Kyra’s Game is a story about incest. Let’s just get that out there right now, so you aren’t surprised later. It was born out of a bit of a whim when, awhile ago, I decided to throw out a poll asking the question: Do you think incest is hot? It was about half and half, but hey, that meant that half the people thought it was. And I think it is. I don’t know why, but obviously, judging by the sheer amount of incest showing up on popular porn sites, a LOT of people agree with me. Unfortunately, Amazon is kind of a bitch about it. Several years ago, they caved in a massive way and suddenly banned all incest. Without telling anyone. They didn’t just unpublish it from author’s dashboards, they actually pulled it straight off of people’s Kindles…without giving them refunds. Since Amazon is unfortunately still the biggest eBook distributor and no one else has given them a run for their money, it’s pretty nonviable to sell incest.

But that’s all besides the point. The point is, I want to write it, and some people want to read it, and so an idea came to me. And I decided to write it.

Kyra’s Game takes place in my Science Fiction Shared Universe, though it has no connection to any other story and is completely stand-alone. So if incest isn’t your thing, you can safely ignore this. The story focuses on a young human man named Brian, and an extremely attractive, hedonistic alien woman named Kyra. When the two of them hook up and she gives him sex better than he thought physically possible, he finds himself willing to try almost anything she asks, even if it includes sleeping with his own sister…


Kyra's Game.png


Brian was about to do something he had never done before.

Go on a date with an alien.

He had worked with aliens. Gone to school with aliens. Stood next to them in line. He had been friends with aliens before. So he shouldn’t be as nervous as he currently was, standing in the bathroom of his simple little apartment, staring at himself in the mirror. But, he supposed, dating was different from pretty much everything else. All other activities he’d had with aliens had been, for the most part, casual. But dating implied something deeper, or at least the possibility of such. Dating was something that he already wasn’t particularly good at, and hadn’t had much in the way of experience with. Let alone positive experiences.

At nineteen, he would have hoped that he’d have more than a single sexual partner, but here he was, with just the one girlfriend he’d had. The relationship had been decently sexual, but had only lasted a few months before she grew bored of him. That was depressing, and yet...not as depressing as he’d thought it would be. In a way, when it had ended, and he’d seen it coming, he’d shielded himself, preparing for a tidal wave of depression, sadness, the feeling of being a failure. There had been that, but it hadn’t been much less than expected, and what had honestly surprised him the most was...relief. Why relief?

He had sure missed the sex, and it wasn’t like he disliked her, but…

Something about the relationship had always felt slightly off, just a little askew, and it made him feel kind of anxious whenever they spent time together. He had never been able to figure out why that was, and he’d had almost a year to ruminate on it so far. Interestingly, in a very similarly confusing cocktail of emotions, there was a powerful excitement tossed in with his present anxiety. Obviously he’d expected to be excited about going on a date, and even the fact that he was going on a date with not just a new woman, not just an alien, but an attractive alien, was certainly cause for joy. But this felt even more powerful than that.

It was almost making him sick to his stomach. That’s how excited he was.

And turned on.

He’d been walking around with a hard-on like half the time since he’d found out about this yesterday. Brian studied himself in the mirror a bit longer. He’d spent the past three hours preparing himself for this date. Most of it had been spent deep-cleaning his apartment. Although he wasn’t sure how much time they’d spend here tonight, as theoretically all she could see of his apartment was a glance through the door, he wanted it to be perfect. Just in case they came back here afterwards. On the other hand, she could just text him when she was in the lot.

She had insisted on being the one to drive.

After cleaning his apartment, he’d taken to cleaning himself, something he didn’t often do. Well, he did, just not in a way that could be considered diligently. Brian stopped looking at himself in the mirror and ran through a checklist. He’d showered, cleaned his ears, brushed his teeth, buzzed his beard, (he’d debated for several minutes about whether or not to shave, and finally decided he looked the least worst with stubble), put on deodorant, clipped his nails, and a handful of other things he thought might matter.

He didn’t plan on getting naked and intimate with Kyra, but he sure as hell was hoping for it.

He splashed some cold water onto his face, dried it off, then left his bathroom and headed into his bedroom. Pulling on a casual attire of some plain bluejeans and a simple white t-shirt, (Kyra had insisted that she genuinely didn’t give a shit what he wore), he thought about what he know of her. Not much, admittedly.

Kyra had appeared on his social radar one month ago. Given he was following his sister online, her updates appeared in his feed, and he’d seen a reference to her making a new friend. Then he’d seen a picture of them together, hanging out somewhere in town, and had immediately been interested. He often at least glanced at pics of his older sister, (he was still trying to figure out how to handle the fact that he had at least some sexual attraction to her), but this new friend of hers was...something else. Her name was Kyra.

She was a dysil.

In a galaxy where humans mingled with about half a dozen other sentient species, dysil were, in his opinion, the most attractive. Interspecies romance (and sex) was frowned upon to varying degrees, so there was that frustration social pressure to hide it if you wanted to stick your dick in an alien. But good holy fuck, Kyra was not only the most attractive alien he’d ever seen, she was the most attractive person he’d ever seen.

They’d suddenly started spending a lot of time together, and finally they’d met about a week ago when, apparently, she’d almost demanded to meet him. Which he didn’t know how to feel about. They’d hung out for about half a day, and he still wasn’t sure how to feel about it when she’d been...powerfully flirtatious.

And Jessica, his older sister, had not been happy about that.

It was obvious that Jessica was into Kyra, and he thought Kyra was into Jessica, but maybe she was also into him? Well, apparently she was, they were going on a date. He felt a little bad. He’d known his sister was bisexual for awhile, so it was no surprise she wanted to date (and surely fuck) Kyra. But…

Well, he sure as hell didn’t feel bad enough to turn Kyra down.

Brian finished pulling on his clothes and headed for the living room. He checked the time. Kyra was supposed to be here in about ten minutes. Sitting down, he suddenly wondered what did he know about her? He knew she was insanely attractive, but also really laid back. She loved tacos, (without cheese, she’d told him she couldn’t eat it), she liked horror movies, and she played some video games. Which was awesome.

Jessica had told him yesterday that Kyra wanted to go on a date with him. It had been awhile since he’d seen her so pissed off, and it had been a very strange experience. He didn’t think Jessica had been jealous of him for over a decade, and even then never over something serious. It had always been juvenile, like he got to stay home from school, or he got to go somewhere she didn’t. Some BS like that. Never anything real.

Not like this.

Now that he actually had a moment to think about it, he suddenly wondered why Kyra’d had Jessica relay that message. It seemed almost cruel. She had his contact information, she could have easily told him herself. Actually, it seemed weirdly out of character for her, given what he knew about her. Was there something else going on that he didn’t know about? Brian was already kind of paranoid about that: that she was doing this for some ulterior motive. Why else would she want to go on a date with him?

She wasn’t just out of his league, she was out of his world.

He was nineteen, pretty average looking, (and that was on good days), and although he thought he had a cool job (designing logos for companies and bands), it wasn’t like it was super-lucrative or anything. It paid the bills and he had some leftover every month, but nothing that peeled panties or anything. What the fuck did she see in him, even on a casual level? Or maybe there was just something that was lost in translation. Maybe he was like super hot to dysil? Then again, he’d been around dysil before and they didn’t treat him any differently.

There was a knock at the door.

Brian almost shouted in surprise, and he did jerk, almost falling off the couch. His heart was pumping a mile a second in his chest and he took a moment to get himself under control, taking several deep breaths.

“Coming,” he called, and got up.

Didn’t want to look frazzled or anxious, that was unattractive.

He walked over and opened up the door.

And stared.

Kyra looked...amazing. She wore a simple black dress, but it looked elegant on her. Actually, it looked somehow both stylishly classy and...kind of porn-star slutty on her. It did a lot to emphasize her figure. Dysil was naturally pretty curvy, and Kyra was no exception. She had some huge fucking tits, at least triple-ds, and some big goddamned hips. He fucking loved broad hips, and Kyra had them. And thick thighs.

And her ass.

Good lord.

