The Misty Vixen Newsletter (August 2018)

It's August now and time for another newsletter! (I like writing these.)

So, let's talk about July. Some things happened, most of them good!


First, I published three novels!

Second, I posted some free short stories to my website!

Those are the obvious things, but I've been doing a few other things in the background. The biggest thing I'm doing is republishing all of my older episodic titles. I took them down in May out of desperation when Amazon was trying to kill my career (they succeeded in at least maiming it. Seriously, fuck Amazon.) Now, I wanted to just put them all back up at once, but the problem is that although I made Amazon take all of my titles out of the Kindle Unlimited, they haven't technically fully done that. Most of my titles now sit in a kind of twilight zone where although you cannot get the titles through the Kindle Unlimited any longer, titles that had already been borrowed would remain in the Kindle Unlimited user's libraries until they naturally fell out of the KU.

This wouldn't be too much of a problem, (except for my apprehension that whatever originally tripped up their bot or AI or algorithm or whatever the holy FUCK has broken and is falsely flagging accounts might trip it again if my stuff is still in the KU...) but the main problem is that any titles that were unpublished, (i.e. most of them), if I try to republish them before they have fallen out of the KU, they will then be available in the KU again!

Obviously I don't want this to happen.

So I've been holding off, watching the list of titles still in the KU gradually dwindle across May, June, and July. The good news is that almost all of them are out now! The last one will fall out in mid August.

The good news is that the first title in several different series/trilogies became available to re-publish in July, and I did so. I then went ahead and tried to make every one of them free! I almost succeeded! All that's left is Amazonian's Love #1. Amazon has been kind of finicky lately, so I don't really know when or even if they're going to get around to making good on their promise of making that free.

Okay, I'm going to ramble for a little bit about this.

I debated for a little while whether or not to go ahead and put all the episodes back up, because on the one hand, I'm going to be eventually republishing superior, cheaper versions of them. So should I even bother? But then the somewhat more business-oriented part of my brain, (the one that probably actually keeps me alive, fed, and in an actual house because bills are a thing), pointed out that it's money and exposure left on the table. I've already gone through the process of writing, editing, formatting, and creating cover art for dozens upon dozens of titles, so why not put them back up there? Because my Complete Seasons are still up as well, and people are buying them, and apparently no one seems to mind.

So what you are seeing is basically the compromise between those two schools of thought. I'm going ahead and republishing everything, although they WILL be taken down in advance of republication of them in new novel form, some of which are still months off. However, I will be dropping the price of each of the individual episodes to 99 cents, and I won't be republishing the triple-pack collections, since they've now pretty much been rendered redundant by the Complete Seasons, and because they were really just for the fans who didn't want to wait even a minute longer for extra content, or for the fans who really wanted to go the extra mile to support me.

Now that all that is out of the way...

Not all of them are republished yet. As I said before, not all of them are out of the KU yet, but also I want to wait to really make the big push and republish/update until all of the six starting episodes are made free, and until Wanderlust - The Complete Series, is published.

Now the reason for THAT is because I'm a bit of a neurotic author. I work very hard to keep the back matter of my titles updated. I don't want there to be dead links in the backs of my books. For example, I have published a new version of Royal Lust since the last time most of those episodes were updated. If, in theory, someone grabbed one or multiple of those episodes as a reader discovering me for the first time, read it, then began checking out the back matter to see what else I have to offer, then sees Royal Lust and thinks it sounds cool, then clicks on it...they'd get taken to a dead page because I have since unpublished the old version and published a brand new version!

Not good for me.

Now, I know that the chances of this happening are probably pretty slim. Out of the people who do actually buy and then read my titles, how many of them check out the back matter? How many of those people in turn follow links? Probably not a high percentage. I have no analytics on that at all, but I'd guess less than 10%. However, I do feel confident that at least SOME people do, and I want those people to be able to have an easy time if they want to buy another one of my books, even if they're reading my oldest available title. This is why I work hard to try and keep the links fresh for ALL of my available stories. And this is another thing that had me hesitate, because this takes TIME!

Updating the back matter for a couple of dozen titles? It doesn't take that long. Updating them for a couple hundred?! Yes, that is quite the project.

So anyway, if you're interested, here's a link to the first episodes in my as-yet-republished series/trilogies.

Hopefully, at some point in the near future, Amazonian's Love Part 1 will be available for free as well!

I would really like to emphasize that if you're financially prudent, then it would make the most sense to wait until I re-release these titles as novels. However, if you don't want to wait and/or would like to give me more support, then all episodes will be available soon. Checking over my list, it's looking like I should be able to have everything up that will be going up by August 10th, 11th, or 12th. (I leave some wiggle room because although there is a set date at which the last title falls out, some factors can vary in the re-publishing process, either on Amazon's end if they decide to randomly throw another wrench at me, or on my end if something happens...or if I get distracted and lazy...)

