The Misty Vixen Newsletter (June 2019)

So May was an interesting month.

Unfortunately, basically nothing at all got done for Misty Vixen, for which I am sorry. Also kind of horrified. I really thought I’d get more done, but life basically conspired against me. Plus, I was just feeling kind of overwhelmed.

I did begin writing Haven 2, and it’s basically planned out in its entirety. I plan to write most of it in June. I want to get as much of it written as I can over this next month.

Mainly, I was focused on Crystal Candy. So far, I’ve managed to release eight titles in the A Warm Place series. I had intended to get Part 9 out before the end of May, but I couldn’t manage it. I also began and canceled the Planet of the Bugs series. For a more detailed explanation of why, please refer to this blog post. For those not in the know and for a basic reason, Planet of the Bugs was my first real shot at writing GameLit. I canceled it because I wasn’t enjoying writing it, and I also wasn’t hitting my mark, according to a few people. Which is fine. Honestly, it was a relief to quit and get back to work on A Warm Place.

I also managed to establish myself as Crystal Candy online a bit more. Here’s some links!

That pretty much covers what I did in May. Now we can talk about the future.

I’ve had a little bit of a course correction on my thinking, both in the immediate future and the more distant future. First, let’s discuss the most immediately relevant stuff.

May was a good month, financially speaking. It was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. And it was that way for two reasons.

Crystal Candy and Haven.

Haven represents approximately 30% of my income for May. I don’t think that has ever happened before. I don’t think a single title has ever made such a dramatic impact. I’m still coming to terms with this.

Crystal Candy represents approximately 25% of my income. Obviously, I’m doing something right there.

In a way, that’s amazing. In another way, it kind of freaks me out. If I hadn’t decided to write Haven or launch Crystal Candy, 55% of my income wouldn’t exist. That’s insane. And I would be insane not to capitalize on these two facts.

So, first and foremost, I’m going ahead full steam with Crystal Candy. I’m projecting that A Warm Place will last for 12 total titles, although I’m not completely sure. It might hit 15, but I’d like to end it on 12 if I can manage it. I like it, and I actually had another idea set in the same universe, but I have SEVERAL other ideas for totally different universes that I really want to begin writing. I actually know what I want to do next and I’m excited about it. So anyway, Crystal Candy lives.

Obviously, I need to write Haven 2. And quickly. If it does as well as Haven 1, I will more than likely quickly write Haven 3 as well. I’d kind of be stupid not to.

That being said, this has sort of taken some pressure off, and it has kind of relaxed my thinking. At some point, in the future, probably the far future, I do still want to start up a third pen name, one that gets a truly high-grade professional treatment, and launch several new series. But that is much farther away now that I don’t feel like I’m being pressured into doing this. Because of this fact, I now feel much more comfortable maintaining focus on the four universes I’ve already established as Misty Vixen.

I want to do a few sequels, and a few rewrites. Let’s discuss the specifics, just so I can tease these things that probably are still a long way off and make everyone frustrated. We’ll cover everything, just so people aren’t left wondering because I didn’t bring a specific series or story up.


  • DEMONESS: Lots and lots to do here. Demoness V is up next, whenever I have the time. I’ve got a strong idea for it.

  • WOMEN OF THE WILD: Same deal here. Lots of ideas, not enough time. But this will definitely continue.

  • LUST & ADVENTURE: So, I may actually write a fourth book here, and possibly a fifth. I have a few ideas, and I do feel bad for leaving it on such a sour note. Honestly, I was worried people were getting sick of the happy endings at the time, and might appreciate something different, but I guess that was a bad call.

  • WANDERLUST: Definitely done with this.

  • MY UNDEAD LOVER: Pretty sure I’m done with this, but I don’t know, I like the idea. I might someday do a rewrite and turn it into a little series. I like the characters and the concept.

  • LAY OF THE LAND: The novella paired with the Starter Pack. I’m done with this one.

  • SNAKESKIN: Done with this too. I suppose I could maybe see doing another story, but this one doesn’t speak to me as much as some of the others.

  • ROYAL LUST: I actually want to do a sequel! Maybe even a series! I love the characters and their dynamic.

  • LARGE & LOVELY: This is done, sort of. Morgan shows up in enough of the other series that I don’t feel compelled to do another Large & Lovely.