He’d seen her ass in jogging shorts and jeans so far, and she had a big, broad ass, very thick. She always filled out whatever she was wearing very nicely. Her dress showed a lot of cleavage, and rode up high, showing a lot of her bare thighs. Her skin was a smooth light orange, and behind her, he could see her tail drifting left and right. It was thin, black, and tipped with a spade shape. She had bright, almost sparking, blue eyes, and dark brown hair in a simple cut that framed her beautiful face. Two black, polished horns grew from her forehead. She was wearing makeup that highlighted her features, making her somehow even more alluring.

“Hi,” she said brightly, grinning at him.

“Hi,” he murmured dumbly in reply, staring at her. He’d figured she’d look good, but not this fucking good.


“Can I come in?” she asked, still grinning. She seemed like she’d expected this reaction.

“Uh...yeah. Yeah,” he replied, stepping back out of the way. As she came in and he closed the door behind her, he tried to get himself back to reality, back under control.

“Wow, you have a nice place,” she said, looking around as she walked over to the couch. She took off her shoes, which were simple sandals, and sat down on it.

“Thank you,” he replied. “You, um, you look amazing.

“Thanks.” She stretched, and opened her legs a bit. He couldn’t help it: he looked up her skirt. And felt his heart jerk violently in his chest.

He saw bare, alien vagina.

She was not wearing panties. Okay. Holy shit.

She was looking away, so she hadn’t seen him look. Or had she? How good was her peripheral? Would she be pissed? It had to be intentional. Which meant she wanted him to see her pussy. Well, dysil were supposed to be more sexual than most of the others species. It was apparently very common to have casual sex with a dysil. If you were the type of person who didn’t give a shit about the light social taboo of fucking an alien.

“So, um, we never actually discussed what we were going to do on our, uh, date,” he said, coming over and sitting on the couch with her.

“That’s true,” she said. “Well, Brian, I have a thought. Would you like to hear it?”


“I’ve found a word in your culture that very well describes my life philosophy, I guess you could say. That word is hedonist. I love pleasure, I love fun. And let me know if this is too forward, because I’ve been told by several humans that I’m a bit too forward for their comfort level, but...what I suggest we do is ditch going out. Let’s just stay here and fuck. Would you like that? Because I’d really love to fuck you right here, right now.”

There went his heart, pounding furiously again. She was staring intently now, maintaining direct eye contact, making the whole thing that much more intense. She was leaning forward a little too, and at some point she’d reached out and put a hand on his thigh. How had he missed that? Maybe he was too distracted by her huge tits, almost falling out of her black dress.

He swallowed. “You’re serious?”

“Yes. I am. If you’re curious, I have a few practical facts for you. Some people aren’t sure about this one, but I can confirm now that it will be impossible for you to get me pregnant.

“I, uh, kinda figured, what with the...uh...alien...ness...” he murmured.

She giggled. “Yes. Quite. The other thing is, we don’t have to worry about sicknesses. Some species can transmit illnesses to each other, but human and dysil can’t. So, if you’d like, I could take off this dress, and you could pull out your dick, and I could fuck you right here on this couch, with no protection at all. And I promise it will feel amazing.

Brian felt detached from himself, but in kind of a good way. This was happening way faster than he thought, but this is actually pretty much exactly what he’d been hoping for (and fantasizing about), ever since he’d first met her.

“I...yes, I want to do that,” he replied.

Her smile broadened. “Good. I had a suspicion you would. Hold on.” She stood up, reached down, gripped the bottom of her dress, then pulled it up and over herself. She revealed her light orange body to him, all her smooth, flawless skin. And then her tits. Her huge fucking tits, dropping down as she took the dress off.

She looked like a porn goddess.

“Holy fucking shit,” he whispered.

She laughed. “Most people have that reaction,” she said, tossing the dress away and putting her hands on her big hips, staring intently at him. “So, I take it you like?”

“I love,” he replied. “I mean, you are insanely attractive. Good fucking fuck.”

“And right now, I am all yours. Completely, one hundred percent, yours,” she said, sitting back down on the couch next to him.

She stared at him intently, then leaned in and pressed her luscious lips to his.

Kissing her was light getting struck by lightning.

He groaned involuntarily, and reached out, cupping one of her enormous orange breasts in his hand. She laid her hand over the back of his, encouraging, and deepened the kiss. Breathing heavily, his heart pounding in his chest, stomach boiling crazily with excitement, he made out with her. With this beautiful alien goddess who apparently wanted to fuck him, and didn’t want to wait to fuck him. She kept getting closer and closer to him, pressing herself up against his body. He felt her hand then in his lap, and realized she was working his pants open.

She was doing it with some skill, too.

Within about twenty more seconds, she had his dick out and in her hand. He felt natural stab of discomfort at that. Not that he didn’t appreciate her touching his dick, but more just it being exposed, especially around a woman this attractive. But it was quickly crushed by the tidal wave of lust and desire and sexual energy screaming through his body. He was still feeling up her huge tits, and they felt even better than he had hoped.

And he hadn’t even gotten to other parts of her body yet.

Kyra slipped her tongue slowly into his mouth, gently probing, seeking his own. He moved it forward, and when they met, it was like a spark of pure sexual energy. She moaned as they began tongue-kissing, twisting and twining them together. He tasted her. She tasted...odd. Strange. Kind of a dark, almost smoky taste, but it definitely wasn’t bad. She was massaging his cock now, which felt harder than it ever had in his entire life. And oh how that felt. Her hand was soft and hot, her grasp firm and sure.

He slid his own hand down her body, to one broad hip, then to her thigh. Her thighs were truly awe-inspiring.

“Tell me,” she whispered, breaking the kiss as she began to tease the head of his cock with her thumb, making him twitch and groan, “have you ever fucked an alien before?”

“No, not even close,” he panted.

“Never kissed one, even?”

“No. Not before right now. I’ve never done anything intimate with any alien at all.”

“I bet you’ve fantasized about it a lot, huh?”

“Y-yeah. A lot.”

“I bet you fantasized about me a lot.”

“Yes,” he whispered.

“Well, let’s make those fantasies come true. Don’t move,” she said, and with a swift, dexterous movement, mounted him.

He felt her reach down between them, grasp his cock, then aim it at her pussy. He could actually feel heat radiating off of her as she laid the head of his dick at the entrance of her alien vagina. Then she lowered herself.

Oh fuck, Kyra...” he groaned loudly, losing control of himself briefly.

Her pussy was so wet. It was, by several magnitudes, wetter than his ex. He reached around with a near automatic motion and grabbed her huge ass. She moaned loudly, taking him into her. Holy fuck. He was inside her. He was inside of an alien woman, with no protection, with literally nothing at all between them, and he couldn’t believe how fucking wet she was! She took him all the way inside of her without trouble, sliding smoothly into her slippery vagina, but he could feel the muscles clenching around him, feel an incredible tightness there.

She began to pant as she slid up and down his length.

“Oh my God, Kyra. Oh fuck. I can’t-oh my fucking...this isn’t going to last long,” he gasped, trembling.

He had never felt pleasure like this in his life. Not during any time jerking off, not during the best sex he’d ever had with his previous girlfriend, not even when losing his virginity. This was overwhelmingly pleasurable. He pushed back against the orgasm that was already building, but it was like trying to resist a hurricane, like staring into the face a mile-high tsunami and thinking you had even the tiniest chance of holding it back.

“That’s okay,” she whispered, staring closely at him, her face inches from his. She was smiling a sultry, slutty smile. “You can come whenever you want, I don’t mind. We’ve got all night, unless you have other plans...”

“No I...don’t...OH FUCK KYRA!” he cried a little bit later.

He couldn’t help it, it simply felt too good and that, combined with how long it had been since he’d had sex, made it way too much.

Brian was coming into her.

It felt like a seismic event, a supernova, a mind-destroying blast of pure, impossible sexual release and blinding ecstasy. He shouted, then groaned her name over and over again as he orgasmed inside of her pussy. His seed shot out of him in hard contractions, thick spurts shooting up into her pussy. He was filling her, pumping her full of it, and he had never felt such a loss of physical control over his body before.

