The Misty Vixen Newsletter (February 2019)

Hello, everyone!

January was a little bit of a mess, but not too much actually went wrong. Mainly it just kind of kicked my ass by draining my energy. I don’t do well in winter, and January is always the worst month. Despite that, I kept trying to push through and get work done. So let’s talk about where we’re at with my projects.

DEMONESS IV. I’m sorry it’s not ready yet! I had intended for it to be, but again, January kicked my ass. The good news is that I’m almost done! I have two, possibly three, more chapters to write. One of those chapters is about halfway done, and one of those chapters is an epilogue, which won’t take too long. Once that’s finished, I’m hoping that the editing process will go pretty fast, and then the cover art, which is, ideally, almost finished. And then it’ll go up!

PARASEXUAL 3. Part of what made Demoness IV take a little longer is that I’ve been ramping down writing of it while ramping up writing for Parasexual 3. My writing focus was 75% Demoness IV, 25% Parasexual 3, and more recently it’s been half and half, where it will remain until Demoness IV is finished. I’m hoping for a late February release for Parasexual 3, but we’ll see on that. Part of what kept me from starting it sooner was, admittedly, fear.

Typically, the only thing that really keeps me from doing something is fear. Big fear and small fear. Most people say procrastination keeps them from writing, which is very true in my case, but the only reason I procrastinate is because of fear. Mainly, it’s when I’m afraid of not being able to do a good enough job writing a certain scene. If I’m not sure about a project from the beginning, then this can be worse. But, the good news here is that I’ve pushed past the intro of Parasexual 3 and with production of it ramping up even more as Demoness IV comes to a close, I’ll hopefully be able to make decently quick work of it. And, on top of that, now that I’ve actually started writing it, I feel a lot better about it as a whole. The first few chapters are coming out better than I had hoped.

And after that?

Well, I’ll be getting to work on a mini-series of short stories that takes place in between Demoness IV & V. I’ll write those over the course of about a month or so probably, releasing them to my website for free as I finish each one, and then taking them down and posting the whole thing as a single collection for Kindle once they’re done. Then I’ll probably take a short break from Demoness. If I haven’t yet finished up Parasexual 3, I’ll do so during this break and begin work on Parasexual 4, and probably take some time to begin real preliminary work on Haven.

Also, one more thing, for the first time since I launched it, all of the pictures in my Naked Ladies section are available!

Thank you for reading my stories!