Looking Ahead At 2018

I've got a lot to talk about.

Like, a lot.

I don't even know where to begin.

I guess I should talk about my most immediate projects.

Sex & Survival Season Three is almost done.

Demoness is being re-released with some minor edits and fixes, a brand new cover, a table of contents, and a somewhat new look, as I've begun trying out a new formatting tool. This will be soon.

Demoness II will be out also very soon.

This is where certainties break down, as I'm preparing to do and am in the process of doing several new things. You may have noticed over there on that side bar the WHAT'S NEXT? section, and on that list, you may have noticed HELLCATS, HELLCATS 2, & HELLCATS 3. What the hell is that all about? Well, allow me to explain. A thought I started having a long time ago was that I wish I could re-release my older content as more coherent novels. As time has gone on and the sales from my older works dwindled to next to nothing, this began to make more and more sense to me. It seems to be that short stories, even erotica, is not on almost anyone's 'To Read' list any longer. People want novels. As such, I have decided to go through and re-release every single season and trilogy as novels.

I want to be clear: this will be a LONG endeavor. It will take a lot of time.

As with all of my endeavors, I find myself caught between trying to make money and trying to make people happy. I don't want anyone getting upset and thinking that this is a naked money grab or something, but I do also have to, you know, make money in order to pay bills and eat food. So, on the one hand, I don't want it to seem like I'm adding in new content into say, Hellcats or Alien Harem for example, just try and force you to buy it again. On the other hand, if there are people who do want to purchase the titles again, then I don't want to just repackage the same thing and give them nothing new. To complicate matters even more, I don't feel like ALL of my series need to get extra or new content. So this is what I'm going to do.

I will release a disclaimer at the beginning of each novel explaining how different it is from its original release.

I'll give you a few examples.

Hellcats (the first novel) isn't going to be hardly any different from Hellcats Season One. It covers Episodes 1 - 6, including the bonus shorts from Collection 1 + 2. There will be about five thousand new words of content.

Hellcats 2, on the other hand, will include a LOT of brand new content. It will basically take an extended look at their vacation on the White Sand Islands.

I don't plan to change hardly anything about, for example, Lust & Adventure, Desire, and Sex & Survival, as those all came out about how I wanted. Or, at the very least, it would be pointless to rework them because I plan on releasing a kind of spiritual successor series to some of them. To give you an example: I probably shouldn't take a lot of time and add in a lot more content to Sex & Survival because I'm going to be doing another series in that universe that's kind of like a bigger, better, and more coherent version of Sex & Survival. Or Desire, for example: I don't really have any further ideas I want to write about after the end of Season Three, and although I do plan on expanding the original novella to make it a full-length novel, (bringing the total number of novels to four), to attempt to pad out or write extra content for Seasons One, Two, or Three would just be forcing it, which is a bad idea. At most, I write some transitional scenes to smooth the flow a bit.

I hope that makes sense.

And as of right now, all of this is in progress, and I'm not 100% sure on everything. Plans may change. But I will provide as clear an explanation as I can for each individual release to help clarify what you are getting.

Also, I'm going to be releasing almost all of my original content through Amazon exclusively again. The reason for this comes down to, again, paying bills. I honestly wish I could be a bit freer with my content, but Kindle is still king and most people I talk to are making their money specifically through the Kindle Unlimited program. I will also be releasing The Complete Collection package deals for these series as well, and I do plan to include a bonus short story in them. These Complete Collections, as with the Complete Seasons, will not be enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited, for obvious reasons. All of these will also be available as paperbacks, the individual novels and the Complete Collections.

The novels are going to range in price between 3.99$ and 4.99$, with the Complete Collections being 9.99$. The novels as paperbacks are probably going to be 9.99$ for the individuals, 14.99$ for the Complete Collections.

I'm not going totally all-in with the Kindle for everything, though. I will still be releasing some content through Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo as well.  Namely, I want to re-release Exploration and My Undead Lover, and then turn them into trilogies. I also want to, at some point, come up with novella-length material for similar releases in my other universes. I will also be releasing free short stories. I'm looking at about a dozen per universe. I'm going to re-release my Quickies, but this time around they'll be free and have new content.

Now, below is a list of other ventures I will be trying to branch out into.

-Contemporary erotic romance featuring nothing but humans. I know, weird, right? Well, I've got a few ideas I want to try out.

-Radish Fiction. This is an app based company that you have to get asked to join, or at least ask them to consider you for joining. How they work is, from what I understand, you purchase 'coins' with real money, then spend those coins on chapters you want to read. The authors are expected to upload bite-size pieces of a story frequently. Serial fiction, basically. It doesn't require exclusivity, but they seem to imply that at the very least having initial exclusivity will get you bonus points. You know how I feel about paywalls, but you also know how I feel about bills, so I'm going to give this one a shot. We'll see how it turns out.

-Fan Fiction. Yes, finally! Fan fiction! Obviously I can't sell this. I have a lot of ideas for, well, let's face it, the protagonist fucking hot video game characters! These will definitely be simpler than my other works and I'll be releasing them in pieces, featuring them here on the website! A few of the games I want to write for include Mass Effect, Skyrim, Alan Wake, Dragon Age, and Knights of The Old Republic, and possibly MineCraft. Yeah, that one's a little weird but...come on, I love weird. I have other ideas, but these are the bigger ones right now. I'll probably also write about a few shows. I mean, off the top of my head I freaking know I want to write about Seven of Nine from Voyager.

I have other ideas, but 2018 is basically going to be about beefing up my four primary universes and this website. (You may have noticed those clickable pictures on the homepage.) I have other ideas for other universes, but these are the ones I want to focus on for now.

And that's about it on the writing side. I've just got a few more things to talk about, then I've got to get back to writing.

-I still have a Patreon.  If you sign up for 5$ per month in donations, you can get early access to nude versions of my cover art. To be clear, because I'm uncomfortable with paywalls, this is really more of a convenience thing than anything else. Eventually, if you just wait, you'll get access to everything. I'll post the nude pics here on my site and the books will be published.

-If you want to help out, but aren't interested in or able to make a recurring monthly payment, I have another option, finally! Basically, it's called Buy Me A Coffee. It's a website called Ko-Fi that is essentially just a simple way for fans to help out their favorite content creators. I'm giving it a shot. Here's the link. Every dollar helps!

-I'll be trying to write some actual blog posts about, like, real topics and stuff! I have some ideas and opinions (who knew?) and figure it's about time I try to get some of that out there. Maybe someone will actually be interested in reading it.

And that's my update. Thanks for reading!

Wish me luck!