He was completely at her mercy.

And fuck, he was coming so much. His other senses were drowned out by the explosion that was his physical rapture, his orgasm. His eyes squeezed shut, his ears drowned out, there was only the feeling of orgasming into her, of his entire body pulsing in time with the climax as his cock emptied itself out as rapidly as possible.

He came for what felt like a really long time.

Slowly, gradually, he was returned to his body. It was like washing up on the shore of some distant island after enduring a violently intense storm. When he fully came back to himself, he realized he was panting, slack against the couch, staring up at Kyra, who was smiling down at him. He was still inside of her.

“Hi,” she said with a calm smile.

“Hi,” he whispered. “Holy shit.”

“Yep. Now that was a fucking orgasm,” she said. “Glad you to know you like me that much.”

“I...uh...yeah. Fuck,” he panted. “I can’”

She giggled. “I can tell. You came so goddamned much into my pussy. I need a shower.”

“Me too,” he murmured after a moment, realizing he was almost drenched in sweat. That had been intense.

“Come on. Let’s go take a shower.”

She got up off of him. He stared at her huge ass as she cupped a hand between her legs, (to keep from leaking all over his floor, he imagined), and headed deeper into his apartment. After a moment, he got up, his legs shaking badly, and followed.


“I’m, uh, sorry. That I didn’t last longer,” Brian murmured as she started up the shower.

Now that he was done fucking, and a few moments had passed, he was beginning to be able to think a bit more clearly. And now he was really embarrassed. Because that was probably the shortest he’d ever lasted. They had fucked for maybe a minute. Even when he’d lost his virginity he’d lasted two minutes. Fuck.

“I wasn’t lying to you, Brian,” Kyra replied easily as she tested the water, then got in. After a few seconds, he joined her. “I told you that you could come whenever you wanted. Or, I guess, I should’ve said, whenever you lost control. In a way, it was kind of a compliment. My vagina was so good that I had you coming in like a minute.”

“That’s really true,” he murmured. He studied her as she tilted her head back and wet her hair, the water cascading down her voluptuous body. “This is weird.”

“What is?”

“I just...I mean, we fucked like so fast.”

“You’ve known me for almost two weeks.”

“That’s still fast. I mean, I think. I don’t know.”

“Do you regret it?”

“No. Hell no,” he replied immediately.

“So then you want to keep going?” she asked, running her hands over her hair and fixing him with that intense gaze again. Her eyes were so blue.

“I mean, yeah. Definitely.”

“Good. Because I’d like to play a game with you.”

“What game?” he asked.

She was grinning again. She took a step closer to him. “It’s called How Many Times Can I Make You Come?”

“Oh. Wow. what kind of time-frame?”

“Let’s say twenty four hours.”


“So far, that’s one. Let’s go for two.”

She dropped smoothly to her knees before him and took his cock, which hadn’t ever gone completely soft, and which instantly began to harden up again as she touched it. She cupped his balls in her other hand and began to massage them gently.

“You don’t have much experience, do you?”

“No,” he replied, a little more sharply than he meant to.

“It wasn’t an insult,” she said, looking up at him.

“Sorry,” he murmured.

“It’s okay. I understand. I’ve been looking into human culture. I understand that it’s a complex issue. Or it can be, anyway. I don’t mind, if you’re concerned. Actually, I like it.”


“It means you’re more...ripe for the picking, I guess is how I’d put it. If you’d pounded a bunch of pussy before now, you’d be less blown away by me...I’m curious, how many partners have you had before me?”

Now he was feeling embarrassed again.

Don’t tell me you were a virgin. Your sister said you had a girlfriend.”

“I did. I wasn’t a virgin. But I’ve only ever been with my ex.”


“Why is that perfect?”

“Like I said, you’re...ripe for the picking. Now, try to relax,” she said, and then she stuck out her tongue and began to lick the head of his dick.

He had questions, but they were all immediately ejected from his head.

All he could think about was what he was seeing, what he was feeling at present. What he was seeing was Kyra’s improbably curvy body, wet and nude as she knelt before him, and her face, her incredibly blue eyes as she looked up at him, and her tongue sticking out as she caressed the head of his cock with it. And what he felt was sparks of pleasure, bursting into existence, from that action. She was absolutely incredible at what she was doing. Her tongue was amazing. He didn’t know if it was just her or if dysil tongues had some special property or texture or if he was just really goddamned turned on but this felt so fucking good that it was hard to believe.

He’d never felt anything at all like this with his ex.

Then she took it into her mouth. He groaned, and it was a weird experience. Groans almost never felt like they’d been produced by his body with no real input from him, it was like she was pulling sounds out of him. Kyra began sliding her lips up and down the length of his rigid dick, lingering and slowing each time she reached his head, making him shudder in rapturous ecstasy. He placed his hand on top of her head, in between her horns, and couldn’t believe how good it felt. This was how he imagined oral sex feeling in his dreams and fantasies.

“ are too good at this...” he panted.

She let out a small laugh and kept going, massaging his balls slowly and carefully in her hot hand. Just like before, he really wanted to last longer, but Kyra really was too good at this. It didn’t take long for him to start letting off in her mouth. He groaned loudly and felt a shockwave of pleasure flash through his whole body. He heard her moan as well, and that gave him another shot of pleasure. And then he could feel her continuing to do things as he began to orgasm into her mouth. She was still massaging his balls, and with her other hand she was working his shaft, and her lips were just below the head, and she was still sucking.

Holy fuck, he’d never felt this good before.

Well, except for ten minutes ago when he’d been coming in her pussy.

“Fuck, Kyra!” he cried as the orgasm really kicked. She moaned again, louder. He could feel his dick kicking furiously as it spat out another load of his seed. The pleasure was like fire, burning him alive. He came so much in her mouth, feeling more of his seed leaving him in furious spurts. She sucked him dry, and she swallowed everything. He kept moaning and panting, letting out inarticulate cries of pleasure as he climaxed.

When he was finished, she pulled his dick slowly from her mouth, then looked up at him with a very satisfied smirk. “That’s two.”

“Uh-huh,” he managed, leaning back against the wall.

“You okay there?” she asked. Kyra got to her feet and began washing up.

“Yeah. I’m good. That was...more than I’m used to.”

She laughed. “I know. That’s part of what makes it so fun.”

“What’s the other part?” he murmured.

She shrugged, then rinsed her mouth out. “I dunno. I like getting people off. There’s something really thrilling about that. And feeling your cock in my mouth, the way it jumps and twitches, and it’s just this totally involuntary’s hard to describe, but knowing that you can’t control that, even if you wanted to, and that I provoked that reaction, I made something you can’t control happen, and it’s that way because of how good it’s just such a good feeling. It’s kind of a powerful feeling. I like feeling it.”

“That’s good for me, I guess.”

She laughed again. “Yeah, it sure is. And I’m not done with you yet. Not even closer.”

Reaching down, Kyra ran a finger beneath the length of his cock, making him twitch and groan. “I...might need a minute.”

“That’s okay. The night is still young.”

He rested up a moment longer, studying her as she turned away from him, washing her face. Fuck, her ass looked beyond incredible. She seriously had the thickest, shapeliest ass he’d ever seen in his entire life. It had a perfect shape, an amazing firmness, her skin smooth and perfect. Her hips were so damned big, and her thighs were to fucking die for. He wanted to be between them. That thought made him twitch briefly in pure, naked lust. The idea of doing it with her in missionary position really appealed to him for some reason, more than any other position. He’d always really liked that position, and had always felt kind of weird.

It was such a...basic thing to like.

Maybe he loved it because it was so intimate. It sure felt intimate. As he looked at her bare backside, Brian found himself wanting to be close to her, touching her, embracing her. Would that be too weird? He didn’t think it should be, they’d just fucked and she’d just blown him, but some people had a very odd split between sex and intimacy. They’d do oral and fuck you like crazy, but oh no, God fucking forbid there be any kissing or hugging. He’d never encountered that, but he’d heard about it. It always struck him as so weird.

Brian moved up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, laying against her back.

“Oh my, someone’s affectionate,” Kyra murmured, laying her arms against his.

