplace that held a magical flame. She smiled as they approached her.

“I’m very glad to have met the two of you,” she said, standing up and giving them both a hug. “And-” She paused suddenly, tilting her head. “Someone is coming into my cave.”

John placed a hand on his sword’s hilt and turned around. He hadn’t heard anything, and neither had Yelena apparently, but Kesley was a dragoness. “No,” she said after a few seconds, placing a hand on his shoulder, “it’s okay. A friend is coming. You’ll like her.”

“Who is she?” Yelena asked.

“An adventuress.”

Before long, they began to hear footfalls. Then a female voice called out. “Kesley! You still in there!?”

“I’m here, Fiona,” Kesley replied.

“How’d you know it was me?”

“Smell. I remember all the smells of my friends.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“I didn’t say it was a bad smell.”

“Should I hide my appearance?” Yelena asked uncertainly.

“No. She won’t mind...I have company, Fiona.”

The footsteps drew close enough that the latest arrival, Fiona, finally appeared around the corner of the entrance/exit tunnel. She paused there, looking at the three of them, a look of surprise on her face. “Well...that you do. Hello, I’m Fiona.”

“John,” John said, studying her.


“Pleased to meet you.” She kept walking closer.

Fiona was, as far as John could remember, the first kit he had ever seen in his entire life. He’d seen drawings and paintings of them, heard stories about them, but he had never actually seen one in the flesh. Or maybe in the fur was more appropriate. In the same way that felis were a cross between a cat and a human, and beryl were like a cross between a lizard and a human, a kit was a cross between a fox and a human.

This particular kit definitely resembled an adventuress. She had on leather armor, though it lacked the modifications he normally saw for cold weather environments. Which made enough sense, given that she had fur. She had a pack on her back, a sword on her hip, and a bow and quiver of arrows peeking over her shoulder. She regarded them with bright green eyes that seemed somehow playful and had an easy smile.

She was also tremendously attractive.

Yelena thought so too. Her tail was twitching against him now.

“What brings you back to my home and continent, Fiona?” Kesley asked as she walked forward to greet her. “Last I remember you were visiting the far elf homelands.”

Kesley wrapped her in a hug and picked her up, then set her back down. “I was there for awhile. Got tired of it. Went to Cypress for awhile. Had a lot of fun there. Kicked my way up and down Tomontica after that. Finally wound up back here. As for why I’m back here...well, I had an idea. And I wanted your help.”

“I’m always willing to help you, Fiona. Sit with me. With us, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’ two are adventurers, aren’t you?” she asked, sizing them up.

“Yes,” Yelena replied. “We are.”

“Maybe you can help me.” They all sat down around the fireplace. “So, I’ll cut to the chase. I’m a little anxious to get started. This whole region north of the mountains is shit. Lots of miserable people. No real infrastructure. Lots of dangerous creatures around, unsafe travel conditions, bad paths, all sorts of shit. I want to fix that.”

John raised his eyebrows. “You do? That’s quite the task.”

“Yes it is,” Fiona replied almost eagerly. “It’ll take years and a lot of effort, but the thing is, I’ve been thinking about that precise question for almost a year now. And I have a plan. I’ve been doing research, figuring shit out, walking all over this damned place for the past four months or so. Getting to know the land and the people. There’s this old mine near the middle of the region, long abandoned, a platinum mine. Good stuff, rare stuff, platinum. At least around here. I want to get the mine up and running again, and the town around it rebuilt. It can serve as a hub, a waystation for weary travelers, a trading outpost, a place of safety. I think it could be the central support beam for the whole region. Obviously it would take a long, long time, but I think this might just be a way to kindle the first few sparks of the fire that will make this region more inhabitable, safer.”

“People have tried this before,” Kesley pointed out.

“Yes. Yes they have. I’ve looked into some of those. Some failed due to bad luck. Some failed due to corruption. Some people just gave up. I can do this, though. With the right people, I can do this. And I think I’ve found the right people, Kesley,” Fiona replied.

“And you want me to help? I’m flattered, and I will if you ask me to, but I do think that my help might be more of a hindrance than anything else. I’m afraid I have a bit of a reputation in the area. People tend to be scared of dragons. But...” She looked over at John and Yelena. “Last night, you mentioned you wanted a way to repay me...”

John looked at Yelena, then at Fiona. “You want us to help her?”

“Yes,” Kesley replied. “She’s a good person. She’s honest. This is a good cause.”

“” he asked, looking over at Yelena.

“I am willing,” she replied after a moment’s consideration.

“If you’ll have us, we can help,” John said, looking back at Fiona.

“All right...what are your credentials?” she replied.

“I can vouch for them,” Kesley said. “They are both very strong, swift fighters with a lot of endurance and skill and practice. I trust them with my life.”

“Well damn, that’s quite the endorsement,” Fiona replied. She studied them a bit longer. “Okay. I get good vibes from you, and I trust Kesley. Although...not that I have a problem with race, but do you have the ability to hide yourself? An illusion amulet or something? Most people will react very poorly to a demon.”

“I can shape-shift,” Yelena replied.

“Okay, great! Then I accept your offer of help.” She stood up suddenly. “I really don’t mean to rush off, and I will totally come back and have a nice, long meal and conversation with you at some point in the near future, but I am very eager to get going.”

Kesley smiled knowingly and stood back up. “I understand, Fiona. You’ve always been a rather impatient girl.”

“I am a woman, not a girl,” she complained.

“When you’re my age, everyone else looks like boys and girls, I’m afraid,” Kesley replied.

Fiona sighed. “Fair point, I guess. Are you two good to go?”

“We’re ready to head out. We were just going to actually,” John replied.

“Perfect.” She gave Kesley a long hug. “Thank you so much for putting up with my impatient ass, Kesley. I have missed you very badly, and I do deeply appreciate this.”

“I understand, Fiona. Don’t worry. I’ll be here. I’m a patient woman.”

“Thank you.” She let go of Kesley and then whirled around, heading for the exit.

She really was impatient. John and Yelena each gave Kesley a hug and a kiss on the mouth. “Be sure to visit me sometime before you two leave the continent for good, yes? Last night was very invigorating and I would love to do it again.”

“Oh so would I,” John replied, and Yelena nodded.

Fiona paused. “What was so invigorating about last night?” she asked.

“I thought you had somewhere you desperately needed to be,” Kesley replied, smirking at her. Fiona sighed explosively. “Don’t worry. If you ask politely, I’m sure John and Yelena will be more than willing to tell you all about it.”

“Okay good. Let’s go, new friends,” she said, and resumed her walk.

They followed her out of the cave, and towards the next chapter in their life.

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