Mini Update

Hey everyone.

This is more of an excuse to rant about things. It won't take too long.

Basically I'm just angry because ever since the whole thing happened with Amazon back in mid May, it feels like I've never entirely lost a background anxiety, because things kept happening. On the heels of dealing with that, (which caused old anxiety problems to flare and remanifest, naturally), I've had a few oddly vague yet potentially terrifying health problems.

To be clear, I am not in any immediate danger and I'm basically okay (as far as I know). Honestly, if I knew what was causing the problems, and it wasn't a big deal, I'd be fine. I'm not traditionally a hypochondriac, but I am paranoid and a bit of a worrier. So yeah, I've been having vague yet persistent troubles. I am going to go to the doctor soon after figuring that these vague problems have been going on for a week now and is probably worth actually checking out.

So because of all this anxiety and worry, I've been depressed and distracted and frustrated.

This has, obviously, eaten into my ability to write consistently.

The result of this is that I've fallen behind a lot on Demoness III. As of now, I've written four of ten chapters. On the flip side, I'm actually almost done writing Parasexual. I'm on the last chapter.

The main reason this is happening is because Parasexual is simpler than Demoness III, (a more traditional erotica that focuses more on sex than story, though there is a story), I tend to start the day out by writing for it first. Now, because of the stress, it tends to take longer and longer to A) wake up and get started, and B) get through writing for Parasexual. Then I feel drained and frustrated by the time I get to Demoness III. To make matters worse, Demoness III definitely feels more complex and complicated, which makes me worry over getting it right more...which makes me hesitate more often than I would if I wasn't feeling so emotionally taxed.

Honestly, all of this just feels like me fucking whining and making excuses, but I guess I'd rather whine and make excuses than say nothing or even lie. I'd rather tell the truth.

So, with that out of the way, let's do some mini-updates.

Wanderlust is coming out tomorrow!

I'm still on track to release the Patreon Library this month.

I'm writing a few more advice articles.

As stated before, I'm almost done with Parasexual. Currently writing the last chapter, and as soon as that's done, I'll get to editing and then publish it! I'm going to work at getting back on course with regularly writing Demoness III, and once Parasexual is wrapped up, I'm going to take some time to focus exclusively on Demoness III. Once I make some real progress on it and settle back into writing regularly for it, I'll begin writing Parasexual 2 alongside it. I'm also in the early planning phases of Women of the Wild II.

And that's it. There's the little update and my excuse to get my frustrations about stupid things that have been happening lately.