“Is that okay?” he replied.

“It most certainly is.”

“Good. I’m so glad.”

“You haven’t had much affection and intimacy lately, have you?”

“Ah, no. I haven’t been intimate, in any way, with anyone, for a year.”

He felt her stiffen briefly. “A year?” she whispered.


“Holy shit, how did you survive? I not even a hookup or a fling?”

“No. I don’t meet a lot of women and those that I do aren’t very interested in me.”

“A prostitute?”


“Why not?”

“I’m not sure. I guess...I’d feel guilty.”

“Why?” She turned around, looking at him closely.

He shrugged uncomfortably. “I don’t know, it’s just...this idea of paying someone to fuck me, when they’d have to hide whether or not they were attracted to me at all, and I imagine they’d be good at it. I guess it’s just the idea that someone could be having sex with me, but actually hate it, and I couldn’t tell...that really fucks with me.”

“I guess I can understand that. Shit, Jess said you hadn’t been with anyone since your previous girlfriend, but I figured you were getting something every now and then and just, you know, not talking about who you stuck your cock in to your sister. Fuck, man. That really sucks...” Her eyes sparked. “Wanna go again? You’ve got a lot of time to make up for and I’m honestly ready to go like all fucking night long.”

He almost told her he needed more time, but he was already getting hard again. She had a point. “Yeah, I want to go again.”

“In the bed?”


“Let’s do it.”

He felt another wave of excitement rush through him as they finished washing up, then dried off and headed for his bedroom. He had a small apartment, one bedroom, one bathroom. Normally he’d feel kind of embarrassed about that fact, but the fact that Kyra didn’t seem to care at all, combined with his outright near-mindless arousal, overrode that. As they came into his bedroom and began climbing into his bed, he was very glad that he’d gone ahead and sprung for the queen size. A smaller mattress would have been more practical, but he’d been holding out hope that something like what was currently happening would come up.

“So, any particular position you feeling right now?” Kyra asked.

“Yeah, actually...” he replied.

“Well don’t be shy, what is it?”


“Are you embarrassed?” she asked as she laid on her back and spread her legs.

“No...I mean, yeah, a little.”


He stared at her thighs. They really were just amazing. He’d never really understood the obsession with thin thighs on women. It wasn’t like he’d ever hold that against any woman, but as far as personal preferences went, thicker thighs were the best. And Kyra had the thickest thighs he’d ever seen. “It’s just a little...vanilla.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” Kyra said. “Besides, I love missionary.”

“You do?” He laid down on top of her, in between those glorious, light-orange thighs.

“Yeah. It’s so...intimate.”

“That’s what I was thinking about it.”

She smiled up at him as he settled into place. He was already hard again. “Do you want me to like do any foreplay or anything? I could.”

“Later,” she replied. “Right now, I’m so fucking wet.”

“Okay, um...let me just...”

He shifted, lining himself up, and managed to slip his head inside of her. Fuck, she was wet. She let out a small gasp as he made contact, and that became a moan as he slipped inside of her. Her pussy felt just as good as it had the first time. He was staring directly into her eyes as he penetrated her, burying his entire length into her. She moaned and then kissed him firmly on the mouth as he began to make love to her.

The pleasure hit him like a drug, burning into him immediately with a powerful potency.

This really was incredibly intimate. He’d forgotten how intimate it was, how good it felt. Kyra wrapped her arms around him, grabbing his shoulders from the back, and pushed up against him with her powerful hips, making him go deeper into her. Brian cried out in pleasure as it seemed to hit him just the right way.

Yes, Brian...” Kyra moaned. “Does it feel good?”

“Yes...” he groaned.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” he panted, driving furiously into her, humping her wonderfully tight, insanely wet pussy.

She grinned up at him, her vividly blue eyes flashing with lust. “Do you love my pussy?”

“Yes!” he cried.

“Say it.”

“I love your pussy, Kyra!” he yelled.

“Good boy. Come in me. I want you to come inside me. I want you to just fucking fill me up like a fucking whore,” she growled.

“Oh fuck, Kyra!” he cried, and then he was coming again, and there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop it.

Both of them moaned in sexual unity as he felt her start coming too, felt her pussy clench hard around his cock, spasming as a hot release of feminine sex juices escaped her. He was surprised to find that he still had seed left inside of him, because he could feel another load of it shooting furiously out of his cock, going into her in thick spurts, his dick twitching violently with each release. And the pleasure…

It was his third orgasm in less than an hour, and it still felt beyond amazing.

When he was finished, he carefully pulled his now extremely sensitive cock from her sweet alien pussy, rolled off of her and landed on his back, panting.

“That’s three,” she murmured sedately.

“Yes...I need a break. Like, for real,” he said between breaths.

“I understand. And I need another shower. You made another mess.”

He nodded in agreement.

They laid there together for a bit, and she reached over and idly ran her fingernails across his chest, making him shivered. Her touch was incredibly light, and he thought it a very affectionate thing to do.

After a few minutes, they got up and returned to the shower.

This time, he was less distracted by her naked, wet body. Though not by much, it was enough to think a bit more clearly.

“So, uh, now what?” he asked.

“I’m hungry. There’s this great pizza place I know that does human and dysil food. We could order out, eat, chill...what do you say?” she replied.

“That sounds great,” he said.


They finished washing up, then headed back to his bed and laid down together. She opted to order through her implant, and she also opted to pay for it, which made him feel a little weird. But she was so casual about it, and so sure, that he didn’t really feel like putting up a fight over it. He got a pepperoni pizza and she got a meat-topped one with the dysil replacement for cheese, and then they simply laid there together for a bit longer, enjoying the silence.

Though that didn’t last. Brian had questions, and she could tell.

“What’s bothering you?” Kyra asked.

They were laying together. She was lying half on him, her big, bare breasts against his chest, one leg thrown over him, arm wrapped around him, her head on the pillow next to his.

“I...feel weird, about how this is going,” he replied hesitantly.


“Too good to be true,” he replied after considering how best to put it.

“Oh! Okay. I kind of figured something like this was going to happen,” she murmured, then began to slowly rub a hand across his chest. “You want to know why I’m having sex with you, because you feel like I’m out of your league.”

“...yeah, basically.”

She smiled and he felt something touch and then drag across his bare thigh. He glanced down. She was dragging the tip of her tail across his skin.

“Something you have to understand, Brian, about dysil culture is...we tend to be highly sexual beings. We have been for a long time. And a result of that, I think, is we tend to be closer to what you might call pansexual. Or in a lot of cases, we can be sapiosexual.”

“That’re attracted to intelligence, right?”

“Yes. I’m closer to pansexual. Basically, I do enjoy physical attributes, but honestly I’m more attracted to personality.”

“You hardly know me,” he replied.

She laughed. “We’re good at reading people, and we’ve spent time together. And your sister mentioned things about you. She respects you, you know.”

“Does she?”

“Yeah. She likes you, too. I think she just has a hard time showing it.”

“Yeah, especially after you kind of rubbed it in her face that you were going out on a date with me.”

“I didn’t rub it in her face,” Kyra replied, but she sounded slightly guilty. He waited, remaining silent, and she sighed. “Okay...maybe it wasn’t the best idea to ask her to ask you for the date. I know she likes me. I like her, too. I guess I just liked you better.”

“Did you have sex with her?” Brian asked.

“Would that bother you?”

He thought about it. It was a fair question, he supposed, especially if he was asking this of her. Finally, he shook his head. “No.”

“Good. No, I didn’t.”

“Do you want to?”

“Duh. Your sister’s really hot.”

“You just got done telling me you aren’t into physical appearance.”

“I didn’t say that. I said I tended to be more attracted to personality. But I totally can and do enjoy hot bodies. Like your sister’s...would that bother you?”

“If you went ahead and did it? I mean...what’s happening here exactly, tonight?” he replied. “Is this a fling?”

“Do you want it to be?” she asked.

He sighed. “Can you answer the question?”

She laughed. “I’m sorry. I’m used to being evasive, I guess...I like you. I like this. We fit well together. So, if you want, I’d like to make this a regular thing.”