  • ADVENTUROUS: I also want to do a sequel, probably a series, to this one. Honestly, this one has a really strong setup, given the events of the novel, and a strong premise for a series.

  • UNTITLED: I still have that big epic series that ties everything else together, but it’s way off.


  • HELLCATS: This is done. Still sure about that.

  • DESIRE: Definitely done with this one.

  • ALIEN HAREM: So I might actually rewrite this. Probably a trilogy, but if I get enough inspiration/ideas and the fan response is high enough, maybe more.

  • VALKYRIES: I definitely want to do a rewrite. Especially given that Amazon for some reason hates this trilogy. When I do, it’ll be at least 5 books long, maybe longer.

  • LIKE A SEX TOY: The novella from the Starter Pack. I actually really love this story, and I feel like it has a great deal of potential. I had an idea for another series that I was trying to make work, and I suddenly realized that I could just put the two together. I’m going to rewrite Like A Sex Toy, and name it something else, and then launch a series from there. I have big plans for this. This might end up being the Demoness of my Sci-Fi Universe.

  • EXPLORATION: This is done.

  • BLIND DATE: This is done.

  • AMAZONIAN’S LOVE: I’m decently sure this is done, but who knows, maybe I’ll feel compelled to do a sequel or two at some point. It certainly has the potential.

  • WILD DISCOVERY: Still want to do this. Like a lot. If you don’t know, it’s a new series with an emphasis on survival erotica.

  • UNTITLED: I’ve recently been hit hard by an idea that I got a seed for last year, so I ended up planning out the whole first novel. It’s the first in a series. If I had to give it a genre, I guess I’d call it hurt-comfort erotica. It’s sad, but it’s like sad on the road to happy, if that makes sense. Really looking forward to this one.

  • KYRA’S GAME: Awhile I go, I held a poll on my Twitter about whether or not people though incest was hot. I do. I’ve wanted to try writing about it, so I decided to write a free series, (since it’s too hard to sell incest). Then it got stalled. Well, the good news is that I finally got my shit together, finished planning it, and wrote some of it! You can read the first chapter right here. I had to create a separate page because I can’t upload these as blog posts, because my blog is tied to my Amazon page and I don’t want to even inadvertently connect it to that site. They freak the fuck out over that shit.


  • SEX & SURVIVAL: I actually want to go ahead and write the final Sex & Survival novel that I intended to but abandoned due to time constraints. So one more book here.

  • HAVEN: Obviously this one is going to go on for awhile.

  • A NEW WORLD: Still not interested in continuing this.

  • THE PALE REDHEAD: I don’t think I’m interested in expanding this any longer. I think I’m getting my winter-survival fix from both Haven and A Warm Place.

  • UNTITLED: Got another idea that’s going to hit one specific fetish REALLY hard, and I’m looking forward to it. A ways off.

  • UNTITLED: Another one of those ‘ties it all together’ series, even farther off.


  • PARANORMAL PASSIONS: For sure done.

  • PARASEXUAL: It’s looking like 6 books is going to wrap this one up. I wanted to have this done in 2019, but now I’m not so sure with Haven going the way it is.

  • ROOMMATES WITH BENEFITS: Nothing more going on here.

  • PINK: Same here. As I mentioned before, I can’t really come up with ideas for my Paranormal Universe, so once Parasexual is done, the universe is going to be done probably forever, unless I get a new idea.

I still do have one or two ideas that don’t fit in any of the universes, but also wouldn’t be a good fit for Crystal Candy, or this theoretical third pen name.

So yeah, hopefully there are people out there who’d actually like some sequels! I have to admit, I love writing them. Coming up with new storylines and characters is fun, but it’s also really fun to see characters and relationships evolve and change.

A few more things I wanted to mention. The first is, you can now see the nude version of the Haven cover here! Sorry it’s a few days late, I really needed to take a break at the end of the month and spaced almost everything. The other thing is: sorry it’s taking so long to get paperback versions of Parasexual 3 and Haven up. Amazon is being a real shit about it. I’m doing it right, but they keep sending it back saying it isn’t up to specifications or something. I’m trying to figure out what the fuck they want me to do and honestly it’s just gone on the back burner since almost no one buys paperbacks anyway.

Wish me luck! If all goes well, I’ll have Haven 2 mostly ready to go by the end of the month.