The Misty Vixen Newsletter (December 2018)

Here we are. The last month of the year, and the beginning of the horror that is winter. Let’s get this started.


Admittedly, most of November was kind of dead, but then I got a bunch of stuff done at the end there!

I released five novels! And one of them wasn’t a re-release!

Sorry it took so long to get Parasexual 2 out. Although the edits went fairly quickly, there was some trouble with the cover art. But it’s up now! Now, let’s talk about this month.



I’ll lead with the cool news: I am officially over 1/3 finished writing Demoness IV! I’ve actually been doing pretty good at consistently writing it almost every day. I’m feeling pretty good about how it’s coming out and I do fully intend to go full steam ahead with it, making it my main focus until it is finished. If we’re very lucky, I’ll have it out in January, but I don’t want to make any promises because I have other things going on in the background and, on top of that, I’m already beginning to feel the effects of winter. Mainly I’m just fucking exhausted a lot and it’s hard to focus.

I do intend to have the expanded version of Demoness up this month. I also intend to have Fun in the Forest published through the KU as well, but I’m currently waiting on the cover art. Once these two things are complete, I will finally re-enroll all three Demoness novels back into the KU. I also intend to have The Former Princess published this month as well, but it’s looking a little iffy. We’ll see. It basically completely depends on whether or not I can get the cover art for it.


I have officially planned Parasexual 3, though I have yet to begin writing it. I want to get through writing at least half of Demoness IV before I begin dividing my attention once again. I wanted to give out a little word of warning with regards to Parasexual 3: it’s going to be somewhat different than any of the other books in the entire series. As for why this is happening, well…I’m not sure. It just kind of came out that way. As I was planning it, it just felt necessary. So I guess what I’m saying is, don’t expect the elements of Parasexual 3 that stick out as different to become the new normal.


Although I’m 99% positive that it will be impossible to do, I would like to get all of my re-releases out before the end of the year. It’s a lofty goal and it depends on a few things, but it’s what I’d like to do.

Now, the second thing might be disappointing to some people, but I think most people won’t care. After thinking about it for awhile now, I’ve decided that I am not going to continue the Lust & Adventure series, nor am I going to write Sex & Survival 4. I do want to apologize, and offer an explanation. I’ll try to explain it best I can.

Something happened at the beginning of 2018. I’m not sure what, but I think I kind of reached a point where I just couldn’t keep writing episodic stories. For the first two years or so, I enjoyed what I was writing well enough. I mean, it was kind of overwhelming, often even, because I had to keep producing at such a breakneck pace, but I was able to keep it up without too much difficulty. (Again, for the most part.) Even up through December 2017 I was finishing up Desire, and doing a good job at getting regular content out. But then it came time to finish up Sex & Survival.

Since about Alien Harem, when I really began to settle into the six episode seasons, it took me roughly between one month and a month and a half to get a whole season written. Typically a month. I kept that up for just about 3 solid years. That’s a lot of writing. But in December of 2017 and January of 2018, I just hit this kind of wall. I think it was because I had gotten a taste of writing longer content. First with Demoness, which has become my favorite series I’ve ever written. Then I had a lot of fun writing The Misty Vixen Starter Pack (especially Like A Sex Toy) and Women of the Wild. But I was focusing on writing Demoness II for the first portion of 2018. And I just wanted to write it so much more than I wanted to write anything episodic. It felt so much more natural, it flowed so much better, it was just an all around far more rewarding experience to write. And you can really see this reflected in the Sex & Survival release dates.

Where as with basically every other season of every other series taking about a month to write, it took me over two and a half months to write Season Three of Sex & Survival, and that was after taking a month long break. I just didn’t want to write it. It was like pulling teeth. It was really awful. As the rest of 2018 played out and I started working on novels, it’s really, really hit home just how much I’ve come to dislike writing episodic fiction, and how much I really, really want to write longer works.

Because of this, I kind of feel like everything I wrote before Demoness II (with the exception of Demoness & Women of the Wild) is kind of part of its own era. Publishing Demoness II was like beginning a new chapter in my writing career. And so honestly I just don’t want to go back. I want to go forward. I want to write new content instead of rehashing older stuff.

It was why I decided against rewriting Alien Harem and Valkyries. And it’s why I’ve decided to leave Lust & Adventure and Sex & Survival alone and not continue those series.

There’s other reasons too, but that is the biggest one. For Lust & Adventure, I ultimately felt like any of the ideas I was coming up with for continuing that series would be way more useful as material for Women of the Wild or Demoness. For Sex & Survival, well, I feel like that series really floundered. Even people who liked it probably sensed this about it. Mainly, I just didn’t know what to do with the universe. It came from, I think, the fact that there are only really two types of enemies to fight: zombies and hostile people. Weirdly, this made me feel limited. I don’t know why, but it did. And so I finally had a breakthrough and came up with an idea of how to fix this. And so it makes more sense to begin fresh with a new series in the same universe, rather than write one more novel for a trilogy that isn’t that good to begin with.

I hope you can understand my reasoning and that you aren’t too upset if you were looking forward to future titles in those series.


The big thing I want to say is that I’ll be having a big Christmas sale. I’m going to have all of my stand alone titles, and all the first books in every series, be free for five days, starting December 23rd and ending December 27th. I’m hoping this will kind of kick me back into popularity. If I could make even like half of what I did in May, I’d be living the goddamned high life.

The editing is going a lot slower than I’d hoped. So far, I’ve only managed to edit Wanderlust I. I’m halfway through Wanderlust II right now. I actually had my editor, who’s working on My Undead Lover right now, prepare to get back to editing the Demoness series, because something occurred to me. I’m not terribly far away from finishing up Demoness IV, and when it’s done, I’ll need to have them edit it right away. Which they can’t really do if they haven’t also read Demoness II & III, and Fun in the Forest & The Former Princess. Which is going to take time. Which means they should probably get started on it sooner instead of later, which means I’ll have to put a bit of a pause on editing the other titles. So great. I’m trying to get my fantasy universe backlog knocked out of the way first, as it’s by far the biggest. Once it’s over, I’ll feel a lot better, because it’ll get a lot easier.

I guess the only other thing I have to say is that I still do intend to work on my incest story, but, like before, there’s just too much other stuff going on. It will get there someday!

As I mentioned above, winter’s upon me now. It’s cold and miserable and it gets dark way too early. I’m combating it best I can, but I’m sure that I’m going to get worse before I get better. So if I’m slow or unresponsive, that’s why.