“Oh, wow. Okay. Like...boyfriend and girlfriend?”



“If that’s what you want, yes.”

“I guess...yeah.”

“You don’t sound sure.”

“I’ve thought about open relationships before, I just...I’m not sure how I’d handle it.”

“Well, what if I told you I’d only do it with girls?...and what if I promised to invite you whenever I did it?”

“I...seriously? You’re being serious right now?”


He hesitated. “This feels weirdly like a bribe.”

A brief look of anxiety passed over her face, but it came and went so quickly that he decided he was being paranoid. “Look, I’m into a lot of different kinds of people, but I also have preferences. Right now, my main preference is for girls. But I’m never completely into one species or gender. I’d be okay with you being the only cock I pleasure, and I love sharing and watching my partner enjoy themselves, so I’d like to have some threesomes with you, too. How does that sound?”

“That sounds like I won the fucking lottery,” he replied.

She laughed. “So then you want to move forward with this whole thing?”

“Yeah. Fuck yes, I do,” he replied immediately.

She kissed him. “Good.”

He suddenly realized she’d never actually answered his question of whether or not she intended to fuck his sister. If she did, did that mean she intended to make it a threesome? Would she be okay with that? She just said dysil were supposed to be super casual sexually, did they find incest offensive? Gross? Did he? Would Jessica even be open to that possibility? Why was he suddenly thinking about fucking his own sister so much?

His brain felt like it was misfiring, but then they were making out, and her tongue was in his mouth, and he stopped thinking about anything.


They stayed up until about three in the morning.

Their pizza had arrived, interrupting what was slowly turning into another fuck session, which was good, because he really did need a break. They ate, they relaxed, they got to know each other a bit more. After watching some shows for awhile, eventually they’d gone to bed, and he’d pounded her one more time in missionary position, and that had been wonderful. He’d fallen asleep almost immediately after coming inside of her.

He had disoriented yet intense memories of fucking her twice in the night.

Once, she had ridden him.

Once, he had climbed on top of her and fucked her brains out.

And then, the morning came…

“Oh yeah, fuck, just slide right in there...” Kyra moaned.

Brian groaned in response as he pushed his way into her vagina. She’d told him she was always wettest in the morning, and holy fuck, she was right.

It felt amazing.

And he had a perfect view of her enormous, well-formed ass. She was on her hands and knees, and he gripped her broad hips and started fucking her doggystyle. It was a position he’d been wanting to try ever since he’d first got a decent look at her ass, and it was every bit as erotic and hot as he’d imagined it would be.

In a way, he still felt like he was dreaming. He must be. This was too good. It felt too good, she looked too good, this situation was just too good overall. It was like a fantasy. But the sensations, the perfection of her alien pussy, the waves upon waves of blissful, ecstatic was real. This was really happening. He was actually living this dream.

“Oh Kyra...oh Kyra...” he moaned again and again.

“Yes, fuck that pussy, Brian,” she whispered. “You fucking love that pussy, don’t you?”

“Yes...” he groaned.

“Say it.”

“I love your pussy, Kyra...” he panted.

“How much?” she asked, sounding supremely satisfied with herself.

“So much...”

How much, Brian?”

“!” he screamed, and then he was coming. He was coming so hard and so fast into her pussy, pounding her like fucking crazy from behind, his hips slamming into her enormous, thick, fat ass, and she was moaning. She was moaning so loud. People had to be hearing this, but he was totally lost in this moment, completely thrown into the ocean of overwhelmingly powerful pleasure.

The orgasm felt like a goddamned supernova blasting off.

He drained his cock into her pussy, pumping it full of his seed one, hard contracting at a time, until she had drained him dry.

“Fuck...fuck...fuck...” he panted, on his knees, trembling from how intense that had been. His body felt like it had just gone through an insane workout. He grimaced and groaned as he carefully extracted his sensitive cock from her vagina, and then he laid down heavily.

“You okay there?” Kyra asked as she stood up.

“Yes,” he whispered. In spite of his almost passing-out state, he couldn’t help but shift and watch her fucking huge ass and her sexy tail as she walked out of his room, into the bathroom. He heard her cleaning herself up, and then he heard the shower start up.

“Come on, join me for a shower,” she said.

“Okay...coming...” he replied weakly, trying to get his breath back.

This was a hell of a way to wake up.

After a bit, he finally got up and wandered into the bathroom. She was already in the shower. He took the time to brush his teeth, then he slipped into the shower with her. The water felt good, and helped him finish waking up.

“You are going to like...wear me out,” he said.

She smirked. “I love sex,” she replied. “I love sex with you, I’m finding. You fuck good.”


“Yeah. I told you, we fit well together. I didn’t mean just emotionally, or our personalities. Your dick feels so good in my pussy. Plus, just hearing your reactions, feeling just how into it you are, like, that’s an aphrodisiac. Big time. I love it when people are super into me.”

“Oh, well...I’m glad. I’ll try to keep up,” he replied.

She smirked. “Brian, on the one hand, if you need a break, don’t be afraid to tell me. I’ll be fine with it. On the other’re a nineteen year old human boy. I don’t actually think there’s a hornier demographic in the galaxy. Except maybe a nineteen year old dysil girl. I think you’ll be fine,” she said.

He thought about it. Thought about how often he got horny, how often he got hard-ons, how often he wanted to just fucking pound pussy…

Yeah, she had a point.

“So, uh, what are we doing today?” he asked.

“Let’s get breakfast. I’ll drive. There’s this sweet little breakfast cafe, you’ll love it.”

“After that?”

“Hmm...” she pursed her lips, and he was immediately thinking of either kissing those lips, or putting his cock between them, and then she shrugged. “How’s about today is a kind of...go with the flow sort of day? Do you have to work today?”

He thought about that for a moment. He had three jobs currently, (you always wanted multiple jobs when you worked a job like his), but none of them were due today. The nearest deadline was the end of the week.

“Nope,” he replied.

“Good then. Let’s eat breakfast, then maybe...we’ll head back here and fuck some more.”

“That...sounds great,” he said, grinning foolishly.

“Yep.” She kissed him, then began washing her hair.

The cafe she was talking about was just a few minutes from his apartment.

It was a nice day outside. It was cool, and there was a light gray cloud cover over the colony. His kind of day. And apparently Kyra’s too. She held his hand after parking. She was very physically affectionate, and he loved it. He had always wanted a girlfriend like this: extremely sexual, affectionate, physical, chill, (super fucking hot), and Kyra was all that…

Was he missing something?

This felt too good, even still, and part of him was suspicious.

But they went into the cafe, and ordered breakfast, and then sat down in a booth together, both on the same side. She pressed herself against him, almost like she couldn’t get enough of him. He sure felt that way about her.

“So, what’s your job?” she asked after a bit.

“I design logos,” Brian replied.

“Oh? Really?”

“Yeah. I’m surprised that didn’t come up when you were talking about me with my sister.”

“She said you did something online, some kind of designing thing. I think she thinks you design websites. She doesn’t really get it. But that’s so cool. Like, for who?”

“Most of my clients are small up and coming companies who need a cool corporate logo for a decent price. I work with them until we get it right, they pay me a one-time fee, and then it’s theirs. Usually they’ll come back after about six months, maybe a year, if they’ve lasted that long, and want a cooler, sleeker logo. And they’re willing to pay more, because we already worked together. More recently, I’ve been designing logos for bands.”

Her eyes widened a little, almost seemed to brighten, and she leaned in a bit. Brian couldn’t help but glanced down her shirt. Her tits were so big, and she was showing a lot of cleavage. “I get so wet for creative guys,” she whispered.

“I, uh, see,” he murmured, feeling yet another erection stirring in his pants. “Well, that’s good for me then.”

She smirked and he suddenly felt her foot come out and rub up against the side of his leg. “Yes,” she replied softly, “it’s so very good for you.”

Their food came not long after that, and he found himself suddenly and intensely hungry. Well, he’d been extremely active over the past day, so that made enough sense. They spoke a little as they ate, but it was obvious that they were both pretty hungry. When the food was gone, they sat back and let it settle for a little bit.

