A Look At Re-Releases + Hellcats Coming Down

Okay, let's talk about me re-releasing my older content in a bit more depth.

So, first of all, how are my older titles being released? Specifically, they are being reworked into novels, averaging between 40,000 - 50,000 words, with brand new hand-drawn cover art, tables of content, and paperback versions.

Next big question: What's the difference? Unfortunately, this doesn't have an immediately easy answer. Some titles need some rewriting and extension in order to work in this format, other titles, however, are about fine the way they are. Hellcats, for example, needs almost a whole novel's worth of new content to work as a trilogy. But titles like Lust & Adventure or Sex & Survival are about fine the way they are and will have very little changed about them. In order to help clarify precisely what you are getting into if you are considering purchasing one of these updated titles, I will include a preface that details what's the difference and what is being covered in the novel. By that I mean, which episodes & bonus shorts are included in the current novel. For example: the first Hellcats novel will cover episodes 1 - 6, plus the bonus short stories from Collections 1 & 2. I hope this helps.

Next, why is this happening? Two primary reasons, one personal, one financial. The personal reason is that for a long time now, a few years at least, I've really wanted to release longer form fiction. What has kept me back is the fact that in order to keep myself afloat financially, I needed to release content at a breakneck pace, and the only way I could do that was to rapidly release short-form fiction in the format of episodes and seasons.

Because of this, I did not have the time to work on both episodic content and longer-form fiction at the same time. Nor did I have the time it took to write a long-form story instead of writing episodic content, because, as I said, I had to keep up the pace.

I attempted to rework my schedule mid-2017 to work on both episodic fiction and novels at the same time, eventually building up a store of novels that by the time I ran out of episodic fiction, I would have a good number of novels written and ready to go, and could buy myself enough time to write new content and keep new novels coming out at a decent pace.

While in theory this should have worked, it...didn't. Partially due to my own failings, partially due to circumstances beyond my control, and partially because the amount of money I was making from episodic content began suddenly dwindling faster than ever. 

So now I'm desperately trying to get several projects off the ground at once and hoping I stay afloat long enough to get back into a groove of earning enough money not to get evicted.

Yay! Isn't real life great?

So, let's talk about some of the specifics.

Specific #1) These titles will be available on the Kindle Unlimited. The reason for this basically boils down to needing to pay the bills. So the good news is that if you are enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited you can read the book without paying for it, but I still get paid for it thanks to the way that works out, AND I can make my books free for five days out of every ninety, which I will definitely be taking advantage of. Also, even if you don't have a Kindle, you can still read my Kindle-exclusive stories by downloading the KindleForPC app. It's free and easy to use and it's basically just a Kindle on your computer. And I'm sure there's one for the phone too.

Specific #2) The pricing will range between 3.99$ - 4.99$. I know, huge difference! Basically it'll just depend on the length. I might adjust this and make some of the first novels 2.99$ as an experiment, but 3.99$ seems to be the way to go so far.

Specific #3) Collections. Yes, The Complete Collections are still going to be a thing for the die-hard fans. They'll be priced at 9.99$ and feature a bonus short story.

Specific #4) Paperbacks. All of these novels will be coming out in paperback. I'm looking at 9.99$ for the individuals and 14.99$ for the collections.

Specific #5) Because I not only don't want to clutter everything up, but also because it's probably against some kind of rule, I'm going to be taking down Hellcats in its original incarnation before publishing the new version. Since the first Hellcats novel is actually ready, I'm going to set a date now.  I'm going to begin pulling down Hellcats, as in, ALL of the Hellcats, episodes, collections, & seasons, from every single platform, starting April 4th. I don't know how long it will take for them to disappear from the various platforms, but I wouldn't count on it taking very long. If you have been waiting to get your hands on them for some reason, then now's the time! This will be the last chance to purchase Hellcats in its original format.

I hope this clears up any questions, and if you do have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask, either in a comment here or even a direct e-mail to mistyvixen@outlook.com. I'll get back to you promptly.

And that's it. Thanks for reading!