Okay, now that all THAT shit is out of the way, let's talk about a few other things. I updated the Misty Vixen Patreon Library with several new titles in July! Here's a quick list.

For those of you who might have missed out on the announcement or might be new, if you sign up for my Patreon for 10$/month, you get instant access to most of my titles. Eventually, it will be all. As I mentioned above, I'm waiting for a last few to fall out of the Kindle Unlimited. Some titles will be posted up to two weeks early, and some will be posted about a day or so early, as I try to get stuff published as soon as it's done! (I'm so bad at release dates because of this.) Also, for 5$/month, you get early access to hot alternate nude versions of all my cover art! And for 1$/month, you get early access to the first chapters of my upcoming works.

For a complete guide to my Patreon Library, please follow this link.

I think that's everything for July. So what's happening in August?


All right! Let's talk about my goals.

First of all, I am for sure publishing three more titles. WANDERLUST IV on August 1st, WANDERLUST - THE COMPLETE SERIES on August 3rd, and AMAZONIAN'S LOVE on August 15th. I am also very confident that this is the month I will be publishing DEMONESS III. I'm sorry it has taken SO long! The good news is that it will definitely be longer than Demoness II, making it the longest single story I have ever published, and it feels like some of the best stuff I've ever written! I'm seriously really excited about Demoness III, I really hope everyone loves it.

Now, I do doubt that I'll be publishing anything else big this month. But that's three whole novels and a collection! However, I won't be lazing about, either. (Or, I'll try not to.) Very soon I'm going to begin planning and then writing PARASEXUAL 2. I've already got a very firm idea of what I want to do, how I want it to start and end, and some of the stuff in the middle. It should get published in September. Also, as soon as Demoness III is finished, I am immediately going to begin work on WOMEN OF THE WILD II: THE SNAKE WOMAN. I've got a rough idea for that one and it will become my main focus. That's probably going to come out in October.

Those are the big things I'm working on.

I also plan on releasing several new pieces of free content.

To begin with, it won't be long before I release DEMONESS - FUN IN THE FOREST. It's a brand new short story that takes place in between Demoness II & III, about a week after the end of Demoness II. John and Yelena go on a short adventure with a sexy and very curious felis woman. As of right now, it's about 3/4 of the way written.  It'll be posted for free as a blog post on my site as soon as it's written and edited. I'm also going to be posting a number of free shorts that I've gathered over the past few years that take place either in the Sci-Fi or Fantasy universe. I'm looking at about two a week until I run out. Finally, I mentioned earlier that I'm going to take the plunge and try writing a free incest erotica story. It's going to take place in my Sci-Fi Erotica Universe, though it will have no connection to any of the established characters or storylines so far. It'll just be its own thing. That will be posted on this website as well and have its own page. I'm still in the planning stages of that, but I won't wait until it's finished to post it. I'll be putting it up chapter by chapter. I hope you like it!

Information on all this free stuff can be found right here.

Next up is the Patreon Library. I plan on bringing some new titles to it this month. Here's a quick list.


Next up is just a minor detail. I'm currently putting together some brand new cover art for my main free titles: Large & Lovely, Snakeskin, Blind Date, Pink, & The Pale Redhead. So far I've got two of them done. Hopefully it won't be too long before I get them all. I'm aiming at having those done this month.

Finally, I'm going wide! Also known as posting my books every else. So if you know someone who has a Nook, or someone who only buys things on Smashwords, or has whatever Kobo has as an eReader, then they will be able to read my works! I can't promise it will look as good as it does on Amazon, because I don't really have any control over the formatting, but it will at least be readable.

This is a kind of frustrating process. Some of my titles, like Exploration and My Undead Lover, and my freebies, are already available. But I'm running into difficulties with other, longer titles. I'm sure I can get it worked out before too long. If this does interest you, make sure to check the relevant pages on this site, as I've gone through and updated just about everything to include a full list of links.

Although I only link to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and iTunes, I am apparently available in a lot of other places. I actually released a blog post detailing all of the places that I am available. Check it out here. Soon, I plan having all of my books available everywhere.

I think that's everything. I still feel like I'm in a transitional period and things just aren't running smoothly. On the personal front, I lost one of my keys off my laptop, which made writing a lot harder. Finally got that fixed today! I also mentioned previously that I was having kind of vague health concerns. Well...I'm still having them. At least some of it can be chalked up to anxiety, and my anxiety levels are actually returning to normal recently! But I'm still concerned that something is wrong, so that...makes me anxious. Still got a wait and see policy with all this. But it shouldn't really hinder my ability to write for the most part, and keeping busy is good.

I'm hoping that within a month or two I'll have all the extraneous stuff out of the way, and I can turn back into a writing machine like I have been at various points of my career. That will be really nice.

Thank you for reading and enjoying my stories!