“What do you want to do now?” he asked.

“Honestly, I want to go back to your place. I want to see some of these logos of yours.”

“All right.”

They went back to his place, and he could feel his sexual desire rising, and rising, and it wouldn’t stop. As they drove back home and then headed back up to his apartment, he suddenly wondered if there was some physical quality to dysil, or even some kind of ability, maybe a pheromone?, that acted as an aphrodisiac. Because he couldn’t remember being this horny before. Although he was ready to believe that she was just that hot, and having a woman as attractive as Kyra wanting to fuck you and fucking you shot your libido into the stratosphere.

He grabbed his laptop and they laid down in his bed together. He showed her what he considered to be some of his coolest logo designs. Sometimes the people knew exactly what they wanted. And sometimes he thought they were cool ideas, sometimes not. Then there were other times where they had a kind of basic idea, but the idea was malleable and they went back and forth on it. And then there were times where they were basically stumped, they had no idea what they wanted. That was when he asked questions, had long conversations with the client about who they were, what they did, and what they stood for, and then came up with something.

Those were the best jobs.

And more often than not, maybe eight times out of ten, they liked what he came up with, and only asked for minor edits.

Kyra was clearly interested, staring at the screen for long periods of time, asking him questions, prodding him for information about his job.

After about half an hour of this, she turned to him suddenly. “Okay, so, I want to fuck,” she said.

“Uh...okay. Me too,” he replied, closing the laptop and set it a safe distance away. He didn’t want to break it. So far, their sex sessions had been rather...vigorous.

“And,” she said, placing a hand on his chest and leaning closer, “I was curious. Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass? And do you want to?”

“No I haven’t,” he replied, swallowing, “and yes I do.”

“Well, today is your lucky day then,” she replied. “You can fuck me in the ass right now.”

“I, um, okay,” he replied, feeling a surge of lust shoot into him again. “I’ve got lube.”

“Good. Get it.”

She sat up and took off her t-shirt, freeing her huge tits, then she rolled onto her back, put her legs in the air, and pulled her pants up and off. He wasn’t sure why, but he really liked the fact that she had opted out of wearing a bra and panties. There was something really hot about that. Probably some of it had to do with the fact that he could see her nipples through her shirt. Some people said that was trashy, but, if it was, so what?

It was hot.

Hot was good.

He dug around in his headboard for a bit, and as he did, he felt her hands on his pants, getting them undone. By the time he finally found it, he was nearly panting in desperation. He wanted to fuck her ass so bad. Besides the fact that she had such a fat, thick, perfectly formed ass, he’d really wanted to try anal, and his one and only girlfriend hadn’t been willing to try it. Which was fair enough, but it had really fucking sucked that there was just this thing that like everyone else got to experience, and he was pretty much cut off from it.

Not anymore though, thankfully.

“Got it,” he muttered as he moved back over to her. She was already on her hands and knees. Her tail drifted lazily back and forth as she waited for him. Her ass looked incredible. He squeezed some lube into his hand and rubbed his cock down, then wiped his hand off on the blanket after tossing the tube aside.

“So, um, what should I, uh...”

“Just put it in, and then start working it in nice and easy. Slow and steady,” she replied.

“Okay. Great.”

He got up against her and laid his slicked up cock at the entrance of her ass, then pushed it in. As he began working his way into her, the pleasure gripped him.

It felt amazing.

It was better than he’d hoped it would be.

Her ass was so fucking tight.

“Holy fucking fuck, Kyra,” he whispered, grasping her broad, smooth hips tightly, digging in his fingertips as he pulled back, then pushed in, pulled back, then pushed in again deeper.

“That good, huh?” she asked, sounding very satisfied.

“Yes...” he moaned. “Oh fucking shit, yes, Kyra. Holy fuck, this is amazing.”

“Well, I’m very glad I could be the first one to give you ass.”

“Why’s that?” he panted as he finally got his entire cock worked up her ass. He rested there for a moment, his hips touching her bare ass.

“Because I get to share this experience with you, and hear you make these noises. These are really sexy noises, also really gratifying ones. I love how satisfied you are.”

“That’s good,” he whispered, then dug in his fingertips a bit more and resumed fucking her up her fat, alien ass.

The pleasure magnified, blasted into him, lighting him on fire with its intensity.

This was definitely not going to be a prolonged fuck session.

“Kyra...” he moaned as he drove into her huge ass again and again, and the pleasure only intensified. She moaned loudly in response and pushed against him, forcing him deeper. He gripped her hips more tightly and really started giving it to her, just pounding her thick, dysil ass. Her tail was whipping back and forth as he humped her, burying his cock in her ass again and again, and it struck him as insanely sexy.

Women with tails had always driven him fucking nuts.

Seeing it, really seeing it, acted like a trigger for him, and he almost immediately started to come. He let out a loud, inarticulate cry of absolute and total pleasure as he began to shoot his load. Kyra moaned along with him, grinding her big ass into his lap, forcing him deeper as he orgasmed. Brian shot his seed into her ass, feeling his entire body throbbing in time with his orgasm, like it had ensnared his entire being.

He felt nothing but perfect ecstasy.

He pumped her ass full of his seed one, hard contraction at a time, his hips jerking forward each time he shot more out, and the pleasure threatened to overwhelm him. For a few seconds there, he actually thought he was going to pass out. But the moment passed and he started coming back to himself, his coherency returning as the pleasure began to fade and his orgasm ran its course. When he was finished, he pulled out of her and sat down heavily, trembling and covered in sweat, panting furiously.

“I take it your first time fucking a hot girl in the ass was a good one?” Kyra asked, sounding extremely self satisfied and smug.

“Yeah. Holy fuck. That was...yeah, amazing,” he panted, then he laid on his back and started at the ceiling. After a moment, he closed his eyes.

“Thought so.”

She got up off the bed and walked away. A moment later, he heard the shower start up. Brian laid there recovering a moment longer.

Holy fuck, had he ever won the fucking lottery with this woman.

After a moment, he got up to join her.

Two days passed.

They were very exhaustive days, but they were two of the best days of his life. He didn’t leave his apartment, not until the end of the second day. He had relentlessly pounded Kyra, just hammered her pussy and her ass as much as she’d let him. Which was actually more than he even could. She wore him out. It wasn’t that he thought of himself as having a tremendous amount of physical endurance, it was more that he was often so goddamned horny that he wondered if there was actually an end to that particular aspect of himself.

Even now, though, after having it exhausted, he wasn’t sure. Because he was still horny, it was just that sometimes his body almost literally gave out on him.

He fucked Kyra until his cock gave out, and his hips.

He’d fucked her four more times and gotten blown twice the rest of that day after he’d fucked her up the ass. They’d hung out in his place, watching some cartoons, ordering food, and he’d done a little bit of work. Though he kept getting distracted. The next day, today, he’d slept in late, not getting out of bed until four in the afternoon. Although he’d actually been awake since two, Kyra had just kept him occupied. She talked with him, and rode him twice, before they’d gotten up and had a shower. And she’d blown him in the shower.

Good lord, that was amazing.

And then, suddenly, she’d suggested they go out and have a day on the town.

And she had outright refused to have sex with him after that. She was still warm, fun, flirtatious. She made out with him, held his hand, let him feel up her tits beneath her shirt, or her ass inside the insanely hot jogging shorts she was wearing, but there was no sex, no blowjobs, not even a handjob. He didn’t come for the next seven hours.

Finally, around ten, he’d asked, “So what gives?”

And she had just smirked and said, “It’s a surprise.”

“A surprise?”

“Yeah, the kind of surprise you’ll want to have a lot of sexual energy stored up for, you know? Trust me, you’ll thank me for being a cock-tease today. I can just tell, you’re so horny. That’s good. Hold onto it. Because tonight you are getting a present that is going to be out of this fucking world, Brian. Trust me.”

He considered it, and finally had nodded. “Okay.”

“Thank you.”

And they’d gone on with their night. They’d already had lunch and dinner together, and she’d taken him first to an arcade, which had been awesome, and then he’d taken her bowling. That’s where they were right now. And so he decided to try and wait this out, trying not to think of his surprise, whatever it was going to be. Obviously it was sexual in nature, but what could it be? Maybe that threesome she’d mentioned?

