General Update

Hey everyone, there really isn’t anything major or important in here, this is more of a sanity check for me than for anything else. But there are a few updates that you may find interesting.

So I’ve been talking about the editing my whole backlog thing for several months at this point, and I’ve finally just now, (it’s like 2AM, I couldn’t sleep), came to the realization, and decision, that it’s just not going to work, and more importantly, I’m letting it ruin my productivity. The reality of the situation is that all of my backlist has received at least one edit, most of them have gotten more than one. But what I think really made me realize that it’s just wasting time is that I had a system in place for this for years, and apparently it worked.

I would write the story. Then I would edit the story. Then I would publish the story.

Obviously, this was not perfect. Errors will get through. But honestly, no one really said much of anything because I think I managed to catch the most grievous of errors. And the fact that I went ahead and published Haven unedited has made it pretty obvious to me that I can’t do that, either, because too much slips through the initial writing.

So I’m just going back to that.

In fact, I’m going to begin implementing a new system that should really help streamline the whole process: I will edit the story as I’m writing it. That way, by the time it’s done writing, I’ll already be like 75-85% done editing it, and it’ll just take a little bit longer to finish up.

Now, that being said, I still have some things that I need to go ahead and edit, as they were edited already, and I don’t want to just waste that effort. These titles include:



  • PINK









So if anyone actually really cared about these edits, those are the titles that will be edited, although hardly anything has changed about them.

Haven never received an edit, unfortunately, so I’ll have to go over that one myself. I’ll begin working on it just as soon as Haven 2 is out. Sorry this got so fucked up.

As for other news?

Well, I’ve made good progress on Haven 2. I’m about 75% done, I think, and like half of that is already edited. (Again, hard to tell with the way I plan things. And a lot of times what I think is one chapter overflows severely and sometimes actually makes two whole chapters. This happened a lot in Demoness IV.) I’m really, really going to try and have that published by the end of the month. Honestly, I’m shooting for within the next two weeks.

After that, I want to dive back into Parasexual.

I’m still going full steam ahead with the covers. I’ve just begun the process of commissioning the Wanderlust IV cover. If I can bust some ass, I might have Wanderlust ‘relaunched’ by the end of the month too, (i.e. new cover art, new edits, nothing else though. Like, I’m not republishing it or anything, just updating.)

After that, I’m going to get new covers for all of my freebie titles currently available.

And so yeah, that’s about the size of it. Honestly, deciding to stop fucking around with this is a pretty big weight off my shoulders. I’m also going to be taking a break near the end of the month, like a real, actual one where I can’t get any work done, so I’m hoping I can come back in August with a clear head ready to write.