She’d brought up close female friends she had, other alien women who might be interested in having sex with him…

Oh, how amazing it would be to have a threesome with two hot alien women.

And so he tried to focus and to enjoy his time bowling with her.

“Lust really throws your game off, huh?” Kyra asked as they pulled into his parking lot.

“Apparently,” he replied.

He’d thrown way too many gutterballs during the last few games. He was distracted as hell. And only growing more so the closer they got to home. He parked and turned off the car, then glanced at Kyra. She was staring ahead, and her eyes were unfocused. Oh, she was accessing her internal computer, her uplink to the galactic net. A moment later, her eyes refocused. She looked over at him and smiled broadly.

“Your surprise is here,” she said, and then got out.

He got out and closed his door, looking around intently. After a moment, he saw her. No, wait…

Them. He saw them.

Two women were coming his way from another car across the lot. His eyes bulged. Two? She’d invited two women to his apartment for sex?

Was that right? Or did he have this wrong?

“Are they...”

“Here to fuck us both into comas? Yes. Yes, they are,” Kyra replied.

“Holy shit.”

He was looking at two extraordinarily hot women. Hot alien women. Both of them different species, neither the same as Kyra.

The first was a xenian. They tended to be petite and deathly pale, and had nodes of technology stuck into their bodies seemingly at random. They also had glowing white eyes. This woman had vividly red hair, bright white eyes, and a perfectly taut, trim body. She was wearing a really tight t-shirt and really tight shorts, and clearly no bra or underwear.

The second woman was a cyvit. Basically, a cat person. She had bright, bubblegum pink fur and she was built like Kyra: curvaceous. Her big tits were barely restrained in nothing but a sports bra, and she wore a mini-skirt with an emphasis on the mini. It did little to cover her beautifully thick thighs and her broad hips were barely contained in it. He could see her tail swaying behind her. She had bright blue eyes and a very sure smirk.

They were two of the most attractive women he’d ever seen.

“Hey, Kyra,” the cyvit said. “So this is him, huh?”

“Yep. Brian, meet my best friends. The cyvit is Tiffany. She’s a stripper and sometimes an escort. The xenian is Lyza. She makes apps and...just loves sex.”

“When I have time for it,” Lyza muttered. She stepped forward and looked him up and down, then offered him her hand. “It’s good to meet you, Brian.”

He shook it, feeling like he was in a dream. “And you.”

Tiffany stepped closer and looked him in the eyes. She was almost as tall as he was, whereas Lyza was nearly a foot shorter. Tiffany leaned forward suddenly and kissed him on the mouth. He was surprised, but not unpleasantly so, by the move, and found himself immediately leaning into the kiss. He settled his hands on her big hips as she started to make out with him, slipping a rough tongue slowly into his mouth.

“Okay, okay, we’ve got a whole apartment for this,” Kyra said.

“I guess you’re right,” she said after ending the kiss. “You kiss well.”

“So do you,” he murmured, staring back at her.

She laughed. “I know I kiss well, I just wanted to see if Kyra was lying or not.”

“I don’t lie, bitch,” Kyra replied. She held out her hand. “Come on, boyfriend.”

He took it and let her lead him into the apartment building. Lyza and Tiffany followed after them. Brian still felt like he was walking through a dream world as Kyra led him up to his apartment. When he got there, she had to remind him to unlock it.

“What?” he asked.

She giggled. “Unlock it, dear.”


“Has he been drinking?” Lyza asked.

“No. I haven’t seen him drink or take anything else once since we hooked up. He’s probably just, you know, in a daze. Because he’s never done anything like this before,” Kyra replied.

He swiped his thumb and let them in.

“Wait, you’ve never had like, a threesome?” Tiffany asked.

“No, not even close,” he replied.

“Holy shit. Kyra said you were inexperienced Nice.”


“Yeah,” Tiffany said, smirking at him. She flicked his leg with her tail. “I love corrupting cute young human boys. It’s practically my hobby.”

“It is fun,” Lyza murmured. She looked around his apartment. “Nice place.”


“Let’s get to the bedroom, I’ve been cock-blocking poor Brian here for over half the day, to build anticipation,” Kyra said.

“Good idea,” Tiffany murmured.

He followed the women into his bedroom and still couldn’t shake the weird sense that had ensnared him. He felt...high. But it was wearing off. He was getting extremely excited, and extremely aroused. He already had a rock solid hard-on. As he came into his bedroom and stared at the three exquisitely beautiful women, they began to take their clothes off.

He had three insanely hot alien women in his bedroom, getting naked, preparing to fuck him.

Holy shit.

Tiffany pulled her sports bra up and off, freeing huge boobs. He thought they might actually be bigger than Kyra’s. Good fucking lord. Then she wiggled her hips as she hooked her thumbs through the waistband of her skirt and began to pull it down, revealing those amazing hips, and her beautiful vagina.

Lyza disrobed just as easily, casually shedding her t-shirt and freeing some high, firm, pale b-cups topped by perfectly pink nipples. She pulled her shorts down and he got a good look at her trim thighs and a perfectly smooth, taut alien pussy.

“Well?” Kyra asked as she got her own tits out, those big, orange, firm, perfect breasts.

“Uh...yeah,” Brian replied, trying to get ahold of himself. He needed to get his shit together. He was going to have a goddamned foursome.

A foursome.

With three alien women, who were all like fuckin tens.

Was he even going to be able to handle this?

Well, he’d enjoy finding out. He hastily took off his own clothing, feeling electrified with lust and desire and the absolute need to be near these women, touching them, kissing them, making love with them, pleasuring and being pleasured by them. They all climbed into his bed, which was just barely big enough to contain the four of them. As he got into position, he felt the brush of fur against his skin, and made contact with Lyza, and found that what he had heard about xenians was true: they ran at a higher temperature naturally than humans. She was hot to the touch. Kyra put him in the middle of the bed.

She had Lyza lay on one side, and Tiffany lay on his other, and then she laid down between his legs. He groaned as she started licking his cock. Lyza leaned in and pressed her hot lips against his own. She immediately began to passionately kiss him, slipping her alien tongue into his mouth while taking his hand and putting it on one of her hot, firm, small breasts. He groped it gently, his heart beginning to hammer furiously in his chest with pure excited lust. He darted his tongue forward and eagerly met her own, and felt a powerful burst of exhilaration as they touched and twisted and twined together.

They made out as he felt Kyra continue licking his cock, putting her skilled tongue to use, and Tiffany pressed up against him, rubbing her soft, warm, furry body against his own. His hand went wandering as he made out with Lyza, first going to her other breast, then down to her tight ass, and then to her vagina. He almost desperate to find out what it felt like inside of her. She opened her legs for him, and he slipped a finger into her pussy, and oh holy fucking shit, she was really tight, and insanely fucking hot inside.

He shuddered as he imagined what it would be like to stick his cock bare into her.

He fingered her as they made out and she moaned and began rocking her hips in rhythm with his efforts to pleasure her. They went for another minute or so before Tiffany gently took his face away from her and faced it towards herself.

“My turn,” she said, and began to kiss him. He shifted his focus to the beautiful, pink-furred cyvit and began groping her huge breasts as they made out. Kyra full on began sucking his dick now, and he felt Lyza shifting around. After a moment, he realized she had gone down to join Kyra.

“Oh my fucking-holy shit,” he groaned as he felt both women begin to lick his cock.

“Never had that happen before, huh?” Tiffany asked with a sly grin. “Two hot alien babes licking your cock at once?”

“Not. Never,” he panted. “Wow. That’s-oh wow.”

“You are so fucking cute,” she said, then reached down and cupped his balls in her hand. She began to massage them as both women continued licking his head, and he groaned louder and twitched as the pleasure began to overwhelm him. Lyza took his cock into her mouth then, her incredibly hot, wet mouth, and began to suck him off. She stared up at him with her bright eyes as she bobbed her head slowly, sensually.

“Gonna come soon!” he gasped.

“Do it,” Kyra said. “Come in her mouth, Brian. Fucking bust your nut down her throat.”

And then she put a hand on the back of Lyza’s head and shoved her face forward. He cried out as his cock went down her incredibly tight, wet throat, and he felt her hold it there, and she swallowed, and that didn’t just push him over the edge, it fucking rocketed him over the edge and down into the seemingly endless abyss of the orgasm.

He started coming down her throat, and he heard her moaning and she kept swallowing, again and again, her tight, hot, wet throat muscles clenching around his climaxing dick repeatedly as he literally came down her throat. He’d just met her barely fifteen minutes ago! All of this was happening so fucking fast that he felt like he was losing his mind. But there was no way he was going to stop or even to slow down.

It felt like he was coming like a fire-hose, emptying his cock down Lyza’s throat, and she seemed to have no problem swallowing everything. She kept sucking, staring up at him with her wide, glowing eyes, and that just made him come harder. Having sex with an almost literal stranger was, he was happy to find, an insanely potent thrill.

She sucked his cock dry, then pulled it out of her mouth.

“Thanks, Kyra,” she said, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand.

“Come on, that was hot,” Kyra replied.

“It was really hot,” Tiffany murmured.

Lyza sighed, then giggled. “Okay, yeah, it was hot. Be right back. Nobody touch him! I get to ride him first since you shoved his cock down my throat.”

“Okay, fair enough.”

She got up and he found his eyes drawn to her tight, incredibly pale ass as she hunted down his bathroom.

“Having fun so far?” Kyra asked, grinning up at him. He could see her tail drifting lazily back and forth.

“Yes. So much,” he replied, getting his breath back.

“We haven’t even gotten started,” Tiffany murmured. She kissed him again, and encouraged him to keep feeling her up. He ran a hand over her body, briefly cupping her breast again with it, then sliding it down to her ass.

She really did have a fat fucking ass.

“You love alien girls, huh?” Tiffany asked.

“I do. I really do,” he replied.

“Kyra was your first?”


“She makes it sound like she basically jumped you.”

“I totally jumped him. Told him we were going on a date, showed up, just fucked him right there on his sofa,” she replied.

“You are such a fucking whore,” Tiffany said.

“If I recall, that’s how our first date went, Tiffany, and you loved it. I ate your pussy like it’d never been eaten before, bitch.”

“I didn’t say being a whore was an insult,” Tiffany murmured.

“No, it’s actually quite fun,” Lyza said as she returned. She hopped up onto the bed and then crawled forward until she was onto of him. “You’re almost out of mouthwash,” she said.

“I’ll make sure to buy some more,” he replied softly, staring up at her.

She grinned. “I’m about to give you possibly the best pussy of your whole life if you’ve never had xenian pussy. Human guys, well pretty much all non-xenians guys will not shut the fuck up about hot tight and hot it is...” She raised herself up and Kyra grabbed his cock, which had begun to soften, but was already stiffening back up, and lined him up with her.

And then she was lowering herself, and he was entering another woman. Another brand new, insanely hot woman. A new species.

He had fantasized often about a hot xenian woman.

And Lyza was so hot.

She moaned loudly as she lowered herself, then raised herself, then lowered herself, taking his cock into herself inch by inch. She rested her hands on his chest and began panting. “Fuck, you feel big!” she moaned.

“You!” he groaned in reply. “And hot! Oh wow! It’s so hot!”

“Mmm...told you,” she replied, grinning at him.

Once she got him comfortable inside of her, she began to ride him. Her slick, hot, alien vagina clenched tight around his dick and slipped up and down it again and again and again and again, the pleasure immediately mounting, magnifying. How many orgasms did he have in him? He was immediately grateful that Kyra had cock-blocked him for as long as she had today. He was going to need that extra endurance, because he was more turned on than he had ever been in his entire life right now.

“You really fucking love this pussy, don’t you?” Lyza panted as she kept riding him, looking absolutely beautiful as she bounced on his cock, taking it into herself again and again.

“Yes!” he groaned. “This feels way too fucking good.”

“You’re gonna come again soon, aren’t you?” she murmured.

“Yeah. I’m sorry-”

“Don’t be sorry, I think of it as a compliment. Besides, Kyra says you’re horny as fuck, and we’ve got all night. I figure you just need to get the first few ‘I’m so excited and this is such a crazy new sexual experience for me’ orgasms out of you, and then you’ll settle into a bit more endurance and just pound pussy all night,” she said.

“I hope that’s how it works,” he panted.

“If not, this’ll be fun anyway, and there’s always next time. I’ve decided that I like you.”

“That was fast.”

“I can tell quickly about people. Plus, Kyra vouches for you, and her word carries a lot of weight...oh yeah...oh fuck right there!” she moaned.

Brian knew that he was on the verge of coming inside of this insanely fucking tight alien pussy, and apparently she was being pushed closer to her own orgasm, so he took the opportunity and reached down between them and started rubbing her clit. She let out a loud cry of bliss and he had her orgasming very quickly.

Which was perfect, because about three and a half seconds after she began to come, getting somehow even hotter inside, he began to come. He yelled in blind pleasure as the second orgasm burst into being, blasting through him from his core in renewing waves of absolute ecstasy. He shot his load into her pussy, grabbing her hips and pulling her down tight against him, and listening to her scream and carry on in her own bout of total rapturous release. She rode him until they were both finished coming, and then settled down on him.

“That was fun,” she murmured, running her hands up and down his chest. “You’re cute.”

“Thanks,” he replied softly. “You’re, um, so hot.”

She laughed. “Thank you. I need to go clean up. You made a big mess.”

“He does that, I’m finding,” Kyra said.

She got off of him and headed back to the bathroom.

“It’s my turn now,” Tiffany said, still laying beside him. She started to kiss him again, and Kyra watched them closely. As they made out, Brian thought that he was going to need more of a break between hard-ons, but reality prove him wrong. As he kept feeling up her big tits and making out passionately with her, and she kept teasing his cock with her fingers, he found himself hard again in less than two minutes.

“Do me,” she said as soon as he was fully erect again, and she laid on her back and spread her legs.

Feeling a nearly animal lust hit him, he rolled over onto her suddenly. He had to be inside of his absurdly beautiful stripper, this crazy hot cat-girl with pink fur and huge tits and wild sexuality. As soon as he was on top of her, he slipped his cock inside of her, and groaned loudly at how wet she was. Her voice joined his own.

“Oh yes, that is passion,” she moaned loudly as he began driving furiously into her. “You are just fucking in love with me right now.”

He groaned her name, kissing her hard on the mouth as he slid in and out of her, and felt the perfect pleasure that came from completely unprotected sex.

“That’s how he is, it seems,” Kyra murmured. “He’s a very impassioned lover.”

“He is,” Lyza agreed. “It’s very invigorating.”

Tiffany cried out, giving a panting sort of moan as he pushed deep and hard into her, and she put her legs into the air, folding and spreading them. They made out passionately and she grabbed at his back. He was right there with her, because he was happy to see that both Lyza and Tiffany were quite passionate lovers as well. There was nothing really fully like having sex with someone who was extremely into it.

“Come on,” she whispered as she wrapped her legs around him. “Come for me. Come for me, Brian. Come in me. I want to feel you just blowing the biggest load into my pussy...”

“Oh fuck...” he groaned, pounding her harder and faster.

“Boys are so easy,” Lyza murmured.

“This boy is, at least,” Kyra replied.

“Oh...fuck...Tiffany!” he screamed, and then he was coming a third time, and it was like a supernova going off inside of him.

Tiffany moaned loudly and held him tightly locked into place with her arms and legs, staring up at him intently with wide eyes as he orgasmed into her and filled her pussy with his seed. She moaned and kissed him.

“That’s it...that’s such a good boy,” she whispered.

He groaned, thrusting into her, his cock spasming crazily.

And then he was finished again, and he collapsed against her, panting.

A moment later, he felt a hand on his back. “I believe it’s my turn,” Kyra murmured.

“I...I need a minute,” he replied.

“Okay. You get a minute.”

It was going to be a long, amazing night.